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Unnamed islands have found names


Nameless islands of the Kuril chain began to give names. Two rocky islands, located about two hundred meters from the northeastern part of Shikotan Island, are named after the commander of the Kuril assault operation 1945, Major General Alexei Gnechko, and the famous scientist and TV presenter Sergey Kapitsa. Last weekend, special capsules were laid on these islands, flags of Russia and the Sakhalin Region were installed.

The head of the South Kurile District, Vasily Solomko, said that each of the islands that have acquired the name has an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters, and they rise above the surface of the water 30 meters.

Previously, the residents of Shikotan repeatedly approached the nameless islets on boats and climbed them, but for the first time participants of the official expedition called "Name on the map of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands" visited these sites. Expedition came to the island of Shikotan on the ship "Igor Farkhutdinov", ITAR-TASS reports.

Samples of land were taken from the islands of Alexey Gnechko and Sergey Kapitsa, which were transferred to the governor of the Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin. It was on his initiative that the beginning of a new tradition was given - the collection of particles of all the islands of the region in the museum and exhibition complex, which will become a symbol of the unity of the Sakhalin region and the indivisibility of Russian territories.

The first expedition to assign names to the nameless islands of the Kuril chain was about 140 people - scientists, members of the Federation Council, doctors, teachers, miners, journalists of federal and regional media. The next expedition to the nameless islands is planned to be sent in October of this year.

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  1. spender
    spender 10 September 2012 10: 54
    It seems to me that this is an attempt to "stake out" these islands, Russian names, etc. hi I am glad that they began to act ahead of the curve, and not as always "grab the bags the platform is leaving"
    1. INTER
      INTER 10 September 2012 11: 25
      I wonder how many unnamed territories in Russia are. I think a lot)))) Great is my native country)) To lose or not to know about a territory with a size of say half the Europe, for Russia it’s a common thing laughing
    2. Hammer
      Hammer 10 September 2012 12: 07
      That's for sure. There are shifts in this direction. fellow

      It is strange that the Japanese Foreign Ministry did not come up with another hysteria. Or did they catch their breath, so they can’t utter words, from the next impudence of these Russians? laughing
      1. bamboo
        bamboo 10 September 2012 12: 31
        I also thought why the Japs are silent ...... strange .... maybe they have not yet made out
        1. urzul
          urzul 10 September 2012 12: 36
          So they signed an agreement yesterday, now they are busy
    3. Aleks28
      Aleks28 10 September 2012 13: 15
      When it seems necessary to be baptized. This is the Russian islands.
      1. spender
        spender 10 September 2012 14: 28
        Quote: Allex28
        When it seems necessary to be baptized. This is the Russian islands.

        Oh, how I like such clever people ... He brought a proverb (I don’t argue to the point), pushed the slogan and complained about what was done

        “These capsules were left by the expedition as an expression of respect for historical figures. However, other historical names may arise in the process of scientific examination, ”said Vasily Khramushin, chairman of the Sakhalin branch of the Russian Geographical Society, regarding the expedition to the islands of the Kuril Ridge, told the newspaper VZGLYAD. which the Japanese consider disputed territory. Two of them were given Russian names.

        «We, on the contrary, are looking for opportunities for bilateral interaction with Japanese scientists. They cannot come to visit us, they simply are not allowed»On September 6 and 7, the expedition members on boats landed on two islands that are located near the Shikotan island in the South Kuril Islands and have an area of ​​0,286 square meters. km and 0,0307 sq. km. km The third island could not be visited due to weather deterioration, transmitted "Interfax".

        So all the same they EXACTLY work "ahead" hi
        1. Aleks28
          Aleks28 10 September 2012 17: 10
          And he answered himself. If in the Russian territorial waters, so whose are they? So who is our wise guy? And the fact that the Japanese consider this their business. hiMs Rice said "Siberia cannot belong to Russia alone" - also a disputed territory?
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 10 September 2012 11: 01
    thank God there are many talented people in Russia. we can rename the whole world
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 10 September 2012 11: 09
      Quote: andrei332809
      we can rename the whole world

      I am also for.
    2. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 10 September 2012 11: 39
      Quote: andrei332809
      we can rename the whole world

      Interestingly, what would you call Japan and the United States now?
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 10 September 2012 11: 43
        did not invent. but our people are wise, they will not miss the name
      2. Armata
        Armata 10 September 2012 15: 17
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        Interestingly, what would you call Japan and the United States now?
        Big shit and small shit. They have no other name yet.
        1. andrei332809
          andrei332809 10 September 2012 16: 08
          first, to clear of all muck, including speaking, and then you can give the names of our geniuses or heroes
      3. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 10 September 2012 16: 58
        Japan-place for hara-kiri usa-landfill No. 1
  3. Check
    Check 10 September 2012 11: 05
    now the epilepsy will begin again in the japanese.
    1. kontrzasada20
      kontrzasada20 10 September 2012 13: 25
      It is necessary not only to give the names of the islands (although this is also necessary), but also to master the entire region economically. This is the fabulous land of the comrade, I served in Kamchatka. There was a time.
  4. Trailer
    Trailer 10 September 2012 11: 14
    Feel the power of all of Russia
    On two boats to the islands,
    Sailed in boats like missions -
    And the Earth trembled instantly!

    Ministers gathered urgently,
    Waking up in a panic, barely ...
    But everyone was puzzled quickly:
    Where are those islands on the map?
  5. baltika-18
    baltika-18 10 September 2012 11: 17
    This is called "hello to Japan." The samurai are resting. Interestingly, someone lives on these islands.
    1. spender
      spender 10 September 2012 11: 34
      Quote: baltika-18
      Interestingly, someone lives on these islands.

      No! Today, rocky debris showed there in the news ... It’s impossible to live there, it’s just that the ostrava also gives a suspended territory rich in biological resources wink
  6. Slavs69
    Slavs69 10 September 2012 11: 44
    Quote: spender
    it’s just that the island also provides a coastal territory rich in biological resources

    What is true is true. It is also true that in the Japs, neuro-convulsive changes in the muzzle of the face have occurred.
    1. Narkom
      Narkom 10 September 2012 11: 59
      Has the eyes become wide ??? Although, in truth, the Japanese are sane people, they have a friend, they have a lot of friends (and he’s 50 with a tail) who can’t understand what for the Japanese government is butting with Russia ...
  7. anfreezer
    anfreezer 10 September 2012 11: 58
    To each stone in the Kuril Islands by name! Of course, there are about 450 of them, and we will have more heroes and just wonderful people. As I said above andrei332809that's enough for the whole world. I am joining!
  8. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 10 September 2012 12: 10
    Where are the Japs with tantrums?
    1. urzul
      urzul 10 September 2012 12: 16
      How where, our smugglers are caught.
  9. wax
    wax 10 September 2012 12: 56
    All islands should be named and inventoried so that no one in the future says that he discovered them or appropriated them.
  10. denn
    denn 10 September 2012 13: 11
    We are waiting for the reaction of the Japanese.
    1. Tsim
      Tsim 10 September 2012 13: 41
      Yes, as always - express dissatisfaction and stumble lol
  11. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 10 September 2012 13: 37
    Japs and tear their hair, ahahaha, happy article
  12. Drappier
    Drappier 10 September 2012 13: 50
    How many sepoku will provoke similar actions in Japanese society wassat
  13. VPO
    VPO 10 September 2012 16: 52
    Japs and these islands are not needed (Yapping when Obamych says, so to speak, so that we do not relax). They have a lot of their problems. The Chinese will soon requisition the floor of Japan.
  14. red 015
    red 015 10 September 2012 17: 41
    it's time, now the Japs will beat in good condition
  15. red 015
    red 015 10 September 2012 18: 16
    more precisely in convulsions