First export success of the JetPack Aviation JB12


Jetpack type JB11, which became the base for the military JB12

The armies of different countries are showing interest in the subject of jetpacks and are even studying available samples. Various tests are being carried out, the purpose of which is to determine the real possibilities and prospects of such technology. At the same time, not a single sample has yet been adopted for supplying the army. However, from the last News it follows that this may happen in the very near future. One of the leading developers of such equipment, JetPack Aviation, received the first order from the military department.

Demonstrations and contract

The creators of the future JetPack Aviation have been experimenting in the field of individual aircraft since the nineties. In 2016, they founded a new company, which is now developing ideas and creating various designs. To date, several samples and projects of various kinds have been created.

The company's latest and most advanced jetpack product is the JB12. It is a military modification of the previously created civilian JB11. For reasons of secrecy, the appearance of the military knapsack has not yet been revealed, although some of its differences from the base model are known.

The JB12 is already capturing the attention of potential customers. So, in the fall of 2019, a demonstration of such a knapsack was held to the special forces of the US Navy SEAL. The details of this event were not disclosed, but one can imagine what happened there and what kind of check the knapsack passed.

JetPack Aviation founder David Mayman flies the JB11

Recently it became known that the JB12 product became the subject of a real contract for the first time. The armed forces of an unnamed country in Southeast Asia ordered two of these backpacks for their needs. The cost of the contract is USD 800 thousand. The customer will receive the equipment within the next six months. For what purposes the satchels are purchased is not reported.

The manufacturing company notes that the first order confirms the high potential of the JB12 product. The contract also speaks of the compliance of the knapsack with the requirements of the armies. The strengths that interested the customer are also listed. So, the backpack is small in size, and high flight characteristics allow it to be used in a wide range of missions. In addition, the product can easily be integrated with another development of JetPack Aviation - the Speeder light aircraft, which has already been of interest to the US Air Force.

Military modification

The military jetpack JB12 is based on the JB11 product. The latter is an ultralight aircraft capable of lifting itself, the pilot and some small cargo into the air. The unladen weight of the structure is 115 lb (52 kg). A flight is provided at a speed of up to 120 miles per hour (193 km / h), the duration of the flight, depending on various factors, reaches 10 minutes.

The jetpack is built on the basis of a complex frame on which all the main units are installed. In the center of the structure, there is a seat for the pilot with a belt system, behind which is a large fuel tank. On either side of the pilot and the tank are two sets of three compact turbojets with a total thrust of 530 lb (240 kg). Control is carried out using two front handles equipped with screens for issuing flight information.

Demonstration flight on a twin-engine backpack JB9

Takeoff, landing and altitude maneuvers are carried out by changing the total thrust of the turbojet engine. Maneuvering is performed both by changing the thrust of the motors and by swinging them in a vertical plane using a separate drive.

JetPack Aviation has developed an original digital control system for jetpacks. It is able to track the position of the product and the pilot in the air, flight parameters, etc. In addition, the automation constantly monitors the operation of the engines and maintains their parameters in accordance with the current flight mode. It is possible to compensate for a failed engine.

The developer notes the ease of use of the JB11 backpack. The basic training of the "pilot" requires only 10 days with theoretical and practical lessons. An advanced course of longer duration is also provided. Apparently, the training of a special forces fighter, including piloting in different conditions and other aspects of the combat use of equipment, will be even longer.

According to known data, the JB12 military jetpack is slightly lighter than the base one - 105 pounds versus 115. The flight performance remains the same. Other details were not published.


The jetpack from JetPack Aviation has been shown at least once to representatives of the US military. It can also be assumed that a similar demonstration took place prior to the signing of the first supply contract to an unnamed country. Obviously, during such events, the company showed the main capabilities of its development, incl. with simulation of application in real operation.

It is known that the US Army considers jetpacks as an individual air transport capable of increasing the mobility of a soldier on the battlefield or in other conditions, even with some restrictions. In addition, with the help of such a technique, it is possible to carry out a quick transfer of entire units. An aircraft for military purposes must show the maximum possible flight characteristics, and also have a capacity reserve for transporting a fighter's equipment.

The ability of jetpacks to increase the mobility of fighters has already been demonstrated many times in various tests and demonstration events. For example, not so long ago, the Royal Navy of Great Britain studied the possibility of using the Gravity Industries knapsack in maritime operations. Then the tester took off from the motor boat, quickly caught up with the battleship, "landed" on the deck and helped the main group to board. After a short battle with a conditional enemy, the tester flew back.

However, the JB11 and, probably, the JB12 retains the characteristic shortcomings of the entire class of technology. There is a limited amount of fuel on board the backpack, which reduces the possible flight duration, which also depends on the modes. In addition, the product has extremely low combat resistance and survivability. There is no protection of vital components, and its installation is simply impossible.

Competing development, Jet Suit from Gravity Industries on tests of the Royal Navy of Great Britain

Nevertheless, it is believed that special forces and other structures of the armed forces can master jetpacks and receive new capabilities or advantages. However, this requires a competent organization of the operation, taking into account the pros and cons of technology, as well as reducing possible risks of a technical and combat nature.

In leading positions

It should be noted that JetPack Aviation is not the first company to manage to bring its jetpacks up to demonstration and testing at a military base. At the same time, she turns out to be a leader in another - she managed not only to interest the army of a third country, but also to get a real order, which is also an important achievement.

Under the terms of the contract, the contractor has not yet named a buyer. However, it is obvious that the unknown country of Southeast Asia will not hide for a long time, and at the first opportunity it will show an unusual technique. According to the test results, JB12 backpacks can be adopted and ordered a series. In this case, this army will become the first official operator of jetpacks in stories.

It is unlikely that this step will give the customer army any real military advantages. However, it will become a reason for pride, which can also be important. Meanwhile, the development company, satisfied with its latest successes, is developing various projects, making bold plans for the future and looking forward to receiving new profitable orders.
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  1. -2
    9 September 2021 18: 15
    with the help of such a technique, it is possible to carry out the rapid transfer of entire units.
    If I am not mistaken, the fuel is there for a maximum of 10 minutes, and the engine resource is 24 hours and it is not cheap, where and which units are supposed to be transferred?) For lightning-fast counter-terrorist operations, there may still be.
    1. +10
      9 September 2021 18: 58
      Not all of the first tanks could even crawl to the line of attack. And the first aircraft were sheathed with material. Perhaps it was a mistake to adopt tanks and planes?
      1. -1
        9 September 2021 19: 32
        Maybe first to finalize, or for you, then a soldier, what a kamikaze?
        1. -2
          10 September 2021 13: 58
          Modify? D-a-a-! Intellect problems. And what did our latest weapons do in Syria? Know how many samples of weapons have been removed from service! And how many weapons were urgently modernized? Only in battle is it determined whether it is worth adopting or not. Pilots in their time flew on plywood airplanes sheathed with canvas and did not feel like kamikaze!
    2. 0
      9 September 2021 19: 24
      In 10 minutes, you can be robustly draped from the battlefield from under the blow. Throwing away weapons and ammunition ..
      1. 0
        9 September 2021 23: 01
        Well, then you will have to always wear this wardrobe on yourself, otherwise, firstly, you will put it on yourself for at least the same 10 minutes, and secondly, where you take it in the field ...
    3. +3
      9 September 2021 19: 29
      For the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the most thing is to remove the "jumpers" from the roof and bridges
    4. 0
      10 September 2021 14: 46
      fast movement across the battlefield, the ability to overcome obstacles, lightning attack of the enemy, elimination of targets, such as a car with the president, an escort, illegal border crossing, quick capture of objects in the dark, work in the mountains, etc.

      There are a lot of applications, but the technology has not yet been tested, now it is rather pampering. Someone bought it for trial, and analysis of technologies.
  2. +1
    9 September 2021 18: 21
    An interesting option is the "flying doctor", including for the aircraft.
    1. -5
      9 September 2021 19: 33
      And where will the doctor fly with the body kit?
    2. 0
      9 September 2021 21: 16
      Quote: knn54
      An interesting option is the "flying doctor", including for the aircraft.

      If a fighter is lightly wounded, then this doctor does not fucking need him, he himself can inject analgin or trample in the ass, and if he is seriously wounded and needs to be evacuated, then this flying doctor is useless
  3. 0
    9 September 2021 18: 24
    Even in "dribadan" I do not understand how to use it in combat operations.
    UNDERSTOOD, if there is an autopilot, then it will fly to the house (will take you) drinks
    1. -2
      9 September 2021 18: 34
      Even in "dribadan" I do not understand how to use it in combat operations.
      UNDERSTOOD, if there is an autopilot, then it will fly to the house (will take you)

      All the same can be done with the help of a helicopter)))
    2. -1
      9 September 2021 21: 20
      Quote: tarakan
      Even in "dribadan" I do not understand how to use it in combat operations.
      UNDERSTOOD, if there is an autopilot, then it will fly to the house (will take you) drinks

      Also xs, if they cost a reasonable amount ... Well, the specialists will jump on the roof suddenly, and what will they throw off the satchels? and who will pick them up? Well, if this is WHO, then wherever it went, but if this is full-fledged military operations? You can be killed and knapsacks can be picked up or shot from the neighboring roof, and they are 800k each
  4. +3
    9 September 2021 18: 48
    So far, I see only a strongly maneuvering target for zeroing in the enemy's weapons. Like I will shoot this flyer with one burst from a machine gun, the other I will shoot him with a burst from a machine gun, who defeated who knocked him down with a hook.
    1. +1
      9 September 2021 19: 06
      Yes, Carlson is not the same! request laughing Will not reach the middle of the Volga.
      1. 0
        9 September 2021 19: 10
        Quote: Silver bullet
        Yes, Carlson is not the same! Will not reach the middle of the Volga.

        You just need to hold firmly by the legs before throwing.
        Flies, and how it flies!
      2. 0
        9 September 2021 19: 12
        Something similar to modern hunting, hung from head to toe hunters with modern tools for killing an innocent one duck. In short, this model should be called "Game".
        1. -1
          9 September 2021 20: 10
          Down and Out trouble started! It is not necessary to let the bullets go right now.
          1. -1
            9 September 2021 20: 46
            And I really want to shoot at him with something of 23 mm, or even better to shoot 30 mm, while he cannot answer. Already a hunting excitement appeared, although not a hunter even once.
  5. 0
    9 September 2021 18: 52
    While this is just the beginning, then technologies will develop, and then the engine resource will grow, its energy will decrease, the thrust will increase, and the dimensions will become smaller.
    Remember the first car versus a horse? And today it is difficult to imagine life without a car or a bus.
    Everything has its time.
    1. -1
      9 September 2021 19: 20
      I agree, but take NONSENS on the balance !!!
      PS if only, to deliver the genirals home after the "maneuvers"
    2. +3
      9 September 2021 19: 35
      There are options with rechargeable propellers. Showed. The parameters are similar, but practically silent and much safer. Also charge for 10 minutes and the speed and load capacity are similar.
      IMHO, these are more promising for special forces than a jetpack - screaming "I am here, I am here it is" to all the surroundings.
  6. +3
    9 September 2021 19: 01
    In spetsnaz, such an apparatus can be
    really in demand
    1. +1
      9 September 2021 19: 25
      Examples in the studio.
      Flies, farts, sausages.
      Only to India for parades.
  7. +1
    9 September 2021 20: 13
    Inventor Frank Zapata took part in a military parade in France on his flying platform.

    "Flying Man": French inventor / the same Frank Zapata / crossed the English Channel on a jet hoverboard.

    Jetpack Jetpack JB10 - 2017, referred to in the article!

    2018 Flying suits began to be sold to British inventor Richard Brownin in London.

    In short, the topic is developing! good There will be a lot of new and amazing things. hi
  8. 0
    9 September 2021 20: 15
    Quote: Serge-667
    In 10 minutes, you can be robustly draped from the battlefield from under the blow. Throwing away weapons and ammunition ..

    Her ... Just get in there and get into a fight! Sometimes this is what you need. Reinforcement with a one-way ticket.
    Suitable for saboteurs, but very noisy.

    In general, jetpacks for me began from foreign cartoons of my childhood. And my child is looking at this at a new stage, but oh, how far is it to be applied in practice! Apparently, in reality my grandchildren fly to them ... tongue
  9. +3
    9 September 2021 20: 28
    Interestingly, does he have a rescue system?
    What is the service life of the engines and the frequency of maintenance?
    What is the limit on the time of continuous work?
    Is it possible to use additional fuel tanks?
  10. Lad
    9 September 2021 20: 56
    It is clear that the design is still in development. In general, many applications can be thought of based on its merits and demerits. It is not protected from the shooter and is highly traumatic in case of damage. Therefore, participation directly in the battle is excluded. They also say that it is quite possible to replace it with a helicopter. But after all, they cannot be compared in terms of size, weight and cost. So a rifle can be replaced with a cannon. Therefore, you can think of other use cases.
    - throw several people through a minefield, barriers, swamp or other difficult-to-pass area
    - urgently deliver a sniper, observer or anyone else to a hard-to-reach place such as a rock, a high-rise building, etc. This is more likely in preparation for the operation, rather than during it. And generally for fast vertical movement.
    - and what if to dream up and generally use the paratroopers instead of a parachute (we are not talking about the cost). Parachutists during the descent are also very vulnerable to fire, but here the object is much smaller and, moreover, moves faster and allows you to choose the landing site more accurately than with a parachute.
    Much more can be invented, but the application will depend on the ability of the industry to develop and master in production devices that meet current needs. And these needs themselves will always be found in the army, the police, and the rescuers ...
  11. +2
    9 September 2021 22: 15
    Quote: tarakan
    Examples in the studio.
    Flies, farts, sausages.
    Riddle - flies, waves his claws, swears (an electrician from a pole)
  12. 0
    9 September 2021 22: 24
    With the current technical, technological and scientific capabilities, there is almost nothing impossible left. I remembered an old Soviet film about a frontier post somewhere on the southern border. I forgot the name, but I remember the border violator who deftly flew over the border with the help of the same knapsack. There was another scout spy who posed as a learned snake catcher. Can anyone tell me the title of the movie? I would like to refresh my childhood memories, and take a closer look at that flying knapsack.
  13. 0
    9 September 2021 23: 25
    Just a promo / advertisement for this particular jetpack. Back in 2015, the UAE purchased 20 backpacks and 2 Personal Jetpack simulators for their firefighters to extinguish skyscrapers. Only after Vincent Reffe of the Jetman Dubai team crashed in Dubai on November 17, 2020, this topic died down.
  14. +1
    10 September 2021 06: 20
    It seems that an alternative to jetpacks will be manned copters, which are low noise, hardly visible in the infrared range, more reliable and safe. Their flight duration is longer. Not so long ago, they showed on TV copters for processing fields in agriculture.
  15. 0
    10 September 2021 07: 55
    Apparently, this is just the beginning. Jetpack + exoskeleton - and everything else, science fiction writers have already described
  16. 0
    10 September 2021 09: 54
    In addition to rescue functions, delivery, advertising, nothing else could be invented, and then suddenly. How will a special unit soldier perform a combat mission if his hands are busy with control?
    1. -1
      10 September 2021 15: 12
      How will a special unit fighter perform a combat mission if his hands are busy with control?

      Is your mouth free? Will spit and swear. In Russia, there are now a lot of especially gentle people who do not tolerate rudeness. Even on this site, everyone is running around to complain. Intellectuals, from the word "cart".
  17. 0
    22 November 2021 12: 07
    I would work on the idea of ​​combining this product with an aircraft catapult (front-line aviation). The life of a pilot, his training is worth it.

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