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Drones guarding Russian shores: a variant of a meeting with an American landing party

The maritime borders of the Russian Federation are distinguished by their great length, which complicates the task of timely effective repulsion of aggression. In the context of the dynamic modernization of tactical forces and assets at the disposal of the US military units, it becomes necessary to introduce new modern methods of using the defensive arsenal of the RF Armed Forces.

As one of the promising options for repelling an attack from the sea by landing units of a potential enemy, it is proposed to use a controlled swarm of small-class UAVs. Such a proposal is indicated in the specialized publication “Aerospace Forces. Theory and Practice ”, the materials of which are published under the auspices of the Military Educational and Scientific Center of the Russian Air Force.

The idea of ​​attracting UAVs in the military-defensive sphere has become more and more urgent in recent years. The Russian defense department is closely monitoring the progress of the modernization of the American army. Including - behind the development of the concept of the use of over-the-horizon amphibious assault formations: when a strike fist is formed at sea, tens of kilometers from the place of attack. The option of landing on the coast involves the use of hovercraft - with various combinations of air support (UAVs, missiles, etc.).

According to the developers of the defensive model, the set drones, organized in a common controlled formation, can play the role of the first barrier contour, delivering anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines in combination with other ammunition to the aggressor's landing area in order to damage manpower and equipment, as well as communication centers with the command. Some of the devices will leave beacons in the clash area indicating the necessary targets for elimination by subsequent defense echelons. For example - by the forces of a front-line manned aviation or other means from the arsenal of the RF Aerospace Forces.

The use of a swarm of drones is supported by such well-known arguments as the stealth and small size of the vehicles, which adds to their advantages over the enemy's reconnaissance and air defense systems. In addition, UAVs of a small class are notable for their low cost. In general, the model of defensive actions on the coast using unmanned equipment is easy to adapt to any climatic conditions: both in the Black Sea and in the area of ​​responsibility of the Pacific Ocean. fleet, and at northern latitudes. The latter circumstance takes on special weight when analyzing trends and forecasting the most probable scenarios.

The Russian developers have the technological groundwork for the implementation of a large-scale project. By the way, quite recently, domestic specialists presented a modified sample of the UAV “Merlin-BP"(Predecessor -" Merlin-21BM "). This vehicle is designed primarily for reconnaissance missions at altitudes up to 5 meters with a payload of up to 000 kg. Elementary logic dictates that for vehicles with defense functionality, a different and more extensive set of characteristics will be required.

However, it is not yet known whether the new project of military theorists will be given the go-ahead. Although there is an opinion that even in the form of a theory, such ideas do not go unnoticed - first of all, in the camp of Russia's “Western partners”.
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  1. Shurik70
    Shurik70 7 October 2021 12: 42
    In general, the future belongs to swarm UAVs.
    It is the main tactical weapon of defense and attack.
    1. knn54
      knn54 7 October 2021 12: 48
      ORBITAL satellites are not omnipotent.
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 7 October 2021 13: 04
        Quote: knn54
        ORBITAL satellites are not omnipotent.

        Satellites are needed for detection.
        And in this they have no equal.
        A trifle may not yet be noticed, a large connection cannot be hidden.
        And then the UAVs will join the battle
    2. hrych
      hrych 7 October 2021 13: 02
      Quote: Shurik70
      future. It is the main tactical weapon of defense and attack.

      Already the past. Easy extraction of electronic warfare and the system does not work at all when using nuclear weapons and weapons on other principles. EMP guns, ammunition, etc. There are a lot of Hollywood films, such as Independence Day, Ender's Game and Edge of the Future, etc., where after the defeat of the central mother ship, etc., the entire super-duper army falls in batches. The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it .... The system is extremely unstable.
      1. Barberry25
        Barberry25 7 October 2021 13: 16
        it depends on which drone, in fact, it is optimal to make kamikaze .. 3 kilos of cumulative fragmentation warhead will allow making drones based on simple drones from the same Hall, and this is 4-5 million ... a conditional hundred drones will cost 750 million rubles, and not a single frigate will survive the raid of hundreds of drones, or the entire stock of air defense missile systems will drive you by.
        1. hrych
          hrych 7 October 2021 13: 28
          The best kamikaze drone is a cruise missile, and also a hypersonic one. A good swarm of Granites and Volcanoes, as well as Uranus. There was also a cool undefeated Roy Jones, until a line of those who beat him lined up. The swarm of drones needs to be delivered to the target, since they are small, then the range is small, slow-moving, etc. A drone seeker will always be weak in terms of capabilities. There are projects that a swarm of drones delivers cluster munitions, but also some kind of heresy, Once delivered, then deliver better SBS wassat and drown the squadron, and do not fool your head.
          1. Barberry25
            Barberry25 7 October 2021 13: 35
            the question is in the price and quantity ... how much does a hypersonic missile cost? according to some sources, 1 lard .. how much does it take to hit, say, 1 ship? That's right, an outfit of 2-3 missiles, and how much does a kamikaze drone cost? 10 million rubles, taking into account that it can carry 3-5 kilos of explosives at a distance of a couple of hundred kilometers with optics and electronic warfare on board .. Of course, no one launches hypersound on landing ships will not do, but other missiles are not very cheaper ... each ship needs its own means of destruction ... I personally have great doubts that any modern ship can withstand a raid of at least 50 kamikaze drones ... and even if it can withstand it will be a goal like falcon in terms of air defense later ..
            1. hrych
              hrych 7 October 2021 13: 49
              The cost of the rocket, when it goes into production, will be two hundred thousand dollars. For their own, of course. The export price will already be millions of dollars. Well, of course SBCH is priceless. wassat
              1. Barberry25
                Barberry25 7 October 2021 14: 08
                SBCH has limitations) may not understand and use SBCHs themselves ... but UAVs in this regard are simpler, cheaper and more massive ... let's say a raid of 2 hundred cubic-bla, no destroyer will survive, not a single UDC
                1. hrych
                  hrych 7 October 2021 14: 26
                  The use of UAVs may not be understood and applied in response to SBS. At least under Trump, taking into account the situation and Russia's superiority in missiles, as well as the development of the PRC, North Korea and Iran, a stake was declared on low-power nuclear charges, which were not excluded by their use in local wars. After the overthrow of Trump, all nuclear rearmament programs have been phased out. Here AUKUS began to fence and good old nuclear submarines. Now, according to insiders, our experimental EMP cannon has reached a range of 10 kilometers. At least a 10 km dome would be impassable for such a Roy.
                  1. Barberry25
                    Barberry25 7 October 2021 14: 35
                    laughing will not apply .. because this is already an indicator of the inability to wage a war .. According to the EMP gun, the rate of fire is unknown
                    1. hrych
                      hrych 7 October 2021 14: 41
                      The problem of energy weapons (oil oil) has been resolved only recently in the Russian Federation. This is definitely a compact high-power reactor of Our Birthday. Therefore, whether it be a quantum generator or any other energy emitter, its work is not limited by long delays between pulses. I will add about radar. If the ZGRLS of a surface wave, like a Container, have cyclopean structures and are built near an energy source, such as a hydroelectric power plant or a nuclear power plant (Arc in Chernobyl), then the ZGRLS of a surface wave, ala Sunflower, is relatively compact, with a high degree of factory readiness, having received a compact source of high power in perspective, they may well work as a space wave. And the detection range will not be three thousand kilometers, like the Container, but a thousand is quite possible to swing. There will be a kind of small revolution in radar.
                      1. Barberry25
                        Barberry25 7 October 2021 14: 48
                        Well, it's expensive to put a vigorous battery everywhere ... conclusion - you can get a means of destruction for inexpensively, the parry of which will make the enemy spend a hundred times more ... we can produce, say, 10 kamikaze drones in 000 years for 10 billion rubles, and they are an order of magnitude more so that provide at least some amount of defensive installations ... not to mention that it's good ... they will eventually be born for the defense of ships ... and we will use drones for land operations
    3. opuonmed
      opuonmed 7 October 2021 17: 08
      Well, if you sew them into a lead, then yes, and so you can burn in swarms and intercept)
  2. Cowbra
    Cowbra 7 October 2021 12: 43
    What is there to think about? The UAV's home niche is reconnaissance and border control. Percussion - this is only later, but here's the first and second - here without options you need to put in a series
  3. faiver
    faiver 7 October 2021 12: 54
    we have nothing on three-quarters of the northern coast - no people, no roads, no strategic objects, i.e. there is no need to land the troops there, the paratroopers will get out of there themselves. But where it makes sense to land the assault forces and there is nowhere to spit without swarm UAVs - everything is under supervision. Conclusion - empty talk ...
    1. max702
      max702 7 October 2021 13: 37
      It seems to me that the anti-airborne assault is just an excuse, the main task is to work out a swarm of UAVs .. And so the landing on our territory is delusional because there is no point in it, they will perish in any number.
    2. Sankiny
      Sankiny 7 October 2021 14: 34
      But what about the campaigns of the Germans on submarines along the route Kiel-Brest-Japan? The farthest known point of stay of the Germans was found at the mouth of the Lena. Also, the German cruiser "Admiral Scheer" fought near Dixon in August 1942! It is still necessary to keep an eye on, the only hope is for fighting deer.
      1. faiver
        faiver 7 October 2021 14: 54
        - Can you tell me why you went to Brest? After all, not at all along the way ...
        was discovered at the mouth of the Lena.
        - I have to upset you, nothing was found at the mouth of the Lena, maybe German submarines came, but there is no actual confirmation of this, I don't take into account the story about the corpse of a German submariner - the basing point has not been found, and they would have physically survived here after the war could not (I live in Yakutia on the Lena River)
        "Scheer", if my memory serves me right, was looking for convoys and would hardly have gone further than Dixon.
        And it is necessary to follow, but not with a swarm of UAVs, but with normal aviation ...
        1. Sankiny
          Sankiny 17 October 2021 17: 22
          [quote] [/ quote] - can you tell me why you went to Brest? After all, not at all along the way ...
          You have no idea, I do that too. Before a long journey, I check the car, go the other way to the service station, after "approving" the road, making a detour to go around the nuts, cameras and traffic jams, then refuel on the way and on the way, checking the bookmarks along the way. If archaeologists find them later, they will say that severe Belarusian partisans fought in the taiga of Siberia. smile
        2. Sankiny
          Sankiny 17 October 2021 17: 28
          [quote] [/ quote] "Scheer", if my memory serves me, was looking for convoys and would hardly have gone further than Dixon.
          Not shmogla - packs of ice, however.
  4. askort154
    askort154 7 October 2021 13: 05
    In theory, everything is fine. But in reality it is not so simple. One of the main
    problems for UAVs - meteorological conditions. They are good in the Southern Hemisphere, where good weather conditions prevail. Partly cloudy, little precipitation, no icing, etc. Russia is located in the Northern Hemisphere - where all dangerous weather phenomena are present. If it can be used, then only on our southern borders.
    1. kytx
      kytx 7 October 2021 13: 16
      In the southern hemisphere (in the inhabited part of it), the meteorological conditions for flights are not particularly better than ours, and there are winds and hurricanes and rains and fogs. The only thing we have is colder, but this is not a problem at all. But we don't have a tornado :)
      1. askort154
        askort154 7 October 2021 13: 44
        kytx ...In the southern hemisphere (in the inhabited part of it), the meteorological conditions for flights are not particularly better than ours.

        I do not mean individual "whims" of nature, but statistical baric formations that determine weather conditions in the Southern and Northern latitudes. And they are completely different. Have you flown in the Arctic and in Africa? Central Russia and the Middle East? stop
        1. kytx
          kytx 7 October 2021 14: 46
          Of all of the above, I have not flown to BV and in Africa. In all other places, including Latin America and Southeast Asia, I have flown. And I can say that the weather can stick anywhere.
          1. askort154
            askort154 7 October 2021 15: 40
            kytx ....And I can say that the weather can stick anywhere.

            And this is provided that a crew prepared in advance is at the helm, and is tracking the current, real meteorological situation, immediately making adjustments to the flight. And a completely different matter, a swarm of small things that do not have an anti-icing system, controlled from afar.
            Not to mention the wind regime, bumpiness, heavy rainfall, etc.
            And in BV and in Africa, in 20 years of flying there, I got caught in the rain once and then on the ground. Rare thunderstorms, more often they were "dry at altitude". And in Russia, hundreds of times had to bypass the hearths and frontal zones, "side or top." I will not describe the northern weather "pranks". Anyone who has studied meteorology will never say that the weather conditions in the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere are identical. hi
      2. Petro_tut
        Petro_tut 7 October 2021 13: 58
        But we don't have a tornado :)

        Has already
  5. Galleon
    Galleon 7 October 2021 13: 43
    Have we adopted a swarm of combat drones? No, the author just decided to dream. But in general, the military has a rougher name.