For the first time at the exercises. New items of equipment and weapons in the "West-2021"


Cars "Sarmat-2" before loading into helicopters

The West-2021 strategic joint exercise is being used as a platform for testing new tactics and testing advanced weapons and equipment. For the first time, a number of modern samples for various purposes entered the involved landfills. Tests by training combat are undergoing new developments in the field of automotive and armored vehicles, as well as combat Robots and aircraft.

Army transport

Zapad-2021 were the first major maneuvers in stories several promising samples of light and protected equipment at once. So, the newest light vehicles LSTS-1943 "Sarmat-2" have recently entered service with the airborne troops. Buggy cars of this type were involved in an episode of exercises at the Mulino training ground in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The new vehicle was tested by the paratroopers of the Ulyanovsk Separate Guards Airborne Assault Formation in a training battle. The transfer of equipment was carried out using helicopters, on an external sling and inside the cockpit. After landing, the Sarmatians-2 provided movement and fire support for the personnel. The equipment confirmed the design characteristics and ensured the successful completion of the assigned tasks.

Mi-8 helicopters are carrying the Sarmat-2 buggy to the battlefield. In the foreground - BMD-4M

The LSTS-1943 car was developed by the Moscow Design Bureau "Tekhnika" and is a multipurpose buggy on the units of the serial off-road vehicle VAZ-2123 "Niva". A car with an open body can carry 3-4 people, various loads and weapons with a total weight of up to 600 kg. Depending on the intended tasks, the buggy can carry machine guns of normal or large caliber or an automatic grenade launcher.

On September 13, at the Mulino training ground, a platoon of three newest B-19 infantry fighting vehicles was sent into battle. This type of technique was first used in large maneuvers. Using its standard armament, which is characterized by increased characteristics, the armored group on the B-19 inflicted fire damage on the enemy and supported the offensive of its troops.

The B-19 armored vehicle is a version of the modernization of the serial BMP-3, providing for the replacement of the standard fighting compartment with a new TKB-973 "Epoch" module developed by the Instrument Design Bureau. Such a module is a remotely controlled armored turret with a 57-mm automatic cannon LSHO-57, a PKTM machine gun, and also with launchers for Kornet and Bulat missiles. A set of optoelectronic and other means of fire control is provided.

One of the involved BMP B-19

According to known data, in 2017, the Ministry of Defense issued a contract for the production of an experimental batch of 12 B-19 vehicles. The order was completed last year. The equipment entered the units of the ground forces, and now three new machines were used in major maneuvers. Probably, based on the results of the maneuvers, the Ministry of Defense will evaluate this technique and determine the need for further purchases.

Robotic innovations

As part of the main stage of the exercises at the Mulino training ground, various robotic systems created for the ground forces were actively used. With their help, reconnaissance and fire support of the main units was carried out. All samples involved belong to already known projects, but some of them were presented in a modified form. It was also the first time they were used in training events of this magnitude.

"Uran-9" at the Mulino test site

During the defensive battle, the advanced units of the army used the well-known RTK "Nerekhta". Its optics provided reconnaissance of enemy positions, and then the robot attacked them with a heavy machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher.

For the first time, the Uran-9 RTK was used in large exercises. Complexes of this type ensured the timely detection and defeat of armored vehicles and manpower of a conventional enemy. The weapons were used at ranges of up to 3-5 km - the robots used standard barrel armament, as well as "Attack" guided missiles and PDM-A jet flamethrowers.

The work of combat robots was provided by auxiliary complexes. So, RTK "Karyer" monitored the battlefield and looked for enemy optical devices, which were then suppressed by laser radiation. During the maneuvers, our units had to move through the minefield. The passages in it were made by the Uran-6 robots.

Remotely controlled "Uran-9" and manned B-19

Aerial perspectives

UAVs for reconnaissance purposes of different weight categories have long become mandatory participants in all exercises of the Russian army. Now the combat use of reconnaissance and strike systems begins. Immediately, two new samples of this class were used over the Mulino training ground to defeat the enemy.

It is reported about the first use of the light UAV "Swallow" as a reconnaissance and strike means. Such a drone delivered to the target area and dropped a 120-mm mortar KM-8 "Gran" on it. The reconnaissance group on the ground organized the illumination of the target with a laser, which led to its successful destruction.

For the first time, the Forpost-R heavy UAV was used as an armament carrier. Its combat mission was to deliver and drop KAB-20 light adjustable bombs. The Forpost-R product is a localized version of the Israeli Searcher Mk II UAV. The latest events in the "West-2021" show that the Russian industry was not only able to master the production of foreign technology, but also expanded its capabilities.

Engineering "Uran-6" - a constant participant in recent exercises and operations

An unmanned aerial vehicle was involved in the maneuvers. aviation complex "pacer", built on the basis of the aircraft "Orion". Within the framework of "West-2021", the latter conducted reconnaissance and struck at the conditional enemy. It should be noted that this is not the first time they have had to do this kind of work. Previously, the "pacer" / "Orion" complexes were used both in exercises and in the Syrian operation.

Battle check

In the interests of the Russian armed forces, a lot of different models are constantly being developed. weapons and techniques of different classes, both well mastered and completely new. The results of such activities of the defense industry could recently be seen at the Army-2021 forum, and now some of the promising products are being demonstrated in action at the training grounds of the West-2021 strategic exercise. At the same time, several samples for the first time went outside the test ranges and are participating in major maneuvers.

It is easy to see that within the framework of the "West-2021" industrial products that are at different stages of development and implementation in the army are checked. For example, the B-19 infantry fighting vehicle still exists only in the form of an experimental military party of limited sizes. Other samples have managed to advance further. "Sarmat-2" is already supplied to the airborne forces and is being mastered by the personnel. The Uran-9 robot has also been put into service.

UAV "Forpost-R" as a strike means

Against the background of other samples, the Aviation Complex "Inokhodets" and the engineering RTK "Uran-6" look especially interesting. They are not only in service, but also solved real combat missions in conflict zones.

Ongoing exercises are essential for all prototypes involved in an event of this magnitude. The equipment, not yet adopted for service, gets the opportunity to show its advantages and disadvantages, which in the future will make it possible to improve it before being handed over to the troops. In the case of the already adopted samples, the troops get the opportunity to conduct additional checks and work out the issues of their operation and use.

Thus, within the framework of the strategic joint exercise "West-2021", our army is solving several main tasks at once. One of them is the development and addition of experience in the operation of existing and new weapons and equipment. This year there are not too many real novelties, however, they were able to confirm their full potential, as well as influence the course of conventional military operations. Obviously, this will have a positive effect on their future fate - and in the future, new cars, infantry fighting vehicles, robots, etc. will become massive and full-fledged participants in maneuvers and real operations.
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  1. +1
    16 September 2021 03: 21
    For the first time I hear about "Sarmat", a nice machine.

    Remotely controlled "Uran-9" and manned B-19
    The first manned B-19 was called Flying Fortress, but what should you call the BMP? Inhabited, crewed, inhabited? laughing
    1. +5
      16 September 2021 03: 36
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      For the first time I hear about "Sarmat", a nice machine.

      Yeah. There is also a video of their landing:

      Outpost in shock modification:
      1. +6
        16 September 2021 07: 03
        Not very successful shots were posted from the Forpost-R UAV: ​​At first, due to the low-power engine, it was forced to accelerate for takeoff, and then they could not set the camera angle correctly, and it turned out as if the drone had thrown a KM-8 Granny mine into nowhere. It was also possible to show the result of a mine hitting the target.
        The press service needs to change the director. Any shots should either raise a patriotic mood, or advertise the product to potential customers.
    2. +6
      16 September 2021 05: 15
      The first Boeing B-17 was called Flying Fortress.
      The second - Boeing B-29 Superfortress - "Superfortress".
      There was also a Douglas XB-19, but it did not go into production and was not adopted for service.
      1. +1
        16 September 2021 05: 17
        Quote: Sea Cat
        There was also a Douglas XB-19, but it did not go into production and was not adopted for service.

        Exactly! Shame on me!
        1. +4
          16 September 2021 05: 18
          Bullshit. smile Sorted it out after all.
          1. +1
            16 September 2021 05: 28
            Ongoing drills matter a lot for all samples

            Train grandma, train lubka,
            Train you, my gray dove! soldier
            1. +3
              16 September 2021 05: 31
              "Go to hell, grandma, go to hell, Lyubka,
              Fuck you, my gray dove! "(C) smile

              It's a joke, Vladimir, of course. drinks
              1. -3
                16 September 2021 05: 54
                how many pieces of "novelties"?
    3. +2
      16 September 2021 06: 24
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      BMP to call? Inhabited, crewed, inhabited?

      traditional, classical, humanized
      1. +2
        16 September 2021 08: 51
        But no, rather partially dehumanized, the combat module became uninhabited.
        1. 0
          16 September 2021 09: 48
          Quote: Sergey Alexandrovich
          But no, rather partially dehumanized, the combat module became uninhabited.

          I am a supporter of the following terms:
          traditional orientation - for vehicles with crews
          inhuman - for unmanned and unmanned vehicles
    4. -3
      16 September 2021 06: 28
      For the first time I hear about "Sarmat", a nice machine.

      For me, on the contrary, it looks like a freak with bulging eyes. Some kind of non-aggressive design.
      1. +6
        16 September 2021 08: 30
        Quote: Sentinel-vs
        For me, on the contrary, it looks like a freak with bulging eyes. Some kind of non-aggressive design.

        And who should be intimidated by an unarmored car? She should run fast and skerry well. wink
  2. +2
    16 September 2021 07: 25
    For the first time at the exercises. New items of equipment and weapons in the "West-2021"
    to test it in exercises, this is correct, and then TO THE TROOPS, if the effectiveness, necessity, is proven ...
    And what would our military / specialists not die, because the new, effective, equipment is not in the troops, but somewhere out there ...
    1. +1
      16 September 2021 12: 36
      Any sample of weapons undergoes a huge number of tests and acceptance by military specialists before being put into service ...
      1. +2
        16 September 2021 12: 47
        That is understandable ... it is not clear why they go to a place where there is an increased risk of being blown up by a mine, for example, AT KAMAZ, SHISHIGE ??? this is a uniform ... a mess, at least.
  3. +3
    16 September 2021 08: 10
    The LSTS-1943 car was developed by the Moscow Design Bureau "Tekhnika" and is a multi-purpose buggy on the units of the serial off-road vehicle VAZ-2123 "Niva".

    Addition, can all the components and assemblies be borrowed from the VAZ-2121 (1,7 liter engine, with central injection, modification of the VAZ-21214)? VAZ-2123 - ShnNiva (chassis, transmission and engine units from VAZ-2121).

  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. 0
    16 September 2021 22: 48
    Let them drive, there is always a need for this. This is what the country needs!
  6. 0
    20 September 2021 23: 27
    Can tactical aviation use 20kg bombs for an uav? If with glonnas guidance, then it is tempting

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