No statute of limitations: Russia remembers the victims of the tragedy in Beslan


The academic year for children in Beslan begins on September 4: the first three days of the month are reserved for commemorative events. Seventeen years ago, the residents of Beslan came to the festive school line, which turned into a three-day nightmare. A detachment of armed militants entered the territory, taking over a thousand hostages.

The chronicle of the tragedy in Beslan is known in many details. Many eyewitness accounts have become testimonies in dozens of volumes of the criminal case. 32 thugs with an arsenal weapons and explosive devices entered the city and seized almost everyone who was at the walls of school №1. Field commander Ruslan Khuchbarov, one of Shamil Basayev's closest confidants, gave orders to the militants. The terrorists brought Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenades and light machine guns, RPG-7 and RPG-18 "Fly" anti-tank grenade launchers to the Beslan school; there were still hundreds of kilograms of explosives - the main supply was divided into several large charges, the rest was carried in suicide belts.

The military, special forces and rescue services were pulled to the capture area, and an anti-terrorist headquarters was deployed. It was known that the hostages were herded into the gymnasium and the premises adjacent to it. The first explosion took place inside the school a few hours after the capture. A suicide bomber from a group of terrorists was killed. In response, the bandits shot 20 male hostages, threatening to kill 50 prisoners for each lost militant. We did not enter into the proposed negotiations with the authorities.

The first group of hostages was released the next day, after the arrival of the former head of the republic, Ruslan Aushev. The invaders released 26 people - women with small children. Demands were voiced to Aushev: to release the terrorists who carried out the attack in Nazran, as well as to withdraw Russian troops from Chechnya. Until the very end, the ringleader Khuchbarov refused the proposed options for releasing the hostages and forbade the transfer of water, food and medicine.

Без срока давности: Россия вспоминает жертв трагедии в Беслане

On the third day, among the people captured by the militants, fainting began. Those who lose consciousness, the militants promised to shoot on the spot. The tension grew. The command was preparing a plan for the assault, persuading the militants to skip the afternoon of the rescue team so that they would take the bodies of the dead hostages. However, after a series of sudden explosions and indiscriminate gunfire in school corridors, the authorities had to give the order to begin the rescue operation.

The militants who remained inside the school put up a fierce resistance, hiding behind people as a human shield. Those who could no longer walk were ruthlessly finished off. Some of the bandits fortified themselves in pre-equipped firing positions, making it difficult to evacuate the survivors. Mothers rescued children by helping them jump out of broken windows. Ambulances and doctors were sorely lacking for everyone in the first minutes. The soldiers and local militias (most often they were the fathers and grandfathers of the children who were among the hostages), who were hurrying to help, were fired by grenades. The phase of the elimination of the bandits lasted for several hours.

The scale of the tragedy shocked the whole world. The terrorist attack claimed the lives of 334 people, including 186 children under the age of 17. More than eight hundred survivors were sent to hospital for treatment. Among those who participated in the release of the prisoners, there were also losses: three soldiers of the FSB "Alpha" special detachment, seven soldiers of the "Vympel" unit, six rescuers and one employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were killed.

1315 people subsequently received the status of victims in the criminal case of the Beslan terrorist attack. The only survivor of the attackers, Nurpasha Kulaev, was sentenced to capital punishment; according to the existing legal norms, the execution was replaced by a life sentence. Crime without a statute of limitations.

The law also designates an annually celebrated memorable date: September 2004rd - Day of Solidarity in the Fight Against Terrorism. At the site of the tragedy in Beslan, a memorial complex was opened with a monument to the Tree of Sorrow and the City of Angels in the cemetery, where the memory of most of the victims was immortalized. The skeleton of the school is still a reminder of those terrible days in September XNUMX.
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  1. +15
    2 September 2021 16: 19
    The Kingdom of heaven...
    1. +9
      2 September 2021 16: 34
      Tragedy without a statute of limitations ...
      Every year we remember, we grieve, we cry ...
  2. Far
    2 September 2021 16: 23
    Eternal memory to the innocent murdered and death by the beast .. One of these nonhumans only remained alive for life sitting .. Why he was not strangled until now.?
  3. +12
    2 September 2021 16: 42
    The warrior is not the one who hides behind children, but the one who covers them with himself! To fight with children - there are no words to designate these ...
  4. -1
    2 September 2021 16: 52
    Wild story. "Warrior type" fighting against children and women cause legitimate disgust and a desire to gnaw their throats. However, the incompetence of the special services, and the "type of specialists" who turned out to be ABSOLUTELY HELP, (or indifferent?) In peacetime living on our money and covering along the way the same bandits, who can only disperse demonstrations with the same children, deserves almost the same
  5. +8
    2 September 2021 17: 37
    Everlasting memory.
  6. +9
    2 September 2021 17: 41
    You read and the blood runs cold in your veins. The kingdom of heaven to all those who perished.
  7. +11
    2 September 2021 17: 47
    Few people know that the terrorists who seized school No. 01.09.2004 in Beslan on September 1, 2 had a reserve group in Ingushetia, which, if the main operation failed, was to seize school No. XNUMX of the village. Nesterovskoe.

    The September terrorist attack in Beslan was planned and carried out by two field commanders: Shamil Basayev, who sent the Malgobek brigade under his control to the operation, and Doku Umarov, who presented the Achkhoy-Martan Jamaat as a cover for the militants.

    Until the summer of 2004, the members of these jamaats acted independently of each other - each of the gangs preferred to "work" on its own territory. On June 22, Sh.Basaev and D. Umarov managed to agree on a joint large-scale action in Ingushetia. The attack on Nazran, from the point of view of the leaders, went well, and they began to plan a new joint sortie to Beslan.

    At the shura of field commanders held in July, the roles were assigned as follows. Arab Abu-Dzeit was instructed to provide both gangs with explosives and distribute between the militants the weapons seized in the warehouses of the Ingushetia Interior Ministry. Basayev put on the action the main striking force - the bandits of the Malgobek Jamaat controlled by him. He also paid for the terrorist attack and appointed Ruslan Khuchbarov (nicknamed "Colonel"), a militant from the Ingush village of Galashki, as the leader of the consolidated brigade.

    People of Doku Umarov from Achkhoy-Martan under the leadership of Amir Aslanbek Khatuyev on September 1, 2004 were supposed to act as a backup team. On August 31, 2004, they moved to the area of ​​a brick factory on the outskirts of the village of Nesterovskaya and waited for a command. In the event that the main group successfully captured the school, the reserve gang had to provide them with combat cover - to fire on federal troops if they moved along the Kavkaz highway from Khankala towards the attacked Beslan. If the operation in North Ossetia fails, they should have carried out a similar terrorist attack in Ingushetia.

    One of the militants studied at school N2 of the village. Nesterovskaya and knew the location of the offices, the ways of approach and exit. However, due to circumstances beyond the control of the bandits, the Achkhoi-Martan bandit group did not have to take part in the action.

    On September 1, 2004, a few hours after the seizure of the school, the reserve militants were told: "Hang up. It turned out well in Beslan," after which the bandits returned to Chechnya.

    The Achkhoi-Martanovskys remained at large until 2005, continuing to carry out terrorist acts in Chechnya and Ingushetia. The last of them was the attack on the Sunzhensky regional police department on March 1, 2005. The attack was repulsed, but 20 police officers were wounded. At the same time, the militiamen retaliated against the Jamaat. First, one of its participants, a former policeman Akhmed Ustarkhanov, was detained. Then, thanks to his testimony, it was possible to eliminate one of the militants of the Jamaat Umar Dimaev. Soon Martan Khamurzaev, Rizvan Khadzhiev, Shamil Khadisov and Kazbek Zavliev were detained in Achkhoy-Martan, preparing for the failed seizure of the school.

    The arrests were made from March 1 to March 7, 2005. Some of the bandits convicted in 2005 have already served their sentences and are living among us again, in Ingushetia and Chechnya (one of the participants in the village of Nesterovskaya itself).

    For this reason, Ingushetia should always remember about Beslan. For the terrorists, it did not matter where and whom to capture: Ossetians, Ingush, Russians. They needed a resonance and only by chance the children in the village. Nesterovskoye did not suffer on September 1, 2004 ...
    Yes, a tragedy without a statute of limitations ...
  8. +6
    2 September 2021 18: 18
    Eternal memory to the innocent perished!
    All the days, while the children were being held hostage, I had only one thought - if only it would not come to the assault ... Have they not yet invented some kind of sleep gas? Were there really no people for such special operations? What could be more precious than a child's life?
    Some sources write:
    ... according to the numerous testimonies of the surviving hostages, those who seized the school repeatedly tried to initiate them, and one of them, Nurpashi Kulaev, promised to release 150 children each if everyone who the terrorists demanded as negotiators arrived at the school. In particular, the militants demanded President of the Republic of North Ossetia Alexander Dzasokhov, President of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov, adviser to the President of Russia Aslanbek Aslakhanov and pediatrician Leonid Roshal.

    According to other sources:
    A school in Beslan was seized by Basayev's militants from the terrorist organization "Islamic Battalion of Shahids Riyadus-Salihiin". This was reported to The New York Times by one of the terrorists who seized the school. The militant told the New York Times that they wanted to speak with the authorities of North Ossetia and Ingushetia, as well as with Dr. Roshal. "Wipe up your snot," the militant said when asked by a newspaper reporter what they intend to discuss with the authorities. Then he hung up the Timeline of incidents.
    Leonid Roshal negotiated with the terrorists, but the militants refused even to accept food, water and medicine, although there were babies among the hostages.

    How else to relate to these mad dogs? I read somewhere that these jackals did not even listen to the words of their parents ...
    I believe that the state should come up with such penalties that no one would even dare to think about something like that, and not something to repeat.
  9. +8
    2 September 2021 18: 40
    And few remember the Alpha fighters who died sacrificing themselves and saving children. recourse
  10. +4
    2 September 2021 19: 05
    On July 10, 2006, the head of the FSB Nikolai Patrushev announced the liquidation of Shamil Basayev. The ruthless killer responsible for the Beslan massacre has joined the list of key Chechen fighters killed by Russian security forces in recent years. It should be noted that Basayev's organization is ideologically linked to Al-Qaida. The latest statement attributed to Basayev was gratitude to the Al-Qaeda mission in Iraq for killing four Russian diplomats who were taken hostage by the organization's militants.

    A similar ideological (and not only) connection exists between the Chechen militants and the Hamas organization, which openly supported the terrorist activities of Chechen militants in general, and with the actions of Shamil Basayev in particular. This solidarity is based on the fact that Hamas considers Chechen militants to be part of the planetary Islamic struggle - the global jihad.
    The ideological solidarity of the Hamas organization with the Chechen separatists has found expression in numerous propaganda materials - brochures, books, posters, CDs and films. Samples of these products have been found in various Hamas institutions and infrastructures in Judea and Samaria. They praise Chechen fighters for their loyalty to jihad and express unconditional support for their terrorist activities against Russia.
  11. +3
    2 September 2021 19: 09
    Bless the memory of all the victims of Beslan who fell at the hands of terrorists!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. 0
    4 September 2021 08: 23
    To the President's credit, it must be said that the reaction to the Beslan events was swift and harsh - just 10 days later, an extended government meeting was held, at which it was announced that the system of power was being restructured in order to prevent such crisis situations. In particular, the appointment of the heads of the subjects of the federation by the President has been introduced. That is, it is to Beslan that we owe the construction of the current effective vertical of power.

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