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About young years ...

Three small stories about dreams, posts and photos from the life of our "point" and young years ...


In April, we stopped at three BeTeRs and one “seagull” to hell with horns, so to speak. The authorities decided MMG there interim support point to do.
April in the Pamirs. It is already warm but, ugly, gray and dreary ...
First night There is nowhere to be placed. Tent and stuff not yet brought up. Where to sleep? Who is in armor, who is not ... there was some abandoned carriage standing there, we examined it, it suits.
We go to bed, throwing sleeping bags on the floor. Shops in automatic, automatic fuse off. We sleep But ... sensitively.
By morning, the night guard changed and attempted to enter the trailer.
Everyone “sleeps” and listens as someone tries to lift the hook through the slot in the door and pull it off, with which it is closed.
As soon as the hook finally bounces off, from all corners of the carriage, clicks of the twitch bolts are heard, and a frightened cry is heard from behind the door:
- Guys, don't shoot !!! This is me - Bandera !!! I !!! I !!!
Someone from the trailer answers:
- Bender, what are you, mu ... k? It is necessary to knock !!!
And again, all "sleep" ....

"Night post"

Photos from a personal album. View of our "point" from the position of LNG and the far caponier

I am young, in the first year.
My very first night on the "point" in the night guard.
There were usually two security exchanges. Two to three people. The exact place where they are was not. Now in one place, then in another, wandering around to the discretion of the elder.
I got with my two "grandfathers". Stopped from the second half of the night until the morning.
They rotated around the bush, found a good place and decided to sit there until the end. More precisely, the "grandfathers" decided to sleep, and I did not understand this yet.
Sit. "Grandfathers" pitch me with bikes about "cut outposts", "black widows" and other amenities of the service. In the end they say:
- Usually THEY arrive in the morning. Hours from 4 to 5. The very dream.
Then continue:
“Okay, time to sleep.” Let's lie down. And so do we.
Wrapped in pea jackets and sleep. But I can not. I sit like an owl. I heard their fables and damned everywhere. Fearfully ! I looked at my machine gun, I think:
- Well, nafig!
Pushed to his PC. So with him in the arms until the morning and sat out his eyes without closing.
Utrechkom "grandfathers" woke up. They were surprised. They say:
- Are you not sleeping or what?
Laugh Lit short "young."
Although I later myself also divorced my "young" people.

"Photo and night walk"

It's getting dark. At the "point" after dinner, free time, and all who are not in clothes, posts or not preparing for them - who do what.
My year and my countryman Romka and I sit by the caponier with BeTeR, we look at Pyanj and talk about all sorts of nonsense. About what we will do in the civilian world, although we still have to “plow and plow” before it, since we have only “been ousted” for about seven months, and everything is ahead of us.
Gradually, the conversation comes to those who stayed (if left) to wait for us there - at home.
Romka says:
- And I don’t even have my photo. We quarreled shortly before the call, and left.
- Write - I tell him. - Make peace, let him send.
He silently replies:
- You know where the road builders put the equipment for the night, there in one trailer when we came to them on the way to the left flank yesterday I saw many pictures of different women on the wall.
- So what ? - I answer.
I certainly know this place. It is about a kilometer from the "point". There they have, workers beating the road in the rocks, something like a headquarters and a collection point. Several trailers, bulldozers, drills and other equipment and all equipment.
- There was one photo, well, just poured mine! At least very similar to her - continued Romka.
- So what's up ? - I answered him. - Tomorrow afternoon you can go to them and ask.
Romka paused and said:
- And if they do not give? And tomorrow ... Maybe we will go now?
I did not think long. What is there to go? Back and forth minutes for the 20-30 turn around.
- Come on. - I answered him.
We climbed, and moved towards the far caponier with BeTeR. It was easier for him to go through the stream and get past the “point” in the direction of our left flank.
Reaching the caponier and finding no one there, we quietly slipped into the liquid "green", crossed the stream and climbed a small slope out onto the road leading in the direction we needed.
When the stream passed, the thought flashed in my mind that it was at least to take the machine guns but ... it was too late to return.
A huge white-and-yellow moon illuminated everything around with a cold, ghostly light. And we walked under this moon, on the road in the night mountains, and continued to talk about any nonsense and not only.
Approaching the parking lot of road workers, Romka said:
- That trailer over there.
Showing a hand to one of the three cabins.
We approached him, went up to the door and ... a lock hung on its hinges.
- What do we do ? - Asked Romka.
- We will beat! - I replied. - We will beat out, all the same will dump everything on "spirits" if that.
We were well aware that the "spirits" climb here at night and not only. Just a few days ago, at night, they also dropped in here and left a gift to the workers in the form of a cut-off head with a donkey-clad barrel with drinking water. That morning, when the hard workers came from the nearest village and saw it, there were many cries. They were very scared.
We went to the door, Romka climbed the steps to the small vestibule in front of her, and ... hryas ... the lock remained hanging on one hinge and the door went inside the room.
We went inside. I said:
- Well, where is this photo?
- Now. - Romka answered, and taking out the lighter began to highlight.
- Here they are, see?
In the dim light of the flame of a lighter, I saw 20 photographs of various beauties on the side of the carriage.
- And which one is yours? - I asked him.
- This one ! This is exactly like her!
Romka pointed to a small photo of a pretty brunette with a short haircut.
- Nothing. - I replied. - Take it off and leave.
Romka began to tinker with a photo, carefully tearing it off the wall. And I once again regretted that we, as the last two .., had left without weapons and no one was warned. Because although it was within reach of the "point", it was ... we could easily be swaddled right here, when leaving the trailer, or on the road along the "green".
With these thoughts, while Romka was taking a photo, I quietly slipped out of the trailer and dived under it and began to look around. As I have already said, a bright and full moon was shining in the sky, there was absolute silence and everything around was seen almost like during the day.
Looking around and not noticing anything suspicious, I had already decided to call Romka, but he himself came out pleased and smiling.
- Well, let's go back? - He said.
- Yes, we go. - I replied. - And then you never know what, and so left for a long time.
We left the site on the road moved in their direction.
Having walked a few meters, I proposed to go off the road and move along the side of the road, closer to the “green”, because on this road we were clearly at a glance for everyone, for our own and for strangers, and we could see from a distance.
The proposal was accepted and then we moved out of sight and silently. And they began to keep silent without saying a word. They walked carefully, listened, looked ...
Here is a lowland, a stream, we almost came.
Passing a stream from the bushes, a small voice was heard:
- Stand.
I immediately recognized this voice, it was the voice of my "beloved grandfather", Kazakh Tanybaev. Caught I thought.
“Where are you from?” Why even at night from the "point" left without telling anyone? What are you, .. ducks do not think at all with your head?
There were questions from him.
- It was necessary Aytan, it is very necessary. - Answered Romka.
- It was necessary for them to hear Aytan! - I answered from the darkness a second voice in which I recognized another of our "grandfather", BeTeRschika Lechu from Rostov.
- Absolutely "pshenari" !!! - he added. - We did not behave like this in their year.
- Okay, .. sleep and do not get anyone in the eye !!! - Said Aytan. - Tomorrow we will talk !!
- You need to warn us if you go anywhere from the "point"! - Added Lyokha. - Spiz..yat you, then look !!!
- Everything, go what we we did not see today !!! - Put an end to the Kazakh.
We quietly but quickly headed for the tent trying not to run into anyone else.
Of course, we understood that we argued a great folly, relaxed, but it all ended well.
- Tomorrow we will receive from the "grandfathers". - I said Romke.
- Yes, they will hold “political studies” with us for sure. - He answered. - But oh well, next time we warn them and grab the AKS !!
- What, you saw another one of your "girlfriend" in the photo? - I replied laughing. - Once you plan and next time.
- No, just in case. - Answered Romka smiling.
When we reached the tent, we quietly leaked into it, undressed, and fell asleep in bed.
The next day, the “grandfathers” of course “scoured” us, scared with stories about “severed heads” and other parts of the body, and we vowed to promise not to leave that way again and our promise was always kept in the future.

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  1. sorrento
    sorrento 10 September 2012 11: 06
    Good story))))))))
    1. Green
      10 September 2012 11: 36
      Quote: sorrento
      Good story))))))))

      Thank you.
      Glad I liked it. wink
      1. tan0472
        tan0472 13 September 2012 11: 57
        Thank you and those like you for fighting for yourself and "for that guy" (for example, me - "who did not smell gunpowder")
        1. Green
          14 September 2012 14: 43
          Quote: tan0472
          Thank you and those like you for fighting for yourself and "for that guy" (for example, me - "who did not smell gunpowder")

          Yes, not at all. wink
          Thanks for that ? we didn’t voluntarily go where we wanted, went and flew. Everything depended on RVC. Where they send - there you will serve. laughing
          By the way, I never regretted that I got to where I got.

          I recalled the case at the training:
          People are selected for Beterschikov studying. They built training on the parade ground, the head of the unitary enterprise walks along the line and asks:
          - Do you have drivers? Who wants to go to study at Beter?
          A malicious snicker swept across the ranks ...
          - Guys, the war is ending. I promise no one will get into the river !!!
          Again a laugh, and already louder.
          Everyone already knows what an APC is and what happens to it under "certain circumstances." There are no volunteers.
          - Well then. - Continues nachUP. - I’ll appoint it on my own, since you don’t want to voluntarily.

          tan0472 I wanted to put a plus, but by mistake - minus. Forgive me not on purpose! Fix minus plus did not work, the system does not. Corrected in other topics, putting a plus.
          No offense. wink
          1. tan0472
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    Aleks tv 10 September 2012 17: 02
    Memories are a powerful thing ...
    Plus article. good
  3. Green
    11 September 2012 15: 20
    Quote: Aleks tv
    Memories are a powerful thing ...
    Plus article.

    It's right !!!
    That's just, even after so many years, not everything can be written about. wink
    Thanks for the plus.
  4. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 11 September 2012 16: 16
    Quote: Green
    not everything can be written.

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