Anniversary of "Uralvagonzavod": not by wagons alone

A unique spectacular event of an international scale called "Tank biathlon ”has been held on the initiative of the RF Ministry of Defense since 2013. According to the terms of the competition, participants must perform a set of tasks on T-72B3 tanks. In 2021, teams from 18 countries of the world competed on these tanks. We can only guess how the crews will be able to surprise - when they change to T-90 vehicles or Armata.

Manufacturer of one of the most massive stories tanks of the T-72 family - the Uralvagonzavod enterprise. Not by wagons alone ...

The track record includes over a million and one hundred thousand units of rolling stock for the transport needs of the industry of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Plus hundreds of thousands of different armored vehicles. These are far from the only records. The launch of the first gondola car in heavy-duty version with 1520 gauge on October 11, 1936 is considered to be the date of commencement of the enterprise's operation. It is from this date that the plant has been leading its rich history. Today UVZ, a Russian company with worldwide fame, has an anniversary.

Nowadays, over 40 production enterprises, design bureaus, research organizations operate in the Russian Federation and abroad under the unified logo of the Uralvagonzavod concern. In the status of the leader of the domestic industry, the joint-stock company produces railway and road-building equipment, a separate place in the structure of the concern is occupied by the development and production of armored weapons.

With decades of unique experience behind them, starting from the school of production of the legendary T-34, the Ural tank builders kept their mark both when producing the famous T-72, and on the conveyor of the modern generation of T-90, and when creating a whole complex of promising developments based on the latest platform " Armata ".

The Concern participates in the implementation of the State Strategy for the Development of Robotics, calculated until 2030. One of the key priorities is focused on training young personnel specially trained for the implementation of robotic systems. The personnel policy of the holding's management is based on the practice of joint development of educational and research programs, which has proved its effectiveness. The partners here are representatives of the Ural Federal University and the South Ural State University. The consultants are specialists from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Innopolis University.

More than 29 specialists are currently employed at various sites under the auspices of JSC Concern Uralvagonzavod. The enterprises are provided with orders for civil and special purposes until mid-000.

Finally - a couple more facts from the historical chronicle. The Chinese enthusiastically joined the competition, not hesitating to exhibit their "patriotic" copy of the 72nd model. Perseverance they do not take: they come every year, hone their skills. NATO "partners" in the Russian "Tank Biathlon" were invited to participate from the very beginning, but there they pompously denounced them until 2020, when it was already impossible to ignore the popularity of the Russian competition. The first semblance of "their" competition NATO members held at a training ground in Germany in 2020. The three winners are the crews of the Bundeswehr, Denmark and Poland. American tankers did not make it to the victory podium.
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  1. +14
    11 October 2021 08: 39
    Our congratulations to the anniversaries drinks
    1. 0
      11 October 2021 09: 24
      The first semblance of "their" competition NATO members held at a training ground in Germany in 2020.

      Probably it is immediately necessary to stipulate that the "similarity" of their competition, races is nothing more than a parody, not only of our "Tank Biathlon", but even of the polygon track of training centers, where recruits, since Soviet times, were simply trained to communicate with " shaitan hat "and the basics of driving / crew action ...
  2. +10
    11 October 2021 08: 43
    Happy Holidays! After the Victory, the tank builders gave their best personnel to create a nuclear shield for the Motherland! Spirits and Muzrukov! Anniversary - three cheers!
    1. +3
      11 October 2021 09: 49
      your best shots to create a nuclear shield for the Motherland! Spirits

      Well, actually, Dukhov worked at ChTZ.
      1. +3
        11 October 2021 09: 57
        I know it! I wrote about ALL tank builders! The IS-2M stands a block from my house, next to Dukhova Street, and I cross Muzrukov Avenue twice a day!
  3. +16
    11 October 2021 08: 53
    The results of the drawing and poetry competition “Uralvagonzavod - 85 years old” have been summed up. It was carried out by the department of social work and the trade union organization of the enterprise. Boys and girls did their best: they prepared about ten poems of their own composition and more than 50 drawings. The first place in the drawing competition was taken by five-year-old Ekaterina Sharagovich (parents work in shop 590).
    Happy anniversary team, health and success!
    1. +13
      11 October 2021 09: 00
      Quote: Crowe
      Happy anniversary team, health and success!

      Happy anniversary! Indeed, "our armored train is on the side track"! And what other miracles our peaceful factories can bring to the enemies! )))
      1. +12
        11 October 2021 09: 08
        Happy anniversary UVZ! drinks
        1. +8
          11 October 2021 10: 51
          For those who do not know: the Dzerzhinsky district of the city of Nizhny Tagil is popularly called "Lining". In terms of area, Uralvagonzavod is comparable to Vagonka. The tank, which stands in front of the checkpoint, rolled off the assembly line simultaneously with the news about the Victory. When expanding the area in front of the plant, 30 years later, the tank was started and moved off the pedestal under its own power.
          I am proud that I started my working life at Uralvagonzavod.
          1. +4
            11 October 2021 11: 24
            OUR IS-2M came to the place of eternal parking on its own! November 7, 1986. was used at the test site, then the atomic lobbyists mapped it, And you personally with this Holiday!
          2. +1
            11 October 2021 22: 33
            When expanding the area in front of the plant, 30 years later, the tank was started and moved off the pedestal under its own power.

            I will complement you. The tank was transferred to an experimental room, the nodes were sorted out, mothballed and installed on a pedestal, a capsule was laid inside with a request to the descendants to start this tank again on the day of the 100th anniversary of the victory.
      2. +7
        11 October 2021 09: 09
        You're right! a plant with a very peaceful name - Vyksa plant of crushing and grinding equipment made BA-20!
  4. +8
    11 October 2021 09: 07
    The NATO members held the first similarity of their "own" competition at a training ground in Germany in 2020. The three winners are the crews of the Bundeswehr, Denmark and Poland. American tankers did not make it to the victory podium.
    It remains to remember that "Russia is the homeland of elephants" .... And the fact that for a long time in the NATO countries competitions were held for the "Canadian Army Prize" is that it means to admit that we are not the first ...
    1. +1
      11 October 2021 09: 28
      Happy anniversary ! celebrate in a big way! and then your Sienko Olezha (former general director) already noted his DR for 10 Lyamov in Moscow as something ...
    2. +1
      11 October 2021 20: 33
      The Canadian Army Prize is to admit that we are not the first ...
      ....... yes, without exaggeration, a prestigious competition in here. however, overcoming obstacles and shooting there are separate, but as always ... to walk like that ... everything is woven together ...
      1. 0
        12 October 2021 05: 42
        Quote: Crimean partisan 1974
        shooting goes separately

        But what kind of shooting is there. With great pleasure I would have looked at such shooting from our tanks.
        They carried out them since 1963, using tanks from all countries then in service.

        Winner, received a prize - a silver model of the "Centurion" tank

        It was at these competitions that it became clear that the Leo-2 MSA surpasses the M1 Abrams MSA, and the Challenger tank sucks at all ...
        1. 0
          12 October 2021 14: 50
          They have been doing them since 1963,
          ....... Seryozha, you just drew an analogy between regular tank competitions ... without conditionally they are important, but they differ significantly, for the Canadian Army Prize it is like a separate type of program, distance distance and separate clay pigeon shooting, but we have a real biathlon where everything is in one package ... I don't know why they freeze to come and show the power ... along the way it is already clear
          1. 0
            12 October 2021 14: 53
            Quote: Crimean partisan 1974
            but differ significantly

            Sorry, but this topic was raised by the author, trying to prove that NATO members are now trying to copy us, and I say that this is not so and they have older traditions of holding competitions. By the way, more tied to the realities of the battle, and not simple pokatushki with shooting
            1. -1
              12 October 2021 15: 01
              By the way, more attached to the realities of the battle,
              ...... well, I don’t know what you think is the reality of the battle, perhaps first a march, then quartering, and then at the position ....... maybe it is acceptable for them ... but we don’t ... . going into battle ... that's why the idea was born to clearly understand where that line of endurance of military equipment and crew
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +6
    11 October 2021 09: 53
  7. +13
    11 October 2021 09: 54
    Reminds me of a joke:
    - Hello! Can you reserve a seat in the carriage?
    - Of course. We're Uralvagonzavod.
  8. 0
    11 October 2021 16: 39

    [i] [/ i]
  9. 0
    11 October 2021 19: 17
    There was such an OT-34, which miraculously survived in a swamp during the Second World War and was restored in 2000 at UVZ.

    Happy Lining Jubilee!

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