Turkish debut: new cruise missile SOM

Turkish debut: new cruise missile SOM

In 2011, at the DSEi in London, the Turkish Air Force presented its new weapon - Stand-off Mühimmat Seyir Füzesi (SOM).
It is believed that the CD was presented to the centenary of the Turkish Air Force (4 June 2011).
The development was carried out from 2006 year and the achieved result is the first independent decision of Turkey for the destruction of both stationary and mobile targets at a distance of more than 180 kilometers.

The first test launch took place on 9 August 2011 over the Black Sea, with a total of about 30 launches scheduled.
As of 2012, the Kyrgyz Republic is in test operation in the Turkish Air Force.

Compact cruise missile, which allows the use of light fighters as a carrier.

Mass of the KR about 600 kilogram.
The warhead is about 230 kg of the usual type.
Turbojet engine Microturbo TRI 40.

Typical goals
Air defense / missile defense complexes;
Aircraft on the runway and in the hangars;
Strategic goals;
Performance characteristic
Range: more than 180 km + (design -100km, 300km value achieved on test)
Low ESR;
High accuracy provided by GPS / INS / ATR / TRN;
High maneuverability;
Powerful destructive effect;
Anti-aircraft maneuver;
The possibility of selection and change of targets (the ability to be redirected after launch);
Networking with other weapons;
Guidance: INS + GPS + radar + barometric altimeter + following the terrain and the database with stationary objects (roads, bridges, buildings);
The ability to track reference points and contour areas;
Guidance at the final stage is carried out using an infrared matrix that compares the parameters of the object with the rocket in its memory.
The average KVO of the rocket - 10 meters (calculated) / on tests was demonstrated KVO about 5 meters.
Long target detection range;
Higher image resolution compared to existing systems;
resistance to EMR;
SOM features:
Modular principle, integration with JMPS and ALIS.
NATO UAI compatibility, integration with JSF.
Carriers: F-16 Block 50, F-4E, in perspective, after concluding a contract for the supply of X-NUMX F-116 aircraft, these more modern fighters are equipped (35 suspension points)

Export potential:

Norway has a strong interest in the project, which considers SOM as a promising weapon for its own F-35.

The SOM missile is a fairly effective means of equipping fighters, allowing them to significantly expand their combat characteristics. Its appearance in Turkey significantly affects the balance of power in the region.
F-35A with a full supply of fuel has (without PTB) radius in 1080 km, which allows it from the territory of Turkey to reach even Volgograd. In the case of the acquisition of missiles with a range of up to 180-300 km, the shock capabilities of the Turkish F-35 fighter jets will increase many times.

The Turks do not hide that the current modification of the rocket is only the first step. Currently, a modification with a range of 500 km is under development, and in the 2014 perspective, a new rocket with a radius of up to 2500 km is considered to be based on the SOM.

In the work are 4 modifications of the rocket:

SOM A: base model, 180 km range and with the usual inertial guidance system The only model that is currently in production.

SOM B Block I: developed model with an infrared target selection system.

SOM Block II: developed model with penetrating (double penetrating) warhead to defeat well-fortified targets.

SOM Block I / II: a planned model with online data exchange that will allow you to control the course of the rocket in flight.

SOM in Block I / II variant is similar to American aviation JASSM missile, it is planned (in the future) to use the KR in land and sea-based variants

On the manufacturer’s presentation video (see below), the visual contours of the attacked country very much resemble Greece, and the destroyed air defense system is very similar to C-300

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  1. +8
    17 September 2012 08: 50
    This is a good note, but we remember the quality of training of Turkish pilots. I dug up just a couple of examples:

    On Friday afternoon, the Turkish Air Force reported that an F4 Phantom fighter jet had disappeared from radar while flying over the Mediterranean Sea near Syria.

    “When NATO was young, good Americans trained their smaller brothers in aviation in Florida. One of the dispatchers and the dispatcher, acting according to the instructions, gave the command: "Turkish pilot, eject!" And the command was carried out ... by all six Turkish pilots !!! "
    1. Windbreak
      17 September 2012 11: 57
      Even the sinking of Turkish own destroyer TCG Kocatepe (D 354) in Turkish aircraft in 1974, mixed up with the same Greek ship
    2. matvey.z
      17 September 2012 13: 02
      Quote: Karavan
      the command was executed ... by all six Turkish pilots !!! "

      It would be like to conduct exercises for ALL the Turkish Air Force, right away, if you were to glance at Russia on the Black Sea, it would have been calm for 10 years.
      And if something similar for the Turkish Navy (closer to the Arctic): leave the boat on boats, and all the blasts ...
      Then the issue with the straits would be resolved ...
    3. VAF
      17 September 2012 16: 59
      Quote: Karavan
      about the quality of training of Turkish pilots we remember

      Sarcasm, of course, is a good thing. but you somehow miss the moment that this rocket is integrated on all carriers and is suspended "in a light" on any carrier, including light fighters and attack aircraft! This is the first!

      Second ... Nihat Ergün, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said that about 2500 engineers work in the Turkish Science and Technology Council (TÜBİTAK) on military issues.

      Now Turkey has the capabilities to create a missile with a range of 500 km. But this is a problem !!!

      Well, the third ....... and what do we have ???? Do you know yourself or ... tell me? request
      1. Stealth
        17 September 2012 22: 58
        Quote: vaf
        Well, the third ....... and what do we have ???? Do you know yourself or ... tell me?

        And we have gas in the apartment)) And besides gas, there are a bunch of different types of cruise missiles.
        If we talk about missiles of the same class as the Turkish SOM, then this is the Kh-59 Gadfly, there are even heavier and longer-range ones - the Kh-555 and Kh-101, there is also the aircraft version of the Caliber and Onyx. There are a lot of missiles, as they say, "good and different." And you knew that very well, but you prefer to keep silent ... Why? request
  2. +1
    17 September 2012 09: 20
    probably americos in the line of nato technology sold to the Turks ...
    1. curious
      17 September 2012 13: 56
      I agree, most likely simplified American developments for Turkish friends
  3. Butterfly net
    17 September 2012 10: 44
    That’s all sucks. previously backward states in the military-industrial complex, first the assembly assembly is mastered then some components inside the country begin to produce and then the whole product. And we are on the contrary. Previously, we were producing the entire component parts now; we will soon buy the screwdriver assembly. Superjet is an example of this.
  4. tekinoral
    17 September 2012 11: 14
    [media = www.youtube.com / watch? v = d8HrGWTNTCI] for Karavan
    1. 0
      17 September 2012 13: 35
      I'll see in the evening!
  5. tekinoral
    17 September 2012 11: 45
    [media = www.youtube.com / watch? v = d8HrGWTNTCI]
  6. +2
    17 September 2012 14: 24
    Another hooray utopian project that will not end in anything. In the best case, they will release the first option. In the worst, everything will be limited to an experimental batch. The Turks should never be overestimated, especially in the field of own production and inventions ...
    P. S.: the list of typical goals is especially pleased laughing
    1. postman
      17 September 2012 16: 28
      Quote: Arkt
      Another hooray utopian project that will not end in anything.

      Turkey is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in Europe.
      Ford, FIAT, Renault, Toyota, Honda, Opel, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and MAN are manufactured or assembled in Turkey.
      Turkey took $ 2011 million in global arms sales in 800 eighth place. One position above Turkey is Ukraine (1,1 billion), followed by Turkey Spain (500 million)
      "Aselsan" - occupies a leading position in the list of defense industry organizations in the world
      FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.
      Pendik Shipyard
      Goldzhuk Shipyard
      and tp and so on
  7. tekinoral
    17 September 2012 15: 03
    already started mass-produced, laughing you look at your economy
    otherwise everyone begs for money
  8. +1
    17 September 2012 15: 14
    tekinoral (1)
    Do not look at my flag, look wider. If anything, I'm not a Belarusian, I'm just an imperial smile
    Well, your beloved Turkey has proven many times that any of her undertakings have come to nothing. And in general, do not believe the Internet, read more books, preferably different. You will discover many new things ...
    P. S. Better bring some facts, instead of transferring the conversation to silly topics ...
  9. tekinoral
    17 September 2012 19: 49
    for 10 years from 20%, own production increased to 53%; not a bad development, and the plan until 2023 to raise to 80-90% of the military industrial complex

  10. bamboo
    17 September 2012 20: 12
    some kind of crap))) to be honest, when flying, the engine does not turn on the sales, or they don’t know how to PR))) they’re in Lend-Lease))) and everything will be fine with this rocket))) laughing
    1. postman
      17 September 2012 20: 56
      Quote: bambu
      some crap))) to be honest, when flying, the sales engine does not turn on

      And does the KEPD 350 MAW Taurus also?

      "haze" is not observed ...
      1. tekinoral
        17 September 2012 21: 32
        last year's new SOM cruise missile successfully passed
  11. Yarbay
    18 September 2012 00: 05
    In principle, this is good for us !!
    You can safely buy if necessary, unless of course joint production !!
  12. Prohor
    18 September 2012 13: 52
    To be honest, I am glad that NATO countries are developing weapons separately - apparently, they do not really trust each other. The former "brothers" in the Warsaw Pact did not soar at all with the development of weapons.
    Again, in the event of a global war, supply difficulties.
    And as for the training of Turkish pilots, I wouldn’t sniff, it’s enough to recall the loss of combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force over 20 years - it generally does not go into any gates ...
  13. Husseyn
    20 September 2012 01: 13
    Quote: Prokhor
    NATO countries are developing weapons separately - apparently, they don’t really trust each other.

    Turkey learned a lesson from its clash with Greece when it was left without spare parts and weapons ...
    Regarding the production of weapons by NATO countries, for example, the F-16 was assembled in several countries, and not only in the United States, now it is assembled only in Turkey, where these fighters of the Middle East and Asia are undergoing modernization.
    There is such a concept of offset (offset programs), in the supply of weapons now few countries want to buy a finished product, in exchange they want investment and development of production on their territory. Due to this, the Turks today produce almost all weapons systems for the needs of their own army, from small arms to military satellites. Well and most importantly, this allows NATO to have a developed defense industry and technical bases in any region and country of presence.

    The Turkish army is the SECOND NATO in terms of numbers, quality is now added to this, and given the fact that this army has always been distinguished by its iron discipline, and the Turks have rich military traditions, a considerable power and will be actively used in Turkey’s claims to regional leadership. One BUT, Turks do not like Arabs :) since the Ottoman caliphate.

    So the rocket is just one more stitch in the policy of building up power, both political and military, one without the other in any way. The missile turned out to be very versatile in terms of carriers and, most importantly, cheap against the background of its analogues, which is very important after the experience of recent NATO operations - it was considered to be tears.

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