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Thieves, cowards, gangsters, alcoholics and shameless enemies of China

Thieves, cowards, gangsters, alcoholics and shameless enemies of ChinaIn the PRC enjoys Internet 538 million, or about 40% of the population (data of the end of June 2012 of the year). At the same time, in China there are officially 300 million bloggers whose freedom of speech cannot be stopped by any laws on the control of the “world wide web” or government censorship. Those who wish to take the Chinese Internet under the hood are simply not able to control all the forums, social networks and private sites.

Due to the growing military, economic and geo-strategic position of China in the world, and also due to some informational closeness of this state in the world, interest in the political opinions of Chinese bloggers, representing a relatively free assessment of a particular event, has increased, the mass expression of attitudes towards specific people ( to Hillary Clinton, who recently visited Beijing), or even a whole fantastic story about life abroad (for example, about Russian life). We, Russians, are not indifferent to what ordinary Chinese think about us, how they relate to events taking place in Russia, and how the current government policy is evaluated. The Chinese tell, comment, wonder, "shake on the mustache" and compare. Reading their comments and notes on the Internet, we see ourselves as if in a Chinese mirror (often not the best quality, it must be admitted, or a mirror curve). However, how accurately the Chinese mirror conveys us is one question. Another, much more important, is how deeply this “curvature” has taken root in Chinese society. We can declare that our “portrait” to the Chinese has failed; they can only grin in response.

* * *

"Bearded men are completely mired in corruption"

In Chinese “Twitter”, that is, “Sina Weibo”, there are millions of comments on various topics, including “Russians”. A month ago there появились Chinese reviews of the achievements of the Russian team at the London Olympics. What do Chinese bloggers admire and criticize?

First, they believe that the Russian team is far from the Soviet teams, which at one time achieved significant Olympic success:

# Russian team at the London Olympics #

"The Russian national team is bending down, not a trace is left of the glory of the Soviet national team."

"The performance of the Russian national team is a bit lethargic, nothing to say, everything is falling into decay."

“I think this is very shameful. Previously, the Russian national team took at least the place in the team standings of 3, what happened to them this year? ”

"It seems that Russia is in scrap to participate in the Olympics!"

"Something at this Olympics, Russia dropped slightly from the list of the major sports powers of the world."

“Russia, what happened to you this year? Guys, are you boycotting the Olympics, or what? Even the British crawled to 3 places like cool. ”

“The number of medals from Russia scares me. Apparently, the bearded completely mired in corruption. Russia took medals in judo while tsar Putin was sitting in the hall, otherwise, maybe they wouldn't have taken anything at all. ”

At the same time, Chinese women admire the Russian boys and the “ornamentals” on the Olympic uniform of the Russian national team:

“Who knows where you can buy the same uniform as the Russian team?” I like these patterns so much, romantic! ”

“What beautiful boys in the Russian national team!” I want to go to Russia! ”

Secondly, it seems to other bloggers that Westerners “condemn” the Chinese at the Olympics:

# Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina won the gold medal of the Olympics-2012, winning the competition on the uneven bars. Second place - gymnast from China He Kexin #

"It's not fair!"

“He Kexin performed great, she was sued. There are no words! Here it is, the nature of the power of Western people! Just want you to fail. There is no justice in the world. All stand out from a position of strength. ”

“The Russian gymnast performed really very beautifully. I don’t think the judges were biased. ”

“Here is a shame! The final marks made me mad! ”

“He Kexin! The real champion is you! ”

“Damn judges! We must appeal! ”

“Why is everyone so unfair to China?”

Even the Chinese were disappointed that our Isinbayeva took only bronze at the Olympics, showed a warm attitude towards Sharapova, and some blogger said: “Russia took gold in judo. This is definitely related to Putin! ”

“Bearded men”, “corruption”, “Tsar Putin”, judo, which Putin, specifically for medals, came to hurt, - these opinions of Chinese bloggers show their attitude to present-day Russia, which, in essence, is no different from that of Western man in the street.

"This country is hopeless"

About Pussy Riot Process The views of the Chinese in Sina Weibo were divided into two groups: the first against the PR, the second, obviously the largest, in favor.

First group:

"If this happened in China, then the reaction to the religious theme would also be very sensitive."

“In China, they were most likely assigned“ labor education ”, law enforcement agencies would not start a lawsuit, but would immediately take away their personal freedom.”

"Of course, you need to cut out the poison."

“Being a Chinese, I don’t really know much about this, because here we are talking about blasphemy, and I have nothing to say. However, if I had begun to shout and insult the Buddha in Shaolin, or if I would have called the Buddha with a different name, the result would have been the same. ”

“The fact that these girls went against the leadership is nothing, but why did they make a fuss in a sacred place? For this, you must punish. "

"Only hooligans are against Putin."

The second group:

“Have some pevichek decided to go against Putin? They should be immediately missed. ”

"The way the Russian judicial system is handling this sensitive case shows how much Putin and the Russian government are confident in themselves."

“But how is it possible, ahhhh ??? Such a cool band.

“If they are imprisoned for hooliganism, then this just proves that Putin’s government is a government of hooligans. This is the analogy. ”

"Apparently ... Russia is equal to some countries, Putin plays a little with fire."

“I support the sisters! And though I can not help, but I must say that we oppose the restoration of the monarchy headed by Putin. puting = pussy! "

“Fight girls! On behalf of the Chinese people, I express your support. I hope that someday in the House of People's Assemblies will also sound “down”. And also - pay attention, what beauties are these girls. Bravery, toughness, beauty - these words are not divided by gender. "

“I watched the video again. These girls are really very brave! Come to the temple and do this? Yes, not bad. Chinese angry youth and not standing next to. Who among them has the courage to come to the mausoleum of Mao Zedong or Sun Yat-sen and do this? What, in Mao's mausoleum, is some kind of especially strict guard? Then you can go to his home village. And with Sun Yatsen’s mausoleum, everything is quite simple, I have already helped to explore the area, hehe. ”

“The day will come, and Russia will appreciate them justly, they are real heroines!”

And - a special opinion: "If this behavior is considered a manifestation of feminism and freedom, and many still approve of it, then this country is hopeless."

Everything is free!

In the Internet You can find reviews about Russia of one Chinese, who visited our guest more than once. Moreover, having spent the last time (2009) in Russia 7 days and visiting St. Petersburg, Moscow, Smolensk and Voronezh, this Chinese, speaking of Russia and China, compares the two countries not in favor of their homeland.

According to this comrade, Russia is a very clean country. Even the shoes do not need to be cleaned. No specks of dust or mote.

Student residences in Russia are like hotels with three stars, even better. The room for two students has an area of ​​50 square. m. And students in such large rooms not only live for free, but the light never turn off. It burns as long as the light bulb serves: “There is no such thing as a“ accommodation fee ”. Water, electricity, heating are free, for many students the lights are on for 5-6 years - they are not turned off for a minute, because they are free. Water, that hot, that cold - 24 hours a day. "

The Russians themselves do not understand their happiness: “... water is free, electricity is very cheap (a kilowatt hour costs about a few fans), gas in many places is also free, in winter there is almost no charge for heating.” And also - benefits: “To all elderly Russians who have worked in a real job, the government issues a summer cottage for rest ...”

Plus - free medicine. Oh, and education: you don’t have to pay for it in Russia either.

Russian friendly policemen have only one drawback: they do not speak English.

It seems that this Chinese described a transitional stage from developed socialism to communism. Given that his opinion relates to the 2009 year, then communism in Russia should already be on the way. Togo and look, consciousness will reach that high degree, which Marx broadcast, the state will die off along with the monetary system, and the Russian people are confronted with the Chinese, defying borders and visas. And the first people fraternize climb Chinese people.

Tatars, that is, Slavs, that is, slaves

Leading Researcher of the Institute stories FEB RAS Boris Tkachenko a couple of years ago got into the hands of the brochure “Penetrating Russia”, published in the total number of 135 copies. It collected translations of excerpts from Chinese books and newspaper publications. Its author set out to understand Russian.

According to the Chinese, the Russian people because of the long period of life in slavery do not have the traditions of democracy, but there is a desire for extreme individualism. And the Russians are so contradictory that, with their individualism, they also differ in their slavish obedience. “Russians forever fluctuate between these two extremes. Having received freedom, they know no boundaries, they are ready to destroy everything. ”

The Russian people are not capable of anything without foreigners: “... Russia's achievements have always been associated with foreigners. As soon as the Russians themselves got down to business, everything quickly collapsed. The reason was their inability to self-control, self-management. In Russia, they always bowed to the West. ”

Russians are patient people; they don’t know how to protest, and if they protest, it’s soft and little. As an example, life is given under Yeltsin: “Under Yeltsin, the standard of living of ordinary people fell catastrophically, they were robbed and deceived as much as they could, but the people only a little spoiled it. In 2002, about 80% of the population was below the poverty line. There are many dissatisfied, but there is no organized protest. The Russian people once again demonstrate tremendous patience and tolerance towards power. This is the main tradition inherited from the slave past. ”

Russian people constantly fought, so they became tolerant of cruelty.

They also consider themselves superior to other nations: “Russians consider themselves superior to others. This is reflected in the theory of the superiority of the Slavic race. Russians look with a contemptuous look not only at the backward East and South, but also at the more developed West. They always want to be the first, to be the leaders. The idea of ​​seniority penetrated deep into the psychology of the Russians. ” Russia's foreign policy is built on hegemonism: “... Even now, when it cannot be considered even a second-rate country, it is difficult for it to hide its hegemonic psychology.”

Further we read: “No matter how hard the Russians tried to Europeanize, however, they are not similar to Europeans. In many ways, they are more similar to the Tatars. More precisely, for formal reasons, this is a civilized society, but inside it is a purely Russian filling. For external decency, the true coarse nature is easily visible. Russians are Slavs. “Slavs” in Latin means “slaves”.

Morality among Russians is inverted: “Russians have a disregard for traditional morality. Inconsistency and became a feature of the Russian nation: on the one hand - Eastern submissiveness and servility, on the other, promiscuity, licentiousness; on the one hand - the fear of authority, on the other - the contempt for tradition, the rejection of generally accepted principles of morality and ethics. This leads to the fact that they take rudeness for valor, laxity and chaos for democracy, servility for virtue. ”

Russians do not know how to value their history, as if they deny the historical memory itself: “... Their attitude to history is also extremely radical. For example, they believe that everything old should be rejected, no continuity is needed. All traces of the past should be washed away, erased overnight. And not only in form, but in essence. Perhaps the most ridiculous is their desire to change the names of cities, streets and squares, to demolish monuments, as if in their history there were no events that deserve memory. ”

In Russia, a terrible bureaucracy thrives, to the officials - long queues. “It doesn’t matter how many people will wait in the queue, - 10 or 100 - employees will work as usual: without haste, being distracted by conversations and not forgetting to drink tea. Nothing will force them to change their regulations, no cataclysms. ”

Since the Russians only did that they fought, they had no time to improve their native language: “... the well-known expression of the English poet Johnson“ Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel ”translated into Russian looks like this:“ Not everything was lost even by the missing person, rejected by friends society, if in his soul there is a sense of Homeland, in it is his last hope and salvation. ” Russian had no time to engage in the improvement of their language - they fought and fought more. Even culturally educated people can argue endlessly about writing a simple word or sentence. And even many Russians could not pass the exam for obtaining Russian citizenship. ”

In Russia, there is no love, but there is a cult of sex, which replaces love. The most attractive profession Russian schoolgirls, of course, consider prostitution; society condones this. Newspapers openly print ads for hiring girls to provide sex services. Russian society in general does not understand what is good and what is bad.

As for politicians, they “not only are not afraid to dampen their reputation on this basis, but, on the contrary, use sex as an instrument to achieve their goals. Many of them, including members of parliament and governors, openly contain several mistresses, the Zhirinovsky party proposes to open brothels. ”

All this is a historical reality. Pushkin, the Chinese write, loved to brag about sexual abilities, and Catherine II didn't need to brag.

We go further.

Russian people can not drink. “You can not eat, but you can not not drink - this is another bright feature of the Russian people. Vodka has become an important part of the culture of Russian society. Alcohol is something without which Russians cannot and do not want. If in other countries they say: “Whoever gets up early, earns bread”, then you can say about Russians: “Whoever gets up early, he will have something to drink.” The Chinese are reminded that Yeltsin was an alcoholic.

Shame on the Russian people is not a drop. “The most surprising thing is that they never feel shame, no matter what they do. On the contrary, they always find justifications for all. ” In Russia, deception is rampant at all levels.

Russians live in constant fear. All around for them - the enemies. In Russia, an atmosphere of universal suspicion reigns. The role of the FSB is still great. "Almost all telephone conversations are tapped, and if desired, the special services can always present compromising information on you."

In another material, “Comparison of China and Russia,” the Chinese conducted a direct comparative analysis of the two countries. If the wise China, according to the authors, followed Japan and South Korea, adopted the Western model, then Russia moved along the African path, or, better, the Latin American one.

The following material, “Opening the Map of Russia,” describes the character of the Russian people from the point of view of the Chinese.

According to analysts, the Russian nation is completely thieves, cowards, robbers; The main traits of their character are anger, greed, and worship of violence. The authors summarize: “The greatness” of the Russian nation on 30% consists of theft and on 70% - of banditry ”.

The main Chinese enemies

Lin Haihun, a famous Chinese blogger, is also considered to be an expert on Russian in China (professional translator). In addition to translation, he considers himself an expert in international relations.

On the geopolitical issue with Russia to Comrade Haihun, everything is very clear: Russia is the same as America. “Difficult political relations between China and America,” in Russian пишет The blogger, as well as the difference of cultural systems, made a very important reason for the decision to build an automatic system to ban reactionary words, phrases, and so on, which means that China’s main enemy, like Russia, is also America, which seeks China’s separativity. ” (Quoted without editing, as the author insists on this).

Well, and what, actually, comrade Haykhun expected from the nation "thieves and gangsters"? Of course, Moscow, in collaboration with Washington, is carrying out secret separatist plans to divide China. Russian thieves, gangsters and officials are always ready to unite with American gangsters and congressmen. In Shanghai, lived and sang Vertinsky? Well, everything: Russia has historical rights to this city.

* * *

So, the Chinese represent the character of the Russian people as a tight tangle of contradictions. Cowardly servile, ever drunk, tongue-tied and despising all the gangster people, constantly leading the war, recognizing only the right of force and cultivating sex instead of love - an incredible schizophrenic hybrid that I personally can not imagine. The Chinese “analytics” in blogs and media, alas, turned out to be of even lower quality than Chinese consumer goods. The knowledge of a professional translator of the Russian language (I would have said nothing, do not insist that Haykhun himself is at his high level) and I do not want to comment at all. One shamelessness in half with rice vodka, honestly.

Observed Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 13 September 2012 09: 10
    Regarding the Pussy Riot trial, "In China, they most likely have been assigned" labor education "

    Very, very correct. Only Labor makes a man out of a monkey

    I liked the article
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 13 September 2012 09: 21
      laughing to the monkeys of these snails, as to Beijing stomping cancer from a bottle of water.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 13 September 2012 09: 26
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        to the monkey this

        I like Sergei the Chinese approach, in general, judging by their comments, they are well aware of what’s going on
        1. Dmitriy69
          Dmitriy69 13 September 2012 10: 07
          Quote: Vadivak
          in general, judging by their comments, they are well aware of what is going on

          I read and found myself thinking that I know much less about China.
          As for the comments, they are, in principle, very similar to ours, only change China to Russia.
        2. edge
          edge 13 September 2012 17: 06
          still, after returning from Russia, each report is written to local authorities.
      2. characterization
        characterization 14 September 2012 04: 14
        China itself hasn’t yet realized that it itself has become slaves of world corporations with a world dump of technological waste in a dirty industrial zone with a huge landfill, which they sing about that they envy and their heads should hang a thermonuclear club weighing at least 100 kilotons so that they don’t think of jumping on foreign territories
    2. slas
      slas 13 September 2012 09: 39
      Quote: Vadivak
      from human monkey

      Yes Yes ) . Well, for the rest of the jokes (I can’t name the opinion of the Chinese merchants in another way) if these are the opinions of the majority of the Chinese, then I’m in shock. Forecast --- wars with comrades who have recently kneaded mud cannot be avoided "mmoy"
      1. Trance
        Trance 13 September 2012 09: 47
        Good morning everyone wink

        Guys, from all this nonsense, most of all laughed at this:
        "Vertinsky lived and sang in Shanghai? Well, that's it: Russia has historical rights to this city."
      2. VALENOK
        VALENOK 13 September 2012 12: 14
        It’s a pity, it’s a pity that the Chinese couldn’t make out our Russian soul with their eyes wide open.
        1. slas
          slas 13 September 2012 17: 02
          Quote: VALENOK
          with my eyes wide

          () () --- if so disclosed then yes I agree with you)))
        2. edge
          edge 13 September 2012 17: 12
          but they didn’t look there, they don’t need to see it ..... b ...... lo, who only got money, was stunned by desires .....
        3. 53-Sciborskiy
          53-Sciborskiy 15 September 2012 09: 10
          Quote: VALENOK
          It’s a pity, it’s a pity that the Chinese couldn’t make out our Russian soul with their eyes wide open.
          We got a little stronger, and here you are, keep a bunch of "flattering" characteristics. They didn't really do anything with their hands and head, they steal everything they can from the whole world. Then all this consumer goods, starting from lighters and toothpaste, etc., are thrown out on the world market. I don't even want to talk about military equipment. Well, they have nothing of their own. Why such arrogance?
    3. Joker
      Joker 13 September 2012 12: 25
      Of course, Russian schoolgirls consider prostitution to be the most attractive profession; society condones this

      By the way, I did not know about it, it turns out that all prostitutes dream of being laughing
      1. Uruska
        Uruska 13 September 2012 13: 50
        Unfortunately it was. (I don’t remember these difficult years) Girls dream of being prostitutes, and guys are bandits, racketeers. The Chinese could not invent it. Obviously, he communicated with just such a category.
        1. Russlana
          Russlana 13 September 2012 15: 07
          There was such a thing, I remember some kind of holiday at school, so there the boy recited: "I'll go to the racketeers, let them teach me" ...
          1. slas
            slas 13 September 2012 17: 04
            Quote: Russlana
            It was, I remember at school

            And all the boys dreamed of becoming --- "and I'm going to become racketeers, let them teach me"? )))
        2. olegyurjewitch
          olegyurjewitch 13 September 2012 19: 19
          Quote: Uruska
          The Chinese could not invent it.

          He does not need to invent, it is enough to watch our series, especially the "now cult" Boomer or "Brigade".
    4. characterization
      characterization 14 September 2012 03: 53
      Quote: Vadivak
      Only Labor makes a man out of a monkey
      and from a Chinese man
    5. Fox 070
      Fox 070 14 September 2012 10: 49
      Quote: Vadivak
      Only Labor makes a man out of a monkey

      That is how China looks like one huge labor camp. Apparently in the distant past, the largest population of monkeys on Earth lived on this territory. laughing
    6. Trofimov174
      Trofimov174 14 September 2012 11: 17
      We know this Chinese "labor education", they are called death buses))
  2. T72B
    T72B 13 September 2012 09: 25
    What is the article about? Such statements can be pulled from any internet forum in any country and sorted according to any taste. Need for? Let's collect 150 thousand statements for. Against? Not a problem either. And the Chinese themselves are not very homogeneous. And they have their own "swamp" ones. And there are also normal adequate people. In general, everything is like everywhere else. There is no need to make informational vinigret and try to make a sensation from scratch.
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 13 September 2012 09: 53
      Naturally, I somehow climbed the English-language forums and picked up a lot of interesting statements, namely Europeans about Ukraine, after Euro 2012.
      So, opinions were divided by about 70 to 30. Most of them liked Ukraine, but not so much.
      In general, how many people, so many opinions and it doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Englishman or Tungus.
      1. T72B
        T72B 13 September 2012 10: 09
        Here I am about the same thing. And statistics very much depends on what forums of quotation and degree of disinterest of the author (I’m not talking about you).
    2. vezunchik
      vezunchik 13 September 2012 09: 53
      I agree. States really want to quarrel us, ator contributes to this article. With little thought or ... ???
      1. T72B
        T72B 13 September 2012 10: 03
        Thieves, cowards, bandits, alcoholics and shameless enemies of China.

        It is unlikely that such a tendentious headline is mere thoughtlessness. Most have just the title in their memory. Well, the reaction (subconscious) is appropriate. Who is the coward? I'm a coward? Oh, you are Sinensis ... Is it me that I’m a bandit and an alcoholic?
        Everything is calculated and thought out to the level of motor reflexes. Nonsense here and does not smell.
        1. edge
          edge 13 September 2012 17: 15
          ....... a question about rudeness, who opened the mouth on the border lands, we or they?
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 13 September 2012 09: 50
    Thank you March, cheered up in the morning. sorry today is not friday.

    China is a dragon - and in Russian the serpents are the mountains, and so

    Gorynych's snake asks Baba Yaga.
    - Who are you most afraid of?
    - Guess.
    - Ilya of Muromets.
    - No. Healthy, but lazy and dumb.
    - Dobrynya Nikitich?
    - No. Many forces, but straightforward.
    - Who?
    - Ivan the peasant son.
    - Why not?
    - Sam d u cancer, shoots anywhere, kisses toads. Chaos.
    1. Mikhalych82
      Mikhalych82 13 September 2012 11: 57
      China is a dragon - and in Russian, the serpent gorynych,
      And soon the time will come to cut the dragon’s heads! am
      All this is a historical reality. Pushkin, the Chinese write, loved to brag about sexual abilities, and Catherine II didn't need to brag.
      I was confused by one moment, and which of these individuals is Russian ?! smile
      Despite the general negative attitude towards Chinese "friends", there is a certain grain in this article. And these problems are, in principle, partly relevant. Only I am tormented by doubts about the ideal Chinese society, is everything so good with them ?! And why everyone who is not lazy climb into the internal affairs of our country ?! We do not condemn or discuss court sentences passed in other countries! Although we should remember Breivik's ujcgjlbyf! Such a verdict as a green light for maniacs, etc. - fill up more people, and you will have a camera with a bedroom, a gym and an office (+ internet), feeding as expected, here it is - crap in all its glory!
    2. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 17: 21
      Thank you Vorobey, cheered up
  4. Odessa
    Odessa 13 September 2012 09: 52
    Oleg, thanks, interesting good +!
    And if this animal is also drunk, it turns out that somewhere like that.
    1. Beck
      Beck 14 September 2012 11: 04
      Some kind of entertaining page is obtained. We started by discussing Chinese comments on the Internet and switched to a direct insult. Like monkeys and there are many. And this is despite all that the Chinese have brought to civilization. Well, okay, there’s not enough room to talk about this.

      But actually wondered why there are so many? Probably not. The main reason for their large number is hard work. The Chinese farmer worked his plot of land so diligently that he could feed many.
      For example, a family of 10 people. And his children did not die of hunger. And here everyone is blaming.
  5. Slevinst
    Slevinst 13 September 2012 09: 54
    in something they are right, I also think that the Russians are the best and all other countries envy us laughing
  6. anchonsha
    anchonsha 13 September 2012 09: 56
    None of the Chinese people spoke of the servility of their people to the Europeans. If it weren’t for Russia, now it would probably be under the Japs, the British. People forget what they owe to Russia or do not know.
    1. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 17: 25
      they are not taught this. Each state concocts its own history, and serves at an age when there is no analytical ability
    2. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 13 September 2012 19: 24
      What are you, they have all the ice, no dictatorship, and other delights. smile
  7. Ash
    Ash 13 September 2012 09: 56
    The Russian people cannot do anything without foreigners

    If you consider Stalin a foreigner, then maybe.
  8. bubla5
    bubla5 13 September 2012 10: 10
    This all applies to Moscow and Muscovites, I completely agree with the headline about Moscow
  9. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 13 September 2012 10: 15
    An interesting thesis about slavery from a nation whose territory was occupied by Japan more than once and the quote "During World War II, the Japanese military forced women into prostitution in the occupied territories. About two hundred thousand young Chinese and Korean women were turned into sex slaves by the Japanese military during the Second World War. world ", as well as they should remember about the Manchurian operation ...
    1. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 17: 30
      the color of the Chinese nation, these are the children and grandchildren of Chinese women fucked by the Japanese, Europeans, Americans, and ours somewhere, rightly, also tried after the civil war.
      1. Beck
        Beck 15 September 2012 10: 46

        How can one so insult the people who have brought a lot to human civilization. Even if he didn't bring anything. And they found the reason - "they were all fucked." Yes, the story went in such a way that the blood was always mixed. Always someone conquered someone, while incest naturally occurred. It `s naturally.

        Are you a Chistorussian man? And then where are the Varangians, Finno-Finns, Turks of the Golden Horde, Lithuanians, Poles, French, Germans. All of them once walked in Russia.
  10. heruv1me
    heruv1me 13 September 2012 10: 17
    Here an interesting discussion is about our reality
  11. Skavron
    Skavron 13 September 2012 10: 19
    With such articles we are prepared for the fact that soon China will be a fraternal country with us)) laughing
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 13 September 2012 10: 22
      Quote: Skavron
      With such articles we are prepared for the fact that soon China will be a fraternal country with us))

      What did you think that they were your brothers? They spit on everyone, copy weapons from everyone, clog the whole world with their goods, not a few firms went out of business, not a few people lost their jobs because of them.
      1. T72B
        T72B 13 September 2012 10: 28
        If there is no water in the tap, then did the Chinese drink?
        1. andrei332809
          andrei332809 13 September 2012 10: 38
          if there is no water in the tap, then ... and hereinafter.
          if there is water in the tap, then ...
          in this case, the perpetrators found
          1. T72B
            T72B 13 September 2012 10: 48
            three hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred and ninth andrew.
            Ek you, my friend, intricately. You can bewitching yourself, trying to unravel your ironic rebus.
            1. andrei332809
              andrei332809 13 September 2012 10: 52
              and you do not remember these sayings?
              if fully reproduced, so removed as not appropriate
              set a plus for the understanding of irony and name-calling. I just didn’t bother with a nickname. It’s more convenient, the same everywhere, both in soap and in Skype. Why spread the thought through the tree
              1. T72B
                T72B 13 September 2012 11: 10
                Quote: andrei332809
                I just didn’t bother with a nickname. It’s more convenient, the same everywhere, both in soap and in Skype. Why spread the thought through the tree

                What are the problems, colleague? He is a tank and a tank in Africa.
                Nice to talk with an ironic person. And then recently, people have somehow more and more expressed themselves with slogans and strive to completely quote the program of the 26th Congress.
                1. andrei332809
                  andrei332809 13 September 2012 11: 13
                  In Africa, Conder is needed. and the tanks themselves will come in handy.
                  suddenly the Chinese will move from criticism to "democratization"
                  1. T72B
                    T72B 13 September 2012 11: 24
                    Quote: andrei332809
                    and the tanks themselves will come in handy.
                    suddenly the Chinese will move from criticism to "democratization"

                    This is unlikely. Although I agree. Friendship is friendship, and keep tanks oiled. I had to serve in the great and mighty with three Soviet Chinese. The kids were a bit dirty and some very clogged and dumb. But they plowed from and to and without any control from above.
                    1. andrei332809
                      andrei332809 13 September 2012 11: 32
                      this cannot be taken away from them. that is, there is. the authorities are listened to without criticism and discussion
                      1. T72B
                        T72B 13 September 2012 11: 40
                        Well, to a certain extent, it should be so. Otherwise, any production will turn into a booth. But this blind reverence for rank also hinders the development of new ideas. Y-e-eh, there is no happiness in life (namely, happiness. I myself saw such a tattoo on one "intellectual" of central Siberia).
                      2. edge
                        edge 13 September 2012 17: 37
                        the Chinese have always been r ..... Asian cattle
                    2. gor
                      gor 13 September 2012 16: 09
                      but about the fact that the Chinese are rather dirty here. As far as I know, this is a very clean nation and hardworking. Or maybe he decided to exalt himself by meeting with a shower only in 70 years?
                      1. edge
                        edge 13 September 2012 17: 40
                        not Gundi gor, Russia in the baths washed when Europe shit and urine in the baths until the middle of the 19th century.
                      2. vorobey
                        vorobey 14 September 2012 10: 52
                        Quote: gor
                        very clean nation and hardworking

                        you probably confuse them with the Japanese respected.
            2. Uruska
              Uruska 13 September 2012 14: 11
              Yes, without further ado ...
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 13 September 2012 10: 53
        Quote: Ataturk

        What did you think that they were your brothers?

        No, Omar, if today our views converge, then this is more likely a temporary coincidence of interests, after the collapse of America, China is more likely to become a geopolitical adversary that will have to be reckoned with despite the presence of nuclear weapons.
      3. arches
        arches 26 September 2012 16: 53
        How many Russians did not tell each other that China is an ally and friend, the Chinese have their own opinion and what some Chinese know. And according to the logic of things: how is friendship with Russia more profitable for China than friendship with Europe and America? NATO is far away, and Russia is next to it and chopping off territories is simpler with the support of the powers that be.
    2. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 17: 32
      and he was never brotherly and wasn’t: while they were weak, they looked in the teeth, rose a little and began to show their teeth (we had to knock them out once more ........).
  12. andrei332809
    andrei332809 13 September 2012 10: 19
    have the Chinese rejected Confucius? criticism is certainly good, but the critic should be more than deserved. china is find the strand in production. they brought me a gift and evropy. everything is in its place, made in china. well, I think that in europe there can be no rubbish. where there, the same g ... as in our flea markets. only the price is "European"
    1. T72B
      T72B 13 September 2012 11: 34
      This is more a question for Europe than for the Chinese. Whatever you order, they will do it. Super things can get into a mess. I had a Kitaezovsky sweater. He served for 20 years and still did not creep. Tired so that he gave in some kind of aid fund there. And if you want to earn 1500% of the profit, then, of course, they will do everything out of shit. By the way, the vast majority of enterprises in China are joint ventures with Europe and America. They also order music, i.e. quality and cost of goods.
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 14 September 2012 11: 04
        when they dispersed the Woentorg (remember, did they have stores?), bought cheap Chinese shoes for cheap. I wore them for five years (such lacquer past, glittered already), and if I hadn’t stepped on a splinter from the bottle (there was a bottom with teeth) and didn’t tear the sole still would wear
  13. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 13 September 2012 10: 34
    laughed at the article!
    Conclusion-Whose cow would mumble, but the Chinese were silent!
    Who makes the most terrible consumer goods, the Chinese, who are lazy, cannot work normally.
    Who dangled most of all in the world of know-how and just Chinese products, then thieves and lazy, can’t come up with their own.
    Who invented the style of drunken kungfu-Chinese, then that is still a nation, alcoholic.
    Well, about their slavery to their superior, these are whole legends; they still have not come out of feudalism!
    So we will not pay a dozen of some extracts from the Internet!
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 13 September 2012 10: 56
      Well, at the expense of laziness, you turned down, the Chinese worker is an exemplary worker.
      but about know how, it’s cheaper to copy. They need to raise the economy very quickly, and it will take a lot of money to invent a bicycle.
      It's easier, cheaper ...
    2. gor
      gor 13 September 2012 16: 11
      but don’t you wear the most terrible consumer goods? say that Russian consumer goods are better and there will be a reason to laugh)))))))))
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 14 September 2012 10: 54
        Quote: gor
        Russian consumer goods better

        No, a bouquet of Moldova is the highest quality consumer goods.
  14. artist-mamluk
    artist-mamluk 13 September 2012 10: 45
    What I like about the Chinese is that they have beautiful children, and that they do everything with their hands ....
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 13 September 2012 11: 00
      Quote: artist-mamluk
      What I like about the Chinese is that they have beautiful children

      Well so there the Japanese tried hard.
  15. strannik595
    strannik595 13 September 2012 11: 00
    I can agree about everything, but what cowards it was they foolishly blurted out, if not for the Russian cowardly battalions, then China would have sat under the Japanese protectorate
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 13 September 2012 11: 37
      soooo ..... who was talking about cowards, drunkards and bandits here?
    2. Baron Wrangell
      Baron Wrangell 13 September 2012 13: 21
      still remember 1979 g, how they trampled into Vietnam, and then they were draping! then they still don’t know how to fight! although not a fact!
  16. apro
    apro 13 September 2012 11: 01
    And what did you want under the king of China, a half-colony of Manchuria under the Russian protectorate after the revolution, the Chinese watched the collapse of the empire and drew a brief period of mutual trust from 30-55, the best years in the relationship were proposals for the merger of our states and Soviet people were really authorities for the Chinese, but then the time of the confrontation unleashed by the USSR and we enemies again collapse and again conclusions and here Russia became the youngest partner in this dialogue. China is big and the Chinese are different those who are 50-60 urban intellectuals are similar to us in Soviet times, the village is drudgery but with new trends the Chinese more and more they want to be a coupe and to work. I will never work with them that they do something better and faster than us and they know how to do it and make it go until they look after them, a kind of people like everyone else.
  17. Gavril
    Gavril 13 September 2012 11: 05
    Well, yes, the Chinese are wise, great, not thieves, not bandits, they have kungfu, well, there’s absolutely no bureaucracy, they are tolerant of all neighbors, they came up with gunpowder))) And who has Japan always driven through your lands? Where were you the brave Chinese non-bureaucrats? If it weren’t for the Soviet Union, you would have disintegrated and remained forever in feudalism under the boot of the Japanese or the Yankees as a slave (which, in essence, you are today). Why haven’t conquered Siberia yet? Pissing? Piss! We are 142 million you 2 billion. but piss, because for our club do not give a damn how many you got divorced there)))
  18. Manager
    Manager 13 September 2012 11: 06
    Why be surprised actually? Who loves and respects us on this planet in general? And China is a completely different culture. And if you put certain propaganda on it, then everything falls into place.
    The only thing they are right about is that alcohol also kills officials.
    And the Olympics clearly shows what we were in the USSR and what we have now.
    The article is a plus, but I want to say to our people, shake their heads and stop drinking and smoking!
    1. Mikhalych82
      Mikhalych82 13 September 2012 14: 11
      And the Olympics clearly shows what we were in the USSR and what we have now.
      Let's reason logically:
      1) USSR - Union of 15 republics with a population as of 1989 - 286, 731 million people.
      2) After the known republics left the population, the population decreased by 2 times.
      It is logical then to compare the results of the Olympics: USSR vs RF + medals of the former Union republics! smile How do you think?
      Compared to China, given the ratio of population (1,5 billion) / number of winners = Chinese are mostly horseradish athletes smile
    2. datur
      datur 13 September 2012 15: 59
      Why be surprised actually? Who loves us on this planet, respects us? belay - and who on this planet generally loves or respects anyone !! wink acre yourself beloved ??? laughing
  19. aleandr
    aleandr 13 September 2012 11: 11
    Neighing, reading an article. I will write my comments.

    In 2002, about 80% of the population was below the poverty line.
    Who would say that China still has such a percentage of beggars.

    Russian people have no shame

    This is not true, though ..... If I had his face full after such an article angry then I really wouldn’t have a shame.
    1. vladimir64ss
      vladimir64ss 13 September 2012 13: 10
      Quote: aleandr
      ..If I filled his face after such an article

      My father served there immediately after the Second World War (an aviation technician) from a local official for a kickback he bought a BMW motorcycle, a "new shirt" with a patch, and because of a woman he laid the Chinese down with one blow in a restaurant (district champion in the bench press). The father came to himself in the morning , and the Chinese in a day. Father was exiled to the Union. Got sick, quick-eyed. They don't remember the good. Thanks for the review. How else would we know their mood.
    2. urzul
      urzul 13 September 2012 15: 46
      China has 170 million unemployed
      1. olegyurjewitch
        olegyurjewitch 13 September 2012 19: 31
        Quote: urzul
        China has 170 million unemployed

        Something is not enough for such a horde.
  20. dmitrich
    dmitrich 13 September 2012 11: 13
    bullshit, the war continues. These are not Chinese statements. They appeared in RuNet after blocking sanctions against Syria, Russia and China in the UN Security Council. Attempts to embroil us.
  21. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 13 September 2012 11: 22
    Thanks to Oleg Chuvakin for responding to the request ...
    The article turned out to be good, but not the second pancake either.

    1) the fighters of the Chinese triad on the territory of Russia cut their heads to their fellow citizens, fending off Russian hooligans with varying success, more often evade conflicts - while they leave, they recede yielding ...
    2) but already from Chinese entrepreneurs Russian wage workers have been noticed;
    3) the Chinese drink a lot and often, but knowing that they will not be able to drink Russian guys, they cheat - they take turns from the table and cause vomiting in the toilet, trying not to fall at the end of the feast in the salad. Getting drunk become funny and helpless ...
    4) Throughout China, under the roof of the "Triad", prostitution in double color is flourishing - it's like in the East, they say, Russian girls are impudent night prostitutes, and ours are only under the veil, but also day and night ...
    5) The fact that Chinese women / girls are touched by the beauty of Russian guys only once again confirms their desire to fall in love, copulate and have offspring with a race that has a better chance of survival and development ...
    Women feel such things on a subconscious, genetic level!

    I assure members of the forum that it is rare for any Chinese to come up with an argument and compete by pips - they did not have such wealth, and it is unlikely to be ...
    Hence the envy of many of them towards their older northern brother ...
    Apparently, some "advanced" Chinese bloggers have such envy hypertrained to the point that it muddies the mind, that gives rise to terrible fantasies ...
    At the same time, do not forget that out of more than 500 million users of the Chinese Internet, it is difficult to distinguish oneself with a shining mind - that's the rush of such Chinese bloggers - "kids", not native ...
    1. datur
      datur 13 September 2012 16: 07
      Angry Tatar, wink laughing Thanks for koment, a good demotivator in the morning !!!!!!! yes drinks laughing but do not pull us cognac grams of commercials 300-400-500? !!!! feel drinks
    2. REPA1963
      REPA1963 13 September 2012 23: 26
      And how do you know all this?
  22. Beck
    Beck 13 September 2012 11: 41
    Here in the comets it was said, and rightly so, that everything depends on the author of the article and his commitment to pull these or those posts from many sites.

    I don’t know how it really is in Chinese sites, but I don’t see any obvious rudeness, rudeness and hatred in the comments provided. And this is a plus to the Chinese.

    An even bigger plus, well, just bigger is the comments on this our site. Just a pleasant surprise. The overwhelming majority of them are restrained, adequate, without swearing and swearing. Reasoned and critical to both bad and good.

    Or did the patriots not get here yet? But anyway, those who already have comments are worthy of support.
  23. Wertynskiy
    Wertynskiy 13 September 2012 11: 43
    Particularly pleased with the cottage for conscientious work. But seriously, these people say that they seem to have reached the peak of civilizational development. And the system of medicine and pension provision is probably considered the rudiments of northern barbarism.
    And seriously, they are right about vodka. Ivan - Hare thump! Better to learn Chinese, otherwise how will you and I take languages ​​and then interrogate?
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 13 September 2012 13: 26
      Quote: Wertynskiy
      And seriously, they are right about vodka. Ivan - Hare thump! Better to learn Chinese, otherwise how will you and I take languages ​​and then interrogate?

      "Ivan" fucking knows what place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita in the world - not even in the top ten - twenty ...
      Guys and girls with knowledge of Chinese will be enough for us to interrogate, and so ...
      And let more Chinese begin to know Russian, i.e. whose language is more in demand, the more recognized by other peoples is the importance of this knowledge by them - I would have learned Russian only for that .............

      Quote from one blogger: - "We were at a cinema in Washington the other day. There is a parking lot of $ 5 in the neighborhood, but if you went to the cinema and printed a parking ticket there, you get $ 1.
      After seeing the movie, we leave the garage. There is a black man in the booth (60 percent of the population here is black). Takes a ticket ...
      He: Five dollars.
      I (in Russian): Skoka? !!
      He: One dollar.

      May I be a black man of advanced years
      And that would be without usta
      I would learn Russian only because
      What did Lenin say to them ...
      V. Mayakovsky

      or one more thing: -I would learn Russian only for that,
      that there is grace in him
      because Solokha, gnawing Konotop,
      from Russian - the cookie tasted.

      S. A. Minakov, “Voivode’s Dream”
      1. Straus_zloy
        Straus_zloy 14 September 2012 15: 28
        I would learn Russian only for that ..

        May I be a black man of advanced years
        Idaho Indian
        I would learn Russian only because
        To send everyone (censored)
    2. datur
      datur 13 September 2012 16: 10
      Ivan - Hare thump! Better to learn Chinese, otherwise how will you and I take languages ​​and then interrogate? like, butts on the forehead feel - Immediately everyone will begin to understand ours !!!! yes laughing
    3. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 17: 59
      and they are already able to answer questions in Russian .....
    4. stariy
      stariy 13 September 2012 21: 22
      Quote: Wertynskiy
      Let's learn Chinese

      Aptimist-learning English. Pessist-Chinese. The realist is a Kalashnikov assault rifle.
  24. V. Salama
    V. Salama 13 September 2012 11: 49
    Chinese wisdom says that there is no such garbage that could not be justified by Chinese wisdom. However, you are most upset when your critic is even a small fraction of the rights. I read the comments, I believe that 99% of the estimates are correct, all that has been said probably takes place. Here's a fucking situation ...
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 13 September 2012 19: 37
      Quote: V. Salama
      I read the comments, I believe that 99% of the estimates are correct, all that has been said probably takes place. Here's a fucking situation ...

      This is the case in any state. It is only worth a closer look and you will see everything that you want.
  25. Dema239
    Dema239 13 September 2012 12: 40
    China in the entire history of its existence, at least one war with an external adversary won? That's the same ... smile
    1. Beck
      Beck 13 September 2012 12: 51

      Dema, how to say more careful? Look at the story first. How would China become so vast without victorious wars. 2500 years ago, China is the Five Kingdoms in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. And what is China now. He suffered defeats, but in the end he defeated the Huns, the Mongols, and the Manchus. Then stuck in the Middle Ages. And already technically in the 20th century he could not wage modern wars.
      1. Mikhalych82
        Mikhalych82 13 September 2012 14: 18
        He suffered defeats, but in the end he defeated the Huns, the Mongols, and the Manchus.
        China actually assimilated its less numerous conquerors, if it can be called a victory ?! No.
        1. Beck
          Beck 13 September 2012 14: 29

          "China has actually assimilated its fewer conquerors, if that can be called a victory?"

          And it was like that. Especially when you consider that the managers of the conquerors were mostly Chinese. But the result is victorious. Where are the Huns now and where are the Manchus. And here is China.
          1. urzul
            urzul 13 September 2012 15: 49
            It’s like the conquest of Russia by the Tatar-Mongols
            1. Beck
              Beck 13 September 2012 16: 48

              If without a dirty trick, but that is, you have a tendency to an intelligent hidden injection.

              Of course. The circuit is about the same.
      2. edge
        edge 13 September 2012 18: 03
        he was part of other states, and when they weakened he simply crossed borders, the principle of passive conquest
  26. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 13 September 2012 13: 25
    I completely agree with deme 239, they always lost, so it’s not clear who else were the slaves in history .. glory to Russia
    1. datur
      datur 13 September 2012 16: 13
      sasha 19871987and now are they free ??? plow for a cup of rice !!!! laughing
      1. edge
        edge 13 September 2012 18: 05
        not with their mentality talk about freedom
  27. Blackwing
    Blackwing 13 September 2012 13: 30
    Very interesting article. Knowing the opinions of other peoples is important for conducting foreign policy.
    One of the tasks of the state is to create a favorable image of its country and its people. In this regard, it is worth paying more attention to this problem; events such as the Year of Russia in China and vice versa should not be limited.
  28. keylogger
    keylogger 13 September 2012 13: 34
    Such articles, especially since they are available to everyone, cannot form any opinions about Russia, because in our country, if you take the corrupt liberal Russian-language media, you can "pick" any nasty thing on anything. Do not give in to provocations and think for yourself. If someone swears at us in terms of the alleged "opinion" of the whole country - look for someone who is profitable.
    Russia with China is a very powerful force, which, believe me, is not needed by our to enemies to partners.
    Turn on your own brain and do not become like a herd state.
    1. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 18: 10
      our media are not corrupt, they just work for their master
      1. keylogger
        keylogger 13 September 2012 21: 46
        Yes sir!
        Not at all corrupt, Comrade Captain !!

    2. REPA1963
      REPA1963 13 September 2012 23: 38
      China has never been an ally to anyone, and only temporarily they consider the rest to be the lower race; they say that the whole world should smoke parsley from them only for inventing gunpowder.
  29. DeamonFIre
    DeamonFIre 13 September 2012 13: 55
    Almost all of them wrote about Russia (well, except for vodka) I myself also think .. but about the Chinese =)) And when they mentioned the servility of Russians, I could not resist and laughed out loud =)))) Who would talk about servility =)) ))))
  30. SoVIet ZiMBo_O
    SoVIet ZiMBo_O 13 September 2012 14: 17
    It seems that Chinese bloggers forgot that until the beginning of the twentieth century their country was an ordinary colony, that Russia or England were powerful empires at almost all times, and the fact that any of these countries could bring China to its knees. China has only ancient history, even She tried to fence herself off from the whole world, while the Chinese pliability is well known to everyone.
    The Chinese economy is built on orders from the United States, if American companies did not transfer production to China, for example to Africa, then China would still remain a large village!
    1. Beck
      Beck 13 September 2012 14: 42


      I would not say that about their pliability. In the 70s, we laughed at 1001 and further serious warnings from China to the United States in connection with the scouting flights of American aircraft over China. Now American planes do not fly over China. We laughed at their demands for the USSR to give up the disputed islands on Ussuri and Amur. We laughed at the Daman events. Now Russia has given these islands away.

      There is some Chinese saying, I don’t remember the exact words, the meaning is about the same - China is thousands of years old and for the greatness of China we can wait another thousand years.
      1. tan0472
        tan0472 13 September 2012 19: 18
        Kazakhstan did not laugh at China and did not give anything to him. I am proud. wassat
        1. stariy
          stariy 13 September 2012 21: 33
          Quote: tan0472
          and gave nothing to him

          Is Barlyk Arasan really Kazakh?
        2. ded
          ded 13 September 2012 23: 47
          Kazakhstan did not laugh at China and did not give anything to him. Proud of

          Mountains save Kazakhstan, and despite this, Kazakhstan is full of Uigurs. I am not an expert on the history of Kazakhstan, but the Uyghurs (as it seems to me) are more Chinese than Kazakhs.
          1. Beck
            Beck 14 September 2012 00: 00

            Respected. There are Uigurs in Kazakhstan, but they are not complete. And they are not Chinese. They are the Turks of the Oguz branch. Their homeland is the Uigur-Xinjiang region of China. They in the Middle Ages many times stood up against Chinese rule .. The last major uprising was in 1860-1880. After the suppression of the uprising, part of the Uyghurs also moved to the southeastern regions of Kazakhstan.
        3. Beck
          Beck 13 September 2012 23: 49
          Oh come on.

          Respected. Not certainly in that way. When I said - we laughed, I had the whole USSR. At the end of 90, Kazakhstan gave China Zhalanshkol to China - about 200-400 square meters. kilometers.

          The story is like that. According to the 1860 Beijing treaty between the Russian Empire and the Chinese Empire, the border between the two empires was demarcated. In the revolutionary years of 1917, with the mess in the former Russian Empire and the weakness of the central government in China. Cross-border peasants and pastoralists of eastern Kazakhstan, who gave new pastures and arable land, simply carried border pillars deep into Chinese territory.

          In 1945, when the Communists came to power in China, they constantly demanded the return of the islands to Ussuri, Amur and territories in the Zhalanshkol region. In 1969, this resulted in border clashes on Damansky Island and in the area of ​​Lake Zhalanshkol.

          After the collapse of the USSR, China's demands intensified. As a result, the islands were given away by Russia, Kazakhstan, the Zhalanashkoly district.
  31. xmike
    xmike 13 September 2012 14: 38
    Give an overview of Chinese souls winked
  32. Ash
    Ash 13 September 2012 15: 32
    In general, if you read Runet, you can find epithets in our address and worse. That’s all nonsense.
    China is our geopolitical ally, anyway.
  33. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff 13 September 2012 16: 24
    In my opinion, we too bother with what others say about us. For example, I absolutely do not give a damn about these Chinese highs, I think you too, but sitting and discussing it is generally humiliating.
  34. long
    long 13 September 2012 16: 30
    An interesting article, but the comments are much more interesting than the author’s nonsense. As a user of Sina Weibo and a purebred Chinese, let me ask Mr. Dude: do you understand Chinese? Do you know what my compatriots think about and which side of Russia they actually discuss most among themselves? Dear, throwing mud on my fellow tribesmen is not a difficult thing, burying a hostile family towards the Chinese in the hearts of ordinary Russians is also easy. just do not forget, China and Russia are neighbors ETERNAL. The establishment of friendly relations between the two countries does not only depend on that southern country. I am glad that there are so many far-sighted people in Russia, and those who have chosen a different path, considering that China = an enemy of Russia, calm down, dear chauvinists, China will surely become your worthy rival.
    1. Beck
      Beck 13 September 2012 16: 59

      The answer is decent, restrained, civilized ..
    2. edge
      edge 13 September 2012 18: 13
      ........... I quote the enemy
      1. Beck
        Beck 13 September 2012 18: 20
        What does it mean - I quote the enemy.
    3. vdov.inok
      vdov.inok 13 September 2012 19: 24
      Better yet, if China will be a worthy friend of Russia.
  35. sined0707
    sined0707 13 September 2012 16: 39
    From stsuki, but I'm glad this article, for more of these, I always said that they are enemies. And they have already forgotten the good, few of their Japs were allowed under the knife in World War II, they forgot who then pulled them out of shit.
  36. Alexander
    Alexander 13 September 2012 18: 33
    These Chinese people would rather look at themselves.
  37. vdov.inok
    vdov.inok 13 September 2012 19: 09
    Apparently, excerpts were taken from some illiterate pompous Yandex, which we have in networks. Real Chinese are pragmatic in their assessment of Russia and us Russians. They know our pros and cons well. And they certainly wouldn’t carry such nonsense. this Russian language expert is the same as I am Chinese. And I don’t think the Chinese should be regarded as enemies or friends, it’s all relative. You need to be evaluated from the position of the state’s interests. In general, the Chinese have something to respect. I personally like their hard work and culture. On the whole, it is a very worthy nation. I am for friendship with this people. And how our peoples will relate to each other depends on how much we all will cultivate fictions of various kinds.
  38. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 13 September 2012 19: 16
    More information so that the people know what kind of "neighbor" we are dealing with and have no illusions, especially ABOVE, allowing the Chinese to impudently, often already disregarding the interests of the indigenous people, "master" our Far East For some cut off bear paws with sacks sent to China, on the spot would have finished these freaks and their local accomplices. And it’s not hard to imagine how the Chinese will start talking and behaving when China gets even stronger. There is only one way out - Strong Russia!
  39. Enriki
    Enriki 13 September 2012 19: 45
    The Chinese are right at 70 percent minimum, look at our youth. Our youth is dumb and uneducated, most of my friends are not for fair methods of survival. Think now about the people you know, and you will see that it is.
  40. Alarm bell
    Alarm bell 13 September 2012 20: 33
    Student residences in Russia are like hotels with three stars, even better. The room for two students has an area of ​​50 square. m. And students in such large rooms not only live for free, but the light never turn off. It burns as long as the light bulb serves: “There is no such thing as a“ accommodation fee ”. Water, electricity, heating are free, for many students the lights are on for 5-6 years - they are not turned off for a minute, because they are free. Water, that hot, that cold - 24 hours a day. "

    Apparently this Chinese has seen enough of the series Univer or he was deceived))) Students live in completely different conditions.
    But in general, I liked the article, it’s always interesting to look at ourselves from the outside, even if it’s Chinese, and in truth, our opinion about the Chinese is not better than that of the Chinese about us and this is understandable, and this opinion is specially cultivated. Neither we nor they should be good with the future enemy.

    Quote: Enriki
    Our youth is dumb and uneducated, most of my friends are not for fair methods of survival.

    Here it is not necessary to drive on our youth, remember yourself at their age!

    That’s what I completely agree with the article is that since the times of Peter (and even earlier) there has been an admiration for foreigners, although we are no worse, much better, just do not know how to value ourselves. You need to be proud that you are Russian, that you have a great history and a great country, no matter who says it, but this world owes much to the Russians!
  41. mind1954
    mind1954 13 September 2012 21: 23
    In China, the NEP is currently
    and this is the economic basis - state capitalism,
    political superstructure - the dictatorship of the CCP !!!
    So, like our country under the NEP, it walked "knee-deep"
    in bourgeois "shit", and in China, now, they go !!!
    With all the consequences, and for us, the consequences!

    Another thing is that in 1949, we fraternized with the Chinese,
    gave them 19 or more residencies in Chinese territory,
    and then, like blind kittens stumbled upon, then the "great leap",
    then on the "cultural revolution", then on Domansky ... !!!
  42. Captain45
    Captain45 14 September 2012 00: 16
    One old joke: There is a UN meeting, the representative of Great Britain is rising and declares, we refuse to produce the atomic bomb! Everyone applauds, welcomes such initiatives, the Chinese delegation is silent. The representative of the USA stands up and declares, we refuse the production of the hydrogen bomb! General glee, Chinese the delegation sits in silence. A representative of the USSR rises and declares, we refuse to manufacture a rubber bomb! Everyone is silent in bewilderment, the Chinese delegation applauds joyfully. They are asked what they rejoiceXN UMXTe answer - last year they dropped one such bomb from a Soviet plane, 7 of a million passed and still jumps.
  43. I-16M
    I-16M 14 September 2012 09: 28
    Consumer goods in trunks and head.
  44. Forward
    Forward 14 September 2012 19: 33
    Fuck the hell with the Chinese! We in Russia do not live badly! laughing
  45. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 15 September 2012 17: 29
    Actually, this was to be expected from the Chinese. We are not enemies and not allies with them. My opinion about the PRC is extremely unpleasant for them. If we are not pitted, we get along. Yet they are not naglitsy with n Indostans.
  46. Su24
    Su24 16 September 2012 04: 02
    An interesting selection.
  47. arkady149
    arkady149 16 September 2012 17: 41
    Tell me please, are our "creative" bloggers adequate to the Russian reality? They are gifted with self-confidence much more generously.