80 years of "Dervish": Putin called Arctic convoys an important part of World War II


Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Arctic convoys, which in our country are called the Northern ones, an important part of the Second World War. We remember the feat of those who participated in them, and we highly value the contribution of the Allies to the common victory over the Nazis.

This statement was made by the Russian president. It is published on the Kremlin's official website.

He also congratulated the participants and guests of the celebration of the anniversary of the arrival of the first Allied sea convoy to Arkhangelsk. It is on August 31 that the 80th anniversary of "Dervish" is celebrated - this is the name given to the first Arctic transport with cargo for the Soviet Union, which is at war with Hitler's Germany.

The allied sea supplies of weapons, military equipment, foodstuffs and strategic raw materials helped to thwart the plans of the Hitlerite leadership, which was counting on the isolation of our country.

- the President noted in his message.

He described the Northern Convoys as a vivid symbol of joint efforts in the fight against Nazism. Although the first convoy passed from Iceland to Arkhangelsk without casualties, others were associated with heavy casualties. Thousands of sailors were killed in the waters of the North Atlantic, and dozens of ships and vessels were sunk by the Germans. But the convoys still managed to deliver millions of tons of cargo to the USSR, including thousands tanks and combat aircraft.

The anniversary of the “Dervish” parish is celebrated today in Arkhangelsk especially solemnly. Local news portal News29.ru сообщилthat the most spectacular part of the celebration is the naval and air parade for the residents and guests of this northern city. And the highlight of this event was the performance of the aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on Su-35 fighters.

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  1. -1
    31 August 2021 20: 32
    Will that turbine make it to Glasgow?
    let them remember their great place in the history of WWII, and now on the edge of Europe.
    how they saved their empire from collapse. delaying by 10 years
    1. +5
      31 August 2021 20: 43
      Convoy Dervish, according to the poster, came under the tricolor.
      1. -1
        31 August 2021 21: 10
        Quote: Bashkirkhan
        Convoy Dervish, according to the poster, came under the tricolor.

        No, under the maple leaf, which then did not exist.
        Do you work in a Ukrainian bot farm by any chance?
        1. +3
          31 August 2021 22: 40
          Quote: Andobor
          No, under the maple leaf, which then did not exist.
          Do you work in a Ukrainian bot farm by any chance?

          And some of the flags that are on the poster should also not be, because at that time they were occupied by Germany.
        2. 0
          31 August 2021 23: 20
          The tricolor existed during the war.
          1. 0
            1 September 2021 03: 13
            Quote: Avior
            The tricolor existed during the war.

            And now this is the main complaint against him.
            1. 0
              1 September 2021 07: 18
              And there is
              But in general, it is in trend - all the symbols that were somehow used during the war by the Germans turned out to be automatically taboo, even if they were symbols known to them, reused before.
              Of course, this concerns the swastika, which was used long before the Germans, another symbolism that they took from German history, for a long time it constantly surfaced in relation to the Ukrainian flag, so such claims to the tricolor are quite in the general line of attitude to such symbols.
        3. +2
          1 September 2021 08: 26
          Quote: Andobor
          No, under the maple leaf, which then did not exist.
          Do you work in a Ukrainian bot farm by any chance?

          The flags on the posters were somewhat different before. You are wrong about Ukraine. I live in Bashkiria.
  2. -3
    31 August 2021 21: 18
    Putin called Arctic convoys an important part of WWII
    Who can argue. That's just because of the devil-may-care attitude of the allies (in particular Great Britain) to the protection of convoys, they made up only a small part of all supplies under the lend-lease. I read somewhere that it was not more than 20 percent. The main part, through the Far East and Iran.
    1. +4
      31 August 2021 21: 56
      Quote: orionvitt
      I read somewhere that no more than 20 percent

      somewhere I heard that you are a nonsense speaker
      1. -1
        31 August 2021 22: 14
        The main supply route was through the Far East. Northern convoys demanded a huge expenditure of fleet resources for protection and escort - they sailed along the captured by the Germans of Norway. The navy is generally much more expensive than the land army. Initially, it was assumed by agreement that the Soviet Northern Fleet would provide part of the route, but this did not work out and as a result, the allies had to provide the convoys in full.
        Lost supplies were not attributed to the USSR - only that which was unloaded in the USSR was counted.
  3. -1
    31 August 2021 22: 37
    Interestingly, whoever will blurt out again that Lend-Lease was paid in gold?
    1. -2
      31 August 2021 23: 11
      No pancake, rubles and tugriks. fool
      1. -2
        31 August 2021 23: 52
        No damn, it's free. There was no payment for weapons, ammunition, food, medicines, fuel, etc. Payment was provided for equipment suitable for peaceful use, but the USSR did not pay (paid only 48 million in the 70s)
        1. 0
          3 September 2021 13: 45
          Quote: burger
          did not pay (paid only 48 million in the 70s)

          "Congratulations, Sharik, you are a ram." (quote). This is how much you need not know history to write such nonsense. I didn't pay 48 million, but paid extra for the lend-lease. fool
          1. 0
            3 September 2021 16: 01
            How critical you are! I respect. This was the first payment, the last was in 2006. A total of 722 million dollars were paid out of 11 billion deliveries.
    2. -1
      1 September 2021 01: 00
      The gold that the Germans drowned on the English cruiser is it like - was there a New Year gift for Churchill?)
      1. +3
        1 September 2021 07: 32
        In addition to Land Liz, the Soviet Union conducted the most common trade with the allies - it sold furs, caviar, etc. according to a variety of schemes, bought something that, for some reason, was not included in Land Liz.
        This is what the gold sunk in Edinburgh was intended for, about which Pikul later wrote that it was a payment for Land Liz. In fact, it went to England to ensure normal trade between the USSR and England.
      2. 0
        1 September 2021 08: 08
        Oleg, this site has already posted a huge number of articles and comments on Land Lease, do not be lazy, read. I discovered and learned a lot of new and interesting things for myself.
      3. 0
        1 September 2021 09: 16
        This is a completely different story that has nothing to do with Lend-Lease. With the outbreak of war, Stalin turned to Britain for help in supplying weapons. Initially, supplies were envisaged partly on credit, partly to be paid immediately. This gold was this payment.

        But on June 27, 1942, the "Agreement on the financing of military supplies and other military assistance from the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" entered into force, according to which military supplies were carried out free of charge, then for free. Moreover, the treaty was retroactive and came into effect on June 22, 1941.
        As a result, the military aid delivered by the "dervish" convoy was free for the USSR.
  4. 0
    1 September 2021 10: 21
    Bashkirkhan, dear, about this banner I asked questions about 5 days ago in the comments to the material "Operation" Consent ". How the USSR and England occupied Iran in 1941." in the "History" section ...
    "It is on August 31 that the 80th anniversary of" Dervish "will be celebrated - this is the name given to the first Arctic transport with cargo for the Soviet Union, which is at war with Hitler's Germany." At first sight. a normal sentence, but an annoying typo is needed - the word "transport" should be replaced with the word "convoy". Then everything will be right.
    6 (six) transport ships were in "Dervish": 5 British ships and 1 "Alchib" of either the Netherlands or Denmark (different historians indicate different countries under whose flag the ship came to Arkhangelsk). There was also 1 (one) British naval tanker "Aldersdale", its cargo - fuel and lubricants for 15 aircraft of the British Air Force, which was pulled by the ship "Lanstefan Castle" in disassembled form. The tanker in the Arkhangelsk port was not unloaded into the Soviet oil storage facilities, it stood on the Northern Dvina in the center of Arkhangelsk, near Kegostrov, at the airfield of which assembled Hurricanes flew around for several days, from which fuel and liquids were poured into the planes. After the overflight, all British pilots relocated to Murmansk.
    And if we talk about the first transport in the USSR with cargo from Great Britain in 1941, it was the minelayer "Adventure". The ship was in Arkhangelsk from 01 to 04 August 1941. You can read about the fate of this ship here: HMS Adventure (1924) - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
    wiki.wargaming.net ›ru / Navy: HMS_Adventure_ (1924)
    The first 3 tankers that arrived in northern convoys in the USSR in 1941 were unloaded in my native Severodvinsk (then Molotovsk), but this was already November-December 1941.
  5. +1
    1 September 2021 11: 33
    And for some reason the photo from the naval parade in St. Petersburg?
    Putin did not fly to Arkhangelsk on the Dervish, and in general he does not like to visit this depressed city where Moscow tried to siphon its garbage, if he does, after which he usually flies to Severodvinsk, to the center of nuclear shipbuilding, to meet with the governor. Even at the Plesetsk cosmodrome I do not remember whether I was or was not ... I have been to the Vsotochny, although it is not yet a cosmodrome, but a construction site with the legendary embezzlement of funds.
    Now, if "Dervish" was in St. Petersburg, it would most likely be there.
    And some kind of Arkhangelsk ...
    Although the festival of military bands pleased this city, local, naval bands from St. Petersburg, and for some reason the orchestra of the Kostroma Academy of Chemical and Bacteriological Protection is very good, by the way.
  6. 0
    1 September 2021 13: 09
    faterdom (Andrey), dear, 2 times the Supreme was in "Plesetsk" - Mirny, he even drank tea at one of the officers of the cosmodrome at home. Then the cosmodrome was gasified, and Defense Minister Ivanov told about the launch pad for the "Angara" ...

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