Boeing announces construction of MQ-25 Stingray deck-mounted drones plant

Boeing announces construction of MQ-25 Stingray deck-mounted drones plant

The American company Boeing announced its intention to build a special plant for the production of MQ-25 Stingray deck unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the press service of the company, the plant will start producing the first devices in 2024.

The new production will be deployed 50 km southeast of the main Boeing Defense, Space and Security facility near St. Louis, almost on the Illinois-Missouri border. The new plant will occupy an area of ​​approximately 30 thousand square meters. meters. The number of deck vehicles planned for release drones has not yet been disclosed, there is also no information whether other equipment will be assembled on it.

Currently, tests of the MQ-25 Stingray are ongoing, the drone has been refueling aircraft in the air since this summer. To date, the refueling of the F / A-18 Hornet fighter, the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye long-range radar aircraft and the F-35C carrier-based fighter has been completed.

According to the Boeing concern, the tests of the MQ-25 Stingray will last for several more months, during which it will be tested in different modes, as well as take off and landing on an aircraft carrier. The first drone MQ-25A Pentagon intends to enter into service in 2024.

In total, the US Navy plans to purchase 72 Stingray units, allocating a total of about $ 13 billion for their purchase. This will ease the burden on the F / A-18F Super Hornet fleet that refuel other aircraft.
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  1. -4
    22 September 2021 13: 57
    The newest Russian modernized Su-30SM was first spotted in the sky.

    .A prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter was first seen in flight tests.

    In the sky over Omsk, presumably during the flight from Irkutsk to Zhukovsky, a prototype of the modernized Russian Su-30SM fighter was seen. The aircraft is not painted, however, the identification marks on its fuselage indicate that this is the first prototype of the modernized fighter.

    Given the fact that the upgraded version of the Su-30SM fighter is already in flight, experts believe that serial production of these combat aircraft may begin next year, while, taking into account the earlier statements made by the Russian defense department, the upgraded version of the Su-30SM may be tested in Syria, where Russian weapons are being actively tested before entering the troops.
    1. +3
      22 September 2021 14: 13
      Well, just not Avia pro. Tsezh Krajina.
      1. -2
        22 September 2021 14: 16
        Quote: tralflot1832
        Well, just not Avia pro. Tsezh Krajina.

        ????? That is?
        1. +5
          22 September 2021 14: 24
          Owner Beresneev from ukraine, the most fake aviation site hi
          1. -5
            22 September 2021 14: 37
            Would you like to share verified sites? I would be very grateful.
            1. -4
              22 September 2021 14: 41
              Of course IN. wassatEven the most honest Israeli and commentators from Israel, you read them as much as a tear of emotion, you wipe off an unshaven male cheek.
              1. 0
                22 September 2021 14: 42
                Not funny...
  2. +5
    22 September 2021 14: 00
    Boeing announces construction of MQ-25 Stingray deck-mounted drones plant
    So these are some advantages to them, now, if they build and localize the production of components to the maximum! Jobs, high-tech manufacturing ... a lot of goodies, if you don't count it as a murder weapon, albeit indirectly.
  3. -1
    22 September 2021 14: 16
    10 aircraft carrier groups, 6 aircraft carriers each. Sheep not worth the candle. The aircraft carrier-based UAVs will still be muddied to justify the costs.
    1. +4
      22 September 2021 14: 29
      It is very worth it, and judging by the budget of 13 billion US dollars, they know why they are doing them.

      These new American UAVs are stealth-based and unmanned, which allows them to be sent anywhere without risking people, and their small size + stealth technology makes them very difficult to spot.

      If earlier Russia could, with its Su-35 fighters and MiG-31 interceptors, detect an American Boeing KS-46 refueling aircraft from a distance of 400 km and hit it with long-range R-37M missiles from the same distance without risking its aircraft, then it won't be possible now.

      To find such an MQ-25 Stingray UAV, you need to approach it approximately 100 km, or maybe closer, that is, get under attack from the enemy.

      Well, it is clear that such UAV-tankers by the United States and NATO will be used in special cases, when it is necessary not only to refuel the plane, but to refuel it in the area of ​​operation of an enemy with powerful air defense and fighters.
      1. -4
        22 September 2021 14: 38
        A UAV tanker is needed for refueling aircraft in the air awaiting full takeoff of the strike wing, and for one-time purposes (missions).
  4. +1
    22 September 2021 14: 21
    -By the end of 2024, it is planned to create a production zone with an area of ​​300 thousand feet (~ 28 thousand square meters). Initially, the plant will employ 150 specialists. Further, the number of personnel can be increased to 300 people
    It’s just interesting, in terms of comparison. In Dubna, they are going to build a plant for the production of drone UAVs, the time frame and the number of employees.
    1. -8
      22 September 2021 14: 27
      In Dubna, 45 square meters are already under construction, and there are 000 employees. According to the plan, the completion of construction is November 1500. The scope of Kronstadt is steeper than that of Boeing.
      1. -5
        22 September 2021 15: 04
        And what's the use of your minuses, the plant is being built plus 1500 job vacancies in high-tech production.
  5. -1
    22 September 2021 14: 28
    So the Boeing company switched to the production of air gas stations, and before I remember it produced aircraft. wassat
    1. -3
      22 September 2021 14: 35
      Boeing is in grief, while he was tormented with the last 737, the bus went around them in a circle. And China got overwhelmed, you say the rights of the Uyghurs, there is a bus on the market.
  6. 0
    22 September 2021 15: 24
    Boeing needs to put the Yandex navigator at Mach 737 and fire the crew. The autopilot on the navigator will bring the airplane to the desired position, even without the help of the Kama Sutra. If it doesn't, don't care, 737 still fall and have nowhere to put them.

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