Australia hopes to get new nuclear submarines from the United States before the end of the life of its submarines

Australia hopes to get new nuclear submarines from the United States before the end of the life of its submarines

Canberra will not create its own submarines for its Naval fleet, but will choose one of the existing designs in service with other countries. At the same time, the plan provides for the withdrawal of the transfer of submarines to the Navy until 2040.

It is reported by the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald.

The country's naval forces may be left without a submarine fleet if the service life of the submarines in service ends, and new submarines have not yet been delivered. Therefore, Australia hopes to receive new nuclear submarines (nuclear submarines) from the United States before the end of the life of their submarines.

The fears came after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced last month that he was abandoning a $ 60 billion contract with France to build conventional submarines and would instead develop a nuclear-powered submarine fleet alongside the United States and Britain as part of a new defense pact AUKUS.

But the problem is that Australia's first Collins-class submarine should be retired in 2038, and new nuclear submarines for the Australian Navy may not yet be ready by the 2040s.

Australian Navy chief Vice Admiral Mike Noonan said that if this happens, the six Collins-class submarines, which have been in service since the 90s, will have to undergo a complete modernization in order to keep them in the fleet after 2040. At the same time, if replacing the engine is able to extend the life of the submarine for a long time, then if signs of fatigue in the metal of the hull are found, the submarine will have to be written off without options.
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  1. -1
    27 October 2021 18: 54
    I did not understand anything: China spent the refusal of coal (and from other goods), and the response will arrive at 40g?
    who in TRMV will fight in the 30s? according to Timokhin-Klimov, everything is bad with us only
  2. 0
    27 October 2021 19: 00
    Those. Submarine Australian order of the United States will build twenty years? In vain they threw the French ...
    1. -1
      27 October 2021 23: 38
      not in vain, the paddling pools themselves are to blame, the price of their submarines was several times overstated, and the Australians told them about it since the conclusion of the contract
  3. -5
    27 October 2021 19: 00
    who the fuck needs these kangaroos ??
  4. 0
    27 October 2021 19: 24
    At the same time, if replacing the engine can extend the life of the submarine for a long time, then if signs of fatigue in the metal of the hull are found, the submarine will have to be written off without options

    Doesn't all other equipment and weapons matter for Australian filibusters?
  5. 0
    27 October 2021 19: 47
    ... to keep them with the navy. laughing
  6. -11
    27 October 2021 19: 50
    If only I could figure out ... with whom is Australia going to fight? Why won't they buy a couple of hundred minutemen (well, I'm not talking about mines)? The country of thieves and murderers ... It reminds me of Yasny ... this town of the military name of Komarov, who died during landing ... and the fact that the convicts built hacks and settled ... I used the barrel for defensive purposes 3 times in an ordinary city and could easily walk around the military town
    In 2007 I met a girl ... crazy beautiful ... daughter of a prisoner ... I just went crazy from the mat at the age of 13 and in general. And to compare her with the daughter of an officer, whose mother and father I will pass through the officers and the Afghan and Chechnya ... heaven and earth. Australia ... they sometimes make beautiful films ... but in fact ... all the descendants of convicts, etc., exiled there by small britain
    1. +3
      27 October 2021 20: 16
      I don’t know how in Australia, but in Siberia, most of the very decent people live, at least those whom I know or knew from there. Although many of them, I think, may well be the descendants of convicts.
    2. +2
      27 October 2021 20: 48
      Country of thieves and murderers ...

      Australia is one of the lowest in the world in terms of crime rate.

  7. -1
    27 October 2021 19: 54
    My friend Sergei has been living there ... we have known each other for 20 years ... to be honest, for 20 years he has been just crazy about how people behave ... although he is not in Canberra, but he lives in a fairly populated city in the southwest of Australia ... he has such a stock of weapons there ... I can bring pictures ... but I cannot ... There, a small-scale war can be arranged ... and this is to protect the land and home and family!
    1. +2
      27 October 2021 23: 01
      Well, about the protection of the home and family, this is unlikely. In Australia, self-defense weapons are prohibited in principle. No spray cans, no gas, and even less injuries. Even sirens are prohibited - you can damage the attacker's hearing.
      Long-barreled, no matter whether it is sliced ​​or smooth, and the truth is not a problem to buy, if you are not a scumbag registered with the police, but only for hunting or sports. The trunks itself have enough - I have lived here for more than twenty years. True, no semiautomatic devices - a completely different license.
      Well, on the topic of the day: America (this is me on behalf of the Australian) is drawing us into another fornicator.
      After all, we attacked Iraq only together with America and Britain. The rest of the hangers-on reached out later.
      An example should be taken from New Zealand - there is almost no army, they completely abandoned the Air Force. We are supposedly a peaceful country and are not going to attack anyone. The Americans are really not happy - they need to sell weapons to someone.
  8. -1
    27 October 2021 21: 11
    That's why Australia needs nuclear submarines?
    Is it really possible to sell a nuclear submarine, we have rented it to India and rented it?
  9. +1
    27 October 2021 21: 36
    Hope dies last!
  10. 0
    27 October 2021 22: 27
    The Chinese will buy this whole Australia. Along with boats, canoes, aborigines and pupuas.
    1. +2
      27 October 2021 22: 58
      Quote: Borisych
      The Chinese will buy this whole Australia.

      Let the narrow-eyed dream ... they should buy energy resources somewhere this winter ...
    2. -2
      27 October 2021 23: 19
      So we almost bought it. Wherever you go, there are only Chinese people around. And where does the money come from?
      The port of Darwin, the most important event of possible hostilities, was leased to the Chinese for 99 years.
  11. 0
    27 October 2021 23: 50
    Where does the American interest in Australia come from? They were not noticed in charity. What do we have in Australia? Coal. What else? Uranium and uranium again. And this is new oil. Where else is uranium? In Canada. Who controls CAMECO (an analogue of Kazatomprom)? The answer is obvious. Well, let's add here that CAMECO controls part of the uranium mines in Kazakhstan. Who else is on this top 5 list: Uzbekistan and Nigeria. Maybe they will also be sold on a submarine or something similar;). I'll go and take a look at the stocks of these companies.
    1. 0
      29 October 2021 09: 17
      In South Africa, there is a lot of uranium in the Russian Federation, in Mongolia, it also seems to be enough
      Yes, in general, there are many places

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