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Army warns! For now - a political hunger strike

October 19 in Ulyanovsk, the military began a warning political hunger strike for a week. Not dry, not mortal. Political, with water.
The officers are determined. They put in 10: 00 3 tents in the square to them. Lenin in front of the regional administration. 10 officers and two women will starve: officer’s wife and widow.

Military personnel is a special part of the country's civilian population. These are people who deliberately chose their fate: to protect the country and its people from the aggressor. And choosing a service to the Fatherland, the country and the government guaranteed them social security and protection after retirement, as a special category of citizens.
Guaranteed and forgotten +

Army reform and fleet most of the officers and their families shamelessly threw themselves into the streets, sweeping the country, leaving them without housing and social security, offering them existence on beggarly handouts, since in other words it is impossible to characterize the size of the pension of former military personnel or the size of the cost of housing certificates for which it is impossible to obtain or build housing. It must be remembered that this fate befell not only elderly soldiers, but also young officers aged 30 years.
The wives of officers became a separate category of beggars, since in military garrisons where their husbands served, more often than not, jobs for women simply did not exist.
In recent years, servicemen have created organizations to protect their social rights, wrote letters to the Supreme Commander, Prime Minister Putin, but did not receive a single response.
It should be noted that from all regions of Russia, many officers separately and collectively appealed to the top leadership of the country and none of them received an answer.
Starting from 19 in May of 2010, Ulyanovsk’s military began to picket protests every month, putting forward social demands. But their efforts were not crowned with success - the local authorities, like the central ones, simply openly ignored the servicemen.
And they, trained and trained personnel specialists of Ulyanovsk, appealed to the military personnel of their federal district, who did not forget the Oath, with a proposal to join forces. Realizing perfectly well that the protection of social rights is a policy, the servicemen were also supported by social and political associations of the United Civil Front, Solidarity Directorate, RDDS, Other Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the population of Ulyanovsk.
Creating a joint headquarters, the former military turned to a large number of retired generals, but, apparently, the generals decided to keep modest silence, in recent years becoming ordinary ordinary people.

As early as July 19, about a hundred military retirees held a picket demanding an increase in pensions so that their pension rights would be equal to the rights of civil servants, declared discrimination against military retirees. They set forth their demands in a telegram and sent it to the President of Russia, to which there was no answer.
One of the initiators of the association, captain of the stock, Mikhail D. Deev, said:
- I am a member of the board of officers of "Protection". Our association in 2010 supported the appeal of Kaliningrad officers. We sent protest telegrams to Putin and Medvedev, but did not receive a single response to them. Then, realizing that the efforts of the appeal to the authorities to protect our social rights are meaningless, for the first time, we, together with the officers, came to the protest rally 19 in May.
At present, the people are developing an "immune deficiency of faith" - this is an analogue of AIDS, only for society. A kind of vicious circle is being formed - the citizens of Russia are absolutely sure that the authorities do not take into account the interests of the people and their opinions, and at the same time do nothing. And we must, in accordance with the Constitution, assert our rights independently. We defended and protected the state by taking the Oath in which it says that we swear to protect the Constitution and our people. And we unite in the constitutional framework to fight for our rights. This is a paradox.
That is why Ulyanovsk pensioners decided that every 19 day of the month to organize pickets within the framework of the restoration of their rights regulated by the 19 article of our Constitution and the RF Law "On the Status of Military Personnel" until we are heard.

A month later, on August 19 in 10.00 hours, about a hundred people again gathered near the regional parliament building in Ulyanovsk, at the same time it was announced about the start of mass hunger strike and the creation of the United Military Headquarters coordinating it. Requirements of military pensioners characterize the texts of the posters: "66% of military pensioners receive pensions below labor pensions. 170 thousands of military pensioners receive pensions below the subsistence minimum" and "The current legislation shows that at the end of service the soldier will have nothing: neither apartment, nor social protection nor a guaranteed public servant’s pension. "
19 - 20 September 2010 of the year in 12 and the cities of the Volga-Ural region simultaneously a wave of rallies and pickets protesting retired servicemen and their families. And for the first time the servicemen put forward a single political slogan: “Putin’s resignation!”, Fixing it in the Resolution of the protest action.
These events are modestly silent on the official Russian media.
Boris Sergeevich Smekhnov, lieutenant colonel tank troops, the head of the Joint Regional Headquarters for the Protection of the Social Rights of Servicemen and Members of Their Families believes:
- Our task is to wake up the people, help them to overcome the inertia imposed by the government. Influencing the election by all means. Having experience working with people, our task is to organize them. We are well aware that at least 80% of the population is not satisfied with the policy of the authorities. Even those who serve and receive a good allowance today are dissatisfied with them, because they understand perfectly well that they have no future.
I understand that the power in the country for the people is no longer there, the country's defense is low. However, I am wary of creating a large number of internal troops in Russia. In the Oath there are no words to fight with his people. This should be remembered by officers of the internal troops. And I think the authorities have forgotten historysuch as the Roman Empire. They should remember why it fell apart. And we need to stand under the common banner. A "Forgotten Regiment" - is one of the component steps for such a general association.
Understanding that the Fatherland is in danger, we are ready to go to Moscow to protest, because we want us and our children to live in a healthy and strong state.

At the same time, the organizers now realize that they are not alone in the country, and on their September 19 picket, to which more than 400 servicemen gathered in Ulyanovsk, they invited Elena Vasilyeva, Chairman of the Board of the Interregional Coordination Center of the Forgotten Regiment, who informed them that since 2007, the participants in the hostilities, the warriors-internationalists of all local and inter-regional wars and conflicts of Russia began to unite to protect their social rights. They held three congresses and approved the name of their Interregional Coordination Center - “Forgotten Regiment”.

She was warmly greeted by former servicemen. Consultative meetings were held with all the active members of the armed forces who were preparing for a political hunger strike.
E.Vasilyeva believes: “The choice of the form of protest action is left to the organizers. In my opinion, the military could get together earlier to protect their social rights. They suffered for a long time because they were confident that everything that happens to them locally and has no relation to others regions. But now, after the Russian government simply ignored their demands when they collected their information about lawlessness in the army and Russia, regular officers developed their own political action plan. "

And the decision is made:
October 19 The 2010 of the year in Ulyanovsk on the 10.00 clock on the Lenin Square near the regional administration building began a political civil hunger strike.
The hunger strike was filed with the mayor of Ulyanovsk.
The participants in the political hunger strike carefully prepared for it. The hunger strike will be active. Despite the impending frosts, the servicemen settled down in the central square in tents, today they will place tables for tennis, chess. Provide browsing News on all central channels.

+ The reform of the army and navy has touched millions of servicemen and their families, greatly weakened the defense and fighting efficiency of our country. Putin’s burglary policy, aimed only at selling off natural resources and personal enrichment of their united fraternity, annoys not only the common people, but, to a greater extent, personnel officers who are willing to go even for extreme, while peaceful measures, including a political hunger strike.
Therefore, a retired colonel who became a professional politician Yury Ivanovich Pluzhnikov clearly expressed his opinion:
- My position is unequivocal: we do not say: “Give us bread”, we make political demands. We do not defend the narrow political rights of servicemen, but advocate for the rights of our people under the slogan "The military and the people are one!". And we all understand that the current government has driven us into poverty. Look, the constitutional rights of the population are completely violated. In Ulyanovsk, three military schools, and all of them, were excommunicated with their people from political life.
Our headquarters consists of people of different political views, but we all agreed that in this situation, military pensioners and retired to the reserve separately from the civilian population cannot act.

Participants of the hunger strike are demanding the resignation of the Government of the Russian Federation V.V. And with their hunger strike they are willing to demonstrate to the government that they know what the ruling elite wants from them - reducing social problems, i.e. the earliest death to all those who have already given their debt to their homeland and are dependent on the state.
“They won't wait for us to do this — the hunger strikers are determined

The purpose of the hunger strike:
pay attention to Medvedev D.A., Putin V.V., Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region. Morozov S.I., Chairman of the SOA of the Ulyanovsk Region. Zotov B.S. on the problems of military retirees and their family members, taking decisive measures to eliminate discrimination from this category of citizens within the framework of the requirement of Article 19 “On the Status of Military Personnel”, including the issuance of the draft federal law on the provision of military personnel to public discussion monitoring the views of public organizations. Solving the problems of housing and public utilities as an integral part of the social well-being of military pensioners.

"Joint picket and hunger strike of military pensioners of the Ulyanovsk garrison, public organizations and residents of the city of Ulyanovsk"
We, the organizers and participants of the above-mentioned political action came to our deep conviction and realization that our country, the native Ulyanovsk region, by the will of the ruling elite found itself at a historical dead end.
We are convinced that the socio-political constitution of the Russian Federation, created and ruthlessly imposed by adventurers, has plunged the people of Russia into poverty and misery for the sake of profit with unpunished acting embezzlers.
They created a country in which citizens are powerless and which has no future.
We are convinced that the power lives and zhiryatsya only for personal and selfish purposes. It is adventurous, double-faced, it does not want to work in the interests of the majority of the population, and never will.

We declare:
1. We do not want to live in the mud of fake imitations of political and social institutions;
2. We do not want to live in the mud of total theft, corruption and lies of the authorities to their own people;
3. We do not want that thieves' mayors and deputies from "their team" were imposed on us;
4. We want to choose our people's power by ourselves, we want to work, to live with dignity and serve our people.
5. We do not want to live in poverty, we want to work for ourselves, for our families. We want to get legal and decent wages.
6. We do not trust the Government of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region, or the leadership of the city of Ulyanovsk.
7. We do not trust the political party "United Russia".

We demand:
1. Send the Government of the Russian Federation Putin V.V. resign;
2. To dismiss the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region. Morozov, SI;
3. To recognize the election of the Mayor of Ulyanovsk Pinkov AP as illegal. and the deputies of the Ulyanovsk City Duma 4 convocation;
4. Stop multi-million dollar funding for pocket-sized media;
5. Reduce to a minimum the bureaucracy;
6. Take decisive measures to halt the collapse of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, fully implement the laws "On Veterans", "On the Status of Military Personnel";
7. Stop mocking mockery of veterans of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the form of 600 rubles for sanatorium treatment;
8. When retiring military personnel equate them to public servants;
9. Increase in 3-4 times the pension coverage of all citizens of the Russian Federation, except for highly paid officials;
10. Resolutely stop the actions of officials aimed at the most flagrant violations of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation;
11. Comply with the law of the Russian Federation prohibiting officials from being members of political parties and doing business.

In protest, we make decisions:
1. "19" October 2010, to hold a warning hunger strike on V.Lenin Square;
2. October 30 2010 to hold a general meeting of reserve servicemen and their families. We invite the President of the Russian Federation and the leaders of political parties to the meeting.
3. In November, to continue the indefinite hunger strike as a sign of the struggle for their constitutional rights.

At the moment, protest actions are taking place in Russia in various cities of the Volga-Ural region. The servicemen of Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Primorsky Krai are excited. October 24 in Murmansk will host a rally of deceived military ship repairmen who have not received wages for more than a year. In Severomorsk, the indefinite hunger strike of ship repairmen begun two weeks ago continues. Many of them are already in critical condition from hunger. Protests will take place in Yekaterinburg, where military schools were closed, according to the protesters: “They left officers without pensions. They stayed for about a month before retirement. All were reduced in 43-45 years. Now, before 60- and they will receive a pension no more 3 thousand per month, including disabled people. "

The official Russian press carefully conceals that the military in Russia is politicized.

United in their line of licking higher-level backs, officials are so self-sufficient that they do not understand the real mood of the people. And if they understand, they are ready to bow before the Center with even greater zeal, wishing to preserve their chair by any means. This is slavish psychology. And this is fully realized by the deceived servicemen.
That is why the lieutenant colonel of the tank forces, inspector of the management of combat training of troops of the western direction - member of the staff Pyatkin Mikhail Yakovlevich considers:
- It is not we - the opposition, but the government has become an opposition to its people. That is why we all need to unite and not watch, systemic or non-systemic opposition. We are all citizens of our country. All public organizations of Russia against the anti-people policy of Putin and United Russia, the main enemy of our country and people, should unite. For whom they work, we do not know, the peoples of Europe and America live better than us, although our homeland is richer than all of them in terms of natural resources. We do not have a state - there is only one Motherland left! And the motherland is in danger! Unite and do not be afraid! We have nothing to lose!
I don’t know how in Moscow, and here, in the regions of the special militia forces and the servicemen of the internal troops understand that after retirement, they will be in a deplorable state of poverty and will come to us, because their parents are already in our ranks.
We understand that the governor can make concessions and can do something at the regional level, but the issues that we raise are issues of the federal level, these are questions of the fate of the country. That is why, in order to demonstrate the determination of our intentions, we declare an active political hunger strike. We see that the supreme power is doing everything to destroy its people, and the hunger strike is an extreme measure to show the authorities that the people understand what the government demands from it by its policy of self-liquidation of its people !. We will not give them such pleasure!

The officers and servicemen of the Volga-Ural district address the Russian servicemen:
Comrades officers!
Our homeland is in danger!
The danger threatens not from external enemies, but from the mediocre policy of those in power who are hiding behind the screen of the perverted view of the state. The defensive ability of our country is deliberately falling apart. The policy is to discredit the armed forces. The army is led by furniture and trade specialists. Professional military who do not agree with the ongoing reforms are discharged one by one from active military service.
We can only resist the violence of those in power with one condition: if we unite our efforts and together oppose the current policy.
We announce the beginning of the unification of all officers - patriots into a single officer headquarters!
We declare the beginning of our protest movement!
Forgotten shelves rise throughout the country!

The text of the telegram to Medvedev, to which the military also did not receive a response:
101000 Moscow Kremlin corp. 1 Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich

In addition to the demands of military pensioners of the Ulyanovsk region, sent to you by 19.08.2010, we inform you: we are not satisfied with your inaction, we have teamed up with the citizens of the city and demand the resignation of the Putin government and the governor of the region Morozov. We have begun preparations for a political hunger strike, and are ready for any outcome for this action. Other regions agree with us. All people are tired of bureaucratic lawlessness, which needs to end. We send the resolution by mail to your address.

By order of the staff, Toporkov I.V., Smekhnov B.S., Deev MD.
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