German tank weighing three American "Abrams": Maus from Ferdinand Porsche


When today they say that the mass of individual tanks is too large to perform combat missions, then the German designer Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951) would look at such people with bewilderment. This man at one time created a combat vehicle, which still holds the record for mass among all tanks ever built in the world. stories... Porsche not only created an 189-ton truck (which is about three modern American "Abrams"), but also joked about his steel brainchild, calling this giant "Mouse" (Maus).

It would seem, how can you use a tank, the mass of which is so huge? Germany had its own considerations on this matter. By the time the Mouse was created, the war had passed into that period when the Nazis were retreating on almost all fronts. Hitler believed that the course of the war could be changed if unprecedented weapons were put into operation, which would overwhelm them with their size and firepower. In terms of armored vehicles, the issue of creating a breakthrough tank was considered. It was supposed to be a huge protected armored vehicle with an impressive caliber cannon (150 mm). These tanks were supposed (according to the original plan) to crush the enemy ranks.

But it didn't work out. Questions to "Mouse" began to arise at the stage of its design. Many Wehrmacht commanders were not satisfied with the fact that Maus was actually deprived of the opportunity to participate in close combat.

About how the giant "Mouse" was created, what is its fate, Klim Zhukov tells in a conversation with Dmitry Puchkov:

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    1. -2
      10 October 2021 13: 07
      Hitler's hobbies for gigantism led him to defeat. Mouse instead of a dozen T-4s, Bismarck instead of submarines, and so on. Peculiar monuments to waste of resources)
      1. 0
        10 October 2021 14: 18
        Quote: BISMARCK94
        Peculiar monuments to waste of resources)

        Come on. If you compare with "Yamato" or "Maginot Line", so in fact "Mouse".
    2. +2
      10 October 2021 13: 10
      The mountain gave birth to a mouse ...........
    3. 0
      10 October 2021 13: 20
      Well, by the name it was not a joke at all. But disguise is more likely. Hiding the development of a huge machine.
    4. +7
      10 October 2021 13: 31
      Old tank, old roller old theme.
      Videos and articles written: darkness.
      1. +1
        10 October 2021 22: 15
        But there is no normal information on the design of electric motors, gearboxes, and the engine. And where is it all now - no!
        1. 0
          11 October 2021 07: 47
          And what for do you need? made in single copies, that is, drawings too.

          now we and the Americans are complaining about our own drawings of the 70-80s for air and missile, they say, we cannot repeat, and the papers are lost, and do not release such details ...
          1. +1
            11 October 2021 22: 00
            So ETOGES history, where it was taken as a basis, for example, DET-250 is not from him and the legs grow?
            1. 0
              11 October 2021 22: 15
              God knows. Who cares.
              If there are good developments, everyone drags them
              1. +1
                11 October 2021 23: 30
                Yes, in general, do not care, but I wonder where it all went?
    5. +1
      10 October 2021 14: 39
      Porsche did not just create a 189-ton truck (and this is about three modern American "Abrams")

      If we compare Mouse with Abrams, then why not compare the Lebedenko tank, born in 1915. weighing 60 tons. with a "peer" Renaut FT-17 weighing 6.8 tons.

      And in parrots I am longer
      1. 0
        11 October 2021 09: 02
        Somehow it is inappropriate to compare the beginning of design and, say, the flourishing of tank building.
      2. +1
        11 October 2021 11: 59
        Well, the "Mouse", though bad, drove, and the Lebedenkovskoe monster got stuck right away, barely moving away. laughing
    6. +2
      10 October 2021 15: 55
      Roller stoned in death.
    7. 0
      10 October 2021 17: 33
      By the way. Simulation of the shelling of the Mouse with a T-62 projectile.

    8. +3
      10 October 2021 22: 13
      Chukchi reader ... why do I need a video, everything would be told here.
    9. 0
      11 October 2021 09: 04
      the classic path of a dead-end development of German tank doctrine. wink

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