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American press: An attack drone appeared in the USA, capable of carrying up to 16 missiles


The image is illustrative.

In the United States, a strike drone has appeared, so far unnamed and capable of carrying up to 16 Hellfire missiles. That's double what the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV can take aboard.

This information was received by the American magazine Breaking Defense from two sources familiar with the program.

The prototype of the new drone was built and launched by General Atomics. Its real image does not yet exist. The American press notes that it has more firepower than any of the unmanned aerial vehicles of the US armed forces. The previously unreported drone made its first test flight this summer at the Desert Horizon test site in the Mojave Desert.

When creating the drone, innovations were applied that allow it to operate in difficult conditions. According to the source, the drone requires less than 250 meters of level surface to take off and land. Suitable for it are field airfields, dirt roads, dry riverbeds, and even, perhaps, the decks of ships.

When asked by journalists to comment on this information, the representative of General Atomics, K. Mark Brinkley, refused, citing secrecy.

Earlier, the agency for advanced development in the field of defense DARPA instructed American manufacturers to create an unmanned vehicle that will be launched from the side of bombers and attack air targets. General Atomics, being one of the candidates for the creation of such UAVs, visualized its version of the project this summer.
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  1. gridasov
    gridasov 15 November 2021 11: 48
    A good way to counter these drones is with an aircraft with a higher flight speed and maneuverability. And I do not want to once again talk about what is possible and what is the key to such a possibility.
    1. knn54
      knn54 15 November 2021 13: 21
      The task is not only for land / sea air defense / missile defense systems, but also for (perhaps first of all) fighters, including interceptors.
  2. yfast
    yfast 15 November 2021 12: 14
    Shooting down 16 missiles will be much more profitable than 8.
    1. Jcvai
      Jcvai 15 November 2021 12: 21
      Not to shoot down, but to gently lower, seizing control, remove and sell to Cuba or Venezuela;)
  3. Jcvai
    Jcvai 15 November 2021 12: 17
    Really put remote control on Apache? ;)
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 15 November 2021 16: 00
      Rather, it is kirdyk Apache. hi
      1. Jcvai
        Jcvai 15 November 2021 16: 20
        I just remembered that the shock Indian also had 16 114s on the suspension :)
        On the fact of the confrontation, I believe, with equal combat equipment, the kirdyk was the last to notice. And with equal opportunities, mutual early detection and the limited use of mannered AA weapons, heat traps can still play a role - you rarely find such defenses on drones.
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 15 November 2021 16: 27
          I meant that such a drone could well replace the Apache.
          1. Jcvai
            Jcvai 15 November 2021 16: 37
            It is likely, though, judging by the description: we are talking about shortened takeoff and landing, and not vertical - so this is already a minus to the options for full replacement.
            Here is another nail in the warthog's coffin - already much closer (especially since they were almost completely buried, although in this case the cost of the novelty can also be calculated and compared with the cost of a trained migrant who works out a green card for a family on an antique stormtrooper)
  4. Cruorvult
    Cruorvult 15 November 2021 12: 20
    Suspension points: 4
    Missiles: 4 × AGM-114 Hellfire, 8 × AIM-92 Stinger
    Bombs: 4 × GBU-44 / B Viper Strike

    Close sources are so close that they cannot load drones in service.
  5. JD1979
    JD1979 15 November 2021 12: 41
    The first comments ... Although there is nothing to discuss in the news, except for the number of missiles in the load, but even here they managed ...
  6. Cowbra
    Cowbra 15 November 2021 12: 45
    The Iranians are eagerly awaiting the novelty at their borders to land it again and disassemble it for parts, sharing information with the Russian Federation. As has happened more than once winked
  7. gridasov
    gridasov 15 November 2021 13: 40
    Today everyone is being pressed by the minus player. As the saying goes, the family is not without amazing people. But you can't take us to emotions! We need arguments and justifications.
    1. Jcvai
      Jcvai 15 November 2021 16: 25
      if there are no arguments, then this is personal
      if it's personal, then it's the enemy
      if the enemy showed emotions, it means he touched him for a living
      if the hit is for a live, then the hit is counted