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F-16 fighter of the Greek Air Force crashed on takeoff from Andravida airbase


The second incident with NATO aircraft in recent days. Following the British fifth generation F-35 fighter that crashed in the Mediterranean, the F-16 fighter of the Greek Air Force crashed. This is reported by the Greek press with reference to the country's Ministry of Defense.

According to reports, the fighter crashed today, Thursday, November 18, while taking off from the Andravida airbase in the northwest of the Peloponnese. It is reported that the pilot ejected, there is information about his hospitalization, but the condition is not reported. The plane was making a training flight, there is no other information.

According to other sources, the fighter drove out of the runway and was damaged, the pilot was not injured. It is reported that the crashed plane was not part of the 117th Air Wing of the Greek Air Force, stationed at Andravida AFB.

The Air Force Command announced an investigation into the incident.

Yesterday, the incident occurred with the carrier-based fighter F-35B of the flagship of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. The plane taking off from the aircraft carrier fell into the Mediterranean Sea, the pilot ejected. The command did not disclose the reason for the plane's crash. The crash site of the fighter was not named, the pilot was brought to the ship, an investigation was started. The British Department of Defense declined to comment further.

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  1. URAL72
    URAL72 18 November 2021 19: 38
    It seems like NATO members, but still Orthodox. In my opinion, we don't have any special problems with Greece. The pilot is alive, and okay, but they will soon threaten the Turks with Rafals, there is nothing for Erdogan to move to the Caucasus and Syria - the back remains uncovered ...
    1. Mini Mokik
      Mini Mokik 18 November 2021 20: 00
      I think in the modern world, where everyone is for himself, or under the Master, there is no need to remember about the Orthodox or other religions. Smells like the Middle Ages. Especially in the context of weapons.
      1. Cat Alexandrovich
        Cat Alexandrovich 18 November 2021 20: 17
        I don’t understand why, if a Greek, then immediately Orthodox? And the fact that there are non-believers now, that in Europe, that we have the majority ...
        1. Spring fluff
          Spring fluff 18 November 2021 23: 48
          According to the Greek Constitution, Orthodox Christianity is the state religion of the country. All citizens are granted freedom of religion, but the promotion of other religions among Orthodox believers is prohibited.
          In Europe, the most religious country is Poland (86%), high religiosity in Italy (74%) and Greece (71%).
          1. Liam
            Liam 18 November 2021 23: 58
            Quote: Spring Fluff
            According to the Greek Constitution

            What article?
            1. Spring fluff
              Spring fluff 19 November 2021 22: 39
              Full text of the Constitution of Greece in Russian

              Constitution of Greece
              entered into force on June 11, 1975
              In the name of the Holy One, Consubstantial
              and the Inseparable Trinity

              Part one
              Basic Provisions
              Section II
              Relations between Church and State
              Article 3
              1. The dominant religion in Greece is the religion of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ. The Orthodox Church of Greece, recognizing as its head our Lord Jesus Christ, is inextricably linked in its dogmas with the Great Church of Constantinople and with every other Church of Christ of the same faith, unswervingly observes, as they do, the holy apostolic and conciliar canons and sacred traditions. It is autocephalous and is governed by the Holy Synod of bishops in church service, and the Permanent Holy Synod elected by them, which is created in the manner determined by the charter of the Church, in compliance with the provisions of the Patriarchal Volume of June 29, 1850 and the Synod Act of September 4, 1928.
              2. The church regime existing in certain regions of the state does not contradict the provisions of the previous paragraph.
              3. The text of the Holy Scriptures remains unchanged. Its official translation into any other language without the permission of the Autocephalous Church of Greece and the Great Church of Christ in Constantinople is prohibited.
              1. Liam
                Liam 20 November 2021 01: 26
                Well ... where is it about
                however, propaganda of other religions among Orthodox believers is prohibited.
          2. Cat Alexandrovich
            Cat Alexandrovich 19 November 2021 06: 41
            The numbers are, of course, impressive. But are they true? I don’t believe in them ... Well, they are wildly overpriced!
    2. 76SSSR
      76SSSR 19 November 2021 09: 28
      Quote: URAL72
      In my opinion, we don't have any special problems with Greece.

      Well, that's right, we fought with their historical enemy - Turkey more times than with any other state. True, now, in the light of the well-known events, the Greeks are quite jealous of our relations with Turkey.
  2. knn54
    knn54 18 November 2021 19: 53
    The problems in aviation began when one of the Wright brothers stole the pliers from another ...
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 18 November 2021 20: 10
      Quote: knn54
      The problems in aviation began when one of the Wright brothers ...
      I think a little earlier - when Icarus violated the flight altitude restrictions lol
  3. Pavlos Melas
    Pavlos Melas 18 November 2021 20: 18
    The plane left the runway caught fire and cannot be restored, this is one of a batch of aircraft that had to be upgraded to the Viper level. When landing, the plane heeled, which could be caused by a bursting wheel or a malfunctioning brakes. (Greek press)
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 18 November 2021 20: 20
      The main thing is that the pilot was not injured. Iron can always be replaced with a new one.
  4. Pankrat25
    Pankrat25 19 November 2021 06: 36
    I hope the plane cannot be restored. And then at a time when the smell of World War 3 is growing stronger, minus one combat unit of a NATO member country, that's good!