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Forty-year-old UR-100N UTTH missiles will continue to serve


Installation of the UR-100N UTTH missile in the mine. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

At the end of the seventies, the first UR-100N UTTH intercontinental ballistic missiles took up combat duty. Despite the record age, weapon this type is still in the ranks, and they are not going to give it up yet. As reported, once again, measures were taken to extend the service life. According to their results, old ICBMs will be able to remain on duty until at least 2023.

New renewal

RIA reported on the next extension of the service life of rocket technology on October 18 News... The agency received information about these events from the general director and general designer of NPO Mashinostroyenia Alexander Leonov. The head of the enterprise spoke about the events of the past years and decades, about the latest work and plans for the near future.

RIA Novosti recalls that the UR-100N UTTH ICBMs appeared in the missile forces in 1979. The production of such products continued until 1985. The guaranteed service life of the missiles was initially 10 years, but in the future it was planned to extend it taking into account the technical condition. The Ministry of Defense regularly launched relevant work, as a result of which the service life was repeatedly extended, and the missiles are still on duty.

A. Leonov said that UR-100N UTTH products have the longest terms of service. The originally set deadlines have already been extended by 37 years, thanks to which the missiles remain in service and ensure the implementation of the Strategic Missile Forces' plans. In accordance with the results of recent activities, such ICBMs will be operated until 2023. At the same time, new work is planned for the next 2022 to determine the state and prospects of available weapons.

Forty-year-old UR-100N UTTH missiles will continue to serve

Rocket in the launcher. Photo

The head of NPO Mashinostroyenia noted the uniqueness of the work carried out. The task of such a long operation of the complex with ICBMs while maintaining all the technical and combat characteristics was solved for the first time in the world. To do this, it was necessary to create a complex integrated program that combines several research and development work of various kinds at once.

As part of this program, existing products are regularly surveyed. The strength of the load-bearing structures and the condition of the fuel tanks are checked; fuel components are analyzed. Also, tests are carried out in climatic chambers, with the help of which the effect of the external environment on structures is determined.

Modernization and replacement

The UR-100N UTTH ICBM, aka RS-18B, was an improved version of the UR-100N (RS-18A) product. The latter was put into service and went on duty in 1975, and a few years later an improved modification with improved tactical and technical characteristics appeared. Two missiles of the UR-100N line entered the Strategic Missile Forces and supplemented the existing systems of the heavy class of the R-36 family. At the same time, as far as is known, the number of UR-100N was inferior to the existing family.

The production of the UR-100N UTTH missiles was completed in 1985. Accordingly, by the mid-nineties, even the last serial products had reached their designated service life. However, by this time, a set of measures had been developed to extend the deadlines. In the future, the remaining missiles repeatedly went through the necessary procedures. Due to this, to date, the terms have been increased by almost 4 times compared to the initial ones.

Museum UR-100N UTTH. Photo

In connection with the renewal of the Strategic Missile Forces materiel, the scale of the extension programs is gradually decreasing. So, in April of this year, the general director of NPO Mashinostroyenia said that now the UR-100N UTTKh missiles on duty are gradually being replaced by modern Yars complexes. At the time of the beginning of these processes, the troops had about 150 ICBMs of the old model. Now their number has decreased by three times.

However, the old UR-100N UTTH is not yet going to be completely abandoned. Moreover, they have recently mastered a new "specialty". At the end of 2019, the first regiment in the Strategic Missile Forces, equipped with Avangard missile systems, took up combat duty. The carriers of the hypersonic gliding warheads at this stage were the modified UR-100N UTTH ICBMs.

It is known that in the future Avangard units will be mounted on the promising RS-28 Sarmat heavy missiles. However, such an ICBM has not even entered flight tests yet, and its appearance in service is expected only in a few years. Until that time, the only carrier of ultra-modern weapons will be an old rocket with a repeatedly extended service life.

It should be recalled that the UR-100N UTTH is capable of solving not only combat missions. Serial combat ICBMs can be rebuilt into Rokot and Strela carrier rockets. The Rokot light-class product has been actively exploited since the beginning of the nineties and has provided the launch of several dozen spacecraft into orbit. The first launch of the upgraded Rokot-M missile with an improved control system is scheduled for next year.

Tail view. Photo

New deadlines

Thus, the UR-100N UTTH is still of great importance for the further development of our Strategic Missile Forces. Accordingly, measures aimed at keeping such weapons in service will continue. Plans for several years ahead are already known - and possible events in the more distant future.

According to the latest reports, the service life has already been extended until 2023 and will increase again in the future. The necessary measures are again planned for the next year. In addition, in April, A. Leonov told the press that the current plans are to extend the terms by three years - at least until 2024. Moreover, NPO Mashinostroyenia is ready to ensure that the missiles continue to be on duty "as much as needed."

However, at the same time, the head of the enterprise noted that predictions are inappropriate in this area. Rocket technology "itself will have to tell" what its future will turn out to be.

Records in the ranks

It is noteworthy that the UR-100N UTTH rocket has already set a record for the duration of service. November marks 42 years since the start of combat duty, and December will mark 41 years since the missile was put into service. No other domestic intercontinental ballistic missile can boast a similar service life. And in the near future, as the resources are extended, such records will only get better.

Rocket launch. Photo

The reasons for this success are quite simple. First of all, it is a successful design with great potential and resource, capable of showing the required characteristics even decades after its appearance. In addition, over time, it was possible to find opportunities for creating fundamentally new systems, such as launch vehicles or hypersonic complexes.

It is also necessary to note the constant and effective efforts of the development organization aimed at solving several main problems. It is thanks to NPO Mashinostroyenia that the UR-100N UTTKh missiles are still in service and solve the problems of delivering "conventional" and hypersonic warheads, as well as launch satellites into orbit - and will continue this work for several more years.

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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 20 October 2021 05: 38
    gorgeous ... for how many cries that the "states" have "minutemans" no longer good for anything, old, for scrap ... "so stupid" ...
    1. Kuroneko
      Kuroneko 20 October 2021 05: 43
      Minutemen are probably extended for the fourth time already. So...
      Oh, yes. According to their plans, the stratofortresses will also serve for centuries, until the middle of the XNUMXst.
      PS Why? Because the mattresses unpredictably fell into a uranium trap, which EBN (cattle), without knowing it, arranged for them.
      1. Civil
        Civil 20 October 2021 07: 07
        What gentlemen? The gifts of the communist comrades will not end in any way? And if you do not build Sarmat, then your colleagues, the Western bourgeoisie, or your enemies, the Chinese communists, will take away everything acquired by back-breaking labor.
        1. Kuroneko
          Kuroneko 20 October 2021 07: 20
          Well, no, no one will take away Huawei smartphones from us. And Belarusian jamon is our everything. Well, not for Abramovich's yacht to die.
          And liberalism will definitely not survive without smartphones and jamon.
  2. ism_ek
    ism_ek 20 October 2021 05: 40
    Like there was already news about it.
    It is sad that we will lose an entire class of ICBMs. Yars is no substitute. There is no range. Vulnerability from existing missile defense systems is high. And promising missile defense systems will generally be able to close most of the US territory from the Yars.
    Sarmat does not fly and is much more expensive both in production and in service. It is clear how long our economy will withstand Sarmatov.
    1. Kuroneko
      Kuroneko 20 October 2021 05: 56
      You're talking about garbage, friend. There is only one more or less adequate missile defense system on the Dirt ball, and it is not an American one. Mattress toppers, even from Kim Jong-un's handicrafts, strain. Well, who of them on duty knows what the so-called American anti-missile shield is. Although it is possible that they will fight off the DPRK.
    2. just exp
      just exp 20 October 2021 06: 19
      hmm, but how will a promising missile defense system protect the United States from the Yars, which will not reach the United States anyway, since the missiles themselves do not reach their MIRVs?
      1. Kuroneko
        Kuroneko 20 October 2021 06: 40
        I will answer for him, otherwise he is again inventing something: but not how. Even the Russian missile defense system will not intercept everything (but the American one is very full of holes and, in general, is geared towards intercepting attacks from the equator, not from the poles). Decides HOW MUCH will be intercepted. General damage to enemy countries. It's much more fun here. The territory is much more extensive, and excluding the conglomerates of St. Petersburg and Not rubber, a fairly even distribution of the population. But federal cities will have the best protection. The United States will be worse in this regard. The lion's share of the population and industry is concentrated in coastal cities. Well, yes, there is also Texas and rednecks. And some kind of Oklahoma. Americans, even on the continent as a whole, live like an island. What to do, a habit from the British.
        1. blackberry
          blackberry 20 October 2021 14: 29
          It seems to me that you are mistaken. Americans are more dispersed than we are, despite their size. They have 10 million with a population of 325 million. We have 17 million with 146 million.
          1. Glagol1
            Glagol1 20 October 2021 15: 23
            There are more than 20 million people in the United States. And another cloud in the range of 0,5 - 1 million. How vulnerable!
            1. Spring fluff
              Spring fluff 13 December 2021 23: 05
              can you confirm?
              List of US cities by population. There are 1561 cities in the United States, of which New York is the largest in terms of population - 8 people. The total number of US residents is 244 by 936.
              # Name, city Population, people
              1 New York 8 244 936
              2 Los Angeles 3 884 319
              3 Chicago 2 695 615
              4 Houston 2 195 984
              5 Philadelphia 1
              6 Phoenix 1 445 685
              7 San Antonio 1 409 116
              8 San Diego 1
              9 Dallas 1
              10 San Jose 998 611

              No. City _____________ as of January 1, 2021_ as of January 1, 2020_Dynamics Percentage Subject of the Russian Federation, which_ includes_ the city_
              1 Moscow 12 655 050 12 678 079 - 23 029 - 0,18 g.f. Moscow
              2 St. Petersburg 5 384 342 5 398 064 - 13 722 - 0,25 HFZ Saint Petersburg
              3 Novosibirsk city 1 620 162 1 625 631 - 5 469 - 0,34 Novosibirsk region
              4 Yekaterinburg 1 495 066 1 493 749 1 317 0,09 Sverdlovsk region
              5 Kazan 1 257 341 1 257 391 - 50 0,00 Republic of Tatarstan
              6 Nizhny Novgorod 1 244 254 1 252 236 - 7 982 - 0,64 Nizhny Novgorod region
              7 Chelyabinsk 1 187 960 1 196 680 - 8 720 - 0,73 Chelyabinsk region
              8 Samara 1 144 759 1 156 659 - 11 900 - 1,03 Samara region
              9 Omsk 1 139 897 1 154 507 - 14 610 - 1,27 Omsk region
              10 Rostov-on-Don 1 137 704 1 137 904 - 200 - 0,02 Rostov Region
              11 Ufa 1 125 933 1 128 787 - 2 854 - 0,25 Rep. Bashkortostan
              12 Krasnoyarsk 1 092 - 851 - 1 Krasnoyarsk Territory
              13 Voronezh 1 050 - 602 - 1 Voronezh region
              14 Perm 1 049 199 1 055 397 - 6 198 - 0,59 Perm Territory
              15 Volgograd 1 004 763 1 008 998 - 4 235 - 0,42 Volgograd Region
              Total: 33 589 883 33 696 114 - 106 231 - 0,32
  3. Free wind
    Free wind 20 October 2021 05: 51
    Just wondering. Amers have two types of ballistic missiles, Trident and Minuteman and do not worry about this, well, they sometimes carry out modernization. Only in 25 will they begin to create a new rocket. We have a bunch of models, I'm already confused in the names .. Probably all the groups of developers want denyushk.
    1. Kuroneko
      Kuroneko 20 October 2021 06: 02
      Everything is simple there. Land and sea. Well, yes, the country of victorious capitalism. That's why. Each has its own private company leads.
      Lockheed and Boeing once shared spheres of influence in a similar way.
  4. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 20 October 2021 06: 23
    What else I want to say ... Remember, under Trump, he announced the conversion of some nuclear missiles to low power? Those. is it actually for nuclear bombs?
    Trump is a businessman and not a military man. But the person is expressive. I think in this case he was forced to make such a decision by the Pentagon. The Americans have long since lost the technical base for enriching uranium and plutonium. And if anyone remembers at least school chemistry, these metals tend to decay quite actively. That is why you have to distribute the remainder economically. For America will not receive anything new in the next 10 years. There's really an ass with this case.
  5. bistrov.
    bistrov. 20 October 2021 06: 38
    In the upper picture, where the installer, launcher and R-36 "Satan" rocket, in the second, where the rocket is already in the mine, there is indeed UR-100 N UTTH, I suggest the author to understand and not mislead the site users.
    1. Kuroneko
      Kuroneko 20 October 2021 06: 45
      The news media don't usually fumble about all of these things. I grabbed a beautiful picture, created the news in time - that's it, hero. And the editorial office is happy, and the money will be paid.
  6. savoj
    savoj 20 October 2021 10: 18
    A Moskvich or Volga car are good cars if they are well looked after and maintained.
  7. Earnest
    Earnest 20 October 2021 22: 21
    Quote: bistrov.
    In the upper picture, where the installer, launcher and R-36 "Satan" rocket, in the second, where the rocket is already in the mine, there is indeed UR-100 N UTTH, I suggest the author to understand and not mislead the site users.

    Commentary from "one woman said": the photo is correct, the installer is loading the UR-100 UTTH into a mine specially converted for Avangard from the R-36MU taken off duty. 13th Missile Orenburg Red Banner Missile Division.
  8. Lyman1982
    Lyman1982 21 October 2021 15: 23
    The warrant officers there for 40 years, not only have passed all the fuel fees for the color, only the skeleton of the missiles remained. Right now, hurray the patriots will nominate