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The Topol-M is the result of further modification of the Topol complex and is equipped with a more sophisticated PC-2PM2 rocket.

Due to the limitations imposed on upgrading the main provisions of the START-2 agreement, the tactical and technical characteristics of the Topol-M missile could not undergo significant changes and the main differences from the PC-2PM are rooted in the characteristics of the flight and stability when the enemy's anti-missile defense system penetrates . Moreover, the head part was originally created taking into account the possibility of rapid modernization in the event that a potential anti-missile defense system appears in a potential enemy. It is technically possible to install a headunit with separable individual-directed warheads. Reports repeatedly appeared in the press that maneuvering warheads could also be installed on the rocket. Were conducted tests of the third stage, equipped with straight-through hypersonic atmospheric engines.

Thanks to three advanced sustainer solid-fuel engines, the PC-12М2 rocket began to pick up speed much faster, and several dozen auxiliary engines, instruments and a control mechanism also made its flight difficult to predict for the enemy. In PC-12М2, unlike its predecessor, there are no lattice aerodynamic stabilizers, an improved guidance system (insensitive to high-power electromagnetic pulses) is applied, a more efficient mixed charge is used.

The first nine test launches were successful, which allowed the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to speed up the course of testing the combat qualities of the complex and put it into service with the Strategic Missile Forces ahead of schedule. Already 24 December 1997, the first Topol-M was put on combat duty. According to the plans of the leadership of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Topol-M will have to replace 270 silo-based complexes with missiles equipped with multiple warheads. These are primarily ballistic liquid missiles of the PC-20 systems (SS-18 according to the western classification), PC-18 (SS-19), PC-16 (SS-17) and solid-fuel PC-22 (SS-24), created by in the early eighties. Over time, these rockets will add 350 mobile Topol complexes, to replace which a mobile Topol-M variant based on an eight-axle tractor has been developed.

20 September 2000 was the first launch of the PC-12М2 rocket of the Topol-M mobile variant. In March 2006, the mobile version of the Topol-M was recommended for adoption.

1 November 2005 from the Kapustin Yar test site was conducted a test launch of the RS-12М1 Topol-M missile with a maneuvering head part.

Technicalists: MES , load-carrying capacity - 79221 kg, engine - V16 diesel YMZ-16 with power 18 l. c., speed - 475 km / h, stock of the way - 1,1 km.
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