Taliban revelations: We offered the Americans joint control of Kabul, but Biden and General Mackenzie refused


Revelations of Taliban field commanders (* a terrorist group banned in Russia) appear in the Western press, in which some details of the capture of the Afghan capital are presented. The Washington Post reports that the Taliban * offered the American side joint control over Kabul, but the Biden administration said their task was to withdraw the troops as quickly as possible.

Such information, which in the States itself is already called sensational, sounded from the mouth of the head of the Taliban military wing * Abdul Ghani Baradar. According to him, he personally communicated with representatives of the Americans, suggesting the option of a phased transfer of Kabul under the control of the Taliban * with a phased withdrawal of American troops - up to several months.


Biden refused. He was determined to withdraw the troops on a tight schedule. US General Mackenzie said US troops would leave Kabul airport by August 31. He also gave up joint control over the city.

Earlier, the United States stated that it was the Taliban who set the condition for the withdrawal of American troops by August 31.

Details are now emerging. It turns out that the Taliban themselves did not expect that they would be able to take Kabul so easily.

One of the field commanders of the terrorist group:

We were so happy to learn that Ashraf Ghani (Afghan President) fled the country. We did not expect this then. The city came under our control so quickly. Many of us just cried with happiness.

It turns out that only after that the Taliban "recommended" the Americans to speed up their exit from the Kabul airport. Initially, the Taliban made completely different proposals on the timing of the withdrawal of US troops.

In the Western press, Taliban statements have sparked another wave of criticism against Biden. For example, the British Daily Mail writes that if the Biden administration had accepted the Taliban's proposal for joint control over Kabul, then the Americans and allies would have been able to calmly evacuate all those who wanted to evacuate from Afghanistan.

From the material:

This would allow people to avoid the roadblocks that the Taliban then set up. In the end, Ghani's flight shocked both the Taliban and the United States, and the evacuation operation turned into chaos. Ashraf Ghani has received misinformation that the Taliban are already in the presidential palace and are looking for his room. In fact, at that time the Taliban were only approaching Kabul and proposing a variant of joint control over the Afghan capital with the Americans.

Meanwhile, people close to the Biden administration say that the very idea of ​​a 5-strong US contingent controlling a 5-million Kabul together with the Taliban seemed insane to the Pentagon.
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  1. +2
    2 September 2021 17: 14
    And this complicity ... laughing
    1. +1
      2 September 2021 17: 24
      This is Biden's setup by the Taliban.
      Here they are good (terrorists) offered cooperation, but Biden refused. These are mischievous Taliban. bully
      What else did he and Trump secretly discuss?
      1. +3
        2 September 2021 19: 29
        It turns out like this:

        The United States spent 20 years in Afghanistan preventing terrorist attacks on its territory.
        The benefit to the United States is clear. The price for this by the standards of their GDP is penny.

        We looked at the situation how to play the cards.
        The typical modern tactical approach is shake the apple tree - catch the apples.
        Ours mastered it in Georgia and not very successfully .. In Ukraine and Crimea, they also did not put the squeeze on eastern Ukraine. But they studied and groped for the rules of the game.
        Then Syria, and here almost everything turned out well.

        The US position on containing Russia in Ukraine is clear. But why not just now play for aggravation. There are a lot of advantages for the United States - Russia is bogged down in containing the Taliban in Uzbekistan (not yet a member of the CSTO, but unable to resist the Taliban), Tajikistan, etc. And the expansion of the Taliban is almost guaranteed.

        What did the United States do - under the guise of the withdrawal of troops long demanded by part of their electorate, agreed with the Taliban, left them all the weapons of the Afghan army, which did not participate in this situation at all. The United States could not openly arm the Taliban - that would have caused a sea of ​​indignation. Or the counter delivery of weapons from Russia to the opponents of the United States. And so the US got a little bit of a reputation in the present, but a lot of benefits in the future. For decades, the well-armed Taliban will terrorize the surrounding area and Russia will have to do this.

        Sly, smart, but very disgusting for us step of the states. A sample of their relationship style.
        1. +2
          2 September 2021 21: 24
          Quote: sot
          And the expansion of the Taliban is almost guaranteed.

          but what about our nuclear doctrine?
        2. +3
          2 September 2021 22: 43
          Quote: sot
          The highly armed Taliban will terrorize the neighborhood for decades
          There is an option that the United States was counting on this, but the Taliban can give them a ride. They will ogrebut, and they need it? It is not for nothing that ours and the Chinese continue to work there.
        3. 0
          3 September 2021 14: 01
          sot (Andrey)
          You also forgot to mention the zeroing of the accountable (before the Accounts Chamber) expenses. Now, you can write off a lot of things. Brilliant mattress operation!
    2. +1
      2 September 2021 17: 25
      Quote: Finches
      And this complicity ... laughing

      And they obviously agreed on something else, leaving weapons for lard dollars .. They are pushing them north to the borders of Russia and China .. Well, let's see more, while the United States got into a puddle specifically.
      1. +3
        2 September 2021 19: 24
        Tears will pour out to the Donnik's can. But this is their fight. And so let's see how the Taliban will lead themselves further. Where will their gaze turn after the complete (as far as possible) capture of Afgan under control. Will they be smart enough to focus on the development of any state or will sacrifice themselves for the sake of "uncle"?
    3. -2
      2 September 2021 17: 36
      Quote: Finches
      And this is complicity ..

      Hague? un tribunal? Biden will repeat the fate of Milosevic?
    4. 0
      2 September 2021 18: 47
      it is in vain to wait for great accomplishments from temporary, 4 g, peers.
      everything is determined by the Washington swamp .... it was not the Pentagon who decided to leave weapons, but a tangle of special services. and behind them EVEN DEEPER.
      weapons to hake - and in Iran and Pakistan, and India will come. CHINA AND SR.ASIA ALSO. In a wagon with apricots, they will take you to Chelyaba for a gallop.
  2. 0
    2 September 2021 17: 27
    and these 4 dudes in the photo, what do they have to do with
    Taliban revelations: We offered the Americans joint control of Kabul, but Biden and General Mackenzie refused

    Which one is Biden and which one is Mackenzie?
    And then they covered their faces and did not understand
    1. +3
      2 September 2021 17: 31
      Well, Obamycha you could recognize in the photo. Even with a veiled face.
      1. -3
        2 September 2021 17: 34
        Quote: OrangeBigg
        Well, Obamycha you could recognize in the photo. Even with a veiled face.

        he is too old for such games. As I understand it:
        on the left is a Ukrainian from a PMC, then Obamych, then Tom Cruise, and the Jew on the far right (I can't identify who ... but definitely not Ashkhenazi blood)?
        1. 0
          2 September 2021 17: 48
          ... left Ukrainian from PMC

          Oh well. They have already removed everything "superfluous" from the Afghan equipment and retreated in their own way.
  3. 0
    2 September 2021 17: 36
    How did they refuse?
  4. +3
    2 September 2021 17: 40
    The can, represented by its own generals, fell below the plinth. Probably the Pentagon got him with this question and interfered with sleep, so he decided to quickly do everything laughing Yes, the Democrats have chosen a candidate
    1. +7
      2 September 2021 17: 46
      To all the demands to dismiss Austin, Biden says it was a great operation. And until he gives up, until then he will be respected.
      Biden, as he himself ordered, holds the blow himself. Everything is fine.
      I would look at Trump in such a situation.
      He gave Flynn, for example, and did not blink an eye.
      Well at least he had pardon before leaving.
      1. +1
        3 September 2021 14: 06
        Quote: Alex777
        Biden says it was a great operation.

        You can understand Biden, planes with Americans did not fall in packs,
        and for this I had to work very hard.
        The Americans were not beaten at the exit - they lowered them a little, but this is tolerable.
    2. 0
      2 September 2021 17: 51
      The good news is that every new American president is "better" than the old one. This trend has been traced since George W. Bush and Biden is a vivid example of this. Worse than Obamych and Trump. Who will become president after him? Jack Sparrow?
      1. +2
        2 September 2021 18: 00
        Quote: OrangeBigg
        Biden is a prime example of this, worse than Obamych and Trump.

        Why is Biden worse for us than Trump?
        1. +2
          2 September 2021 18: 16
          Quote: Alex777
          Quote: OrangeBigg
          Biden is a prime example of this, worse than Obamych and Trump.

          Why is Biden worse for us than Trump?

          Not for us, but for them.
      2. 0
        2 September 2021 18: 11
        Quote: OrangeBigg
        Who will become president after him? Jack Sparrow?

        Kamala Devi Harris
        1. +1
          3 September 2021 02: 20
          Quote: ja-ja-vw
          Kamala Devi Harris

          And so it was conceived
      3. -2
        3 September 2021 01: 56
        I don’t remember who at the beginning of the XNUMXs nagged that in the States the presidents would be successively a black man, a woman and a homosexual. On homosexual, the history of the United States will end. The Negro was already there, but Trump and Baida screwed up the prediction. By the way, who predicted this?
  5. 0
    2 September 2021 18: 32
    The Americans wanted to be left alone in a white tailcoat in the middle of the guano, but here, "down" there is a happens ... "multi-pass" from the Taliban good
  6. 0
    2 September 2021 19: 27
    Quote: OrangeBigg
    The good news is that every new American president is "better" than the old one.

    And the communists are to blame for everything ... those Soviet ones. The USSR did not become and the Americans did not have thinking leaders. One gopota impudent.
    1. 0
      3 September 2021 01: 27
      Yes, the USSR dealt a terrible blow to America with its disintegration.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  7. +2
    2 September 2021 20: 25
    Well, the US problems with Afghanistan, Biden solved it. But the neighboring countries with bearded countries have more problems.
    1. -1
      3 September 2021 00: 54
      Quote: surfdude
      Well, the US problems with Afghanistan, Biden solved it. But the neighboring countries with bearded countries have more problems.

      We live in such a time that problems will be added for everyone.
      Biden already has them, others have not yet, but
      no one will be bored in the near future. IMHO. hi
      PS And the topic of coronavirus in Afghanistan has not yet been disclosed, since testing has stopped. They have everything ahead of them.
  8. +1
    2 September 2021 20: 31
    One title "Revelation ..." "" You can not read further

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