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Two tracks and six wheels: an earth-moving machine from Galich


PZM-2M. Photo: Yuri Pasholok /

Import substitution in Galich style

Engineering technology for the armed forces attracts constant attention at exhibitions of all levels. The forum "Army-2021" was no exception, one of the important places at which was occupied by the exhibits of the Galich Truck Crane Plant. The company has been manufacturing mobile cranes since 1982 and has managed to achieve considerable success in this rather narrow specialization. In Galich, one of the few in the country has mastered their own production of 100-ton cranes on imported MZKT and Volvo chassis. For such heavy equipment, a five-axle chassis is required, which are not mass-produced in Russia. Truck cranes are also supplied to the armed forces, but in this sector the lion's share is occupied by machines from the Klintsovsky plant. The Galicians adapted to market realities and offered the military a heavy 50-ton crane KS-65713-5M on a four-axle KamAZ-6560. "Klintsy" supply the Russian army with cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tons, so the heavy machine from Galich turned out to be out of competition. KS-65713-5M is handed over to the customer complete with a trailer with seven tons of counterweights. The actual monopolization of the market for army cranes by the Klintsovsky plant forces the Galicians to diversify the production range.

USA-2. Source:

More recently, a universal piling unit (USA-2) was adopted in service, unified in many units with civilian cranes. Moreover, the unit, in which case, may not drive piles into the ground, but lift loads up to 32 tons. This is how the Galicians gracefully entered the fiefdom of the cranes from Klintsy. The unit drives the piles with a diesel hammer with a percussion part of 1,25 or 1,8 tons, mounted on an 18,7-meter pile-mast. By the way, the boom of the mast is made in the form of an ovoid, which complicates production, but greatly facilitates the structure without loss of strength. According to calculations, USA-2 is capable of working with piles weighing up to 5 tons and up to 12 meters long. It is not for nothing that the pile-driving unit is called universal - the kit may include a cradle of the elevator and a drilling rig.

USA-2. Source:

TMM-3M2. Source:

In 2015, the truck crane plant presented to the military a completely non-core unit - a heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3M2. This is a typical example of abandoning imported equipment. For a long time he served in the Soviet and Russian armies and still serves today as TMM-3 on the basis of the Ukrainian KrAZ-255B. Six years ago, the time came for a major overhaul of a part of this fleet, and, for obvious reasons, this is impossible without changing the chassis. After the bridge was transferred to the domestic KamAZ-53501 base, the characteristics did not fundamentally change. Carrying capacity - 60 tons, link length of four bridges - 42 meters, width - 1,5 meters. Due to the fact that the plant in Galich specializes in hydraulic cranes, there are no more mechanical winches and outriggers in TMM-3M2.

KS-65713-5M. Source:

Continuing the topic of import substitution, the truck crane plant in Galich at Army-2021 presented a replacement for the Kharkov regimental earth-moving machine PZM-2. The solutions used on the novelty are largely controversial.

"Shrew" PZM-2M

Formally, the PZM-2M is only a further modernization of the military tractor from Kharkov T-155K. But in fact, it is not easy to find common features between a novelty and a well-deserved car with fifty years of experience. At the same time, there are units that, after restoration, migrated from the tractor to KamAZ-65224. This is the trencher itself and the dozer blade. Transferring engineering equipment from a tractor chassis to a civilian, albeit off-road, truck was not an easy undertaking. Apparently, the design of the machine did not cope well with the increased loads during digging trenches. The KAMAZ SUV also lacked traction force, which forced the engineers to take a certain risk. For the first time in world practice, they have integrated a crawler hoist to help the shrew during work. The official name is a multifunctional tracked mover. In the development of a largely unique unit, engineers again used the unification with the existing technology. Tank the caterpillars did not fit in terms of mass-dimensional parameters, so it was decided to use spare parts from a skidder. It was possible, of course, to take the tracks from the BMP, but it was the skidders that were at hand. At first glance, a controversial decision - how to replace such typically civilian units in the army? The decision was made in favor of the truck crane plant, which has long-standing ties with skidder manufacturers. It's all about the special crawler cranes KC-59713-14T and KS-59713-32T, which are assembled in Galich on the basis of the TL-5ALM tractors manufactured by Altailesmash. It seems that the truck crane plant has no problems at all with the supply of caterpillar tracks.

A crane based on a skidder from Galich. Source:

The mechanics of the multifunctional tracked mover are straightforward. As soon as the unit copes with the task, the propulsion carriage on hydraulic drives is pulled up half a meter under the "belly" of KamAZ, and the PZM-2M turns into an ordinary truck in terms of maneuverability. Actually, it is precisely in the high maximum speed that the key advantage of the novelty is that in all other parameters it is in no way better than the Kharkov PZM-2. According to Alexander Trofimov, General Director of the Design Bureau for Prospective Developments of the Galich Plant, the earthmoving KamAZ is only a product of the restoration and modernization of old equipment, and not at all an innovation. The tricks with the lifting caterpillar cart were not in vain for the mass of the unit - from the initial 12,8 tons of PZM-2, it rose to 23,5 tons. As the historian of technology Yuri Pasholok rightly asks in his blog: what, then, is the benefit from modernization? Almost a twofold increase in mass, coupled with the complexity of the design, did not affect the efficiency of the earth-moving machine in any way. The possibility of remote control does not count - this newfangled gadget can now be installed on frankly outdated equipment. It's all about the army order. According to the aforementioned general director Alexander Trofimov, the military needed a vehicle that could move freely in a combined arms column. Kharkov tractors are not capable of this for constructive reasons.

PZM-2M in general and in detail. Photo: Yuri Pasholok /

The engineers of the truck crane plant suggest using the PZM-2M not only as a purely army earth-moving machine, but also for the needs of civil defense. According to the developers, the working unit is capable of creating wide mineral fire protection strips in the forests, and the earth thrown out by the rotor can also extinguish fires. However, the advertising footage shows that PZM-2M is hardly capable of extinguishing even a small forest fire. To do this, drive the machine directly to the front edge of the fire. The very stream of shattered earth flies in almost all directions, filling the cabin more than the space around it.

The development of the PZM-2M is a typical example of a sober approach to the design of equipment. Cheap and cheerful. On the one hand, this is faster, but on the other hand, it does not allow taking serious evolutionary steps. And the lifting pair of caterpillars is unlikely to be a justified technical breakthrough.

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  1. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 21 September 2021 18: 14
    Advertising brochure?
    1. Evgeny Fedorov
      21 September 2021 18: 30
      Any material that doesn't criticize is now classified as advertising?
      1. Sergey269
        Sergey269 21 September 2021 19: 36
        To put on a long wheelbase a completely non-maneuverable unit, which is intended for engineering equipment of positions? What for? There is MDK, there is armored vehicle (both those and others in all variations), there is a PZM (for the regimental level), just replace the wheelbase with the same "Kirovets"
        1. Evgeny Fedorov
          21 September 2021 19: 38
          According to the plant workers, the Ministry of Defense has put forward a requirement to ensure mobility at the level of standard wheeled vehicles. "Kirovtsy" and others will not pull.
          1. Sergey269
            Sergey269 21 September 2021 19: 53
            Zhenya, good evening! I am a military engineer in the past, I have an excellent command of the topic. Acceptance of the equipment indicated by you for supply is an open failure in the engineering troops. Let's see ... The mobility of engineering troops can be provided exclusively with the use of either tracked or two-link vehicles (depending on the tasks being performed). And the suspension of the kegress unit under Kamaz, to perform the tasks of engineering support for the battle, coupled with the obsolete PZM-2G, is generally a crime ...
            1. Slaven
              Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 41
              Yes, some kind of strange replacement, to be honest. As I understand it, they stupidly take the working body and move it to the KAMAZ, and so that it does not get stuck in shit, they came up with a combined wheeled-caterpillar mover for it. Somehow everything is complicated, in my opinion. If it’s impossible to set up production of the T-150, then it probably could have been changed to some more suitable base, for example, a completely tracked one. The only plus I see here is that there is now a remote control via the remote control. And everything else is doubtful.
          2. abrakadabre
            abrakadabre 22 September 2021 06: 55
            The Ministry of Defense made a requirement to ensure mobility at the level of standard wheeled vehicles.
            It will reach the approximate place of work along the highway. And then? On arable land and into muddy roads? Moreover, pushing a pile of soil in front of you or trying to pull a buried working part behind you. And all this is on the black soil of Ukraine, and not on soils with good bearing capacity. And closer to the floodplain of any river?
            1. Slaven
              Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 33
              Probably that's why the tracked part was added. But to be honest, it was better to choose a fully tracked base.
        2. Slaven
          Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 32
          So he was on it. More precisely, not on it, but on the T-150.
          1. Sergey269
            Sergey269 22 September 2021 16: 43
            There was "he" on the T-155K chassis! Believe me, I started my service in the 46th training and engineering brigade as mech.-water PZM-1, PZM-2G in Tapa of the ESSR (now it is a NATO base). He continued to study, including earthmoving equipment, in KVIOLKUIV named after A.A. Zhdanov ... I am not unfounded ...
            1. Slaven
              Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 47
              Ugh damn it, of course t-155. My mistake.
      2. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 22 September 2021 03: 21
        An excellent article, but the topic of hypersound is poorly covered! Joke!
      3. Serg koma
        Serg koma 22 September 2021 06: 03
        Quote: Evgeny Fedorov
        Any material that doesn't criticize is now classified as advertising?

      4. Alien From
        Alien From 22 September 2021 12: 56
        Thank you! Interesting and informative hi
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 21 September 2021 18: 31
    A paired solution for PZM2 ... What prevented the application of the solution as at the Kryukov plant? Instead of KhTZ, they installed a trench digger and a dump on a short base of KraZ.
    This is really cheap and angry.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 21 September 2021 18: 57
      is he a rogue? everywhere? or up to xxx
      how much? an effort? and the speed of work?
      uhry put-it is clear, the RF ZIL should revive or buy MAZ?
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 21 September 2021 19: 20
        No more options? Ural, for example?
      2. Serg koma
        Serg koma 22 September 2021 08: 59
        Quote: antivirus
        RF ZIL should revive

        On the booth located on the territory of the former KZKT plant / JSC "Rusich" (- very symbolic), it is written that instead of TMK-2 we have on the basis of the all-wheel drive tractor KZKT-538DK.
    2. Sergey269
      Sergey269 21 September 2021 19: 07
      No, it’s easier, alas, and on KAMAZ it is out of place ... Here "Kirovets" is needed. The whole essence of PZM-1, PZM-2G lies in the conveyor of the device, namely, in the hydraulic rotary device T-155 K. It is on such a technique that competent mech.-water. is able to profile the trench without the risk of ripping off the shear fingers (PZM-1) or hammering the thrower on the PZM-2G, or even tearing the working body (there were such cases in my practice), especially on stony soils. As for the use of the proposed installation for fire-fighting purposes, I doubt that this is justified. Affected by the low productivity of the working body, the small diameter of the thrower, especially when constructing foundation pits.
    3. Slaven
      Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 42
      So this is essentially the same solution. What is the difference in the length of the base?
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 21 September 2021 19: 03
    Special equipment ... costs a lot, but if necessary, then it is necessary.
    Although there is only one question, how about quality, convenience, reliability ???
  4. KAH
    KAH 21 September 2021 19: 12
    "For the first time in world practice, they have integrated a crawler hoist."
    High-speed all-terrain ambulance BVSM-80 based on GAZ-53 1980.
    1. Evgeny Fedorov
      21 September 2021 19: 18
      Exactly! It will be necessary for me henceforth to check the words of the chief designer of the plant. I hoped for his competence. This is a miracle.
      1. Fitter65
        Fitter65 22 September 2021 03: 23
        So this is practically a T-54 suspended good To be honest, I see this miracle for the first time. good
        1. Slaven
          Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 46
          DT-54 probably mean?
      2. Dym71
        Dym71 22 September 2021 10: 54
        Quote: Evgeny Fedorov
        It will be necessary for me henceforth to check the words of the chief designer of the plant.

    2. Monar
      Monar 22 September 2021 09: 01
      On the BMP-1, such a propulsion scheme was also tested. And she was not the firstborn.
  5. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 21 September 2021 19: 34
    And what about "Ivanovtsy", like the plant is operating?
  6. Borisych
    Borisych 21 September 2021 19: 55
    I don't smile at all. Engineers' thoughts are broad and forward-looking. The solutions are original. One thing does not suit - the chassis is rather weak. Three-axle KAMAZ with a dump, this, of course, causes a groan.
  7. Aleksey Aleksandrovich
    Aleksey Aleksandrovich 21 September 2021 19: 58
    I myself am from Galich. The article about our truck crane plant and its products was a surprise, to put it mildly.
    But the plant is really busy, and it is good. And for civilian needs it produces cranes and fit for military needs.
  8. Azis
    Azis 21 September 2021 20: 30
    Carrying capacity - 60 tons, link length of four bridges - 42 meters, width - 1,5 meters.
    This is the track width, and the bridge itself is almost 4 meters
  9. Vovanya
    Vovanya 21 September 2021 23: 31
    It is a very correct decision to install a crane on the basis of a skidder from Galich - this will facilitate the construction of long-term defensive structures, as a rule, there are no roads and the bearing capacity of the soil is low. For example, in the Kuril Islands, we erected tank towers, for the installation of which we needed powerful cranes and which were in a two-axle modification (their weight was more than 20 tons), and all were mercilessly "torn" and digested from moving them from place to place by couplings of heavy tractors, since they themselves cannot move on the ground, which is a viscous black "butter" (volcanic black ash), especially after rain.
    And with the PZM 2M they were really too smart.
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 22 September 2021 07: 07
      since they themselves cannot move on the ground, which is a viscous black "butter" (volcanic black ash), especially after rain.
      What are we talking about. An extremely controversial decision to make military engineering equipment on a long wheelbase with an overloaded axle load. This is the same technique that kneads the ground even more than combat. And it must work with a guarantee, even in the most difficult conditions: weather, combat, topographic. Or all together.
  10. Parvis rasulov
    Parvis rasulov 22 September 2021 01: 01
    PZM 2 had one drawback, it was its tractor base, if it was replaced with tracks or with a base from a T72 tank it would be very healthy, since it was this particular machine that lacked the tracked base. And so the idea of ​​making KAMAZ a base for Pantsir and the recent detonation in Syria once again shows that a tamper-free base is a serious mistake, especially since KAMAZ has one drawback, which is its high base, which can be seen from the frequent accidents of these cars on the roads
    1. Sergey269
      Sergey269 22 September 2021 17: 26
      The advantage of the PZM was the tractor 2-link base. Unlike the T-150, the T-155K transporter could develop a higher speed, while maintaining an acceptable traction load when using the working body. The features of using the PZM-ki are hidden in the technical specification for the design of this machine ... The universalization of equipment (especially engineering, and not only) without taking into account the specifics of the tasks being performed is a pitfall for the commander ... Try to use the PZM-2G for fragments of a pit in a mining woodland, in clay soils. Have you ever had a conversation with a military interrogator about the severed leg of a dunce mech-water, when he, without turning off the hydraulic drive, climbs to pierce the hammered thrower with his leg ready for amputation? It is clear that the commander's fault is present ... But how can you complete the combat mission in full? The task of the designer is not to make life easier for himself, but to do everything possible to complete the combat mission with the help of the equipment he has developed! And we install caterpillar propellers on "long gauges" with cranes, plus earth-moving equipment ... I would like to look at the authors of "this miracle" in conditions that are somehow close to combat! You look, and the installation will be taught to fly, to dive ...
      1. toha124
        toha124 1 October 2021 14: 26
        Nyzenko-nyzenko, so as not to wave the army aviation.
  11. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 22 September 2021 04: 31
    I did not have to deal with the equipment of the engineering troops, but I appreciated the work of the BTM-3 in the preparation of the defense area as "excellent":
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 22 September 2021 07: 10
      Eh ... If only it immediately formed a parapet on one side from a dump of soil, and the profile of the walls slightly diverging upward ... Or even a step in front of the parapet ... In general, there would be a steep shade.
      1. Slaven
        Slaven 22 September 2021 16: 52
        And so that everything is square and painted at once)
        All the same, even so, it dramatically increases the ability to create trenches.
        1. abrakadabre
          abrakadabre 23 September 2021 06: 46
          And so that everything is square and painted at once)
          Her ... To lay the sod on the outer side of the parapet. And the walls of the trench closed into the formwork wassat

          In theory, an inverted trapezoidal profile, even with a step on one side, can be made due to the shape of the buckets. I think that the designers simply did not over-complicate the technique. After all, she does not work on landfills.
        2. mmaxx
          mmaxx 27 September 2021 06: 42
          Fir-trees! And what should the soldiers do then?
      2. Sergey269
        Sergey269 22 September 2021 19: 33
        The PZM is capable of just this (in terms of the formation of the parapet), for this it is enough to direct the release of the soil with the help of the shutter on the thrower ...
        1. abrakadabre
          abrakadabre 23 September 2021 06: 47
          The PZM is capable of just this (in terms of the formation of the parapet), for this it is enough to direct the release of the soil with the help of the shutter on the thrower ...
          In the video, it scatters in a fairly wide swath. Is this also regulated? drinks
          1. Sergey269
            Sergey269 23 September 2021 08: 52
            The video shows the BTM, we are talking about the PZM ...
  12. Freedim
    Freedim 22 September 2021 10: 34
    This is not England, this is Russia, do you see the wounds in the asphalt?
    If the Motherland did not ask you, why did you climb into the trencher? ..

    (c) Accident
  13. Karabogazgol
    Karabogazgol 23 September 2021 18: 01
    I am happy to "stick" to the comments ... Sincerely))
  14. Maxim Davydov
    Maxim Davydov 24 September 2021 13: 29
    This is what it turns out, the code does not have an adequate (fast and suitable for engineering technique) base, at least like that of JCB HMEE.
  15. Serge tankman
    Serge tankman 25 September 2021 10: 02
    I read all the comments, and specialists, and not so much. I wonder why no one mentioned such, in my opinion, an excellent base as from GMZ? Or was it also released in Ukraine? And then they came up with a dump on KamAZ and sprinkled a caterpillar drive. Then they would have completely put it (KamAZ) on the tracks. Off-road - only caterpillars, time-tested and not only, the lower the specific pressure on the ground, the better.
    1. Vovanya
      Vovanya 28 September 2021 11: 44
      Quote: Seryoga tanker
      I wonder why no one mentioned such, in my opinion, excellent base as from GMZ?

      Apparently you did not "communicate" with the GMZ (SU-100P base), otherwise you would not have cited it as an example - this is a visual aid how not to make combat vehicles.
  16. Eligor
    Eligor 1 October 2021 09: 03
    I read the comments. And I was surprised at the number of specialists-designers of three-branch starships.
    1. I don’t think there are absolutely stupid people in the organization. And in the presence of a tracked platform, they did not offer this option. But, apparently, it was rejected, but that indicates the text of the article.
    2. Separate chassis. I think everyone who was related to the engineering troops knows what TMK-2 is, and that, in fact, a separate chassis was made for it at MAZ. So - according to his father, who served in the engineering troops, during the years of his service the car was never used for its intended purpose, because it was corny that there were no spare parts for repairs, and it was elementary to replace the punctured wheel.
    Hence the conclusion that it is hardly advisable to develop a fundamentally new chassis, even on existing units.
    So this "Frankenstein monster" is a compromise, based on the test results of which a decision will be made whether it is necessary to bother so much, or it is easier to make a caterpillar unit and give it a trawl for movement "on the march."
  17. toha124
    toha124 1 October 2021 14: 23
    But I’m wondering - what kind of customer’s demand is this (at the expense of keeping up with the march)? Is it that they have there with what speeds the columns go, that the base like a wheeled tractor will not keep up? Even if it is a purely convoy, not mixed. It smacks of corruption and stretching competitive performance characteristics on the existing model.
    1. VicktorVR
      VicktorVR 21 November 2021 13: 17
      Civilian wheeled tractors do not travel faster than 40 km / h.
      Kamaz can go 60.
      Most likely, objective limitations will not allow the tractor to accelerate - without a suspension, with a short wheelbase, on large wheels.
  18. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 25 October 2021 15: 07
    Creeping crap, who will deal with hydraulics in such quantities?
  19. VicktorVR
    VicktorVR 21 November 2021 13: 14
    Add a tractor unit with a trawl to the sappers for each tracked unit and they will not lag behind everyone else.

    The caterpillar "carriages" require a horizontal thrust to transfer the force to the frame.

    Interestingly, was the option considered instead of the caterpillars 4 more of the same wheels lowered?
    I also wonder if the axle suspension switches off during operation?
    Whoever tried to plow on a UAZ knows that bridges tend to leave under the frame when loaded :)