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Residents of a Syrian village in Haseke province did not let the American armored vehicles through, throwing stones at it


Residents of one of the Syrian villages did not allow a column of US Army armored cars to pass through their village, throwing stones at the Americans. The armored vehicles have returned to base, Syria TV reported.

According to the publication, a convoy of American armored vehicles tried to pass through the Syrian village of Tel-Zakhab in the suburb of Qamishli, Hasseke province, but the villagers blocked their road. Stones and other improvised objects were thrown at the Americans, the soldiers took cover behind the armor of four armored vehicles. Local aggression forced the Americans to turn around and leave the village, going to their base.

It is noteworthy that the convoy of armored cars was covered from the air by two American attack helicopters, which went to the base following the ground vehicles.

The villagers (...) blocked the path of the American occupation column (...) stoned it and forced it to return to one of their illegal bases

- the TV channel said.

It should be noted that this case is far from the only one that occurred in the Khaseke province and in the Kamyshli region. Last year, the Americans got lost and got into one of the villages, where they were pelted with stones. In response, they opened fire and killed the teenager. Only the timely appearance of the Russian military police helped to avoid further bloodshed. The Russian military took the Americans out of the village.

The Russian military also fell under the stones, especially when they patrolled the areas inhabited by Kurds with the Turks.

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  1. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 17 November 2021 15: 47
    This is not an indicator. Simply striped did not want to conflict.
    1. Sidor Amenpodestovich
      Sidor Amenpodestovich 17 November 2021 15: 52
      Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
      This is not an indicator. Simply striped did not want to conflict.

      How many times already? And why should they be ashamed?
      Does the American elite really have villa money in Syrian offshores?
    2. Cutter
      Cutter 17 November 2021 22: 01
      This is not an indicator. The striped ones just didn't want to conflict

      Certainly not an indicator! Indicator, when for twenty years they soaked mainly civilians, and then "blew" home, abandoning military equipment ?????? Yes, I even remember 1969, Vietnam, amerovskie landing forces refused to go into battle - they did not bring beer and apricot ice cream to the buffet! Yes, yes, they DO NOT WANT TO CONFLICT (against the background of defenseless prisoners in prison, a couple of photos - and you are a RANGER!)
  2. Sergey Aleksandrovich
    Sergey Aleksandrovich 17 November 2021 15: 51
    Is this one of the types of entertainment they have there, throw stones at military equipment? I remember that not long ago they threw stones at our column there. In general, it is better not to meddle in settlements without special need, it is advisable to bypass settlements.
    1. knn54
      knn54 17 November 2021 15: 54
      They are "taking revenge" for their fellow tribesmen who are not allowed to enter Poland.
      1. Sergey Aleksandrovich
        Sergey Aleksandrovich 17 November 2021 15: 57
        Then it is necessary to throw soft and warm, for example, dung, the likelihood that they will open a return fire is less.
      2. SKVichyakow
        SKVichyakow 17 November 2021 16: 08
        Quote: knn54
        They are "taking revenge" for their fellow tribesmen who are not allowed to enter Poland.

        Probably. After all, there are Kurdish settlements, and it is mainly the Kurds who break through to Poland.
  3. askort154
    askort154 17 November 2021 15: 59
    Aggression by the local population forced the Americans to turn around and leave the village, going to their base.

    This is not aggression. This is the people's patriotic defense of their land from aggressors. good
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 November 2021 16: 07
    Stones are somehow not serious. Is it really difficult to get a grenade in a country where there is a war (black humor)? For admirers of Americans, no one invited them to Syria, and even less gave permission to use Syrian oil, but simply steal.
    1. saygon66
      saygon66 17 November 2021 17: 19
      - wink Religion doesn’t tell you to thump - and the country lacks the necessary, in such cases, glass containers ... request
      1. Kushka
        Kushka 17 November 2021 19: 07
        column of american armored vehicles tried to
        stones and other improvised objects flew
        forced the Americans to turn around and leave the village,
        What kind of armored vehicles are they running away from stones?
        In the photo, it looks like a GAZ-69 does not look like it.
        Or will they be deducted from the carriages for painting?
        1. saygon66
          saygon66 17 November 2021 19: 20
          They try not to annoy the locals ... Otherwise, if you find yourself alone in the village, you will hang like on a bridge in Fallujah!
          1. Kushka
            Kushka 17 November 2021 21: 40
            And how will he be there alone? Will it go to "self-propelled"?
            I have a friend, Sanya, and a neighbor and a school
            Grief in Kharkov, I visited him there until I myself was called),
            ended up serving at Kushka, operator of "15-shki". The part was
            from scratch - they started with tents on the sand.
            walked by the stars - there are no landmarks around.
            (twice "rose to the rank of sergeant and was demoted twice).
            Why did you go? There was a lot of alcohol on 15 shkakh.
            1. saygon66
              saygon66 17 November 2021 22: 47
              There were more than one that hung ... We were driving, however, the locals did not like it very much ...
  5. Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 17 November 2021 22: 01
    The question is, what is the American military doing there,
    when our convoys "plow the expanses of the Bolshoi Theater."

    It turns out that everything is simple.
    Qatari trumpet neither for good (agreements), nor for bad (ISIS all sorts),
    did not reach Turkey.
    Therefore, Gazprom, a kind of commercial structure, reached it.
    Blue there and other Turkish streams. Although started for 4 (four) years
    later Qatar.

    The United States did not even turn around gas in a round dance - it was not interesting.
    Oil wells in Syria are controlled.
    In general, the United States has a policy of metastases all over the world.
    To gain a foothold. Hold on. Develop.

    Poor fellows - the Syrians do not care for a long time: where, in whom
    throw stones. Everybody riots the country, trying
    pinch off a piece fatter. Roughly the same picture was in the twenties
    years of the twentieth century with us. Who just did not stomp on the territory of the RSFSR.
    To list - there is not enough paper. Hasek can be read.
  6. Romanenko
    Romanenko 18 November 2021 13: 02
    Interesting residents live in Syrian villages - they throw stones at all passing cars, then in some, then in others, what is it ???