"Aerostat" or how to get intelligence information completely free

"Aerostat" or how to get intelligence information completely free
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I do not know who and what will be able to think about reading this material, but clearly not everything is clear in it. The material was published by the well-known and respected blogger BMPD, he, apparently, translated the text.

Text (Text of the article) very strange. And it can be viewed from two sides. First, someone was fed disinformation (this is also discussed in the comments) and the process of digestion has begun, or vice versa, our potential people are feeding disinformation to our side, hoping to derive real benefit from this.

Personally, I take the second point of view and here's why. Russia itself is such a country with such a population that it is difficult to keep something secret in it. Here humor sounds in words, because they know how to keep what is needed, but they always swarmed around everything secret, who discussed and evaluated, starting from "sources close to ..." and similar "OBS stations".

Yes, we have so many “sofa experts” that one can easily form a couple of divisions of information resistance from them. And they just dislikes any information enemy will beat to death.

If you think about it, then just these "sofa", without too much trouble thinking about what you can talk about and what you shouldn't, can easily become sources of information useful to the enemy. After all, they primarily think about their popularity, and not about the principle of "do no harm", which should be understandable and respected for the writer.

So what is at stake. And we will talk about an article on the American site "The Space Review" by a certain Bart Hendrickx (Bart Hendrickx). Bart Hendrix is ​​a fairly well-known specialist in space technology in our country, co-author of the book Energia-Buran: Soviet Space Shuttle, published by Springer-Praxis in 2007, and quite often his articles appear in the Russian media up to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

What did Hendrix write about this time? In general, after his thoughtful articles about "Petrel" and "Peresvet" it would have been difficult to surprise with something, but Bart did.

The article "Aerostat: a Russian long-range anti-ballistic missile system with possible counterspace capabilities" ("Aerostat: Russian long-range missile defense system with probable anti-space capabilities") is devoted to the creation of a corresponding missile system in Russia.

In the article, Hendrix writes that the work is being carried out by the Almaz-Antey concern and the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering. In principle, it is logical that these organizations are working on the creation of a missile system, they have such a specialization.

And then there are strange oddities. In quotes.

"The missile defense system with the strange name" Aerostat "has never been mentioned in the Russian press or openly discussed by Russian military analysts, but its existence and basic design features can be determined using intelligence from open sources."

What are you thinking? That's what I'm talking about. About "Petrel", "Poseidon", "Prometheus". The S-500 Prometheus is just being developed, but it has already been licked all over. The same is true for an unmanned underwater vehicle and the same atomic aircraft. In addition to photographs of dubious quality and computer clips, no one saw anything, but both Poseidon and Petrel were literally disassembled into cogs.

And then the "Aerostat", capable of shooting down satellites - and nothing.

"Aerostat" appears in a number of open official documents, the first of which is the annual report for 2013 of JSC "Concern East Kazakhstan region" Almaz-Antey "

Well, this is, frankly, a lie. It is difficult to say which annual report Hendrix had in mind, but the Russian-style reports do not indicate such things as the programs that are being worked on.

However, all the information that is actually in the public domain can be found here:
Reports part 1
Reports part 2

No, perhaps there is also some Almaz-Antey report for 2013, which at least mentions all the programs the concern worked on, but it’s for sure that it is classified as “secret” or chipboard.

In open access reports, the word "Aerostat" never appears. Therefore, either Hendrix lied, or he has some other reports that appear.

Further in the text.

"In a court document published last July, the task of the July 2013 contract is literally described as" the development of a long-range interception complex for the anti-missile defense of the Russian Federation for the period 2013-2018 "and the designation of the missile is given as 106T6."

In what "court document" ... Where it was published ... No instructions. It is unrealistic to find a court document, which, as follows from the text, is dedicated to the "objectives of the June 2013 contract". And this is clear and understandable, for such searches a little more information is required.

But this link gives a hint of some kind of event certainty.

And then we have a cherry. On the cake.

Aerostat is not the first long-range missile defense system developed under the leadership of Almaz-Antey. Another system, called "Nudol", has been in flight tests for several years now, and is probably considered primarily as an anti-satellite weapon».

It seems that for the sake of this phrase the whole preamble was started. Indeed, if Russia has been working on the Nudol complex for a long time, why not have an Aerostat?

Moving on.

Further, Hendrix mentions a number of enterprises that are working on the Aerostat project. These are military-industrial complex enterprises, for which, indeed, work on rocket technology is usually a phenomenon. And yes, on the websites of some companies you can find references to the topic "Aerostat".

For example, a military engineering corporation listed in the list of JSC "VIKor" mentions work on its website.


This confirms the work carried out on the topic "Aerostat-C-MIT-Reliability". No more. Similar things can be found on other sites.

What conclusions can be drawn here? Only that there is a certain topic "Balloon", on which certain scientific developments are being carried out. And "the results have novelty, practical significance, completeness and validity of proposals." That is, that something interesting was dug up there based on the results of the research.

And here very peculiar thoughts arise. Does Mr. Hendrix want to get the heat with someone else's hands?

As a matter of fact, it is very nice to give a tip to the search and development of the "Aerostat" theme. Look, guys, what are you doing! You are not aware of what is happening in Russia, how can that be? The field is unplowed for work, all these "possible", "probably", "it is possible to assume", all these innuendos simply can induce some to search for information.

After all, the path has already been indicated. Shovel the sites of the mentioned enterprises. There is nothing there, the secretaries do not receive their allowance for nothing, but the military and paramilitary forums - there you can look out for something like that. You can't find anything in the reports either, but they are not given for that. This is a firelighter, nothing more.

The fact that there is nothing in the public domain according to "Aerostat" and cannot be - this is clear and understandable, like a white day. There is still no "Aerostat" as such. And here's why: because we haven't finished with "Nudol" yet.

By the way, "Nudol". The complex is mentioned in the text at the right time. It is on this weapon that the conclusions are drawn that the enterprises that developed the Nudol can easily work on the Aerostat. As they say, search and find. And if something about "Nudol" comes up on the way - nothing too. It will come in handy.

Overall, Mr. Hendrix's article is very provocative. She provokes actions, which she listed in her controversial and criticized (including by us) order of the FSB, which should prevent the collection of information on various topics, if this is of interest to foreigners.

Of course, Bart Hendrix does not directly order information searches on the topics "Nudol" and "Aerostat". But his interest in them can be seen in the text. And, as I understand it, he would not mind putting affirmative punctuation marks around his "possibly" and "probably."

The speculations of Mr. Hendrix can easily turn into a big headache tomorrow for those who decide to go his way and "dig up something in open sources." If I understood correctly (and I usually understand some things correctly), all the existing information is clearly not yet ready for publication in open sources. Therefore, you should not waste time looking for her. Obviously, this search will bring nothing but trouble.

Not that "be vigilant", but it is more expensive to succumb to such provocations.
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  1. +10
    18 October 2021 05: 19
    Into the machinations of Bart SimpsoHendrix's answer: "We have such devices, but we will not tell you about them!" laughing
    1. +5
      18 October 2021 07: 38
      Now you no longer need to send spies around the enemy's camp, the special services just need to conduct a geo-targeted search in cloud storages of photos uploaded from smartphones - and voila, see the selected area from different angles.
      1. +4
        18 October 2021 08: 05
        Quote: Pike
        conduct a geo-targeted search in cloud photo storages

        Well, I ran, and what we see:
        laughing laughing
    2. 0
      19 October 2021 06: 50
      I propose to Hendrix the theme voiced by G. Khazanov - "super-cutter with vertical take-off"!
      In will spin!
  2. +1
    18 October 2021 05: 30
    "Journalism is a profession almost as old as ... in a word, it is the second oldest profession."
    (Robert Sylvester, American writer)

    "Nothing personal, it's just business."
    Berman, accountant to Al Capone.
  3. +5
    18 October 2021 05: 45
    Can you still pronounce the word "balloon" or say "zero" on the phone?
    1. +5
      18 October 2021 08: 06
      Quote: Winnie76
      Can you still pronounce the word "balloon" or say "zero" on the phone?

      Can. But only once. bully
      1. +21
        18 October 2021 10: 02
        Quote: NDR-791
        Can. But only once.

        And then the folded jaw will not allow laughing
        1. +3
          18 October 2021 10: 38
          Quote: sakuz
          And then the folded jaw will not allow

          No, Big Brother will scold ... for ten years wassat
    2. +2
      18 October 2021 12: 13
      Quote: Winnie76
      Can you still pronounce the word "balloon" or say "zero" on the phone?

  4. +4
    18 October 2021 05: 56
    Y-yes ... judging by the code of the topic about the scope of application ... as if an aerostat is not called a system for deep drilling ... It has long been known about the sense of humor in the services of the General Staff - a slingshot, Buratino, poplar, chrysanthemum ...
  5. +3
    18 October 2021 06: 20
    We have also developed an anti-satellite system based on the MiG-31D with a 79M6 missile, but it is called the 30P6 "Contact" and its development has been discontinued.
  6. +3
    18 October 2021 09: 46
    Overall, Mr. Hendrix's article is very provocative.
    And so it is now fashionable, especially in relation to Russia. In style, - "A gray top will come and bite on the barrels."
    Yes, we have so many “sofa experts” that one can easily form a couple of divisions of information resistance from them.
    The anti-Russian star division has long been formed in the VO.
  7. 0
    18 October 2021 10: 24
    It also reminds of demonization under the project "Iraqi invasion", like "they have 'veri hailey like' (in fact -" may very well have ... ") weapons are, and this threat is immanent, therefore - forward, to the invasion! "
    1. +1
      18 October 2021 19: 01
      Quote: Logika
      and this threat is immanent

      Immanent or Imminent?
  8. +6
    18 October 2021 10: 56
    As in a joke, if I want to find out about my wife, then I go to my neighbor with the words “hello, old prostitute !!!!”. What does she start screaming at, Is that me ??? And yours is yours ------ !!!!!!! wassat
  9. 0
    18 October 2021 11: 20
    Perhaps the only thing that really works in the US military-industrial complex is the information divisions. Even their mongrels, the IPSOs created the sea.
    1. Aag
      18 October 2021 16: 22
      Quote: Cowbra
      Perhaps the only thing that really works in the US military-industrial complex is the information divisions. Even their mongrels, the IPSOs created the sea.

      Well, yes, the US military-industrial complex has UNREALIBLY flooded its Armed Forces, and the whole World with its products ...))))
  10. BAI
    18 October 2021 12: 46
    1. About the Aerostat with reference to Hendrix there is material in Lenta
    and in LiveJournal but without Hendrix.
    And in LJ with reference to a certain Sozinov. And a style of presentation similar to a certain Damantsev - an abundance of absolutely unnecessary technical names, product codes, etc.
  11. +2
    18 October 2021 13: 55
    106T6 or something else, but in my opinion the removal of the 51T6 distant zone missile needs to be replaced with something. Preferably with a kinetic interceptor.
  12. 0
    18 October 2021 21: 34
    When they have assumptions or rumors about something have reached them, they always make stuffing on the topic of interest to them. Previously, ours answered them in detail for each of their sneezes, making excuses and explaining that no, this is not at all what you thought. And that's what they wanted.
  13. -1
    18 October 2021 23: 12
    I apologize for being off topic, today I saw the news about how a scandal happened in one "southern republic" of our immense when handing over the maroon beret. I would be very glad if the author covered this incident, it may well go on the topic "When it is insulting for the country." Thank you in advance! Once again I apologize for getting into the wrong topic with my comment)
    1. +1
      19 October 2021 06: 28
      Already answered on RT.ru-fake ordinary
  14. 0
    6 November 2021 00: 27
    The S-500 Prometheus is just being developed, but it has already been licked all over.

    Oxides. Test firing was carried out in October.

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