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Silent large-caliber sniper rifle "Exhaust"

In 2002, TsKIB SOO (KBP branch office) presented under the code “Exhaust” an 12,7-mm sniper complex. Development work on this topic was started in 1999. After refinement in 2004, this complex entered service under the designation VKS. The trial operation of the complex by special units of the Special Purpose Center of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation was very successful. 12,7-mm sniper complex VKS special development refers to arms with a small unmasking action (more precisely - to silent and flameless).

A peculiar intersection of two directions in this complex - “silent” and large-caliber sniper rifles — made it possible to create weapons combining minimal unmasking signs with the ability to hit an enemy protected by means of individual armor or located behind various obstacles (door, glazing, car trim, etc.) ), as well as technical equipment, vehicles of the enemy. And while having dimensions and weight close to a normal sniper rifle of normal caliber.

The complex includes a special large-caliber sniper rifle with a removable silencer (PBS) and special 12,7-mm cartridges with subsonic bullet speed. Several variants of the 12,7-mm cartridge are presented:
- sniper SC-130 PT increased accuracy with shell bullet, similar to the bullet cartridge 12,7 CH;
- sniper SC-130 PT2 of increased accuracy with a solid (one-component) bronze bullet;
- sniper SC-130 UPU with high penetrating ability - with an armor-piercing bullet with a heat-strengthened core protruding from the shell, designed to destroy manpower in SIBZ 5-6 protection class or lightly armored equipment at ranges to 200 m;
- training SC-130 PU, designed for training in loading techniques and verification of the mechanisms of weapons.

As stated for the SC-130PT cartridge, dispersion of hits at a distance of 100 m remains within 25 mm (about one angular minute), and the bullet of the cartridge SC-130ВПС at a distance of 100 m ensures penetration of an 5 class armor and is sewn up, and at a distance of 200 meters - 16-mm steel plate. Cartridges - special manufacturing. A heavy bullet makes it possible to achieve an 600 aiming range 1,5 times as much as 9-mm BCC and VSK-94.

The very rifle of the VKS of “Tskibovsky origin” is made according to the “bullpup” scheme with the location of the detachable 5-local store behind the pistol grip, it is distinguished by a direct (without turning) movement of the charging grip.

Optical or night sight mounted on top of the receiver, there are also mechanical sights. The rifle is equipped with a folding bipod in the middle.

It is worth remembering that the very idea of ​​a subsonic cartridge caliber 12,7 mm with a heavy bullet is not new. Back in 1950-e, the famous designer M.M. Blum proposed to increase the effective range of "subsonic" ammunition for weapons with PBS by switching to the caliber 12,7 mm, but then it remained at the level of the experiment. Now the same idea was implemented by other designers in the new conditions. Among such foreign developments, we can mention the 12,7-mm .500 “Whisper” cartridge with a subsonic bullet velocity created by D. Jones at SSK-industrial based on the powerful .460 “Weatheri Magnum” hunting rifle cartridge. The .500 “visper” cartridge is intended for firing from magazine or single-shot rifles with a silencer.

Cartridge - Special 12,7-mm
Rifle weight without optical sight - 6,3 kg
The length in the stowed position - 640 mm
The length of the rifle in the combat position (with a silencer) - 795 mm
Sighting range - up to 600 m
Magazine capacity - 5 cartridges

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    Helmut 19 July 2011 22: 15
    Fine. To shoot terror scum - that’s it. winked
  3. figwam
    figwam 19 July 2011 22: 32
    The disc is still on top and there will be a machine gun like Comrade Sukhov in "White Sun of the Desert"
  4. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 19 July 2011 22: 52
    The center of gravity is probably where the muffler begins ...
  5. dred
    dred 23 October 2011 15: 53
    Great rifle
  6. SIA
    SIA 23 October 2011 16: 01
    And why in the photo with cartridges, the left cartridge has a bullet with traces of rifling?
  7. Bear52
    Bear52 13 February 2012 18: 46
    Interestingly, and even in a tiny series - released?
  8. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 9 March 2012 15: 12
    Nah yes! An interesting beast turned out! .. And most likely it was calculated for a small series for specific structures with a specific range of tasks ... Well, the authors of this creation certainly have hope for a second-rate buyer. Which, in general, is not bad. But it would be even better to equip our units with such a product. At least in order to experience the viability of the concept embodied in it in practice ...
  9. dred
    dred 1 November 2012 18: 48
    An interesting thing happened.