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Appeal of sailors to the President of the Russian Federation

APPEAL OF THE UNION OF MILITARY SAILORS TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUSSIA) To the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mr. Dmitry Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich 103132, Moscow, ul. Ilyinka, d. 23


We, the members of the Central Council of the Union of Military Sailors, representing the current and former military sailors - admirals, officers, midshipmen, foremen and sailors, as well as members of their families, express our extreme concern to the current state of the Armed Forces. It is impossible not to see a sharp decrease in their combat readiness, a fall in the country's defense capability to an unacceptably low level, which threatens the very existence of our country. Destroyed or disorganized military science, military education, control and communications system, fire fighting service of the Ministry of Defense, military medicine, military transportation service, military commissariats, the rear of the Armed Forces, orchestra service, military sanatoriums and rest homes, defense industry. The standard of living and the status of servicemen and veterans of the army and fleet. The most independent and competent admirals, generals, officers, warrant officers and warrant officers who soberly perceived the inferiority and crime of the activities of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense were dismissed from service or resigned. The reduction of hundreds of thousands of officers causes irreparable damage to the combat readiness of units, subunits and ships. At the leading and responsible posts are dropouts, traders, unprincipled careerists, ladies and gentlemen random for the defense of the country. Reasonably increased rejection and aversion to military service, on the part of young people and their parents. The slogan on giving the Armed Forces a “new look” is completely discredited, degenerating into a scarecrow and an object of ridicule for all sane strata of society. We consider it imperative to immediately create an emergency committee, headed personally by the president of the Russian Federation, with the participation of competent deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council to restore the combat readiness and combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces. We consider it inappropriate to include in the composition of this committee persons who are now members of the defense committee, former political workers whose conciliatory position helped bring the Armed Forces to its current state. We urge you, as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, to immediately stop these insane and voluntarist reforms carried out by a group of amateurs alien to military affairs, capable of only breaking up, dismembering, selling and destroying what is left of the Armed Forces that defeated fascism, kneeling the strongest states of the planet militaristic regimes of Germany and Japan. The current Minister of Defense is misinforming the leadership of Russia and its citizens, criminally hiding and falsifying the catastrophic state of the Armed Forces, to which they have been brought up with his direct and active participation.

We insist on the immediate removal from office of the Minister of Defense Serdyukov and all his deputies, conducting a thorough investigation of their activities with the involvement of real military specialists who did not dirty their names with the Ministry of Defense land trade, criminal sale of the fleet ships and property of the army, competent specialists able to distinguish white from black, true patriots of our country. Colonel-General Ivashov and Vice-Admiral Volobuyev can be suggested as such experts. Under their leadership, a commission should be formed of military specialists, members of the public from among competent and honest people, authorized special services, prosecutors and the investigative committee. We consider it necessary to provide unrestricted access by members of this commission to all facilities of the Army and Navy and materials on the state of affairs in the Armed Forces. The results of the work and proposals for saving the country's defense potential should be immediately reported to you, as the Supreme Commander, and communicated to our fellow citizens.

If measures to save the country's defense potential are not taken as soon as possible, then the very existence of the state, its integrity and the peaceful life of the citizens of our country will be called into question, and your duty, both the guarantor of the Constitution and the Supreme Commander, will remain a duty to future generations the former Great State sunk into oblivion.

We have the honor, on behalf of the members of the Central Council of the Union of Military Sailors

Chairman of the Union, retired rank 1 captain, combatant A.F. CRESIC

We suggest associates, individuals and organizations supporting this appeal to report this to [email protected]
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  1. Oleg
    Oleg 21 October 2010 11: 27
    "Take care of Russia" is, of course, a good slogan, but, unfortunately, against the background of the national idea "Get rich!" he does not work.
    And the point is probably not in smerdyukov.

    "Take care of Russia" is, of course, a good slogan, but, unfortunately, against the background of the national idea "Get rich!" he does not work.
    And the point is probably not in smerdyukov.

    "Take care of Russia" is, of course, a good slogan, but, unfortunately, against the background of the national idea "Get rich!" he does not work.
    And the point is probably not in smerdyukov.
  2. Vladimir
    Vladimir 21 October 2010 12: 03
    Mr. master is the master, and the boat is full of holes and can sink.
    And to me the fact that I am ready for this, children abroad, there is all the money and real estate, the boat will sink there and go, and you are somehow without me.
    Guys, you’re funny as children, what do you think he doesn’t know about?
  3. Alexander
    Alexander 22 October 2010 03: 40
    Guys, aren't you ashamed? to ask to protect you the one who actually handed you over, you weren’t taught this at the state expense, you were taught the country not by words to protect
  4. Jury
    Jury 22 October 2010 07: 54
    Quote: Vladimir

    He knows of course, but he thinks that the people are already trained. Therefore, he must be told that the people have not yet reached full moronity. and lists are compiled! There will be a reckoning soon!
  5. Georgy
    Georgy 10 November 2010 23: 00
    Of course, when the GENERALITY and others like it were cut off oxygen for theft, you can stand on their hind legs and raise the boys and hide behind their backs and PULL. Just do not forget the gentlemen of Moscow Region - this is a PUTIN man and do not forget what RUSSIA he accepted, who put her on her knees, THIS IS YOUR LORD like Kresik. Sniff in two holes and rejoice that you already have very good PENSIONS. And Serdyukov could break loose, such goats of any person will be brought to sin.
  6. cazartsev2010
    cazartsev2010 13 November 2010 15: 13
    Of course, a businessman with his business vision of the problems of the army, defense industry and the country's defense as a whole does not have a place as Minister of Defense. It seems that he does not understand that the army was created to protect the Fatherland, and not to realize economic adventures.
  7. Vladimir
    Vladimir 19 November 2010 23: 55
    In-in! "He needs to be told", "there will be reckoning soon" - continue to wind snot on your fists. And Vaska listens and laughs.
    CARTRIDGE 19 October 2011 01: 15
    The most nasty thing is that nothing changes, and writing letters is pointless, it is necessary when a talk show is taking place ask the president a question, say it all live and let it get out