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The final battles of Ural Steel 2012 will be held in Moscow

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The final battles of Ural Steel 2012 will be held in Moscow105 cybersportsmen will converge in the final battle in Moscow for the title of the best virtual tank crews of the year.

13 September 2012 - Wargaming, one of the world's largest developers and publishers in the free-to-play MMO market, announced that the final battles of the Urals Steel 2012 International Championship will be held in Russia 16 September 2012. The decisive battle of virtual tankers will take place in Moscow, where participants and guests of the championship are not only waiting for the hot final fights, but also a rich entertainment program and, of course, the opportunity to play World of Tanks.

For one day, the CSKA Universal Sports Complex will become a virtual battlefield where 15 of the strongest teams from Russia, the European Union, North America, China and Japan will fight for an impressive prize pool of 77 000 US dollars, as well as for the right to bear the honorary title of world champions World of Tanks.

For the first time, tankers from the Asian region will lead their steel cars to the final battlefields.

"It is a great honor for us to participate in a tournament with top players, and for the first time to represent China in such a large-scale World of Tanks tournament," says the Chinese Devil Team player.

The format of Ural Steel has undergone some changes: this year the final games will be held in only one division.

“The European teams are definitely good - they have a lot of practice playing ESL and Wargaming tournaments,” said a representative of the Polish 1st PAD Expendables team. - The playing style of the Russian teams is quite aggressive and risky, with the active use of French tanks. But the game of squads from China and Southeast Asia combines caution and harmonious interaction within the team. ”

“This will be a grand tank festival for players from around the world,” comments Alexey Kuznetsov, head of e-sports at Wargaming. “We hope that neither sportsmen, nor spectators will not be disappointed!”

This year, Ural Steel will be held on an even larger scale, which means there will be more pleasant surprises. A rich entertainment program awaits the guests of the Superfinal: interesting contests, a visit to the museum of military equipment, field cuisine dishes.

The event will be held at the Universal Sports Complex CSKA them. AND I. Gomelsky address: Moscow, Leningradsky Avenue, 39, building 3.
Ural Steel is the largest e-sports competition in World of Tanks, bringing together professional players from around the world.

The international tournament Urals Steel 2012 was organized by the Federation of Computer Sports of Russia with the support of Wargaming. Uralvagonzavod, Russia's largest research and production corporation, the world's leading manufacturer of main battle tanks, was the general sponsor of the event. The general partner of the championship, the Russian company Citylink, is a reliable and dynamic partner in popularizing modern technologies of service, entertainment and shopping in Russia.

About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market. The company was founded in 1998, and during that time managed to turn from a group of enthusiasts into an international corporation with more than 1000 employees and has released about 15 games.
Currently, Wargaming is working on a military series of MMO games dedicated to tank, air and sea battles of the mid-20th century. The company's flagship project, tank action World of Tanks, managed to win numerous awards from the leading gaming publications and become one of the most successful MMO projects. Air World of Warplanes is on the list of the most anticipated releases of the 2012 of the year. dedicated to warships, scheduled for 2013 year.

In June, 2012, Wargaming announced service, which will become the center of a new gaming universe, uniting all MMO-projects of the company on

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  1. mixey
    mixey 13 September 2012 20: 56
    The tanks did a great job. 50% of friends play. With airplanes, I don’t know how to get it.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 13 September 2012 22: 55
      Not as fun as with tanks, but nothing, the main thing is to deal with the controls. If all the clavs are in the tanks, then the man with joey will have +.
  2. Nikita
    Nikita 13 September 2012 21: 05
    The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information

  3. Felix200970
    Felix200970 13 September 2012 21: 20
    "The decisive battle of virtual tankers will take place in Moscow, where not only hot final battles await participants and guests of the championship"
    I thought the hot final battles will take place in real tanks somewhere on the training ground, and the main prize to the winner - IS-10 soldier
  4. Seversk
    Seversk 13 September 2012 21: 34
    Let's see how the Chinese team prepared wink
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 13 September 2012 22: 56
      They will only be on Types laughing
      1. potterz
        potterz 13 September 2012 23: 32
        )) Duc on what else should they be? )))
  5. Kochetkov.serzh
    Kochetkov.serzh 13 September 2012 22: 10
    Bullshit in the mare these competitions and all !!!
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 13 September 2012 23: 01
      Well, yes, it’s better to just sit on the forum, for someone it’s 77k Baku and nonsense, but for someone it’s just a game, leisure, communication and by the way denyushka for this site for advertising.
  6. Nick
    Nick 13 September 2012 22: 32
    Better used a year or two in real life. And Rodin is of greater use, and the men themselves became b.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 13 September 2012 22: 58
      Well, more than 40% of people over 20 play there, so it goes down.
      1. Nick
        Nick 14 September 2012 21: 56
        Quote: lelikas
        Well, more than 40% of people over 20 years old play there

        A source?
    2. Seversk
      Seversk 13 September 2012 23: 05
      There are a lot of people hooked on a toy that served))) these are the pies)))))))
  7. Great Plague
    Great Plague 13 September 2012 23: 39
    Nick Salute comrade! From 2000 to 2002 I had the opportunity to serve on the Russian-Chinese border, and my friends, those who play with me, have long fulfilled their duty to their homeland! (if necessary, by the first order we’ll do it again!) The thing is that everyone is resting to the best of their interests!
    I don’t understand people who condemn look at things that are not suitable for them in spirit. Many have forgotten such a word as respect, in this case respect for the interests of others .....
    1. Nick
      Nick 14 September 2012 22: 03
      Salute Plague! I respect your and anyone else's interests, but the article, in my opinion, does not correspond to the subject matter of the VO site.
      I apologize to everyone whom I inadvertently offended.
  8. djsa1
    djsa1 14 September 2012 00: 39
    I’m playing this game myself, it’s like a drug, you don’t get down, I’ll tie it,lelikasand we are the players sponsoring this game.
  9. djsa1
    djsa1 14 September 2012 00: 43
    I’m playing it myself, but I think it’s time to tie it up, it’s a drug))). Guys, drop tanks, take a little walk on the street, health will increase!)))
  10. Andrey_K
    Andrey_K 14 September 2012 01: 29
    Tanks are a good game - unlike other addictive games, the player does not have to spend more and more time on it and you can leave it at any time to take a break (and you can’t just drop the addictive games - you need to show a fair amount of willpower).
    In general, the gaming industry in the future may become as important as oil production or the production of cigarettes and vodka - this is a mechanism for drawing money from the population of countries, bypassing borders and without any balance - i.e. money is not exchanged for any tangible product and this cannot be controlled by any customs.
    Therefore, in this field it is also necessary to keep up with the others, and it will be like in virtual money - you will no longer be able to pick up a visa and others from this niche - the king of the hill.
  11. characterization
    characterization 14 September 2012 01: 43
    At first I played tanks and then as a year the game was spoiled with upgrades and any nonsense the game is good I do not argue but spoiled
  12. Feanor
    Feanor 14 September 2012 07: 42
    Reds all the same bend all, but here are some ...
  13. Storyteller
    Storyteller 14 September 2012 08: 26
    I saw in "Galileo" how the gamers of the plane planters were seated in a simulator of a civilian plane (they used civilian planes in games as well), so the instructor fell out of sight when they settled all emergency situations. Therefore, in tank schools, World of Tanks should be in the curriculum.
    1. Diesel
      Diesel 14 September 2012 12: 54
      Quote: Storyteller
      tank schools World of Tanks

      This game does not give either theoretical or historical knowledge of tank control in any way ...

      Quote: Storyteller
      (they also used civilian aircraft in games)

      But just the same MIcrosoft Flight Simulator, it is routinely used in many simulators for pilots, so it is not surprising that they "settled" everything there.
  14. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 14 September 2012 08: 50
    Great game, there is a time I go to a dozen fights a day, but a certain category of players like participating in various tournaments ...

    PS In general, World of Tanks has no alternative at all.
  15. awg75
    awg75 14 September 2012 09: 36
    I am 37 years old and I play it almost every day for a little bit of a very interesting and fascinating online game. friends 70 percent the same parsley, so I advise everyone --- relaxes perfectly
  16. d5v5s5
    d5v5s5 14 September 2012 10: 27
    Quote: djsa1
    .Guys, drop tanks, take a little walk on the street, health will increase!)))

    Just have to alternate)))