ISIS claimed responsibility for weekend attacks in Afghanistan, claiming it attacked Taliban infrastructure and equipment

ISIS claimed responsibility for weekend attacks in Afghanistan, claiming it attacked Taliban infrastructure and equipment

Today, accounts linked to the terrorist group ISIS (* banned in Russia) have reported that the Islamic State * is taking responsibility for a series of attacks over the weekend. Reports say that ISIS aimed to attack military vehicles of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).

According to unconfirmed reports that at least three explosions thundered in Afghanistan over the past weekend, as a result of which at least 7 people died, several dozen were injured.

ISIS operatives * claim all attacks targeted Taliban military infrastructure and equipment *.

Let us recall that for some time now the power in Afghanistan has been in the hands of the Taliban *. At the same time, scattered groups of ISIL-Khorasan (* “subsidiary” structure of ISIS) continue to operate in the country, which coordinate their actions mainly in a network mode).

Meanwhile, the Taliban say the attacks killed people, most of whom had nothing to do with their organization's combat units. At the same time, the Taliban initially believed that representatives of the militia of Ahmad Masud were involved in the bombing, but those accusations were denied, claiming that they had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks:

Terrorism has never been our method of waging war with the enemy.

Considering the recent events in Afghanistan, it can be stated that the country is also turning into an arena of confrontation between militants of various terrorist groups. First of all, we are talking about the confrontation between ISIS and the Taliban. How long this confrontation can drag on and how many lives of peaceful Afghans to take away is an open question.
  • Twitter / Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan
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  1. -3
    20 September 2021 17: 30
    So the Americans defeated them, they fought with the wrong ones, especially PMKashniki.
    1. +4
      20 September 2021 19: 16
      Quote: tralflot1832
      So the Americans defeated them, they fought with the wrong ones or something.

    2. +1
      20 September 2021 19: 17
      Interesting times are coming in god-forsaken Afghanistan! The Taliban (most of Pakistan) are fighting in a civil war against government forces, against Masud rebels and against the Isis (rabble from all over the Arab world). A brutal civil war tearing the country apart from the inside. How long will it last until there is a leader for whom the FSE will go to the world
    3. -1
      21 September 2021 04: 39
      Quote: tralflot1832
      Duc the Americans defeated them

      The Taliban drove the Americans out of Afghanistan, the Americans were offended and the ISIS attacks on the Taliban began. To me alone, this reminds me of the "war" of two women for the status of a beloved wife?
  2. +6
    20 September 2021 17: 32
    Who is the most banned in Russia - I suspect that ISIS.
    1. +1
      20 September 2021 19: 06
      They are all spirits.
  3. +4
    20 September 2021 17: 34
    ISIS aims to attack Taliban military vehicles

    Well, maybe they will finally quarrel with each other and it will be easier for everyone to breathe.
    1. +1
      20 September 2021 17: 47
      Duc students' cars are all amerskie! ISIS simply does not know that the Americans have moved out of Afghanistan, so their cock-rakes are dying.
      1. +1
        20 September 2021 18: 00
        Funny. laughing But, nevertheless, I do not think that they to the extent that they could do what they have done and are still doing.
    2. +2
      20 September 2021 18: 30
      Quote: Sea Cat

      Well, maybe they will finally quarrel with each other and it will be easier for everyone to breathe.

      It looks like they have one puppeteer there ...
      1. +1
        20 September 2021 21: 32
        ISIS in Afghanistan has the Sultan and the British have a roof.
        If Turks and Pakistanis fall out in Afghanistan,
        then the cards can decompose very interestingly. hi
        1. +2
          20 September 2021 21: 35
          Well, yes, everything interesting is ahead ...
  4. +3
    20 September 2021 17: 49
    Well, it began .. Let them kill each other. The main thing is that they do not climb towards Russia, as planned by the United States and others.
    1. +1
      20 September 2021 20: 23
      Quote: Valteria
      so that they don't climb in the direction of Russia

      Only minefields and carpet bombing will help us!
  5. +2
    20 September 2021 18: 06
    The Americans set their ISIS fosterlings against the Taliban ...
    1. -1
      20 September 2021 18: 49
      Quote: taiga2018
      The Americans set their ISIS fosterlings against the Taliban ...

      So that they remember what they negotiated with them, leaving a bunch of modern weapons.
  6. +2
    20 September 2021 18: 06
    Egil accounts, kapets sounds like the idiocy of the modern world, I wouldn't be surprised if they still have their own website.
  7. +3
    20 September 2021 18: 28
    ISIS operatives * claim all attacks targeted Taliban military infrastructure and equipment *.

    Yes, there it will be endless, poor people ...
  8. 0
    20 September 2021 23: 13
    Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? recourse
  9. -3
    21 September 2021 04: 19
    Hmmm .... well, gentlemen .... and comrade Bagdasarov S.A. was right. ... everything is just beginning ... whatever ... first sprouts, then shoots, then flowers ... and finally ... berries. And all this will happen in a certain amount of time. The fight for power has begun ... and everyone (in Afghanistan) wants his own piece of the pie. What is Afghanistan, a multinational and multi-confessional state artificially created by the Anglo-Saxons ... ... from the word constantly ... until his Paki, with their Taliban, are dismantled into "spare parts" ... and this will happen ... Yes, yes ... when the berries are ripe. But our Kremlin "opezdolam" ... ... stupid ... stop stuffing your wallets ... STRENGTHEN the underbelly of RUSSIA ... By the way ... these "sleeping" ... are already here, here in Russia ( all sorts of cleaners, and cashiers, etc.), they sweep the streets, they sit at the checkout counters, wash cars, at the car washes .... and smile ... WHETHER .... Yes, at least spit ... I wrote the truth ...
    1. 0
      21 September 2021 09: 29
      Quote: Shket53
      I wrote the truth.

      However, the shout. fellow laughing
    2. 0
      21 September 2021 11: 00
      In part, you are right. But only these are not cashiers and washers, they do not do this. Otherwise, everything is correct. Russia makes big mistakes, relies on the Taliban, so long as the amers feel bad. The reverse side of the coin is not very pretty. The only force that can be truly pro-Russian and reliable is Masud. No matter where he previously studied, his coalition with the Amers was strategic, since the authorities in Kabul took the Amers against the Taliban, and this was only in the hands of Massoud. Further, the capital's Pashtun rulers betrayed everyone, this is not Masud's fault, he was almost always an outsider in power in Afghanistan. Even with the withdrawal of Soviet troops, Shuravi agreed only with Masud Sr. on the safe withdrawal of troops in a column beautifully through Termez. Masoud kept his word. Would the Pashtuns be held back under the leadership of Gulbeddin? I doubt.
      What we have now. It's a pity that videos with the Taliban are not available on Runet. In one video, their spiritual leaders of various levels insist that they are the leaders of all Muslims (amirulmuminin), everyone, including Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Russia. I hope you understand what this is about, an order should be issued, it will have to be carried out. There are a lot of videos about genocide, the killing of unarmed northerners on the air, dungeons in Kapisa, the deportation of the population from their districts and mainly to dungeons, there is a video about the illiteracy and madness of the Taliban, the same filmed. Could post here with direct links, if Topvar allows. This is scary.
      Northerners with a different mentality. They live on their own land, do not claim the land of their neighbors from the south and north. Pakistan is pushing Pashtuns to the North all the time. And Pyanj is not a border for them, a joke is a joke and Don will not be a border for them)
  10. +1
    21 September 2021 07: 43
    ISIS claimed responsibility for weekend attacks in Afghanistan, claiming it attacked Taliban infrastructure and equipment

    The fact that they began to fight among themselves is good, but as a result of the terrorist attacks, civilians are dying.
  11. +1
    21 September 2021 08: 53
    ISIS and Taliban enemies?
    Somehow, this confrontation does not fit into the logic

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