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China is trying to show Japan who has the right to islands in the East China Sea

It would seem, why you need to start a serious diplomatic dispute over several patches of rocky land, which are lost in the open sea. We are talking about the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku), which today are the objects of a sharp political conflict between Japan and China.

The dispute over the islands, perhaps, Beijing and Tokyo did not even begin to contrive, if it were not for the water area that is adjacent to the islands or, more likely, to small islands. The sea here is exceptionally rich in fish and other seafood, and the subsoil - in hydrocarbons. And if they knew about abundance of seafood in the local depths for a long time and, in principle, everyone who felt like it (both the Japanese, and Chinese, and Taiwanese fishermen), then they learned about the presence of large amounts of minerals relatively recently - in the seventies.

So, the problem of the richest natural reserves around these islands has recently become a pretext not only for diplomatic picks, but also for an open demonstration of the military force with which the PRC and Japan want to solve the territorial issue.

If we talk about stories Senkaku (Diaoyu or Diaoyu), whose name is translated into Russian as “fishermen’s islands” (“fishing islands”), then there are two versions to this effect.

The first version is Chinese. If we are guided by it, then it turns out that Diaoyu Islands were discovered by Chinese navigators in the second half of the 14th century, after which the same navigators marked them on their maps, which was the reason to consider the islands as Chinese. Official management was conducted not even from central China, but from Taipei. Such administrative affiliation persisted until the end of the 19th century, until Japan began the war against the Qing Empire. The reason for the start of the war was the fact that the Japanese wanted to get control of the Korean Peninsula, which by that time was under the rule of the last Chinese imperial dynasty. The result of this military conflict was the defeat of China and the signing of the so-called Shimonoseki treaty, which actually translated China into a cross between an independent country and a Japanese colony. Many Chinese historians call the agreement signed in the city of Shimonoseki a real humiliation for the country, because under the agreement China had to pay the Japanese a multimillion-dollar indemnity (in silver), give Liaodong peninsula, the island of Taiwan, along with which the very Diaoyu Islands, to which 1895, in principle, very few people paid serious attention. And if after the intervention in the Japanese-Chinese dispute between Russia, France and Germany, the Japanese had to abandon certain claims at the end of 1895, Japan’s control over Taiwan and Diaoyu, which became Senkaku, remained.

For exactly half a century, these territories were considered to be the Land of the Rising Sun, until it suffered a crushing defeat in the Second World War. After 2 September 1945, the control of the so-called Southern territories of Japan, which included Senkaku, was established by the Americans. But in the 70-ies there was a historical transfer of actual control over Okinawa (southern province of Japan) by the Americans to Tokyo. Chinese officials and historians say that such a transfer was illegal, because Japan was deprived of all the overseas territories it conquered by Japan, and the United States simply did not have the right to give such gifts.

The second version is Japanese. Tokyo, in principle, does not dispute the fact that Diaoyu Dao was discovered by Chinese navigators, but they say that the main milestone in Senkaku history should be considered the 1895 year, when the Land of the Rising Sun won the war from the Middle Kingdom, and therefore gained possession of the islands. But the results of the Second World War, Japan is not inclined to consider ...

Understanding that today it is time to take the "bull", or rather the Senkaku Islands, "by the horns", in Tokyo decided to use a very original move. It turns out that all the last time the disputed islands were in private hands. They were owned by representatives of the influential family in Japan - Kurihara. What these Kuriharas did on these tiny rocky islands, located more than 400 kilometers from Okinawa prefecture, is not reported, but it is reported that the authorities rented several islands of the mini-archipelago Senkaku from Kurihar for about 314 thousand dollars a year for fishing here. So, in order to show the Chinese that today only Japan can own Senkaku, the official Tokyo decided to pay a little more than 26,2 million dollars to the masters of Kurihar and thus simply buy the islands. They say that Beijing will immediately cool down if it finds out - now our islands are exactly ours, because we are about to buy them.

True, such a commercial move by the Japanese authorities did not really cool down the fervor of the Chinese. Instead of (as the Japanese thought) leaving their claims to Senkaku, Beijing took, and sent to a couple of the already purchased islands a couple of patrol ships of the Navy. Now, they say, and see who is the owner of the islands ...

After the advent of Chinese warships fleet from Tokyo, words were heard that Beijing was violating international law and trying to encroach on the territorial integrity of Japan. However, a few days before the appearance of the Chinese military courts, boats of the Japanese police and border guards sailed in these disputed waters, and what the Chinese called an encroachment on the territorial integrity of the PRC.

Apparently, the words of the Japanese and Chinese leaders, said at the APEC summit in Vladivostok that the problem should be solved by joint efforts, Hu Jintao and Yoshihiko Noda themselves forgot immediately after returning home. It is noteworthy that Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gamba said in a very non-diplomatic tone that Tokyo would not surrender Senkaku under any circumstances.

Obviously, those same rocky scraps of land, lost in the sea, may be the cause of an even larger conflict in the near future. If we consider that each of the parties is not going to give in, then the conflict will most likely turn into a sluggish process with manifestations of a certain kind of provocation and demonstration of its rule on the islands from one side or the other. Naturally, it is unlikely that anyone will bring the matter to open fighting, which means that the problem will remain tense for a long time.

Without trying to take anyone’s (Japanese or Chinese) position on this issue, one can say the following: I found a scythe on a stone. Japan, which recognizes the results of the 1895 war of the year, which ended in victory for it, strangely does not recognize the results of the Second World War, the defeat in which deprived it of its claims not only to the South, but also to the Northern Territories (the Kuril Islands). The striking selectivity ... And in this respect, China in general can be called a country which, due to its often unsupported territorial ambitions, can be entered into the world book of records. Who will be more durable: a stone or spit - a question from the category of philosophical ...

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  1. nycsson
    nycsson 13 September 2012 09: 23
    Let's have a fight ... request
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 13 September 2012 09: 43
      And what? Thought is not bad.
      But seriously, how nice it is to give something that does not belong to you. They are able to drive wedges.
      1. nycsson
        nycsson 13 September 2012 13: 47
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        They are able to drive wedges.

        That's for sure! I won’t be surprised if there will also be another hot spot there ........
      2. core
        core 13 September 2012 19: 47
        Japan just now has the opportunity to smudge the Chinese fleet on the rocks. another 10-15 years and Japan will quietly dry out. and for China it would have been a good sobering slap in the face. no one will dispute the advantage of the Japanese fleet over the Chinese navy. without a fleet, China cannot reach Japan.
        1. KC4E
          KC4E 15 May 2014 07: 40
          I agree with you. China is rapidly expanding its armament and fleet. But their fleet is not very good yet ... Japan could use its strong fleet and the Air Force, and the United States could cover Japan from Chinese missiles with its missile defense. Then China would be distracted by Japan, and Russia would have had more time to train its forces.
      3. Delink
        Delink 17 September 2012 10: 13
        They are able to drive wedges.

        They would drive a wedge in one place laughing
    2. ughhh
      ughhh 13 September 2012 11: 38
      Hooray! War! They will scratch their narrow eyes with each other ...
      1. Evrepid
        Evrepid 14 September 2012 13: 59
        War is bad ...
        According to the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), we are getting into it very hard ... But do we need it?

        The Americans knew the bastards how to pick up ... We need to give something from the American islands to China ...

        By the way, Alaska will be a good gift :)
        1. Su24
          Su24 14 September 2012 21: 23
          And here is the CSTO?
  2. Skiff
    Skiff 13 September 2012 09: 42
    Well, rightly the population of Asia is huge, territories are limited, resources are scarce, they will fight for every bump, and China generally needs to show who is the boss in the house, he claims to be a superpower. And watching how many people spend resources on the struggle for resources, it becomes funny, spend a billion to make a billion.
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 13 September 2012 09: 55
      Quote: Skiff
      it is necessary to show who is the boss in the house, he also claims to be a superpower

      China will not begin with Japan. They will practice on someone weaker. At sea, the Japanese can cool off China.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 13 September 2012 21: 21
      Quote: Skiff
      getting ridiculous, spending a billion to make a billion.

      Here, not everything can be counted in dollars! Here rests on the country's prestige in the international market, who will reckon with the country that saved at the first threat ??
      The optimal solution for the two countries, let everything go on the brakes ................ because the bet in the game is the country's prestige
  3. JonnyT
    JonnyT 13 September 2012 09: 46
    It’s dangerous to argue with China now !!! Sooner or later, the Chinese will still live in these towns .......
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 13 September 2012 10: 07
      Japan declared war on China.
      Then the Chinese people come to their ruler and say:
      “Japan declared war on us.”
      - And how much is the population of Japan?
      - 130 million.
      “And what hotel are they in?”
  4. Trailer
    Trailer 13 September 2012 09: 59
    "But Japan is not inclined to consider the results of World War II ..." And I wonder why 70 American soldiers in Japan are turning the Japanese around like girls? It turns out that the Japanese do not want to know about who gave them the Peaceful Atom in 1945, and they do not remember about it! But they are silent about the fact that this territory was once occupied by China! Hmm, such a profession is a politician. In one of the children's toys the iconic phrase was present: "The cow says MUUU! The duck says KRYA! The politician says I DON'T REMEMBER!"
    1. Andrei.B
      Andrei.B 13 September 2012 10: 27
      by itself is not inclined ... after all does not forget who the fuck and feeds.
      1. Trailer
        Trailer 13 September 2012 11: 08
        I will remember this phrase! The islanders like longer and before losing memory, God forgive me!
  5. vorobey
    vorobey 13 September 2012 10: 02
    Ancient Chinese wisdom says: “NO SUN!”, Which means: “Be serene, like a lotus flower at the foot of the temple of truth”
    1. 1976AG
      1976AG 13 September 2012 12: 51
      A familiar phrase is a brief reaction to many problems. And it seems to help.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 13 September 2012 13: 36
        Actually, it has a different meaning.
  6. Ataturk
    Ataturk 13 September 2012 10: 03
    That is why China is strengthening its fleet. That's who they want to show their teeth to. On the one hand, this is good; Russia has time to strengthen its power. On the other hand, sooner or later they will have to deal with them.
    1. core
      core 13 September 2012 19: 51
      do not scare us with China, China does not live in our latitudes, it's cold. but for Kazakhstan and Tajikistan with Kyrgyzstan, you can already begin to worry.
      1. KILLAvolt
        KILLAvolt 14 September 2012 10: 22
        Well, of course, "does not live"! .. And why are they then make claims to us about the fact that, they say, "once upon a time they hung out on the territory of our Far East, caught fish, hunted, and, like, they say, give us back our piece of land ..! "?!
        Cold is not cold, the second question. Jackets-down-padded coats will sew - and go !!!
        China - a brazen beast, do not put a finger in your mouth! No.
        1. core
          core 14 September 2012 11: 09
          Have you personally been presented with these claims? I would like to know what China is applying for?
          1. R. Alex
            R. Alex 14 September 2012 12: 38
            If they served in the army under the USSR, then in the parts of Zab VO and Turk VO for public display hung maps with the territorial claims of the PRC to the USSR.
            1. Evrepid
              Evrepid 14 September 2012 14: 14
              I forgot to see the man and the Damansky Island and the fact that most recently DAM gave China part of the territory of the Russian Federation ...

              The heck is it, then, did my Chinese father spit there in the face, if the dear Jewish DAMA then gives this site to the Chinese?

              Why the hell is the father torn over there?
  7. anchonsha
    anchonsha 13 September 2012 10: 06
    China is not as simple as it seemed to us in 20-30. last century. Now the Chinese are using any oversight of their neighbors to grab a piece of foreign territory. Especially in Russia they are trying to chop off more and they succeeded because of the desire of our rulers not to complicate relations between the countries. But such concessions only inflame the excitement of the Chinese.
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 13 September 2012 10: 34
      Quote: anchonsha
      China is not as simple as it seemed to us in 20-30. last century. Now the Chinese are using any oversight of their neighbors to grab a piece of foreign territory.

      they will first beat the weak. And the strong will be shaken inside. Russia is obliged to increase the power of its army. SCO, Eurasian Union, all this is garbage. Practice has shown that whoever wants to can come in and when he wants to leave. And allies can throw. So we must rely primarily on ourselves.

      Putin, with his WTO, and politics, is doing everything to aggravate the situation inside Russia and is playing into the hands of the West and even China.

      And when will he remember his people? The question is interesting.
      1. Andrei.B
        Andrei.B 13 September 2012 11: 22
        Relax...! after all, and so "" "to live well and life is good!" ""
        1. andrei332809
          andrei332809 13 September 2012 11: 24
          "life has become better, life has become more fun-
          the neck has become thinner but longer
      2. mongoose
        mongoose 13 September 2012 12: 07
        hee hee hee hey you know better !!!!!
      3. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 13 September 2012 14: 36
        Quote: Ataturk
        SCO, Eurasian Union, all this is garbage. Practice has shown that whoever wants to can come in and when he wants to leave. And allies can throw. So we must rely primarily on ourselves.
        Putin, with his WTO, and politics, is doing everything to aggravate the situation inside Russia and is playing into the hands of the West and even China.
        And when will he remember his people? The question is interesting.

        Yes ... And in fact, how will the former fraternal republics help us?
        What travel, besides the flight from the CSTO, can their wise rulers do to Russia?
  8. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 13 September 2012 10: 27
    Of course, they won’t start the war ... at least for now, this is not the last piece of unpopulated land, but both sides will do provocations and traps. Now whoever has the most spirit will take it. Either China - put there its flag and garrison, Or Japan. In both cases, we are not cold nor hot. And as for the UN, this is how everyone has been putting this organization for a long time ... and its decisions too. so only by force!
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 13 September 2012 10: 35
      Quote: kotdavin4i
      And as for the UN, this is how everyone has been putting this organization for a long time ...

      put everything and losers and cool. This is also a fact.
      1. Suvorov000
        Suvorov000 13 September 2012 11: 36
        The UN in the Asian region does not channel, they wanted to shit on the UN, Japan is an appendix of pinds and China once again wipes its nose amer through the Japanese
        1. Evil Tatar
          Evil Tatar 13 September 2012 14: 50
          Quote: Suvorov000
          Japan is an appendix of pinds and China once again wipes its nose amer through the Japanese

          I think they’ll even succeed in grappling, China will not forget them so many humiliations ...
          And in the current realities may want to avenge the past ...
          1. Suvorov000
            Suvorov000 14 September 2012 13: 23
            So one thing doesn’t interfere and the Americans will once again be angry and the Japanese will be remembered for past sins
  9. sovereign2704
    sovereign2704 13 September 2012 12: 04
    • Today, 11:57 • Views: 22 • Comments .: 0 • Army and Navy
    Cruiser "Peter the Great" will make a long voyage to the Arctic. The heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARKR) of the Northern Fleet (SF) "Peter the Great" left Severomorsk on 12 September and headed for the White and Kara Seas.

    The TARKR crew, commanded by Captain 1st Rank Vladislav Malakhovsky, will have to make a long voyage to the Arctic regions of the Northern Sea Route zone, where the ship will perform a number of combat training tasks provided for in the combat training plan. This was reported by the press service of the Western Military District.

    The cruiser "Peter the Great" will march within the framework of the requirement of the Marine Doctrine of the State to resume the regular presence of the ships of the Russian Navy in strategically important areas of the World Ocean.

    The Peter the Great is the only third-generation heavy nuclear missile cruiser in operation from the Orlan project 1144 series.

    It was laid down at the Baltic Shipyard on August 25, 1986. Launched on April 25, 1989.

    In 1996, the cruiser passed sea trials and made an inter-naval transition from Baltiysk to the main base of the Northern Fleet - Severomorsk.

    On April 18, 1998, the Andreevsky flag was hoisted on the ship as a symbol of belonging to the Russian Navy.

    "Peter the Great" in 2000, 2002, 2003 was declared the best ship of the Northern Fleet. In 1999, 2000, 2004 he won the prizes of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy for missile firing.

    The cruiser performed the tasks of long voyages in 2003, 2005, 2008-2009 and 2010, participated in exercises under the flag of the President of the Russian Federation in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2010.

    In 2008 - 2009, the Peter the Great TARKR made a long voyage that lasted almost six months and became a record for the duration of a surface ship in the modern history of the Russian Navy.

    During this voyage, the cruiser passed three oceans, made two transatlantic crossings, visited the Mediterranean, Red, Arabian, Caribbean and other seas.
    1. mongoose
      mongoose 13 September 2012 12: 09
      by the way there is talk of the return of his sisterships
      1. Diesel
        Diesel 13 September 2012 12: 33
        For four years now, there has been no news or allocation of funds, but the ships are rotting further .... crying
      2. nycsson
        nycsson 13 September 2012 13: 51
        Quote: mongoose
        by the way there is talk of the return of his sisterships

        To talk - do not toss bags ....... negative
    2. sined0707
      sined0707 13 September 2012 15: 18
      what is your post for?
  10. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 13 September 2012 14: 53
    let them bite ...
  11. long
    long 13 September 2012 15: 57
    the Chinese people have long wanted to take revenge on the Japanese for long-term insults in the Sino-Japanese war, only our government does not want to do this, nothing, we are preparing for that day smile
    1. Evrepid
      Evrepid 14 September 2012 14: 19
      First you need your slipper in the face ... :)
  12. iulai
    iulai 13 September 2012 16: 55
    for some reason, no one recalls how Yeltsin spread the borders, how Putin lost several hundred hectares. and interestingly, Russian citizens paid a land tax on land given for four years. the issue was decided only by the supreme court. China received from us without any demonstration of power. our grandfathers shed blood for these lands.
    1. Evrepid
      Evrepid 14 September 2012 14: 20
      Maybe not GDP, but DAM if memory serves me right?
  13. oleko51081
    oleko51081 14 September 2012 11: 18
    Because everything was signed by a humpback bear, that’s the answer. Yes, and quarreling with China wasn’t before, debts and complete collapse.
  14. R. Alex
    R. Alex 14 September 2012 12: 46
    For ever, an Amer's trickster can help Russia. If China and Japan bite for a long time and enthusiastically over these islands, then we have a reserve of time for strengthening Pacific Fleet and rearmament. But there may be such an option: events are developing at lightning speed, one country gets everything. You may experience dizziness from success and a desire to squeeze someone else from the neighbors. This is unacceptable to us.
  15. Geton
    Geton 15 September 2012 06: 35
    “Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev allowed Chinese aircraft to cross the state border of the Russian Federation outside designated air corridors by September 30, 2012 when conducting aerial photography of the border regions of Russia. This document was signed precisely by Medvedev, while the Russian Ministry of Defense is directly subordinate to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Russian President Vladimir Putin. Specially for AN, to the question “How do you assess this initiative of the Prime Minister of Russia - espionage in favor of a foreign state, betrayal or just insanity”?

    You can fully read on the website of the "Arguments of the Week":

    And also RIA "Vostok-Media":

    Well, since the planes began to fly even before Mr. Medvedev signed the permit, apparently this was already a necessary measure, due to the inability to oppose any arguments to China ...

    From the border with China to Chita, there is only one combat-ready brigade (and it is not known how combat-ready), a border checkpoint, and a small number of border guards, but most of them have already been reduced.

    Constantly violating the state border and land-based methods.

    Abandoned military towns stand near the border with China along the A-166 Chita-Zabaykalsk federal highway. Instead of distributing them to the locals, they were simply abandoned and eventually looted.

    The headquarters of the Siberian Military District in Chita, was also disbanded, the building is currently being vacated by the military. The floors of the first floor were uncovered in a barbaric way in order to pull out secret communications equipment (ZAC) (from the mouth of the local population).

    Some of the materials can be found at the links:…