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British Defense Ministry sold the aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" for scrap metal


The retired aircraft carrier Ark Royal was sold for scrap to a Turkish company for 2,9 million pounds to replenish the defense budget, the British Ministry of Defense reported.

The aircraft carrier Ark Royal was decommissioned in 2011 year as part of the program to reform the British Armed Forces - five years ahead of schedule, which saved up to £ 105 million pounds. From the moment of decommissioning, he was at the Portsmouth naval base.

The lead aircraft carrier of the R05 "Invisible" series was built in 1980 at the Vickers Shipbuilding shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness. Aircraft carriers R06 "Illuststries" and R07 "Arc Royal" class "Invisible" were built by "Swan Hunter" and became part of the British Navy in 1982 and 1985, respectively.

The aircraft carrier Ark Royal has a length of 209 m, width - 36 m and full displacement 20600 t. Dimensions of the flight deck: length - 167,8 m, width - 13,5 m.

The aircraft carrier R05 "Invisible" was decommissioned in 2005 and the year and in 2012 year sold for scrap of the Turkish company "Layal". Ark Royal was put up for sale on the Department of Defense website and sold to the same Turkish company. After the preparatory work it is planned to send it to Turkey, where it will be disposed of.

The funds received from the sale will be directed by the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of military hardware and other equipment.

The last of the aircraft carriers of the Illustries series should be decommissioned by the British Navy in 2014. The MoD of Great Britain has announced its intention to conduct a search for an organization interested in preserving this aircraft carrier as a museum piece.

In order to replace the decommissioned aircraft carriers in 2008, the British Defense Authority signed with BVT Surfite Fleet, a joint venture between BA Systems and VT Group, and the Carrier Manufacturers Alliance, the initial contracts for the construction of two new CVF 65000 aircraft carriers of the project Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wells. The lead aircraft carrier is scheduled for use in the 2017 year.

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  1. spender
    spender 11 September 2012 16: 40
    Get rid of unnecessary "expensive toys". "England - the ruler of the seas" is gradually becoming an anecdote smile India claims to be diamonds in the crown, it was not possible to make money at the Olympics, sales will begin now and this is against the backdrop of an internal desire for collapse winked
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 11 September 2012 16: 45
      And the Turks will buy it from the Chinese and fix it wassat
      1. sea
        sea 12 September 2012 00: 12
        let them buy our BDK, they will repair it.
    2. Kars
      Kars 11 September 2012 16: 46
      But they have a replacement on the approach, which is better, more modern. This is not a write-off to nowhere.
      1. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm 11 September 2012 19: 34
        England's actions are quite natural. Due to the fact that the F-35V, which were planned to replace the Hariers, do not have sufficient reliability and have a reduced flight range, small British aircraft carriers are essentially left without an aircraft.
        As a consequence of this, it is a logical decision to build normal, full-sized aircraft carriers.
        Along with the new destroyer and new strategic nuclear submarines, this news suggests that the sunset of the mistress of the seas is still very far away.
      2. Civil
        Civil 11 September 2012 20: 45
        a new one on their way ... we have all TK and GZ (
    3. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 11 September 2012 16: 57
      There is an interesting book "Sunset of the Lord of the Seas". It describes WWII and how after it the United States pulled the blanket over itself.
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 11 September 2012 17: 07
        and remember how he was a guy .... handsome, though not ours
        1. snek
          snek 11 September 2012 17: 19
          Quote: strannik595
          and remember how he was a guy .... handsome, though not ours

          C'mon, this ship could not even be called a full-fledged aircraft carrier; only aircraft with vertical take-off and landing (haariers) and helicopters could be based on it, and the number of cars was very modest.
          1. Vadivak
            Vadivak 11 September 2012 19: 34
            Quote: snek
            vertical take-off and landing aircraft only (harriers

            So what? Harrier a good car
    4. Drappier
      Drappier 11 September 2012 17: 17
      In the near future wassat
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 11 September 2012 18: 30
        Let's not build our own, something like that will happen. And this comrade will be a bit old, and now everyone in Europe is clinging to money - a "crisis" ...
    5. VAF
      VAF 11 September 2012 17: 27
      Quote: spender
      Get rid of unnecessary "expensive toys"

      Lyosha, well, and "our" .... Taburetkinskie .. what get rid of ????

      Moreman, steam train .... comment on the news, please, +! recourse

      The large landing ship (BDK) Mitrofan Enko (project 1174) of the Northern Fleet (SF) of Russia, which has been in reserve since 2002, will be finally decommissioned and sold for scrap.

      In order to make as much money as possible, the Northern Fleet command plans to arrange an auction of the buyer's choice. However, more expensive than 2,5 million more expensive than ENKO will not go away - such is the approximate market price of 11,5 thousand tons of steel, from which the ship is made. For comparison, the cost of the French landing helicopter carrier "Mistral" for Russia is 1,25 billion euros.

      - The Russian Ministry of Defense decided to write off and dump Mitrofan Enko on the scrap metal, primarily for economic reasons. Its repair would cost at least two small artillery ships. And from a strategic point of view, its demand is not obvious - Russia is not going to land an amphibious assault anywhere, ”he said.

      At the same time, an expert on naval technology, chief editor of the Export of Arms magazine Andrei Frolov noted that the Navy’s landing fleet will soon begin to decline rapidly, as it is based on old Soviet-era ships: first of all, 15 ships of the Polish-built 775 project (introduced the fleet from 1976 to 1991 year), as well as four BDKs of the 1171 project (Baltic shipyard Yantar), which became part of the USSR Navy at the end of the 1960 and 1970 years. The resource of the ships is practically exhausted, they will have to be written off in the next 10 years.

      - At the pace by 2020 in the Russian Navy only four large landing ships can remain - two French Mistral and two Russian BDKs of the new 11711 Ivan Gren project, the first of which should be transferred to the Navy in 2013, and the question of building the second not yet resolved. Thus, the fleet’s ability to carry out large-scale landing operations, which may be necessary in case of military operations outside the country, will be very limited, ”Frolov noted.

      BDK "Mitrofan Enko" was introduced into the combat structure of the Navy of the USSR in 1990 year. since 2002 of the year it has been a part of the Kola flotilla of diverse forces of the Northern Fleet as an “inactive unit”.

      The BDK of the 1174 project is the most spacious in the Russian Navy. In their capabilities, they are comparable to the Mistral-type universal landing ships purchased in France. The lead ship of this project - BDK "Ivan Rogov" - was cut in the 1996 year, another - "Alexander Nikolaev" - has rotted since the 1997 year in the Pacific Fleet.

      Enko can take on board up to 50 tanks, 80 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles or 120 trucks. Six landing boats are located in the docking chamber (Mistral has four) or three hovercraft (Mistral has two). The ship carries four Ka-29 transport and attack helicopters (Mistral - eight amphibious NH-90 and eight Tigre attack helicopters).

      According to a source in the military-industrial complex, the question of restoring "anko" by the Navy command has been raised more than once. Moreover, unlike the Mistral, ships of the 1174 project can land troops and equipment directly on shore.

      “The cost savings, the purchase of the Mistral, as well as the need for a serious redesign of the Soviet ship for modern electronic equipment and weapons are factors that played a decisive role in the decision to abandon its restoration,” the representative of the defense industry said.
    6. Gad
      Gad 11 September 2012 19: 40
      Moreover, I read an article by an English journalist six months ago, where he described the deplorable state of industry in England and, in particular, gave an example that shipbuilders were assembled throughout the country for the construction of new aircraft carriers. And this is the former smithy of the world with the strongest fleet laughing Now it is a country of bankers, traders and runaway oligarchs.
      1. starpom
        starpom 12 September 2012 08: 43
        Berezovsky will be asked to share, or else they will be sent to their historical homeland.
  2. vorobey
    vorobey 11 September 2012 16: 47
    Well, the British can afford. They have manual Americans.
    1. snek
      snek 11 September 2012 17: 20
      Quote: vorobey
      Well, the British can afford. They have manual Americans.

      Rather the opposite
  3. strannik595
    strannik595 11 September 2012 16: 48
    balm for the tormented by the latest news Russian heart love
  4. nekromonger
    nekromonger 11 September 2012 16: 53
    I think the Turks bought it for review and possibly copying, but scrap is just an excuse and the British understand this.
    1. Sokol peruna
      Sokol peruna 11 September 2012 17: 02
      The Turks have already sold the same type of Invincible to them the second to copy? 4 frigates of type 22/3, so they probably also bought with the aim of obtaining British technology?
  5. lars
    lars 11 September 2012 16: 55
    "Queen Elizabeth" and the same type "Prince of Wales" were laid in 2009. I do not know how much they are "on the way", the timing of the introduction of Brita was moved from 14 to 16 years. But this is a strong compensation in return for the invincibles.
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 11 September 2012 16: 59
      They are cunning, they agreed to base their planes on the Charles de Gaulle
      1. Tiger
        Tiger 11 September 2012 17: 56
        How many units will be on it?
        And what's the point of agreeing to the French?
        1. Pimply
          Pimply 11 September 2012 21: 14
          Saving on maintenance costs
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 11 September 2012 16: 56
    so the furniture maker learned from the British. He only surpassed the teachers. Britons replace the old one, and "our" quite suitable one simply destroys
  7. phantom359
    phantom359 11 September 2012 17: 21
    Like this. The Americans are now managing the seas, but in 1890, at the exhibition of the achievements of marine engineers in England, the American delegation had status at the level of Chile or Paraguay. In general, as for me, let them cut all their ships at least. It will be easier for everyone to breathe.
  8. kadcin-max
    kadcin-max 11 September 2012 17: 54
    Damn it would be better to give us .... and we would have already two aircraft carrier cruiser .... laughing
  9. Northerner
    Northerner 11 September 2012 18: 03
    We need to learn from Britons! Ours for 2,5 greens sell KitaySam, and Brita for Turks for 2,5 pounds! You feel the difference how much the stools made cheap with the rollbacks! And even then, our 10 years did not reach the overhaul from the 90th year (30 years), and their 5 years did not reach the cap. repair from the 80s (35 years)!
    And if it’s honest, it’s a pity that our landing ship is not used as a cargo ship in some inaccessible areas of the Far East or our Far North with its huge and deep creeks! Oh, how much cargo could be shipped there! And then you wait sometimes when the crossing earns or the winter road rises (for a normal delivery of food and basic necessities, the air cost is very expensive).
    1. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 11 September 2012 19: 44
      Quote: Northerner
      We need to learn from Britons! Ours for 2,5 greens sell KitaySam, and Brita for Turks for 2,5 pounds! You feel the difference how much the stools made cheap with the rollbacks! And even then, our 10 years did not reach the overhaul from the 90th year (30 years), and their 5 years did not reach the cap. repair from the 80s (35 years)!

      Displacement BDK-11000 tons, Aircraft carrier displacement 20600 tons.
      So in this sense they didn’t cheapen, only the BDK was still not an old ship, it could still serve as if it were, I can’t say for the sake of modernization it’s difficult to say.
    2. VAF
      VAF 11 September 2012 21: 26
      Quote: Northerner
      And if it’s honest, it’s a pity that our landing ship is not used as a cargo ship in some inaccessible areas of the Far East or our Far North with its huge and deep creeks!

      So for this you need to live and work .. for the people and live the life of the people. not .... Oh, what can I say, +! good

      "Each people has that government, which then has it, this people, which it, this government and chose"! Dialectics, you know ... wassat
  10. anfreezer
    anfreezer 11 September 2012 18: 33
    With such a novelty, they can simply donate their "Arc Royal" to the Turks ...
  11. anfreezer
    anfreezer 11 September 2012 18: 36
  12. anfreezer
    anfreezer 11 September 2012 18: 44
    With this new thing, they can simply give their "Ark Royal" to the Turks ..
  13. tekinoral
    tekinoral 11 September 2012 18: 53
    bought in 2011, it has long been gone
  14. anfreezer
    anfreezer 11 September 2012 19: 34
    This is what Queen Elizabeth should look like. With such a novelty, they can give their "Ark Royal" to the Turks just like that .... Although they are Anglo-Saxons, they will not do that. They hardly have an English analogue of the Russian phrase "From the Heart".
    1. Gad
      Gad 11 September 2012 19: 43
      It seems that there were reports that one aircraft carrier, right after construction, will either be leased out or put into conservation immediately, since the British economy will not pull up the content of two such monsters at once, and three were planned at first, but barely had enough money for two.
    2. White
      White 12 September 2012 10: 44
      And is it with them that the catapult integrated into the springboard did so?
  15. Vadivak
    Vadivak 11 September 2012 19: 50
    Quote: GaD
    how the economy of England will not pull the content of two such monsters at once

    It can be seen that the deadlines are not in vain being transferred, they planned something in 2014, and now, look, they moved it to 2017
  16. bulgurkhan
    bulgurkhan 11 September 2012 20: 07
    Here they are taking a block from "Queen Elizabeth"

    And here the add-on is ready

    from here
  17. characterization
    characterization 12 September 2012 01: 35
    MDA shaving harness sold to the Turks for metal and then from China they will buy metal for a new one and the metallurgists of England suck their paws already. Europe is moaning from the crisis. All brands in China have sold. Now they have to sell the land and dump civilization in America.
  18. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 12 September 2012 03: 33
    It’s necessary to build your own aircraft carriers and look at strangers behind the cordon and how
    possible more and faster until the idiot Romney came to power! wassat
  19. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 12 September 2012 07: 51
    pleased with the news)
  20. pavlo007
    pavlo007 27 September 2012 16: 23
    English have played enough with pseudoaviks. Vertikals are certainly funny, but I just can not compete with normal aircraft. It is a pity that our country at one time squandered so much money on flawed aircraft-carrying cruisers with the Yak-38.