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Russia will conduct exercises to protect the Northern Sea Route


The Northern Fleet must confirm its ability to operate in the Arctic in any weather, day or night. Therefore, Russia will soon conduct exercises to protect the Northern Sea Route.

About it сообщает Izvestia newspaper, citing sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A large group of ships from the Northern fleet Russian Navy, including the newest large landing ship (BDK) "Ivan Gren". The scenario of the exercise provides for the landing on the unequipped coast of several regions of the Far North of units of the marines and arctic motorized riflemen. It is assumed that the maneuvers will last for a long time, so the ships in the process of combat training activities will have to repeatedly replenish their supplies and refuel.

The exercises will begin after the completion of the state tests of the large landing craft "Ivan Gren". And although the exact date of their start has not been determined, it is known that they will take place in autumn and winter, that is, at the most difficult time for shipping. At the same time, areas with difficult ice conditions are selected to practice tasks.

Due to global warming, the NSR is becoming an increasingly attractive sea route connecting Europe and Asia. Therefore, its protection becomes an urgent task.

Large landing craft "Ivan Gren" is the first ship of project 11711 and is intended for operations in conditions of increased ice hazard. It can take on board up to 300 fighters, 13 tanks or 36 units of lighter armored vehicles.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 9 September 2021 13: 42
    Skill and mastery are honed in the teachings.
    exercises to protect the Northern Sea Route
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 9 September 2021 13: 51
    And the NSR becomes even more attractive that the tycoons of the maritime container business, hiding behind the effects of covid, raised the price of delivery of a 40-foot container on the China Europe line through Suez to a mind-boggling $ 15, on other routes $ 000. Raising the price by 13%, compared to And most importantly, customers lag behind the delivery times of containers, say thank you that you will have them, maybe. And they are not going to discount prices, look for a large market cheaper.
    1. Daria33
      Daria33 9 September 2021 14: 07
      Therefore, exercises to protect the NSR are carried out ...
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 9 September 2021 14: 55
        It's cool, no one minuses me, the price of $ 15 for a container suits the champions of the West, but that's different, it's market relations.
      2. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 9 September 2021 17: 37
        Today the Northern Fleet begins exercises, the composition is much different than in the article. From September 9 to 15, only there will be about 50 ships. The Severomors have been prevented, the movement in the base will be covered with aerosol camouflage, tanks, marines of the C 300 and 400 air defense system and aviation will be involved in the exercises. ...
        1. Saladine
          Saladine 10 September 2021 06: 47
          And who are the "air defense marines"?
          1. tralflot1832
            tralflot1832 10 September 2021 07: 02
            These very wicked planes shoot down the enemy with the butt! As usual, I missed the comma! hi
  3. Ros 56
    Ros 56 9 September 2021 13: 51
    A necessary business, however. It is better to be prepared for any unexpected event than the other way around.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 9 September 2021 16: 41
      Quote: Ros 56
      A necessary business, however. It is better to be prepared for any unexpected event than the other way around.

      And how the nerves of the "partners" will be patted by the next exercises! Just lovely!
  4. Nafanya from the sofa
    Nafanya from the sofa 9 September 2021 14: 01
    Will the referendum be rehearsed at Grumant? fellow
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 9 September 2021 14: 24
      And we are already there, the coolest miners from Ukraine used to work in Arktiugol, their salaries were fine. Now I don't know, but I looked at the salaries a couple of months ago, not at all. Not for our miners. to every family. The Norgis will run away. wassat
      1. _Sergei_
        _Sergei_ 9 September 2021 15: 56
        Ukrainians work in Chukotka. Their salary from 100 thousand rubles suits, but ours are not
        1. tralflot1832
          tralflot1832 9 September 2021 15: 59
          And how, they work conscientiously, they don’t look askance. They have to make their way through their cordons, through the Natsik racketeers.
  5. Dikson
    Dikson 10 September 2021 08: 32
    I wonder who would dare to drag warships across the Arctic "in winter"? There is not a word about icebreaking support for these exercises in the article.