"Tuscan War". A couple of lines about the Italian resistance



The village of San Leonino is located like an "eagle's nest" overlooking the Ambra Valley, which flows into the Arno in the north. Today, this route is used by both the main motorway Florence-Rome and the railway line.

San Leonino is a quiet fortified settlement. In the Middle Ages, this place acquired a strategic importance, as it was located on the border between the city-states of Florence and Siena. Despite the fact that the village is located on the outskirts of the tourist town of Chianti, there are few tourists here. The residents of the settlement today work in the nearby Prada factory or produce high quality olive oil and Chianti wine.

In July 1944, this village was a dangerous place.

General situation

The Germans were forced to retreat from the Albert Line through southern Tuscany.

They did not have the strength or weapons to hold any positions for long, but they found themselves in the position of fighting side by side with their Italian fascist allies, when their only task was to try to delay the Allied advance as long as possible.

The main line of the defensive-retreat operation ran up the Arno Valley, then along the roads through the hills further west, crossing the Ambra Valley.

Not far from the retreating Germans was the advancing British 4th Armored Division, supported by infantry from the 2nd Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiments and the 2nd Royal Liverpool Regiment.

The advancing British, supported by airstrikes and artillery, were not the only threats the Germans faced.

By the summer of 1944, the Tuscan hills were home to a growing number of resistance groups.

Most of them consisted of young Italians who were evading conscription for factory work in Germany. Many have joined them. Allied POWs are people freed after the Italian government abruptly pulled out of the war last summer, before the Germans could flood their former ally's territory with fresh troops.

Growing resistance movement and German-Italian measures

When the young Italians climbed the mountains, they united in resistance groups, which consisted of various anti-fascist organizations, mainly communist ones. These groups were soon involved not only in the war with the German occupation forces, but also in the civil war with the Italian fascists.

It is estimated that by the summer of 1944, about 17 partisans were active in Tuscany against the Germans and Italian fascists. Among them were several resistance groups based in the region encompassing the Arno and Ambra valleys and the wooded hills south of Arezzo.

One such group destroyed an entire battalion of Italian engineers belonging to the security forces of Benito Mussolini's puppet regime while they were busy repairing the Florence-Rome railway line.

The German army and SS reacted in the same way as on the Eastern Front: they applied widespread repressive measures against the civilian population.

These were not such atrocities as on the territory of the USSR, but the German army - not only the Nazi "die-hard" SS men - subjected the Italians to rather cruel measures.

Retaliation against civilians was par for the course in Tuscany that summer. On June 17, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Germany, Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, issued an order to combat the growing activity of partisans:

The fight against the partisans must be waged with all the means at our disposal. I will defend any commander who surpasses our usual restraint in choosing the harsh methods he uses against the guerrillas.

Battle of San Leonino

On July 6, 1944, partisans attacked a German convoy on the road along the Ambra River, killing five soldiers.

Three days later, German soldiers stopped a man in the valley, demanding to know where the partisans were hiding. He pointed towards the hills, hoping that the Germans would release him, but they forced him to accompany them. Having surrounded the village outside San Leonino, they shot and killed eight men. One 16-year-old captured while returning from a rabbit hunt was shot and killed for being a partisan. The women and children were herded into the village, and the soldiers opened fire in the forest.

Further deaths were avoided only because the Germans staged a booze, thereby allowing many to slip away.

True, the suffering of the villagers is not over yet.

When the Germans retreated through the Ambra Valley, San Leonino provided an ideal defensive position from which to blockade the British.

On 16 July, a four-man British patrol entered the village and a violent exchange of fire ensued, during which the Germans took two prisoners.

Then large British forces began to approach, which, as it later turned out, was led by one of the members of the Italian resistance, who decided to ask the British command to give him the opportunity to lead the liberation of his village.

Among the men who subsequently fought for the village was Kenneth Kingsley, a 19-year-old soldier in the 2nd Royal Liverpool Regiment. He recalled:

Approaching this village the day before, we had to try to take it with an unexpected approach along the slope of a steep wooded spur.

As we scrambled up this chasm-like spur, all hell seemed to come crashing down on us. Artillery shells exploded around us ...

Fights for every house

When the British entered San Leonino, fierce fighting broke out for each house, during which the Germans retreated along the main street of the village to the houses on the hills to the northeast.

Private Kingsley recalled that fight:

I, armed with a Thompson submachine gun, entered the village, a couple of our other soldiers followed me with rifles, keeping close to the wall, and around the corner I entered the square.

I have to explain that I was extremely short-sighted and wore these army glasses with a round metal frame, and since I was not looking straight ahead, but instead at an angle, everything was warped and distorted.

At that moment, I saw something similar to the silhouette of a man. I didn't bother to wonder if it was German. In street fights, you don't stop and ask who the enemy is before you shoot - you shoot first ...

I thought it might be a German with a grenade ... I pulled the trigger of the machine gun, firing about thirty bullets. However, it was not a German woman - it was a young Italian woman, dressed all in black, who, according to my comrades, ran out to greet us. I think she shouted "Viva Inglesi!" Thank God I didn't get into it ...

She picked up her skirt and ran back to her house. I stood there trying to explain my mistake to her in English, not Italian, but she disappeared unharmed, but probably a little shaken.

The remaining Germans held on to the top of the village.

One was shot while trying to detonate a mine that would have destroyed most of the village, another while trying to escape on a motorcycle, which the British commander duly handed over as a reward to the guerrilla leading the attack.

Several Germans were captured.

Today, a monument to civilians killed during the war by the Germans stands at historical Church of San Leonino.

German repression

From San Leonino through the Ambra Valley towards San Pancrazio and further south was the fortified city on the Civitella hill in Vai di Chiana.

This was another of hundreds of minor places that formed the halo of the war of liberation of the Italian people against the fascists.

On June 23, about 80 resistance fighters in prepared positions entered into battle with German and local Italian fascist troops participating in a mission to clear the region from the rebels. The guerrillas claimed to have killed 36 of their enemies in the brutal battle that followed.

Four days later, German troops and Italian fascists entered Civitella in the morning, driving in front of them all the men they met along the way.

Some then went from house to house, killing any men they found. Others took up positions at the entrances to the city and fired at anyone who tried to leave.

Germans were also not particularly humane with regard to women. They ordered them and their children to leave the church and opened fire, throwing a hand grenade to be sure.

All the remaining men were lined up in the main square of the city and shot in the head. The priest offered himself instead of hostages, but the German commander simply ordered to kill him first.

Then the Germans left, looting the corpses and houses of those they had killed. On that day, according to a number of sources, a total of 212 civilians were killed in the city and surrounding villages and farms.

Two days later, on June 29, the inhabitants of San Pancrazio suffered the same fate.

German troops arrived there early in the morning and drove civilians from their homes to the main square. The men were ordered to split into groups and enter a large building with a basement for storing various products.

When each group of men just went down to the basement of the building, they were immediately shot. Thus, the Germans turned an ordinary cellar into a crypt.

Sixty-two civilians were killed and their corpses were set on fire.

Their wives, relatives and children stood outside in the square when the shooting was fired.


By the summer of 1944, the war in Italy was portrayed as a minor event compared to the general attack of the Red Army in Belarus, as well as the landing of the Allies in Normandy and their offensive in France.

The deceptive ease with which the war was fought in Italy, among historians, mainly Western ones, gave rise to a certain myth about an allegedly easy war in the country of sunlight and wine.

In fact, the allied forces, carrying out an offensive from the south of the peninsula to the very north, carried out a complex military operation that had not been undertaken since the campaign of the Byzantine commander Belisarius in the XNUMXth century.

This advance up the mountain range of the peninsula provided the Germans and their Italian allies with a number of strong defensive positions that were very difficult to overcome. Especially in the northern part of the country.

However, there were also gaps in the rear of these same German defensive positions. It was an Italian guerrilla movement.

The Italian and German fascist regimes hoped for help in the war against the allies from the Italian people. They thought that the desire to free the country from the "Western occupiers" would become an end in itself for the Italians.

However, in fact, many Italians were not ready to fight for Mussolini, but were happy to fight against him and his ally in Berlin. They committed acts of sabotage, attacks on military units and convoys. And for this they were paid with retaliatory fascist repressive measures.

In late 1944, the British commander of the allied forces in Italy, Field Marshal Alexander, told The Times that anti-fascist resistance in Italy was holding back six of the 25 German divisions in the country.

The US Office of Strategic Services estimated that in March 1945 there were about 182 Italian guerrillas.

In the end, almost all the major cities of Northern Italy - Milan, Turin, Genoa and Venice - were liberated not by the Allied forces, but by the Italian partisans.
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  1. +13
    12 September 2021 04: 43
    Soviet detachments and companies appeared throughout Italy. In the region of Reggio Emilia, even a whole shock battalion of Soviet Garibaldi arose. He was born in May 1944 during heavy fighting by partisan brigades for the city of Montefiorino. It was headed by Lieutenant Vladimir Pereladov, who fought and was captured near Moscow in 1941. After the defeat of a large detachment of the Herman Goering division near the village of Piandelagotti, the German command appointed 300 thousand lire for the head of the “Stalinist spy spreading Bolshevism”. It was sure that the partisans could not fight like this, and a detachment of elite paratroopers of the Red Army, specially abandoned by Stalin, was acting against them. Before the end of the war, the soldiers of the Russian shock battalion blew up 121 bridges, destroyed 350 vehicles, as well as thousands of Nazi and fascist soldiers and took more than four and a half thousand prisoners - despite the fact that the partisans rarely take them.
    Group photo of Soviet partisans from Garibaldi Detachment No. 113 and 49 in Val Susa, Italy.
    Soviet troops fought all over the fighting Italy. There were also lone fighters as part of purely Italian brigades. Guard Private Fyodor Poletaev fought near Genoa in the Pinan Chikero partisan division. For convenience, the Italians nicknamed him Fyodor Poetan, that is, "Giant Fyodor" for his enormous growth and strength. In the battle of Cantalupo on February 2, 1945, with a desperate attack and shooting from "Stan", he forced a group of mongoli - soldiers of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht - to surrender, but he himself died. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Italian gold medal For Military Valor.
    1. +13
      12 September 2021 06: 27
      Serge, hello. hi
      From childhood I remember the film "On Distant Shores", about one such single fighter. Hero of the Soviet Union from Azerbaijan, Lieutenant Mehdi Huseyn-zade, or as the Germans called him "Partizan Mikhailo", scout and saboteur.

      Frames from the film.

      1. +11
        12 September 2021 06: 38
        Hello! Yes, there were a lot of ours, they are drawn to a separate article! Fyodor Poletaev is no less worthy of a film about himself, by the way, in the last minutes "Only old men go to battle" documentary footage shows the grave of Fyodor Poletaev in Genoa. There was also Anatoly Tarasov, a private , captured near Luga in the same 1941. He, among other Soviet prisoners of war, was rescued by the famous partisan family Alcido Cervi and paid for this with the death of seven brothers in fascist dungeons. Tarasov became the "eighth son" of Worms - why not a plot for a film!
      2. +7
        12 September 2021 11: 33
        The deceptive ease with which the war was fought in Italy, among historians, mainly Western ones, gave rise to a certain myth about an allegedly easy war in the country of sunlight and wine.

        It seems to me that our modern historians are trying to create such a myth. Under the Soviet Union and "Bella Chao" sounded from every radio, and people knew that it was a song of the Italian partisans.
    2. +5
      12 September 2021 08: 10
      Quote: SERGE ant
      Fyodor Poetan, that is, "Giant Fyodor"

      In Italian there is no word Poetan and, accordingly, it cannot mean anything. Giant in Italian is Gigante
    3. +3
      12 September 2021 15: 16
      Quote: SERGE ant
      group mongoli - a soldier of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht,

      by the way, Kazakh deserters from the Turkestan legion fought in the ranks of the partisans.
  2. +7
    12 September 2021 05: 20
    speaking about the repressions of the Germans against the Italian partisans, it is necessary to highlight the executions of captured partisans in the Ardeatinsky caves. Then the Germans, for 33 policemen killed from partisan sabotage, executed 330 prisoners in these caves, including many captured partisans. Now there is a national memorial of Italy.
  3. +13
    12 September 2021 06: 07
    A strange feeling from the text after reading the article, especially after that:
    ... compared to the general attack of the Red Army in Belarus ...

    All my life I believed that in this war the Red Army was only defending itself and advancing, without attacking anyone, well, with the exception of Japan, and even then they declared war on the Japanese.
    1. +7
      12 September 2021 06: 52
      Strange feeling from the text after reading
      Don't shoot the pianist, he plays as he can. Yes! I almost forgot! Well, old age is not a joy - happy holidays! I wish your whole family health, the rest is smoke. I can't draw pictures, so I took a camera, badik, went to the park and I gave you a gift of a photograph of the tank on which you served the Soviet Union, hold
      There’s a peasant there, don’t pay attention. He asked to move away, he didn’t go into any. Well, okay, he didn’t block the whole tank - the wheels, the turret, the barrel, the caterpillars are visible! Once again, happy holidays and health!
      1. +6
        12 September 2021 06: 59
        Thank you, man! smile
        Pleased, laughed heartily! laughing And these excursionists always climb into the lens when they are not asked to, but, most importantly, the native "half-four" is quite visible. soldier
        1. +5
          12 September 2021 07: 22
          Hello buddy! Happy Holidays!
          1. +4
            12 September 2021 07: 25
            Thank you, Seryozha! smile drinks
    2. +7
      12 September 2021 07: 03
      The Red Army was only defending itself and advancing, not attacking anyone ...

      Presumably, the Author had in mind not an attack, but an "offensive".
      I suggest not to attack anyone these days. - not like a magnetic storm - a magnetic storm! The last outbreak was on September 26. Forget anything, and mix it up - so everything! wassat )))
      Good Sunday everyone! )))
      1. +6
        12 September 2021 07: 22
        Good morning Luda love
        The main thing in this world is the correct course and a reliable compass, then no storm is terrible, even a magnetic one. smile
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          12 September 2021 07: 37
          The main thing in this world is the correct course and a reliable compass.

          Good morning, friend of Neptune! laughing )))
          Today men have a wonderful holiday - Tankman's Day! And also -

          Day of Remembrance for Victims of Fascism;
          Lake Baikal Day;
          World Day of the Crane;
          Day of Alexander Sytnik (on this day, according to the national calendar, the relics of Alexander Nevsky were reburied).

          Here are so many reasons for toasting!
          For the long memory of humanity! May she not become scarce! good drinks hi ))))
          1. +4
            12 September 2021 07: 55
            Here are so many reasons for toasting!

            So no health is enough ... request drinks

      2. +8
        12 September 2021 07: 22
        The author did not mean an attack, but an "offensive".

        He is not an author, but a translator. Moreover, he failed to adapt the text.
        1. +8
          12 September 2021 07: 55
          He is not a translator, he is a copy-paste. Good translations (from German) are made by "Slug BDMP", but here ... Disgusting !!!
      3. +3
        12 September 2021 11: 57
        Did I understand correctly, dear Lyudmila, that if I am going to write an article and start it with the words "... I beg your pardon, I am sick today ..."
        can I count on "+" from you?)) smile
        Forgive my liberty. It's a holiday all the same, and friends call as often as crystal glasses ...
        1. +4
          12 September 2021 12: 23
          I'm sorry, I'm sick today ... "

          Igor, well, you are a provocateur!
          Why did you say it in advance? Remember the parable about how the boy frightened everyone "Wolves! ... Wolves! ..."
          And when the wolves appeared, no one believed him.
          Health to you! )))
          And remember, tomorrow, September 13th, the weather forecasters have a magnetic storm on schedule.
          So do not sit at the controls of an airplane and do not try to write an article. wassat )))
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            12 September 2021 14: 08
            Thank you)
            Today I am healthy, but I think the articles will be "born" in three weeks - now I am thinking over themes and variations)
        2. +1
          12 September 2021 12: 29
          You can treat the materials of the author as you like, but joking about the state of health is stupid and low.
          As for your creativity-It's not far gone. Nonsense on nonsense and a blooper on a blooper. Including in terms of translations
          1. +8
            12 September 2021 14: 16
            I think I remembered you - you, also skeptical and boring, wrote comments in a series of articles about army shoes?
            Well, since a sense of humor is alien to you (Lyudmila has it), I apologize to you for daring to create the illusion that I can joke about health in our time. Although he mentioned, in principle, his own.
            For you, when writing subsequent articles, I will ask the editors to insert the epigraph:
            "The article is stupid, translation inaccuracies are possible, it is not recommended to read Liam."
            Well, like in the beginning of the films they are "fighting against smoking and alcohol".
            I bow to this sim.
          2. +1
            12 September 2021 20: 40
            Do you, as always, have problems with the sewerage system? laughing
    3. +2
      12 September 2021 07: 46
      Quote: Sea Cat
      Strange feeling from the text

      Good morning, Constantine!

      This is an explicit GUGL translation, which the author did not even consider it necessary to edit properly. So we got pearls like "top of the village", "battalion of engineers" and "attack of the Red Army"

      And this is not understandable at all:
      since I was not looking straight ahead, but instead at an angle, everything was bent and distorted.

      The original is clearly Italian.

      As for the Italian resistance, the Italians, of course, are great, but they went to the mountains en masse only in 1944, when everything was already clear.
      1. +4
        12 September 2021 07: 59
        Good morning Andrey!

        As one of the heroes said in some Italian film - "Until 43, all Italians were fascists, and after 43 they became communists." I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that the film was called "There was a night in Rome."
        1. 0
          12 September 2021 12: 12
          "after 1943" after the Italians arrested Mussolinni?
          In some movie there is a scene of the arrest of Mussolinni. He then commented: "The only successful operation of our military." It seems in the movie "Liberation"
    4. +8
      12 September 2021 08: 57
      Something strange feeling from the text after reading the article

      This is because the author does not understand any of the topics on which he is trying to copy articles. Hence this "stilted style", recognizable by the first paragraphs.
  4. +4
    12 September 2021 07: 20
    What have I read?
    Google translation from an English site?
    One such group destroyed an entire battalion of Italian engineers belonging to the security forces of Benito Mussolini's puppet regime while they were busy repairing the Florence-Rome railway line.
    1. +5
      12 September 2021 07: 37
      Yes, apparently these are the features of the translation.

      "When the Germans retreated through the Ambra Valley, San Leonino was perfect defensive positionwith which it was possible to block the British.
      16 July British patrol of four entered the village, and a fierce firefight began, during which the Germans captured two people.
      Then they began to approach large British forces...

      When the British entered San Leonino, the fierce battles for every house, during which the Germans retreated along the main street of the village towards the houses on the hills to the northeast. "

      Fierce battles for every house with a 4-man patrol? There was no one else to take the "ideal defensive position"?
      1. 0
        12 September 2021 12: 00
        Kesselring personally occupied the ideal position, and Zyryanov stormed
    2. +5
      12 September 2021 09: 26
      Google translation from an English site?
      And then where else laughing But as we are told, the author must be respected. It doesn't matter what the author gives out the hack, eat it and don't ask why the remains of shipwrecks are floating in the naval borscht. laughing
      1. +8
        12 September 2021 10: 14
        I remember the first article. The author explained that he was very ill. It is difficult for him. I am full of sympathy. I am condescending. I cannot demand this from the others. Because bad writing is a trauma for the reader. Let everyone be merciful to the best of their soul.
        But if everyone is merciful, then the paradox. Mercy can lead to indulging in hack, making it the norm.
        In Zen it is already the norm. With quite healthy authors.
        Reading articles on many serious resources, I see errors in the texts of well-known experts. I see how the authors do not know how to declinate numbers.
        And what is being done on book sites! Reading recently "Chapter of Dune" on one of these, I mentally reworked every phrase! And she got the hang of it so that the perception went in parallel - the text of the book and mine edited! It turns out that you can. I look into the book and see not a fig, but a text I have already revised.
        These are the riddles of perception wassat )))
        1. +3
          12 September 2021 12: 00
          But if everyone is merciful, then the paradox. Mercy can lead to indulging in hack, making it the norm.
          Strongly agree with you.
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            12 September 2021 12: 56
            Alexey Anatolyevich, good afternoon!
            Happy Holidays! )))
            Sometimes it happens - it is thick, then empty, but today there are a lot of them. For our guys, the main one is the Day of the Tankman, Saint Mazuta, as they say. But once it was the Day of Alexander Sytnik - lush feasts, pies, loaves, favorite dishes, visits to gather in large companies for heart-to-heart gatherings with friends and talk about your innermost.
            It was a long time ago, I was not present, not a witness, because, as Anton says, I copied and pasted the phrase)))
            So what to do? Even the tutorials are compiled copy-paste. I believe that only authors of works of fiction can be original. Or scientists discovering new laws.
            This means that in our case the question always comes down to the level of literacy of copy-paste, translation, compilation. All this can be done beautifully, colored by the personality of the author.
            1. +4
              12 September 2021 14: 19
              as Anton says
              Anton, Lyudmila Yakovlevna, three times wrote material about the Olenins' estate in Priyutino, but he forgot everything, because he did not feel the "spark of God" in the resulting texts.
              1. +4
                12 September 2021 15: 44
                everything was overwritten, because I did not feel the "spark of God" in the resulting texts.

                Do you know how to do it? They wrote, unhappy, what do you feel? Sadness! Here and there, throw this paint into the article, add a kind of elegiacity to the text, and the article will sparkle gratefully. Moreover, about the old manor. And the reader will respond! I'll definitely feel the mood ...
                Go for it, Anton! hi )))
                I'm sure it will turn out great. Moreover, you have no problems with the literary language.
                1. +5
                  12 September 2021 15: 50
                  Attempts to create material about Priyutino have transformed into another undertaking, now I lead author tours there. Grinding with the tongue turned out to be easier! laughing
                  1. +3
                    12 September 2021 16: 06
                    And you make a plan, include in it the points that you want to say. Each item is on a separate sheet, and from day to day fill in what you get, at least a little. And then one day you will see that the article is ready, all that remains is to correlate individual pieces with each other. And you don't even have to do this, just put asterisks between the fragments. You know, writers do that ...
                    Anton, I understand. There is a threshold. It appears as if from nowhere, and it is very difficult to cross it. A threshold created by the person himself. So, start with a plan and see that you will literally be drawn to put some of your thoughts on these sheets of paper every day. At least one at a time. At least one sheet.
                    And further. You are afraid that you will not be interested, that you will be criticized - there is such an inner fear, and it often wins the passion for creativity. After all, a careless word spoken on the forum hurts very painfully and for a very long time. Overcome it, this fear, do not be afraid, we will all support you.
                    1. +3
                      12 September 2021 16: 14
                      You are afraid that you will not be interested, that you will be criticized
                      1. Yes, but it should be interesting for me to re-read what I have written.
                      2. Exactly - no, because the most vicious critic sits inside me.
                      1. +3
                        12 September 2021 16: 59
                        This is how it happens - I wrote it myself, I read it myself, I criticized it myself, and that was the end of it. Moral fatigue sets in and a false idea that the job is done. But it's not done!
                        So, before the last stage, that is, before self-criticism, it is necessary to stop and abruptly send the article to the VO Administration. No self-criticism! You are not a critic, you are a writer, an article creator! The critic is a different profession.
                      2. +3
                        12 September 2021 17: 12
                        Creativity, Lyudmila Yakovlevna, should bring deep moral satisfaction to the creator himself. Otherwise, it turns into earning some shanezha. You know, this is how I wrote essays at school, at the end of the quarter I sat down and in one day I sprinkled 3-4 pieces, well, so that I could get away with it.
                      3. +4
                        12 September 2021 17: 33
                        Excuse, Anton!
                        Since you tried to write an article and even created several versions of it, it means that there is something in you that requires recognition of your creativity. So don't be fooled, just do as I said and that's it wassat )))
                      4. +3
                        12 September 2021 17: 38
                        Yes, ma'am! soldier
                        Allow me to run? laughing
                      5. +3
                        12 September 2021 17: 49
                        Come on, come on! Otherwise, look! .. wassat )))
        2. -1
          12 September 2021 12: 46
          Lyudmila Yakovlevna, "revised by me text", if you have enough patience and time, perhaps you will edit the author? He needs it
        3. +4
          12 September 2021 16: 40
          I remember the first article. The author explained that he was very ill. It is difficult for him. I am full of sympathy. I am condescending.

          We all sympathize with the author in his illness and sincerely wish him success in the fight against his illness. I admit that this struggle leaves strength only for such creativity.
          An example of Louis Braille, Helen Keller, Pauline Gorenstein and others to help the author.
          1. +4
            12 September 2021 17: 14
            Yes, Viktor Nikolaevich, such an era. Time is like that. Everything seems to be as before, we are not burning, we are not drowning, we are not starving, but ... There is some kind of emptiness inside and, as never before, there is an urgent need for kindred spirits. As if rushing through the world: "Are you still alive? ... I'm alive! Are you? ..." And now the fabric of the past world has thinned, quietly turning into a flaw, and the seams being applied pull it together into an unsightly ugliness. As if someone evil has spread his black wings over the world and is drawing joy out of it ...
            Confront! To resist, who can with what - work, creativity, communication.
            1. +2
              12 September 2021 17: 20
              an urgent need for soul mates.

              O. Henry, re-read. Or reconsider.
              And throw the shroud of the past somewhere far away, in the attic.
              1. +3
                12 September 2021 17: 45
                Yes, I here, with a light feed from Andrei Borisovich, our Tolstoy, rested on the work of Frank Herbert. Initially believing that he was the author of only a few Dunes. And there - a breakthrough, but in co-authorship, and there is exactly what, apparently, you mean - bitter optimism, sometimes turning into an illusory idea in the possibility of relying on early historical foundations.
                I have such foundations in the evenings outside the window - a loud, Khlzyay-style fearless roll call and laughter of Asians. It’s like I’m somewhere in Central Asia. And the weak feeling of home, which I have been developing in myself for years, is instantly lost. Country ownership is being eroded. Because this is already, as it were, not my country. Everything has changed.
                1. +4
                  12 September 2021 17: 54
                  And there is a breakthrough, but in co-authorship

                  Frank Herbert did not co-write. All of his six "Dunes" were written by him. The seventh, final, did not have time. The cycle was attempted to be completed by his son, Brian, in collaboration with Kevin Anderson, who wrote "Star Wars". Together they wrote two more books.
                  It seems to me that you can read everything at once only on the basis of principle.
                  Better switch to Moorcock.
                  1. +1
                    12 September 2021 18: 07
                    I, in turn, would suggest Gibson and Sterling. I think Lyudmila Yakovlevna will find their novels consistent with her moods and conclusions.
                    1. +1
                      12 September 2021 19: 00
                      I think Lyudmila Yakovlevna will find their novels consistent with her moods and conclusions.

                      If Lyudmila Yakovlevna likes the music of Barrett and Pink Floyd, then Murcock is more suitable, but if she likes something like Front Line Assembly, then your cyberpunk is closer to her.
                      1. +1
                        12 September 2021 19: 11
                        Hmmm ... I somehow don't associate literature with music. "The sky looked like a TV screen turned on on a" dead "channel" (c) How can this be conveyed with music?
                      2. +3
                        12 September 2021 19: 17
                        How can this be conveyed with music?

                      3. +3
                        12 September 2021 19: 56
                        "Industrial", he is such a "thing in itself". I think "grunge" is more suitable as a soundtrack to "cyberpunk".
                      4. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 06
                        Here you can experiment. This is me, offhand. Moreover, I am not a fan of such music and I am guided by it extremely superficially.
                      5. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 20
                        Here you can experiment.
                        Agree. In general, I consider the "unknown" Frenchman Jean-Michel Jarre to be the ancestor of "industrial".
                      6. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 41
                        Meanwhile ...
                        We are doing Zyryanov's "cash desk" again.
                      7. +3
                        12 September 2021 21: 13
                        God bless him, with Zyryanov. Normal communication is worth it.
                        Maybe he will bother to read the comments and somehow it will start to grow above itself, or something.
                      8. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 20
                        Will not bother. I think Smirnov will "refuse him a house", as it probably happened earlier with Kharaluzhny. By the way, the day before yesterday Shpakovsky expressed concerns about the misuse of images by Zyryanov.
                      9. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 26
                        I'm not at all sure that he knows about the existence of such "legitimacy".
                      10. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 29
                        Well, he's sick, but sick people in Russia can do anything ...
                      11. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 36
                        Saint Vladimir the Baptist founded the tradition.
                      12. +1
                        12 September 2021 21: 56
                        Yes. Apparently he confused the "blessed beggars" with the "blessed beggar, the spirit", for the "set honey" and CHSV, they are not doing that over people.
                      13. +2
                        12 September 2021 20: 52
                        Your cyberpunk.
                        I decided to leave this phrase without comment.
                      14. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 17
                        By the way, today has passed without drawbacks. I'm already worried, hasn't something happened?
                      15. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 26
                        A childbirth fever epidemic?
                        I sometimes wonder why Pushkin is "our everything" and not J.K. Jerome?
                      16. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 30
                        J.K. Jerome is "all of them."
                      17. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 41
                        Yes? Rereading Jerome, I sometimes strongly doubt that he is not from Odessa.
                      18. +2
                        12 September 2021 21: 44
                        No, he is from the ancient city of saddlers and blacksmiths, and his father kept a hardware store.
                      19. +1
                        12 September 2021 22: 01
                        No, well, what? A normal Jew from Moldavanka.
                      20. +1
                        12 September 2021 22: 24
                        By the way. Sometimes the thought creeps in that Jim Morisson became the last English-speaking poet ...
                  2. +2
                    12 September 2021 18: 37
                    Well, let's say not six books, but more.
                    I have finished reading the recommended "Nosadi experiment". Then with anguish - the co-author "The Ascension Factor", pop. There is still, but I don’t want to read. Several trivial thoughts are taken, and a chapter is written for each in a pseudo-techno-entourage, the thoughts are chewed, naively to the point of nausea. This is no longer Frank Herbert.
                    So you recommend Moorcock?
                    I'll go to the bibliography.
                    1. +3
                      12 September 2021 18: 40
                      I saw Anton's comment.
                      Anton, thanks!
                      So the list of authors has been compiled.
                      1. +4
                        12 September 2021 18: 54
                        I would also suggest the cycle "Enclaves" by Vadim Panov.
                      2. +3
                        12 September 2021 19: 53
                        I’ll definitely look.
                        In general, there is plenty to choose from.
                        Just keep in mind, I will not read fantasy)))
                      3. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 00
                        Apparently, you have not read high-quality fantasy. But what I suggested is not at all from "this opera".
                      4. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 07
                        Just keep in mind, I will not read fantasy)))

                        What have you read from this genre?
                      5. +2
                        12 September 2021 20: 16
                        Oh, it was a long time ago, I don't remember the names. The only thing I remembered was that the comparison with "Dune" did not go in favor of the selected books.
                      6. +3
                        12 September 2021 20: 20
                        Maybe it wasn't fantasy?
                      7. The comment was deleted.
                      8. Fat
                        12 September 2021 22: 45
                        hi Lyudmila Yakovlevna. Have you had a chance to look through "Kindrat. Blood Brothers" (A. Pekhov, N. Turchaninova and E. Bychkova in co-authorship)? This is about modern vampires ...
                        How many vrikolakos do you need to screw in one light bulb?
                        No one. Flea creatures use firewood in their dens.
                        How many asiman do you need to screw in one light bulb?
                        No one. Fire-worshipers are their own light bulbs.
                        How many farartos does it take to screw in one light bulb?
                        No one. They are waiting for their patrons to do everything for them.
                        How much weight do you need to screw in one light bulb?
                        No one. They are waiting to be made for them by their faery servants. As a result, both the vieschi and the fairies sit in the dark. ...
                        How many dahanavar does it take to screw in one light bulb?
                        A couple hundred. First, they will discuss everything in the council of Elders. Get Felicia's approval. A telepath will check the proposal a hundred times. Then it will be put to the general vote. Gather the Council. They will notify the heads of clans. Then Darel will go and buy a light bulb. And only after that it will be screwed in by joint efforts.
                        How many cadaverts does it take to screw in one light bulb?
                        It is better not to touch these. Their sense of humor is even worse than mine.
                        How many Thornishkhs do you need to screw in one light bulb?
                        One. But you have to do everything yourself.
                        - From anecdotes about Kindrat
                      9. +2
                        12 September 2021 23: 15
                        Andrei Borisovich, how are you not ashamed to strain me so! While reading, my weak brains were twisted into a spiral! wassat good )))
                      10. Fat
                        12 September 2021 23: 45
                        Ah, Lyudmila Yakovlevna ... How do you treat "red", that is, Soviet science fiction? If ok, then read Vadim Shefner, in my opinion, one of the most wonderful authors. If you haven't read it yet, of course ...
                        As for the foreign ... Well, about Tolkien ... about the Lord of the Rings, you definitely know - a cult thing. In the early 90s, he acquired the trilogy, and separately, from three different publishers and, of course, in different translations. Reading this cocktail was a real torment ... Complained to my nephew, eventually got "The Fellowship of the Ring" fellow I had to urgently improve my English (before that I only mastered technical texts), but as a result I understood which of the translators was “messing around” and how all this stuff should be read correctly ...
                        ... And what is the difference between the wizard of Oz Baum and the wizard of the Emerald City Volkov ... and Pinocchio from Pinocchio, God forgive me laughing
                      11. 0
                        12 September 2021 23: 51
                        Andrey Borisovich ...
                        You have a slightly misconception about my age. I am already out of elementary school age laughing
                      12. Fat
                        12 September 2021 23: 54
                        These are just examples of quality retelling, not translation Yes love
                    2. +2
                      12 September 2021 19: 02
                      Well, let's say not six books, but more.

                      Dune ("Dune")
                      Dune Messiah
                      Children of Dune
                      God-Emperor of Dune
                      Heretics of Dune
                      Chapterhouse: Dune
                      1. +2
                        12 September 2021 19: 55
                        And whose "Experiment Dosadi" is it then?
                        It was indicated - Frank Herbert.
                        I was deceived?)))
                      2. +2
                        12 September 2021 20: 02
                        The "annoying experiment" is not included in the "Chronicle of Dune". This is a separate independent work. So you will re-read all Herbert.
                      3. +2
                        12 September 2021 20: 28
                        You can not do it this way!
                        You cannot re-read one author at a time! For the authors are also human. The pinnacle of creativity of the same Heinlein, I consider the novel "The moon is laying hard." Then the senile garbage went.
                      4. +2
                        12 September 2021 20: 43
                        The fact is that I did not intend to dwell on The Chronicles of Dune. But the "Annoying Experiment" seemed weak. It no longer had the epic power of "Dune", its heroics, magic and mystery, there were no attractive heroes. It became clear that the writer was simply experimenting with meanings, with political and religious constructions, simply forgetting that the reader can only be convinced of something through an extremely attractive hero. At least I am that kind of reader. But Frank Herbert forgot about my needs, I got bored. And, apparently, my disappointment with the reverse move powerfully overtook the writer in the distant past! My dissatisfaction reached him, he sensed it, and, so as not to lose me as a reader, a joint creation "The Ascension Factor" appeared, in which the hired co-author literally fed me positive heroes smeared with molasses, boring descriptions and repetitions, which he called me to the book persistent disgust wassat )))
                        That's why I'm afraid to read fantasy. There, according to rumors, there is a lot of either sweet or false-heroic, wrapped in the banal idea of ​​the victory of good over evil. This is for children.
              2. +4
                12 September 2021 20: 53
                "Only one thing in the world helps. A kind, old, intoxicating, heart-rejoicing drink." (C)
                1. +2
                  12 September 2021 21: 20
                  Ah, Kostya! ...
                  How I miss the opportunity to share this conviction with you! crying wassat )))
                  1. +2
                    12 September 2021 21: 54
                    "So let's drink to ensure that our capabilities correspond to our desires." (C)

                    Alas, I have completely quit drinking for about six months, for a long time, or not yet, I just don't know, but so far I don't even have a desire. smile
                    And someone is already having a lot of fun laughing
                    1. +1
                      12 September 2021 22: 08
                      It would be funny:
                      "All power is for the authorities!"
                      At least that's what the poster looks like)))
                      As for the drink, do not grieve, a good laugh is just a hindrance. But the sick belly is deaf to the fun. They say that an important nerve center is located in the stomach, which, along with the brain, is involved in controlling the entire body. Drinking is bad for him. You did the right thing by giving up alcohol.
                      1. +1
                        12 September 2021 22: 12
                        The funny thing is that I just got sick of drinking immediately after being vaccinated against covid, the desire disappeared, and not only from me, but also from some of my friends, although none of us were drunkards. request
                      2. +1
                        12 September 2021 22: 59
                        So, maybe this is a side, but not planned effect of the vaccine? We wanted the best, it turned out as always)))
                        You look, the Nobel Prize will be cut down!
                        Kostya, you won't believe it, but I am still not vaccinated. I'm afraid of getting infected. There is also a hotbed!
                      3. +1
                        12 September 2021 23: 04
                        Here at someone like, I know many who both drank and drinks after vaccination. And about the "hotbed", I don't know anyone who got infected with something. But, it's the master's business, as you wish. smile
                      4. +1
                        12 September 2021 23: 12
                        Well thanks for allowing wassat love ))))
                      5. The comment was deleted.
                      6. +1
                        12 September 2021 23: 27
                        Always happy to help . smile love drinks
                      7. +1
                        13 September 2021 10: 00
                        The funny thing is that I just got sick of drinking immediately after being vaccinated against covid, the desire disappeared, and not only for me, but also for some of my friends,

                        Constantine hi , Rzhu! I did not disappear either before or during (on the day of vaccination) or after)) What were they vaccinated with? To know during revaccination))
                      8. +1
                        13 September 2021 10: 29
                        What were you vaccinated with?

                        I will not say! Gave a subscription! Strict secret, state secret! laughing drinks
  5. +9
    12 September 2021 08: 02
    By the summer of 1944, the war in Italy was portrayed as a minor event compared to the general attack of the Red Army in Belarus, as well as the landing of the Allies in Normandy and their offensive in France.
    ... The author, you probably, like Samsonov, translate from Russian into your native language. laughing The subtotal is certainly interesting. That is, while the Red Army had an easy walk, along the entire length of the Eastern Front, as a result of the "attack" laughing against the Nazi invaders, from the beginning in Belarus, then in the Ukraine, the allies fought fierce battles in France, Italy, pulling off the main forces of the Germans from the Eastern Front, and the massive guerrilla resistance movement provided support to the allies. laughing
    While the Italian Resistance must be given credit, as a result of the April uprising in 1945, the Italians liberated the North of Italy on their own while the Red Army "attacked" laughing on the Germans, conducting the Berlin operation, on a front width of 300 km, and the Anglo-American troops in Italy, having broken through the front at Ferrara on April 17, were preparing to enter the Po valley.
  6. +3
    12 September 2021 11: 56
    Hello colleagues.
    To start. I congratulate all tankers on the holiday. I called my son at night to congratulate him: he is a future tanker.
  7. +1
    12 September 2021 12: 34
    Colleagues, does it seem to me alone that Zyryanov is a mindless copywriter?
    Until recently, I moaned that the site does not have enough authors, but now it's time to pray: Lord, deliver us from such authors
  8. 0
    13 September 2021 13: 11
    I recognize my brother Kolya! (C). At one time, a lot, as an administrator of one site, was engaged in translations. A good translation costs money. Such an article of 3 thousand would probably be worth it. And so, google, for free. Therefore, it turned out to be a funny machine text. Although the topic is not fun ...
  9. 0
    14 September 2021 17: 58
    On that day, according to a number of many sources, a total of 212 civilians were killed in the city and surrounding villages and farms.

    During the German retreat through the village of Stary Krym in April 1944, the Germans in
    much more of the Soviet civilian population was destroyed in this village. Moreover, these were not punitive forces, but ordinary army units.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"