Strange map of Europe or how Google wages the information war

Strange map of Europe or how Google wages the information war

The article by Dmitry Gusev will tell us a lot of new and ... scary about the geography of Europe. Something does not believe in simple accidents when reading this material.

“Quite an interesting situation. I work in Finland, and therefore I went to Finnish courses. There are many foreigners in the group: from the British to Indonesians. At the first lesson, we met, and the teacher printed out several maps for a variety of conversations, so that everyone could mark the place from which he came. The cards were 3 stuff. Two maps of the World and one map of Europe, including part of Russia. The last map was the most interesting. You can see it in the 1 picture.

Figure 1. Map of Europe, downloaded for the query “Map of Europe” in Finnish from Finland from the domain

The map shows how Russia is divided into pieces, into different states, and it looks just like Europe, consisting of colorful patches. The “states” of Tatarstan, Udmurtia, and Komi are visible. Actually, from Russia there was a tiny piece in the area of ​​Moscow. It is also surprising Finland, “out of borders” and occupying Lake Ladoga, Onega lakes and a significant part of Karelia. In addition to the new borders of the states, the border of the European Union has been changed, which looks at least strange - Europe includes part of Russia (for example, Krasnodar Territory), some states of the Caucasus, part of Iraq ... Even smaller signs of 'FIN' in the “country” of Udmurtia are less clear and the “USA” for “the country of Russia in new frontiers” and the same mark for Iraq.

Teacher, when we drew his attention to this strange map, was also surprised and said that he found this map on a simple request on “euroopan kartta”, which in Finnish means “map of Europe”. We checked it together with the teacher, and indeed, it turned out this way - the map was on the first line of the first page of search results.

(A few days ago, when the author sent me this material, the map was the first. Today - the second - N.S.)

The full request is given in link, and its results are shown in Figure 2, where the strange map is highlighted with a red frame. The very same strange map, which is in the first line of the answer “” is located on link. Perhaps, if the request is made from another region, the result may differ.

Figure 2. Google search results page for the search query “map of Europe” (in Finnish)

However, back to the map. Strange in this situation is not that someone draws such cards. Perhaps these are some geography lovers, Finnish nationalists or just children. It does not matter. It is important that this particular card is searched for on such a simple request as the “Map of Europe” as one of the first options.

What is it? Accident? After all, Finnish children, who will study geography at school, will most likely use the Internet and will find this particular map. What will they think? For example, I ran into this map during a language course. The card was printed by the teacher. The error was noticed only by Russian students. Foreigners did not pay special attention to the map and did not notice anything strange. By the way, all students are adults. So what can children think?

Accident or not? Why, of the thousands of maps of Europe, did this one turn out to be in the first place, it was completely untrue? Everyone knows that Google usually “searches” and finds everything correctly and the relevance of its answers is very high. Why is such an absurdity in this case? Nevertheless, we will consider it a mere coincidence.

But I would like to draw the reader’s attention to how potentially scary information can be weaponif you run it into action. We cannot even imagine what can be done using only Google and its Youtube service, assuming the possibility of manipulating the results of searches ... And then there is Wikipedia, Facebook and other sources of information that have repeatedly surprised people with how they present information ...

I would like the readers of the article to also verify that they’ve found Google for this query and confirmed the truth of my words, in case the results of the query become different, they would be eyewitnesses to this event. To do this, repeat the request “euroopan kartta“ from the domain “”. You may also need to select the region “Finland” in the settings of Google. If someone is not lazy, please confirm the results in the comments. ”
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  1. +9
    14 September 2012
    The Finns redrawn not only the map of Russia but also other states such as Norway, Sweden, Turkey. I would like to say to these pseudo-cartographers, Do not wake the devil !!!
    1. +8
      14 September 2012
      Quote: Apollon
      The Finns redrawn not only the map of Russia but also other states such as Norway, Sweden, Turkey. So I want to say to these pseudo-cartographers, do not wake up the devil!

      Among other things, it surprises me that China did not take part in this drawing! He would have bitten off half of Russia! The whole world is looking at us like a hungry beast! A huge country where the entire table is periodic, where the money is lying under your feet! IF WE HAVE DONE ALL IN THE COUNTRY, HUMANLY (AND NOT VARVARIAN), AND WITHOUT CARUPTION, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE ASKED FOR US!
      1. +7
        14 September 2012
        Quote: tronin.maxim

        I agree that the richest countries in the world are Russia, but there is no hard host, hence the problems and the emergence of such cards. It is necessary to draw your own, where Alaska and California are part of Russia.
        1. +7
          14 September 2012
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          where Alaska and California are part of Russia.

          And on the site of Finland is Chukhonia as part of Russia.
      2. +1
        14 September 2012
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        ... it surprises me that China did not take part in this drawing! He would have bitten off half of Russia! .....

        Are you sure that this is not Google’s initiative?
        And who knows what kind of maps Google draws on requests from the CN domain? ....
    2. +5
      14 September 2012
      What does the Finns have to do with it ?! The Russian Foreign Ministry must file a lawsuit against Google in court.
      Articles can be scraped enough, starting from the non-recognition of the results of the Second World War and all conventions, to incitement to violation of the territorial integrity of Russia.
      In addition, ask them to explain the inscriptions "Russia (USA) "," Mari (End) "," Udmurtia (End) "," Komi (End) "seen on a" strange "map.

      These are not children's pictures.
      There is quite enough reason to drag these bastards around the courts, and to shake out some trucks of money from them, the "truth-lovers" are bad ...
      1. +8
        14 September 2012
        Ugh ...
        So this is not Google Maps. :) current right now ...
        This is really just a picture drawn by a search engine from some resource. It could be an article criticizing the Brzezinski’s plan, or an article on a historical topic, telling about the plans for the construction of Great Finland by Finnish nationalists in the late 30s of the last century ... By the way, there you can see in Google where it was taken from.

        Kipish is canceled.
        Google has nothing to do with it ....
        I can draw a map of the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America and put it on the Internet, and it will also appear sooner or later in Google.
        1. Juga
          14 September 2012
          I don’t understand the general excitement, this is not a map, "concocted" by the authors from the GUGLA, this is a picture, one of many found by a search engine in the vastness of the tyrnet.
          And the answer to the question is why it is one of the first when requested from the fi zone. very simple, because the author is Finnish by nationality, if I'm not mistaken, Seppo Olavi Lehto.
          Finnish right-wing activist currently living in Tampere. The main focus of his activity is the struggle for the return of the Finnish territories annexed by the USSR during the Second World War. It claims to be a leader in several organizations.

          So to raise a wave, run into Google, the Finnish Foreign Ministry, and everyone in a row, without understanding, because of the "local crazy" Finn, at least too much ... The author of the article went too far, not understanding the reasons, rushed to look for a nonexistent background ...
  2. +3
    14 September 2012
    Why is Poland not from Mozh to Mozh ....?
    In general, an outright shnyaga, the impression is that some cub presented himself as a kind of Mannerheim with an army capable of conquering the world, and frolic with pencils.
  3. Che
    14 September 2012
    I’m not surprised at anything. The general people are waging an undeclared war against Russia.
    1. Dmitry23RUS
      14 September 2012
      Draw cards, DO NOT WAR ITS, let them exercise further with pencils, they are progressive and creative! And we, Russian barbarians will steadily increase GDP, work, give birth to children and engage in sports =)
      1. +1
        14 September 2012
        "yes, we are Scythians, yes, Asians"
  4. logic
    14 September 2012
    interesting cards appear
    even if a joke, then with far-reaching wishes
  5. kav8206
    14 September 2012
    The map is still there ... in the same place.
    1. +8
      14 September 2012
      And we answered them with a satirical map! Guess who the author is?
      1. +3
        14 September 2012
        Quote: Karavan
        Guess who the author is?

        I don’t know who, but obviously smart !!! laughing
        1. +1
          14 September 2012
          Mikhail Zadornov, if that!
  6. 0
    14 September 2012
    but why be surprised. there is a globe of America. let them dream
    1. Kaa
      14 September 2012
      Quote: andrei332809
      there is a globe of america

      Rather, a dollar globe. that’s what in the West (including Finland), geography lessons need to be taught.
  7. +10
    14 September 2012
    greetings to all
    I will express my opinion. Stop panicking. Google has nothing to do with it. This is a picture drawn by some idiot and posted on the Internet. In Google in the forefront this picture appears only due to the fact that Google is one of the most used search engines and looking at this picture you only raise it closer to the top. if you wish, you can try typing the same search query in If this map had the address then there would be a reason to think about it.
  8. 0
    14 September 2012
    And I just feel sorry for them, sick fountain, It seems to be called YACENTRISM, this is when you think that you are the only one in the universe, and deeply indulge everyone that you imagine, and these people suffer greatly from this. Surely there is a map of the EUROLONA, the EUROPEAR STAR.
  9. +2
    14 September 2012
    Let's not forget the colleagues whose Internet resources these are, and for what the Internet itself was originally created! winked
  10. +1
    14 September 2012
    Yes, the Internet was created as a means of communication during the Cold War and as a measure in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack ...
  11. 0
    14 September 2012
    You can’t call it an accident, but we know very well where the legs grow from.
    1. +1
      14 September 2012
      In-in! Ti Lord! Today, with the help of the Internet, thousands of people are raising the revolution, the population is being programmed with the help of false information, and he is so divided because of one picture! As the saying goes, this map is not even the tip of the iceberg, but a drop from its mass!
  12. +1
    14 September 2012
    I went and looked.
    In the map of Europe - there are all countries. Russia is not only.
    Here ....-
    On the left, where are detailed maps of the states.
    Probably need to redo their cards.
    And redraw ... the world.
    It's time, time.
  13. 0
    14 September 2012
    Vain panic. These are all ordinary separatist cards. Here, you can see an example -
    It is pointless to blame Google here, the system simply caches the results of the work of "third parties".
    Article in the basket.
  14. with
    14 September 2012
    I remember about Google wrote here, so they almost pecked me!
    "Our specialists work there, etc.."
    So who is right?
    Yeah .., yeah .... I understand this work ....
    1. +1
      14 September 2012
      What kind of woman?
      1. with
        14 September 2012
        Quote: Bridge
        What kind of woman?

  15. +2
    14 September 2012
    It became known that the CIA and
    Google support
    Recorded Future
    This company is engaged
    real tracking
    time of everything that happens
    in the Internet. Her bots
    comb out tens of thousands
    sites, blogs, accounts in
    Twitter automatically collecting
    relationship data
    people, companies, about
    certain actions and
    Special engine
    analyzes this information,
    trying to isolate from her
    patterns by which
    events happen and
    trying to predict the move
    similar events in
    further. Looks like
    fantastic enough but
    general manager
    companies Christopher
    Alberg, says the system
    really can
    predict the development of one or
    another situation.
    Google is not the first time
    interacts with intelligence
    USA. Some time ago
    the company has helped more than once
    install and configure
    equipment for the agency.
    But now, for the first time, the CIA
    and Google invested in one
    company (although, of course,
    no one confirmed
    officially, but there is a fact
    fact: they did
    financial injections into
    Recorded Future).

    Recorded Future System
    allows to isolate from
    webpage context names
    people, places and actions,
    which they mention. It
    analyzes when and where are these
    events have occurred and the general
    mood of the document. Then
    Artificial Intelligence
    trying to figure out how all this
    connected to each other. Base
    data in which is recorded
    about 100 million
    events located on servers
    largest internet
    store in the world.
    through your In-Q-Tel company.
    It’s known that both Google
    and the CIA company has places in
    Board of Directors Recorded
    Future and both firms
    invested in it in 2009
    year, almost immediately after
    its foundations. Unknown
    what specific amounts were
    nested, but it is believed that
    every investor has invested in
    Recorded Future no more than 10
    million dollars.
    Few people remember now, but
    a similar project by the US government
    already tried to start.
    It was called TIA ("Total
    awareness "), about the beginning
    it was announced in 2002
    year and his goal was
    identify potential
    terrorists by comparing
    data from the set
    public and private
    information repositories.
    Used for this
    any data - up to
    purchase data by
    bank cards or
    individual doctor visits

    It is unlikely that the authorities should have
    declare intent
    create this system
    in public - of course, right there
    serious broke out
    scandal. Public
    demanded to stop
    spy on citizens and
    no assurances that
    all this is done from the best
    motivation to provide
    security of these
    citizens did not help. TIA
    tried to create as an answer to
    fears about September 11th
    but as a result people
    on the contrary, they began to see in
    project threatening its private
    As a result of the program
    collapsed but Office
    awareness which
    was also created in 2002
    did not close. Now he
    officially engaged
    harmless projects not
    affecting personal
    life of the country's citizens but who
    knows maybe tia quite
    living and living
    only now without much
    1. +1
      14 September 2012
      I especially liked this one, the quote - and the CIA company - means the CIA is not a service, it turns out to be a company. Laughing out loud.
    2. 0
      14 September 2012
      All the same, it is a rare courage to spread the text in this form. Edit to read it was possible, no way?
      1. 0
        14 September 2012
        It’s better to push the author ...
        And not a multicast.
  16. 0
    14 September 2012
    I don’t strive for such pictures, the Internet is a big garbage, which you will not find in it.
  17. Green 413-1685
    14 September 2012
    It seems that the author first went to the Internet. Indeed, an information war is being waged against Russia in the world, but in this case this is ordinary stupidity, which should not be so violently reacted to. Similar examples of such nonsense, malice and frank banter in the internet a huge number. Kok says do not feed the trolls.

  18. +3
    14 September 2012
    I got a similar search engine.

    Yes, let them draw what they want. redo one hell after them as usual.
    1. 0
      14 September 2012
      On the Internet, a search engine and "Globus of Ukraine" will find, or, please, - "Globe of Moscow".
  19. -1
    14 September 2012
    but what is there to be surprised? I don’t see anything special. There are a lot of such cards. And everyone, if he considers himself the main one, will make such a card for himself. Speaking of Google, it has long been merging with the states. And you can talk a lot, you just need to pay attention. if you don’t like something, then this state should limit such attacks on the Internet. Introduce strict censorship.
  20. +2
    14 September 2012
    This site is for the Finns. Here they laugh at the Swede:


    Finns comments:

    Klidus Oct 18, 2010 1:38 am said:
    (Kuvan laadusta voimme päätellä Etta näitä löytyy edelleen ruotsista.
    (image quality suggests that this can still be found from Sweden.

    +1 Voice Response
    mackan4762 February 4, 2012, 8:45 pm said:
    About Finland, you are trying to mock the Swedes, who had been their owner for many years ... so sad

    -1 vote reply
    Cappe July 5, 2012, 4:58 pm replied:
    Lol, get a man’s humor, or did you hit rape too much from your boyfriend?

    Well they have fun. How can.
    1. 0
      14 September 2012
      This card was my 4th on the list.

      a link to the map source was issued by

      I'm not very good in English, but in my opinion they are kidding there. And the map was created by some kind of science fiction))).

      Z.Y. “I am not interested in their intentions; I am interested in their capabilities”
      Otto von Bismarck, First Chancellor of Germany))
  21. 0
    14 September 2012
    Today the map is the fourth in the list on the Finnish search, in Russia there is no such map :)
    1. +1
      14 September 2012
      there is a similar one. picture above.
  22. Captain
    14 September 2012
    Google is waging an information war

    You need to understand that this americana corporation
    During the conflict in August 2008, Google erased all information about roads and settlements in Georgia. And already this year they tried to remove the name "Persian Gulf" from the maps.
  23. d5v5s5
    14 September 2012
    And I liked the article, that only ours paid attention to the map. This suggests that our education was the best, and in the "civilized" world they teach only to speak and read. Well, "is" everything that will be written or shown.
  24. 0
    14 September 2012
    But, we, too, can wage a certain kind of war against these UB.lyudkov.
    It is only necessary to think over the steps and follow them.
    Maybe he shouldn’t buy something, don’t use it, conduct his propaganda, use strictly their programs and think what else can be done.
    The main thing is that individuals like Latynina and other guardians of US interests in Russia should be treated as traitors with all the consequences. So that their exit from their den to the street would jeopardize their safety ...
  25. 0
    14 September 2012
    wrong are those who say that this is ordinary stupidity. The enemies mow down under the fools and gradually knock out the brains of those who are nearby, in the end those around them will become brainless, and those around them, so the infection will come to our house, then you can’t prove anything to them, their brains will become ossified by receiving incorrect information. And there will be no longer people but enemies.
    PS: but the card really exists.
  26. bremest
    14 September 2012
    Remember gentlemen, no one has canceled the war for the minds and hearts of people, and in our country, the political leaders and their institutions have been liquidated, and it was necessary to reassign them to special departments for information war and propaganda. There is still some time to restore the status of the CWO and the Rush Tudey Canal is a good initiative in this direction. Rush Tudey Channel brings freedom of speech to the USA, enslaved countries of the European Union (Eurostoy) and the Arab world, where it is blocked by dictators and totalitarian leaders, such as Obama, Clinton, Merkel, and in the past, Sarkozy, Blair, George W. Bush .....
  27. Brother Sarych
    14 September 2012
    But what information war in this case? Everything is much simpler here - apparently this is not a geographical map at all, and without a trip to that resource you cannot determine why all this was done ...
    You must be able to use the search - the same Yandex or email, too, are in vain when searching for information!
    Although how to index this map and why it was all done, the question for Google is quite interesting ...
  28. 0
    14 September 2012
    All the same, it’s rare
    courage to spread the text
    in this form. Edit,
    to read it,
    no way
    You personally will probably find it more interesting on A good site. And there is little bukaf.
  29. 0
    14 September 2012
    And for the long text I apologize to the forum users. I posted it in two posts, but for some reason I put it together.
    Probably again the Internet is buggy. wink
  30. xzWhiteWolf
    14 September 2012
    The author did not even notice that in brackets after Rashi it is written (usa) as with Iraq) Someone clearly has megalomania. Most likely the Americans drew this in their dreams.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"