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The Americans launched a spy into space

The Americans launched a spy into spaceThe United States launched into orbit a new reconnaissance satellite. Rocket Atlas 5 with the apparatus on board was launched from the territory of Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Earlier in 2012, the United States Air Force conducted three similar launches. The latter was supposed to take place in early August, but it was postponed for six weeks due to technological problems at the base in Santa Barbara. The US National Defense Intelligence Agency (NRO) is responsible for the design, construction, launch, and maintenance of the spy satellite.

In addition to the spy, 11 small satellites of the CubeSats type were also sent to space to track weather changes, space debris and ship movements. Four of them are projects created by students on the basis of American universities, others were developed in public institutions and private laboratories.

Note that the launch of a spy satellite gathered around the base a lot of spectators. For security reasons, the park next to the base was evacuated. Parking and beaches were also closed at the time of launch. Meanwhile, not far from the closed territory there were still areas with good visibility, writes

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  1. Alexei
    Alexei 15 September 2012 18: 08
    A good spy, if known about him ...
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 15 September 2012 18: 34
      The most famous always carries many surprises ...
    2. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 15 September 2012 19: 20
      Quote: Alexej
      A good spy, if known about him ...

      It must be assumed that in near-Earth space there are objects that are unknown (even if it is just rubbish)?
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 15 September 2012 19: 37
        Quote: Nikolai S.
        It must be assumed that in near-Earth space there are objects that are unknown (even if it is just rubbish)?

        This is a very classified spy !!!
    3. Civil
      Civil 15 September 2012 20: 50
      The Denver launch vehicle itself (Colorado, USA) consists of the first stage fueled by kerosene (“RP-1”) and liquid oxygen (“LOX”), which uses the Russian RD-180 liquid rocket engine

      something like that ... we have an analog of Proton M and the future Hangar 5
  2. v53993
    v53993 15 September 2012 18: 08
    In response, Russia must launch a counterintelligence into space to neutralize the American spy.
    1. smile
      smile 15 September 2012 18: 14
      Yeah, the main thing is not to forget to provide it with a wrench! :))))))
      In general, perhaps, it is necessary to launch the leadership of our Roscosmos into space - on the basis of - one fallen satellite - one director of Roscosmos launched into orbit ... you can without a spacesuit! :))))
      1. broker
        broker 15 September 2012 19: 52
        "without a spacesuit!" but necessarily with a wrench)))))
        1. v53993
          v53993 15 September 2012 19: 58
          It is better in a spacesuit to practice theory and feel the savings on hard workers and components.
        2. afire
          afire 15 September 2012 21: 40
          and hammer in too laughing
      2. Denzel13
        Denzel13 16 September 2012 03: 42
        Why a key, let your head knock it out of orbit. In general, you can simply send managers NASA on a business trip, gain experience. They then will not fly anything at all.
        1. killganoff
          killganoff 16 September 2012 09: 01
          Much to the chagrin of what we knew we gave to our American partners, and in exchange we retrain (unlearn) ours.
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 15 September 2012 18: 24
    I for some reason believed in childhood that any spacecraft besides its intended function carries spyware. I don’t think that space will be a peaceful arena in the next 100 years
  4. zol1
    zol1 15 September 2012 18: 26
    In the 70s and 80s, we had more than a dozen satellite spies in orbit. Their selectivity was up to the matchbox. What now?
    1. killganoff
      killganoff 16 September 2012 09: 05
      And modern satellites are so NANOtehnologichny that from the surface of the earth, so to speak from the ground to conduct reconnaissance.
      1. Colonel
        Colonel 16 September 2012 10: 47
        At the expense of a matchbox, it is unlikely, but "Keyhole", when shooting in the appropriate modes, has a resolution of up to 0,15 m. Interestingly, what nasty they launched this time?
  5. andrey.joshua
    andrey.joshua 15 September 2012 18: 36
    The Americans launched a spy into space
    And with that, they have been doing this for a long time, but actually they have not stopped, and by the way they have been launching from the 90s, with our most powerful engines ....
    A good spy, if he knows about him ...
    Ha ... Ha ... and from whom to hide then, well, if Tokma, from the Chinese, a new counterweight to the Americans !? But, in any case, it does not depend on our country .... So, dear Furumites, this hype is empty ....
  6. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 15 September 2012 18: 55
    more satellite heights this should have been indicated)
  7. Villi
    Villi 15 September 2012 19: 18
    "In the 70s and 80s, we had dozens of spy satellites in orbit. Their selectivity was like a matchbox. But what now?"
    -Serdyukov ...
    1. TROG
      TROG 15 September 2012 19: 25
      Maybe run it> _
      An excellent companion will work.
    2. Konrad
      Konrad 18 September 2012 19: 22
      Quote: ViLLi
      "In the 70s, 80s, we had dozens of spy satellites in orbit.

      OUR satellites are not spies, but scouts !!! Spies at enemies. laughing
  8. with
    with 15 September 2012 20: 45
    The United States launched a new reconnaissance satellite into orbit.

    What can I say to that?
    .....)))) bully
  9. keylogger
    keylogger 15 September 2012 22: 08
    Interestingly, I guess on the RD-180 went into orbit ??
    maybe hare already ours to enemies number 1 partners to supply uranium and engines ??
    1. Konrad
      Konrad 18 September 2012 19: 26
      Quote: keylogger
      can hare already supply our uranium partners number 1 with uranium and engines ??

      And also gas, oil and coal! Everything seems to be listed ... no! more firewood, tow and tar! There is nothing more to supply.
  10. Kochetkov.serzh
    Kochetkov.serzh 15 September 2012 23: 29
    how many of these fly ??? and how many more about which we do not know ... which "supposedly" track garbage and weather
  11. studentmati
    studentmati 15 September 2012 23: 35
    It's very good that we launched it successfully! They did the right thing that they told everyone! If there was a really secret mission, like the X-37, no one would trumpet. Just a successful launch of another "scout", about which, I think, we know a little less adversaries!
  12. iSpoiler
    iSpoiler 16 September 2012 05: 07
    yes lan but there are always targets for anti-satellite missiles ...
    there is something to train ..)))
  13. Delink
    Delink 16 September 2012 06: 26
    Targets were launched for us, we need to arrange a minor dirty trick. Test your weapons in real conditions. Where are our Omichi with a plasma gun that shoots with a millimeter plasma ball and a speed of 6000 km / s. )))))
    1. Konrad
      Konrad 16 September 2012 21: 34
      Quote: Delink
      need to arrange a little dirty trick

      It is not solid as it is either not decent - to deal with small dirty tricks.
  14. genad2
    genad2 16 September 2012 09: 21
    In addition to the spy, 11 small satellites such as cubesats, Boss and service staff were also sent to space ...
  15. Cosmos-1869
    Cosmos-1869 16 September 2012 10: 43
    Americans routinely launch spy satellites ahead of a large-scale military operation. This was the case before Desert Storm and before Afghanistan.
    Watching Iran and Syria?
    And it would be nice to understand which particular satellite they launched: optical reconnaissance, radar?
  16. Averias
    Averias 16 September 2012 10: 58
    Others, when the generals from NATO (or whoever I don’t remember), in all seriousness suggested that we paint our mobile ICBM launch complexes with paint. what would they say better from the satellite was visible. I began to doubt the capabilities of their spy companions. Again, taxpayers are bred for money.
  17. Konrad
    Konrad 16 September 2012 13: 11
    No matter how much they call the Americans "pind - mi", "amerikosy" and other epithets, they calmly and confidently move forward. Examples of this are the missions "Pioneer", "Voyager", "Hubble", the Mars program and much more. As they say - "The dog barks - the wind carries."