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Zelensky is persistent in raising rates


Zelensky's position has fundamentally changed twice since his election as president in April 2019. Elected in opposition to Poroshenko by the overwhelming mass of the population with the help of a well-organized and sponsored by “Pope Carlo” (Kolomoisky) propaganda campaign as a champion of peace, in two and a half years he turned into an ardent supporter of the continuation of the war in Donbass to a “victorious end”. It is possible that at the beginning Zelensky, as a comedian from show business and far from politics, really thought about establishing peace, not understanding what system he got into, where his written and unwritten laws and rules operate.

Comedian in the president's chair

It is impossible to consider Zelensky in the presidency in isolation from his psychological characteristics, which largely determine the behavior of an individual.

Now they write about him that he is a "pea jester", a coward, a "goof", is not capable of an objective assessment of reality and does not understand what he is doing.

How objective is this assessment?

Zelenskiy's activities in the presidential field show that he is not so stupid. Few people pay attention to his previous activities. There he proved to be an ambitious leader, he made himself in show business as a talented and popular comedian who received a decent assessment from the public.

One of his close associates in doing business in Moscow very clearly expressed his ability as a leader. In his interview after the successful completion of the presidential campaign, he confirmed that Zelensky always adhered to dictatorial and Bonapartist manners in managing commercial structures and single-handedly determined in which direction and how to develop them. He did it quite successfully.

Recently, this feature of Zelenskiy has become more and more evident.

Without any experience and training, he, having become one of the key elements of the political system of Ukraine, successfully mastered, accepted its rules, skillfully adapted to new conditions and integrated into the current system, all the more so - he had good teachers in the person of Kolomoisky and the president who was introduced to the office. Bogdan.

Zelensky quickly learned that without the support of the United States, whose main goal was to create an anti-Russian foothold from Ukraine and continue the war in Donbass, his presidency is not worth a pittance.

In this regard, without a twinge of conscience, he changed Kolomoisky's patron to the Americans. From a peacemaker, he turned into a more ardent than Poroshenko, a champion of the continuation of the war, support for bandit nationalists, avoiding the implementation of the Minsk agreements and assertive accusations of Russia's aggressiveness.

At the same time, for the third year already, he has been confidently holding power in his hands and removing opponents from the road. His rating, of course, is falling, but not as catastrophically as, for example, that of Yushchenko and Poroshenko. The economy did not collapse, but the hryvnia, on the contrary, strengthened, there are no politicians equal to him in popularity from the nationalist pro-Western or pro-Russian camp in Ukraine today, in this regard, he can afford a lot.

The drop in the rating and an attempt to provoke a war in Donbass

During this time, Zelensky had two turning points - the Paris summit of 2019 and the beginning of 2021, when he deliberately exacerbated the situation on all fronts.

Having signed, under pressure from the Europeans, the Paris summit resolution contrary to the interests of the United States, he quickly reoriented to the Americans and did not intend to fulfill it, putting forward increasingly absurd demands to Russia, with the tacit consent of the entire West.

For his team, 2020 passed relatively calmly, in February he left from under the roof of Kolomoisky and allowed preferences to the Akhmetov clan, to whom he does not owe anything, moreover, he came out dry when clarifying the relationship between the Trump and Biden teams in the Burisma scandal.

But in August, a scandal, inflated by Bellingcat, arose over the failure of the operation with the Wagnerites, in which Zelensky's renewed team was accused, and he had to make excuses for a long time and unconvincingly. The rating of Zelensky and his party began to fall by the end of the year, and at the beginning of 2021, the rating of the opposition HLE exceeded the rating of Servant of the People, and Zelensky's rating fell to a critically low level of 19,8%.

Zelenskiy became nervous and began to take far-reaching steps to whip up tensions, playing to raise rates within Ukraine and in relations with the United States and Russia.

This was facilitated by the previously launched campaign to discredit the judges and the chairman of the Constitutional Court beyond his control. By his actions, he practically blocked the activities of the court, and today there is no way to appeal against the illegal actions of the president. This, in turn, allowed him to carry out decisions of the NSDC and presidential decrees that were contrary to the Constitution.

In order to raise his rating, he decided to defeat the only real opposition force, the OLLO. In February 2021, by a decision of the National Security and Defense Council for "propaganda of anti-state activities", he closed three TV channels controlled by Medvedchuk, "112 Ukraine", Newsone and ZiK, introduced sanctions personally against Medvedchuk, members of his family and legal entities and individuals associated with him.

Having lost the means of propaganda, the HLS immediately withered away. At the same time, searches begin in the offices of the little influencing virtual party of Sharia, as revenge on Sharia for his exposure of the actions of Zelensky's team.

Against the background of Azerbaijan's victory in the Karabakh conflict, he takes the next step in the military field. Surely, not without the approval (or by direct order) of Biden's team that has just come to power, the rapid escalation of tension in Donbass begins.

In March, significant contingents of troops are deployed there, shelling and provocations increase like an avalanche, and militant rhetoric sweeps over Ukraine.

Everything clearly spoke of an impending powerful provocation or an attack on the republics with the aim of drawing Russia into the conflict; the Donbass smelled of a serious war.

The situation for Russia took on a serious turn. Moscow could not throw the republics to pieces and made an unexpected move, showing that it could finally solve the problem of Ukraine's statehood. A powerful group of Russian troops was deployed to the Ukrainian borders, capable not only of destroying the Ukrainian army, but also seriously opposing NATO structures.

This frightened not the Ukrainian authorities, but the calculating Americans, for whom the loss of Ukraine could be a serious blow. Biden called Putin on April 13 and offered to meet to discuss "security problems."

Ukrainian troops were immediately withdrawn, and the escalation in Donbass stopped.

Zelenskiy was taught an object lesson that there are permissible limits for his insolence, after which inevitable retribution may follow.

Pressure on opponents and misunderstandings in the West

Having gotten his hands on Donbass, Zelenskiy stepped up pressure on Medvedchuk in May, opening a criminal case against him on charges of anti-state activities and putting him under house arrest.

Before Putin's meeting with Biden, the Russian leader warned Zelenskiy about the danger to Ukrainian statehood in the event of crossing the red lines that Russia itself sets to ensure its security. In July, Putin, in his article, once again warned about the possibility of Ukraine losing its sovereignty in the event of rash actions.

Zelenskiy did not take the hints and continued militant anti-Russian rhetoric, and in June, through the NSDC, imposed sanctions against the oligarchs Firtash and Fuchs. He demonstrated that he was ready to resist the pressure of the oligarchy, however, the blow was dealt to little that already decisive oligarchic clans.

The meeting in June between the leaders of the United States and Russia showed that they are in favor of reducing tensions, and for them Ukraine is like a bargaining chip in solving much more serious global problems. The meeting also reaffirmed the parties' commitment to the Minsk Agreements, the implementation of which Zelensky in every possible way avoided.

In July, another significant event took place for Zelensky, Avakov voluntarily resigned after a meeting with the representative of the US State Department, George Kent, and left for Italy. It must be borne in mind that Avakov was put by the Americans as a scarecrow for Zelensky, and the latter has long and unsuccessfully tried to remove him.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs clearly left at the filing of the Americans, despite the fact that since the time of Poroshenko he served them faithfully as a watchdog, and this was not done for the sake of Zelensky's whim. Apparently, Zelensky is not entirely satisfied with them, it is possible that he is being prepared for resignation, and Avakov's faithful dog is being removed away from the toxic asset, as it can burn with him.

Biden and Merkel dealt a serious blow to Zelenskiy's intransigent position in July when they signed an agreement that would not apply sanctions to Nord Stream 2 and should certainly be completed. This fact infuriated Zelensky, for several months he unsuccessfully tried to convince them to block the construction of the stream.

Such inappropriate importunity of some aborigine clearly irritated Western leaders, but Zelensky was already unstoppable. In addition, he opposed the taking of the anti-corruption bodies they created in Ukraine under the control of the Americans, since they could really limit his personal power.

Despite the moderate views of the "senior comrades" in relation to Russia, Zelensky, on the contrary, sought to exacerbate them and organized in August, as Medvedev called, the "bastard" Crimean platform. As predicted, this venture ended in complete failure, none of the serious leaders came to it.

On the eve of the platform, he met in Kiev with Merkel and at the final press conference he allowed himself statements that humiliate the German Chancellor, while showing petty revenge for refusing to stop Nord Stream 2.

The peak of Zelensky's humiliation was the September 1 meeting with Biden, which the Americans endured three times out of obvious "respect" for the Ukrainian president. For the meeting, Zelensky prepared proposals asking the United States to invest $ 227 billion in the Ukrainian economy.

With such insolent proposals to the Americans, hardly anyone else came out, and he had to leave with nothing. Instead of cookies, Biden demanded an intensification of the fight against corruption and made empty promises to support democracy in Ukraine.

After the disastrous American voyage of Zelenskiy, everyone was alarmed by an attempt on the life of Zelenskiy's assistant Shefir, committed in September under strange circumstances, who in famous circles is called the "president's wallet." Many believe it was staged to divert attention from the intended campaign of pressure on opponents inside Ukraine.

Zelenskiy's long-standing feud with the mayors of leading cities has received a new impetus. A criminal case is opened against the mayor of Odessa Trukhanov, and he is still being released on bail. Previously initiated criminal cases intensified and searches began in the Kiev mayor's office. Klitschko does not suit Zelensky in such a nefarious place, he is a man from a different team, and he is purposefully prepared for the inevitable resignation.

Zelensky has an adversary in his own team - the speaker of parliament Razumkov.

Since the beginning of the year, he obstructed the president's illegal actions to unconstitutionally raise the NSDC, and on October 7, on the initiative of the president, an almost constitutional majority in parliament voted for his resignation. The speaker's place was taken by Zelensky's associate in show business Stefanchuk.

So, only people personally loyal to Zelensky remained in the highest echelons of power, and he practically usurped power in the country.

Zelensky is no longer needed by anyone

They decided to put the impudent Ukrainian president in his place.

In early October, the Western press published the Pandora's Dossier about corrupt officials in the highest power, where Shefir appears along with Zelensky, and the English The Guardian puts Zelensky's portrait on the front page as one of the main European corrupt officials.

Zelensky did not understand this message either and continued to fight against obvious and imaginary opponents.

The most stormy event for Zelensky turned out to be October 12.

On the eve of Nuland's arrival in Moscow, apparently with the approval of the Kremlin, Medvedev's article on relations with Ukraine was published, in which he spoke of the Ukrainian government headed by Zelensky in the most unprecedented earlier derogatory tones. It was a clear signal that the Russian government did not want to have any relationship with the colonial Kiev government, and all issues should be resolved only with the overlord.

Before Nuland's meeting in Moscow, Merkel and Macron called first Zelensky and then Putin and agreed that Moscow, Berlin and Paris see a settlement in Donbass only within the framework of the Minsk agreements, while ignoring the position of Ukraine.

In the Russian-American talks in Moscow with such an experienced diplomat as Nuland, there was also the Ukrainian question, which followed from her meeting with the Kremlin curator of Ukraine Kozak. As a result, both sides stated that settlement in Donbass can only be carried out within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Minsk agreements.

Zelensky was once again poked with his nose, recalling the need to fulfill earlier obligations.

On this day, Zelensky conducted negotiations in Kiev with the leadership of the European Union, they also turned out to be fruitless, his initiatives were not supported. At a joint press conference, Zelensky once again behaved incorrectly towards the negotiators, in an ultimatum statement about the need to suspend Nord Stream 2, despite the fact that the other side preferred not to raise this issue due to its meaninglessness.

Zelenskiy has developed an even more challenging relationship with the Russian leadership.

He constantly repeats at all levels about Russian aggression, demands the imposition of sanctions against Russia, the closure of Nord Stream 2, and seeks to drag Russia into the war in the Donbass.

At the same time, with an innocent face and perseverance worthy of another application, he ultimately and maniacally demands a meeting with Putin, which he has long been denied because of its meaninglessness. The political pug, once again tries to stand next to the political elephant, demonstrate its importance and brazenly demand that its interests be taken into account.

Why on earth?

Zelensky's next initiative was to impose the idea of ​​exchanging Medvedchuk on Ukrainian political prisoners if Russia recognizes that he has Russian citizenship. It was already blatant blackmail, from impunity he loses the sense of reality, and it is high time to revive him with painful "rods".

This year's events around Ukraine and Zelenskiy have shown that his relations with the world's leading players in the United States, Russia, the European Union and Germany have been spoiled.

Zelensky's impudent arrogance and importunity to demand from everyone to provide Ukraine with unjustified preferences and regular handouts, just because he is at the forefront of the struggle to protect some "European values", has already gotten everyone.

On many counts, Zelenskiy is becoming unmanageable and unpredictable. And for a reason, the head of the US Center for Constitutional Democracy, Williams, wrote in his article:

"There is a great danger of the concentration of unlimited power in the hands of President Zelensky."

This is no longer the opposition, but the Americans are openly talking about Zelensky's dictatorial manners.

A cornered rat is unpredictable

Seeing resistance to his actions inside Ukraine, the refusal of Western "partners" to meet him halfway and Russia's tough position not to compromise its national interests, Zelensky is going to raise the stakes in this risky game. He is already personally surrounded and cornered, and he, like a cornered rat, is capable of absurd actions to get out of a hopeless situation with devastating consequences for those around him.

Provocations on the line of contact intensified even more, on October 13 they captured an LPR officer from the joint contact group, and on October 26 they used the Turkish UAV "Bayraktar" near the village of Granitnoye, captured the village of Staromikhaylovka in the gray zone, where there were several dozen villagers with Russian passports, and pointed a pontoon bridge across the river.

On October 30, massive artillery shelling of Gorlovka began, and in its vicinity the UAV dropped a homemade bomb, from which three civilians were seriously wounded.

In addition, they began to transfer heavy weapons to Donbass.

This was a serious bid to aggravate and aggravate the situation, Zelensky clearly hoped to unleash a conflict of low tension in order to keep Russia in good shape on the eve of the launch of Nord Stream 2 and declare itself to the West: that it is capable of independent and decisive steps.

Having gone to aggravation, Zelensky immediately began to play back. It was announced that "Bayraktar" did not enter the LPR zone and operated from the territory of Ukraine, the military entered Staromikhaylovka with a "humanitarian mission" to provide the residents with coal, and near Horlivka the DPR provoked shelling.

The Ukrainian authorities were surprised by the position of Russia, no retaliatory actions followed, and this is a serious call to Zelensky: for such insolent "pranks" the response will inevitably have far-reaching consequences, and he should not forget the events with the Ilovaisk boiler.

Avakov also returned to Ukraine in October. This, as Saakashvili called him, is a half-breed who does everything at the command of the Americans and, like a loyal chain dog attacking the indicated victim, immediately began to troll Zelensky.

He made several political statements and accused the president of usurping power, he was offered to replace him with a team of the same villains as himself, in the person of Yatsenyuk and Groisman, long written off as political junk, and called on the military to prepare for the forceful seizure of Donbass and Crimea when time ”Russia will disintegrate and it will not have time for these territories.

So the Americans, through their own, who does not shun the dirtiest methods, Avakov, sent Zelensky a label that he did not quite suit them.

It is hardly worth counting on Zelensky's caution and prudence, he is ambitious by nature, felt an intoxicating taste of power and impunity for his decisions and actions, surrounded himself with loyal people and forms a system of his unlimited power.

In his hands is a serious instrument - the state, albeit stunted, but with its own power institutions, capable of doing a lot of misfortunes if mistreated. It will still be necessary to stop the presumptuous "Napoleon", and this will require a force capable of not only removing this misunderstanding, but also destroying the political system used by him.

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  1. Cowbra
    Cowbra 9 November 2021 15: 02
    Play-play, yes all the time to the point
    1. Finches
      Finches 9 November 2021 15: 08
      When the phrase "Zelensky is playing," I recall one room from the speech of Kvartal ... where Zelensky really plays! laughing
      1. Per se.
        Per se. 10 November 2021 11: 03
        Quote: Finches
        Zelensky is really playing!

        There was humor "below the belt", now the same policy. In any case, it is not Zelensky who rules the current Ukraine, and whoever you don’t put, will dance to the tune of the United States.
    2. maxim1987
      maxim1987 9 November 2021 15: 11
      this cheat just knows that there is no one to give him a hand
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      Play-play, yes all the time to the point

      what Yes, it was not a point that ruined him, but an ace by 11. request
    4. knn54
      knn54 9 November 2021 16: 18
      - there are no politicians equal to him in popularity from the nationalist pro-Western or pro-Russian camp today in Ukraine,
      1. There is practically no pro-Russian camp (thanks to the inaction of Chernomyrdin and Zurabov). There are realists.
      2. Zelensky positioned himself as a centrist, which attracted voters.
      3. The people are tired of "old faces". Therefore, first of all, Klitschko is dangerous to the guarantor. To whom the same Razumkov can join.
      But there are practically no disagreements with Kolomoisky. I think that Yarosh was appointed advisor to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not without the recommendation of "Pope Carlo".
  2. Zaval
    Zaval 9 November 2021 15: 18
    Zela has a choice - as Comrade Saakhov said: "Either to the registry office or to the prosecutor." Feint with his ears, which Senya Yatsenyuk once made, does not shine for him and he understands this. Therefore, if he strongly oppresses, economically, politically, corruptly or otherwise, he will go to open war in Donbass and even to a liberation campaign in Crimea. At the same time, we perfectly understand how it will end for Ukraine. But the laurels of the last president of "free, democratic" Ukraine, once again "trampled by the Russian boot", his concept is better than the fate of Yanukovych, especially if one considers that a house in Rostov does not shine for him.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 9 November 2021 16: 09
      Quote: ZAVal
      better than the fate of Yanukovych,

      recourse Well, in light of recent developments, a very controversial statement. repeat
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    Nafanya from the sofa 9 November 2021 15: 27
    Ze even ended badly in the movies.
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    The Americans will get tired of it - it will fall into the scope of Oswaldenko ...
  5. Cron
    Cron 9 November 2021 15: 37
    I wanted to go through the points, but after that all desire disappeared:
    At the same time, searches begin in the offices of the little influencing virtual party Shariy, as revenge on Shariy for his exposure of the actions of Zelensky's team
    All right, there would be little influencing party, but there is still no virtual one. Here are one to one theses from the OP. Where did you get the information? There are no such coincidences.
    What is it virtual, if local deputies and headquarters work? Which parties have many headquarters in Ukraine? Or are they immediately dismantled after the elections?

    The opinion on the article is as follows. This is the praise of Zelensky as president, for some attracted and untrue facts, and the conclusion that he will need to be stopped. Well, such a thing. Of course, I drew some more conclusions, but I will leave them to myself.
    1. Letun
      Letun 10 November 2021 16: 32
      Yes, the article is generally ridiculous. Initially, it is argued that Zelensky is not so stupid, and then a sheet of text telling about how he does jamb after jamb ruining relations with everyone with whom he can ... Well, it really seems that he is not so stupid, but just dumb.
  6. Evil troll
    Evil troll 9 November 2021 15: 39
    Many people say that Zelensky is a drug addict. I believe in it. It is stupid to expect any reasonable, objective actions from a drug addict. But what I don't believe in is that Zelensky is surrounded by loyal people. Not in Ukrainian politics. When it becomes profitable for Ze to sell it, they will sell it.
  7. jonht
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  9. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 9 November 2021 15: 46
    He is not the first, he is not the last, about the same they wrote about Poroshenko. The West does not care about Donbass, but the situation with Donbass is necessary so that Ukraine does not join NATO, it will take a lot of money to support this country in this alliance. And it will be needed as a springboard, and they will do without NATO. They were caught like chickens. But in Africa, the events are more interesting ..
  10. prior
    prior 9 November 2021 16: 02
    Some strange, judging by the article, the duties of the president.
    Nothing for the people, nothing for the country, nothing for the economy., Nothing for medicine ...
    Continuous political showdown, arrows, gangways, authorities ...
    Earlier, I remember, he was joking, smiling, playing the piano.
    And now it's sad to look at the expression on Zelensky's face.
    Scared, anxious, embittered.
    They told the clown why you need this presidency.
    It would be better if you were remembered as an artist than as a hated under-president jester.
    But the past cannot be changed.
  11. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 9 November 2021 16: 03
    Good explanatory article
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      Andrey Zhdanov-Nedilko 9 November 2021 16: 29
      I support, very sensible article! Thanks!!!
  12. rocket757
    rocket757 9 November 2021 16: 06
    The Ukrainian authorities were surprised by the position of Russia, no retaliatory actions followed, and this is a serious call to Zelensky: for such insolent "pranks" the response will inevitably have far-reaching consequences, and he should not forget the events with the Ilovaisk boiler.
    ... As it is not convincing ...
    Now what? Is there any trade going on under the beautiful slogans of rescuing the population, are they extreme?
    And where will this lead?
    1. Kronos
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      This is a ridiculous conclusion. If there is no answer, then there will be no, with the boiler it is not at all clear, as if Poroshenko personally suffered from him.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 9 November 2021 23: 11
        If there is no one, this and other that can affect the opinion of people, their desire, to return / restore everything to normal ... the situation will not even stand still, it is persistently pushed into ... Certainly not in favor, in the interests of the very same, are extreme! This is the feeling / vision from the outside.
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