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Memorial Day for the victims of fascism

The Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Fascism is celebrated in our country annually, starting from the 1962 year. This mournful date falls on every second Sunday of September. September is the month of the beginning and end of the most terrible, inhuman and cruel in the whole world. stories of war. This mournful date is a reminder of those terrible days when millions of people died under shells, in concentration camps, in cities from catastrophic hunger and disease. Thousands of defenseless captive people died in terrible agony as a result of the monstrous "medical" experiments of fascist "scientists" above them.

For adherents of the anti-human ideology of fascism, human life was worth nothing. In the dark days of the great war over entire nations hung the threat of slavery and total annihilation. Nothing worse in the world has not happened. But having united forces, will and desire to live, the people of the whole world rebelled against the fascist contagion and fought against this terrible evil, not sparing themselves, fought day and night. The heroic Russian soldier, with fraternal help from the allies of various countries at the cost of inhuman efforts and deprivations, succeeded in defeating the army of an arrogant, ruthless and armed to the teeth enemy, on whose conscience there were millions of dead, hundreds of destroyed cities and burned villages.

Today, to the great regret of the living fighters against fascism and to the great shame of their descendants, attempts are being made to rehabilitate the fascist criminals, to revise the history of the Holocaust and to whitewash the accomplices of the anti-human fascist regime. Fascist crimes have no statute of limitations, which means that attempts to glorify fascism can and should be considered to be complicity in its dissemination. There should be no place for these attempts in the modern world. Mankind has paid too high a price to get rid of the brown plague. The nightmare of World War II should never happen again, and the memory of the victims of fascism should live for centuries. It all depends on you and me ...

Memorial Day for the victims of fascism
Arrival of the train with new prisoners at the concentration camp Auschwitz (Birkenau-Auschwitz). These people were brought from the Carpathian-Rusyn region (now Ukrainian Transcarpathia and eastern Slovakia). In the background photos are visible the notorious gate to the camp

One of the emaciated prisoners of the camp at Ebensee is basking in the sun. The camp in Ebensee was one of the branches of the infamous Mauthausen concentration camp, organized in 1943 for the construction of an underground complex in the mountain range of the Austrian Alps.

Prisoners of the Ravensbruck concentration camp

Prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Their average weight in this photo is 30 kilograms.

Prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp inside the hut

A group of children released from the Auschwitz concentration camp (Auschwitz). In total, about 7500 people were released in the camp, including children. About 50 of thousands of prisoners, the Germans managed to take them from Auschwitz to other camps until the Red Army units approached.

Liberated children, prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp (Auschwitz) show camp numbers tattooed on their hands

Children behind barbed dew in the Buchenwald concentration camp after his release

Soviet children-prisoners of the 6 Finnish concentration camp in Petrozavodsk. During the occupation of Soviet Karelia by the Finns, six concentration camps were established in Petrozavodsk to support local Russian-speaking residents. Camp No.6 was located in the Transshipment Exchange area, and 7000 people were kept there. The photo was taken after the liberation of Petrozavodsk by Soviet troops 28 June 1944.
This picture was presented in the evidence at the Nuremberg trial of war criminals.
The girl, who in the photo is the second from the pillar to the right - Klavdiya Nyppieva - published her memoirs many years later.
“I remember how people fainted from the heat in the so-called bath, and then they poured cold water on them. I remember the disinfection of the barracks, after which my nose was bleeding, and the steam room, where with great “diligence” they were treating all our rags, was running nose to nose. Once the steam room burned down, depriving many people of their last clothes. ”

Liberated children from the Auschwitz concentration camp

The bodies of prisoners who died in the train on the way to the concentration camp Dachau

Prisoners of the Gardelegen concentration camp, killed by the guards shortly before the liberation of the camp

A pile of corpses of prisoners in the crematorium of the Dachau concentration camp. Bodies were found by US 7 Army troops

By order of the Americans, the captured German soldiers removed all the corpses of the prisoners from the Lambach concentration camp in Austria. In the forest near the camp they were buried

Soldiers from the American 42 Infantry Division at the car with the bodies of prisoners at Dachau concentration camp

The corpse of a prisoner of the Leipzig-Tekla concentration camp on barbed wire. Leipzig-Tekla (Leipzig-Thekla) was a branch, or "subcamp" of Buchenwald

Women from the SS guard at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp unload the bodies of prisoners for burial in a mass grave. They were attracted to these works by the allies who liberated the camp. Around the moat is a convoy of English soldiers. Former guards are forbidden to use gloves as a punishment to put them at risk of typhoid

Bones of killed prisoners at Majdanek concentration camp (Lublin, Poland)

Human remains in the furnace of the crematorium of the Stutthof concentration camp. Location: Danzig neighborhood (now Gdansk, Poland)

The remains of prisoners in the crematorium of the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, discovered by soldiers of the 3 of the American Army

A German boy walks along a dirt road, on the side of which lie the corpses of hundreds of prisoners who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany

Dead prisoners of Ordruf concentration camp

Residents of the German city of Weimar in the Buchenwald concentration camp near the bodies of dead prisoners. The Americans brought to the camp residents of Weimar, who was near Buchenwald, most of whom said they knew nothing about this camp.

The corpses of the tortured prisoners of the concentration camp Gusen in Austria, near the city of Linz

Corpses of prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp, prepared for burning in the crematorium

The corpses of Soviet citizens found on the territory of the Nazi concentration camp in Darnitsa. District of Kiev, November 1943 g
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 9 September 2012 08: 19
    Let us honor the memory of those who did not return! sad God forbid this happen again! recourse
  2. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 9 September 2012 08: 21
    Now the descendants of these fascists in the Baltics are making national heroes out of these nonhumans. DEATH THESE READS. (BELARUSIAN VILLAGE-a woman was raped before her death)
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 9 September 2012 08: 47
      Quote: Leha e-mine
      make these heroes national heroes.

      Yeah! And they say that all these atrocities were made by the Russians. And they only defended their democracy! Ghouls !!!! The blessed memory of the tortured !!!!!
  3. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 9 September 2012 08: 33
    a terrible article ... but about the Baltic states .... such people have already been destined for the hottest place in hell ....
    1. esaul
      esaul 9 September 2012 09: 32
      Quote: sasha 19871987
      scary article

      Scary pictures, Alexander ... And this was done by representatives of the "civilized nation"! I really want to think that the awareness of the full severity of what has been done will remain in the minds of the Germans for a long time. Not as a constant reproach, but as something that comes out of "innocent" nationalistic nonsense.
  4. andrei332809
    andrei332809 9 September 2012 08: 42
    Thanks to the grandfathers for saving from this infection.
    be silent for a minute
    1. esaul
      esaul 9 September 2012 09: 32
      Quote: andrei332809
      thanks to the grandfathers for saving us from this infection.

      I join ...
  5. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 9 September 2012 08: 54
    No comments, keep quiet.
  6. Vasily79
    Vasily79 9 September 2012 08: 56
    Admins who are the author of the article, Thank you, I want to show my son that I would know who the great-grandfathers fought with.
  7. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 9 September 2012 09: 04
    This should never happen again.
    HUMANOID 9 September 2012 09: 07
    This needs to be shown to their children, so that they firmly strengthen themselves in the subconscious and make VICTORY DAY the most important holiday, they can even symbolize victory over all dark forces.
  9. mar.tira
    mar.tira 9 September 2012 09: 08
    Soldiers from the American 42nd Infantry Division at the carriage with the bodies of prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp: It was a little displeased that the Americans were laughing or posing. Damn it! It's scary!
    1. karbofos
      karbofos 9 September 2012 14: 39
      I agree with the smirk
    2. marubeni
      marubeni 10 September 2012 01: 56
      Does it surprise you after everything that these entities created in Vietnam, Iraq and other similar places ???
  10. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 9 September 2012 09: 18
    This is the only photo taken secretly by a prisoner, the bodies of people killed in a gas chamber (the Einsatz team searches for gold in the teeth of the deceased, then they drag them to the crematorium to burn)
  11. Apollo
    Apollo 9 September 2012 10: 00
    Eternal memory to the victims of fascism !!!
    We and all our descendants should remember not only in the days of memory, but every day.
    Abroad, there are those who have a short memory, because there are channels in Russia that broadcast or broadcast abroad. A separate section (considering our archives) about the Great Patriotic War and everything connected with it would not hurt. So, maybe on the day 1 hour or at worst half an hour to devote time to cover all these issues. They can, but they don’t!
  12. Rumata
    Rumata 9 September 2012 10: 09
    If anyone is going to rest in Israel, I advise you to visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, this is definitely the most "powerful" memorial to the victims of fascism, and such places as the Children's Memorial (, in general will not always be engraved in memory. Many people mistakenly believe that Yad Vashem is dedicated only to the Holocaust, but this is not so ...
    1. io_stalin
      io_stalin 9 September 2012 13: 32
      Near Odessa monument to miners in vests will be stronger ...

      Forgotten feat

      "How often have you heard the words 'forgotten feat'? ...
      ... "This does not happen" - rightly say you, but until recently, it was just like that ... "

      This is a fact from the history of the defense of Odessa .... "

      "Valuable testimony from Sergeant FS Zadoi who fought on the 412th battery:" On the night of August 24, the battery was surrounded, and the entire personnel repulsed continuous attacks 100 meters from the guns. There were many Romanians and they were constantly attacking us. with the command in Odessa was not.
      Suddenly, in the area of ​​the Nicholas road, the battle began. There were grenades explosions, explosions and shooting were heard. The storming of the battery stopped, and the battle in the area of ​​the road continued for some time, but then subsided. The defenders of the battery understood that help had come, and were sure that they were the sailors of the 1 regiment, our neighbors. In the meantime it dawned, but nobody came to our battery.
      We, several battery men, cautiously approached the battlefield and saw a terrible picture. Before the road, in the grass, in the bushes, lay the corpses of Romanian soldiers with chipped heads, shoulders, the bodies of our dead soldiers in vests, there were moans of the wounded, swearing, calls for help ...
      Romanian rifles were lying on the ground. Some of our dead fighters had blood-stained sapper shovels, knives and the same Romanian rifles with broken butts in their hands.
      Further along the road, several wounded soldiers, relying on rifles, walked, looked for their own and bandaged each other. "
      "Then we were told that our rescuers were miners from the city of Stalino. They at the cost of their lives saved not only the battery, but also Odessa.
      Later, when we had already blown up the battery and joined the 1st Marine Regiment, the battery men remembered the night battle again, and came to a consensus that only the miners, with their character and strength, could accomplish such a feat ... ".

      Only "May 6, 2010, in the year of the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory on Odessa land near the former 412th battery, a monument to the courage and heroism of the miners of Donbass was solemnly unveiled, a monument to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their own friends. Next to him, the remains of 42 marines who died in 1941 during the defense of Odessa were reburied.
      September 9, 2010 the "man with a big heart" Novomir Ivanovich Tsarikhin passed away, but he managed not only to pass on his baton of memory further, but also to see how he rose on his mound along the Nikolaev road in all his mighty growth 5-meter miner in a sailor's vest."

      1. io_stalin
        io_stalin 9 September 2012 14: 08

        At the request of the miners, they gave out vests to everyone, except for the grenades, they were given sapper shovels. The commander of the detachment was appointed Senior Lieutenant Silin, political commissar - I.A. Pronin.
        When they got into their cars, they started singing: “Listen, worker, the war has begun.”

        1. Rumata
          Rumata 9 September 2012 19: 37
          Well, there’s a little different. Your poison is a big complex ...
        2. Kostya pedestrian
          Kostya pedestrian 3 July 2014 03: 02
          Do not tell me the location of the monument, it would be interesting to read.
    2. AlexxxNik
      AlexxxNik 9 September 2012 15: 05
      I once saw a map, there are the remains of Palestinian territories, these two maps in comparison would be the best monument, and vacationers in Israel also pay for this capture
      1. Aaron Zawi
        Aaron Zawi 9 September 2012 23: 39
        Personally, you can not come. The world is great, go to Syria.
  13. Jeen
    Jeen 9 September 2012 11: 04
    Something I did not understand how Benito Mussolini was able to commit so many atrocities?
    Or were they not Indians, but Indians?
  14. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 9 September 2012 11: 13
    How harmonious these horrifying photos would look in those regions where the "heroes" of the SS Nachtigall divisions are glorified. "Galicia" and billboards with their symbols are displayed. Where "valiant" warriors march. Where the local authorities establish personal pensions for them. Let their grandchildren and great-grandchildren see the results of the "heroic" deeds "of these" brave warriors ".
    In Germany, at home, criminal liability is incurred for the propaganda of fascism and Nazism. Our authorities are cowardly silent. Or because he is silent because the fathers of the two guarantors faithfully served those who were involved in these crimes.
    Eternal Memory tortured and destroyed in the dungeons.
    Deep contempt for the Nazis, their accomplices and hatred of today's upreaders of those nonhumans. This plague must be stopped radically by the most cruel methods. Prevent it from spreading from affected regions.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 9 September 2012 12: 11
      Quote: Captain Vrungel
      How harmonious these horrifying photos would look in those regions where the "heroes" of the SS Nachtigall divisions are glorified. "Galicia"

      Our acquaintances in Germany typed Mein Kampf in a search engine, were amazed by the newcomer! A warning appeared on the screen:
      Your computer is taken under the control of the land police ............. and if you try to search again you will be invited to talk.
      This is how defeated Germany controls its Nazis, but our neighbors support the Nazis at the highest level! Now think about where fascism can come back from?
      1. Captain Vrungel
        Captain Vrungel 9 September 2012 12: 21
        Offended by history, Always under someone. Served for the belly. Today, those who are trying to paint the flaw of their existence "into heroism." But, the inaction of the authorities allows them to spread their tattered tail.
  15. Samovar
    Samovar 9 September 2012 13: 23
    For all 6 years of this war, entire nations hung in the balance from death in gas chambers and crematoriums. And the feat of our ancestors who defeated death becomes from this even more significant and great. Eternal Memory of the Fallen and the Tormented !!!
    Shame and death at ... Kam-fascists and their henchmen !!!
  16. io_stalin
    io_stalin 9 September 2012 13: 49
    Comrades ...
    "Comrades. Due to the fact that nothing new in the world happens and everything returns to normal, the situation has repeated itself: it's pre-war time again.
    And there is an opinion that soon we will have to say goodbye to all that we consider our life: with work, with an apartment, our beloved C-max, trips to Kemer, beer in a pub in the house and a significant part of our relatives & friends.
    If you are reading paranoia feed data, please do not linger - the text is not for you. There is a lot of positive in the world, so let's not unnecessarily complicate each other’s lives, because explaining to the paranoid people the essence of their errors is not the most grateful task, but they will send unrestrained people immediately and quite specifically.
    "First, two numbers, on the accuracy of which I do not insist at all, one order is enough for the eyes."
    Information on the number of victims among the civilian population of the USSR during the occupation
    Methods of extermination Number of victims
    7,420,379 deliberately exterminated
    Killed in forced labor in Germany 2,164,313
    4,100,000 died from deliberately cruel conditions of the occupation regime (hunger, infectious diseases, lack of medical care, etc.)
    Total: 13,684,692

    So, the admission of the enemy to his land cost us more than 13 million people. I emphasize that this is not army losses, these are ordinary civilians.
    The second figure is the number of the enemy who has done so many things. Estimates are different, both for different time periods and according to sources; I’ll take it from here, since in this case, again, order is interesting, and not an absolutely exact value.
    It turns out that 10 million Germans killed 13 million of ours. I emphasize - not a soldier, but peaceful people. Those who did not climb to fight, but calmly sat at home. This does not immediately enter my head, so I repeat: 13 million are not counting our soldiers killed in battle and died from wounds.

    When you look at these two numbers, you involuntarily think that each of our people would be able to kill one enemy.
    Just to each of our, who eventually killed one hell, but for free.
    For example, they persecute you with rifle butts to work for the good of the new government - and you just sent away all the calculations to survive and wait - and pulled the knife from behind the boot: after all, the enemy’s liver is just one step away, the soldier at the front can’t even dream of such a thing.
    Yes, as a result, you are lying next to a pool of enemy blood, and you are angrily kneading with butts.
    But you won.
    This is more important than living.
    And you did it. And the enemy broke off. He seriously hoped that you would choose to die stupidly, having previously worked for him - against your country, in “forced labor”. That you will give yourself to "deliberately exterminate."

    But this is simply impossible without your consent.
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 9 September 2012 17: 10
      there were mainly 90%, women, children and the elderly ..... how they could handle the armed guards, all the more so when they arrested them, they pointedly took away the cutting .... despite this, our women organized a resistance movement in the concentration camps, arranged sabotage, they spoiled the instrument, broke their fingers (it would be better, of course to the Germans) for one killed German the whole village was burned with the inhabitants, so you don’t have to simplify the situation, you weren’t there, it’s easy to tap such an idea on the clave, but in real life it is almost impossible. ........... you are of course a hero and if you were in the hen would have been killed by a German, but your whole hut would have been sent to the furnace, as a warning to others .....
  17. AlexxxNik
    AlexxxNik 9 September 2012 14: 58
    an eloquent article, especially in anticipation of the war, God forbid the Russian rely on European decency,
    1. AlexxxNik
      AlexxxNik 10 September 2012 10: 04
      0 вот ещё ссылочка красноречивая
  18. sichevik
    sichevik 9 September 2012 15: 47
    Were on excursions in Buchenwald in 1983. We were carried by young sledges before the oath. Then for a long time they could not come to their senses. Very heavy sight.
    Many thanks to the author for the article and the photo collection. He showed his son, if only he learns the whole truth about that war ...
  19. matvey.z
    matvey.z 9 September 2012 17: 24
    Here is a map of all concentration camps:

    And this is for the Latvian Nazis that marching in Riga:
    Salaspils concentration camp-destroyed more than 100 people
    Salaspils (concentration camp "Kurtenhof") - a death camp on the territory occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War, Latvia, designed for the mass destruction of people. It contained Soviet prisoners of war, as well as Jews from the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. It also became the central camp for all the eastern occupied territories.

    This camp was most notorious because of the separate detention of children, who then began to be used to take blood for wounded German soldiers, as a result of which the children quickly died.
    1. REPA1963
      REPA1963 10 September 2012 22: 06
      Do you seriously think that those who are marching now will cry?
  20. Light source
    Light source 9 September 2012 17: 35
    Remember, our current opposition is tolerant towards them.
    1. Strategia
      Strategia 9 September 2012 18: 15
      What kind of opposition (party, movement) and how specifically shows tolerance towards the fascists and the like? Respond for your words!
      1. Pushkar
        Pushkar 10 September 2012 09: 41
        We will not go far. Borovoy. "In the spring of 2010, I signed an appeal by the Russian opposition" Putin must leave. " With Lerochka Novodvorskaya Kostik constantly travels to Latvia and Estonia, glorifying the Baltic neo-Nazis and throwing mud at Russia.
        1. Strategia
          Strategia 10 September 2012 19: 32
          So call it in the future - SPECIFICALLY !!! And do not be a bazaar woman: "our current opposition ..." Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, Udaltsov, Navalny, etc. - they are all opposition, opposition to the opposition is different.
  21. Isk1984
    Isk1984 9 September 2012 17: 36
    Here you look at these photos shivering, angry, these Natsik in the face of the Balts ... I think the finals should be reminded of Petrazodovsk episodiscle, otherwise they have problems with perception, we all understand perfectly well that the war was annihilated to total annihilation, and today they still do not see the amers and their henchmen for us, they want to not only defeat us, but physically destroy us, I repeat, we are very generous to the defeated enemies, probably the only nation that is defeated even later and feeds .... feeds watered ... it's time we all ask, this M ir owed to Us, too much Russian blood (do not cling to the word Russian, everyone will understand what I mean) was shed ....
  22. flanker7
    flanker7 9 September 2012 21: 23
    The article was shocking. Thanks to the author.
    Every time I hear about another outing of the Baltic fascists, I want to be in my T-80 again: roll their reptiles into the asphalt so that there would be no trace .....
  23. suharev-52
    suharev-52 9 September 2012 23: 22
    Thanks to the author for the posted material. Let the young look, and even the history textbooks begin to redo so that they beat only each other and the great amers freed everyone. A blessed memory to all those who perished both on the fronts and outside them. Sincerely.
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 9 September 2012 23: 32
      You forgot to write that all the Nazis killed baseball bats
      1. Pushkar
        Pushkar 10 September 2012 09: 43
        So much so that the majority of captured fascists and their accomplices ended up in the USA and Canada.
  24. FIMUK
    FIMUK 10 September 2012 13: 03
    Judging by the title of the article, Memorial Day only takes place in Italy, where fascism really was.

    In all normal sources, the day of the victims of Nazism!
  25. Jeen
    Jeen 10 September 2012 13: 15
    Hello garage! Are you really about the fascists, Mussolini’s associates? Or about the Nazis of the Third Reich? Or is it for you that Indians, that Indians, does it make any difference?
    Learn to use words and terms correctly, otherwise a kindergarten is direct. Cinema-and-Germans-with-automatic
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 10 September 2012 22: 32
      What's on the forehead, what's on the forehead. Or are the fascists white and fluffy?
  26. His
    His 10 September 2012 18: 53
    I advise you to read Anatoly Rybakov "Heavy Sand"
    1. loc.bejenari
      loc.bejenari 10 September 2012 19: 33
      and Anatoly Kuznetsov -Babiy Yar
  27. REPA1963
    REPA1963 10 September 2012 22: 12
    In vain, only the author again about the Holocaust begins others die even more, but for some reason they only remember the Jews, but there were no Russians or Ukrainians, Belarusians, and many more ... But about Amers you were allies in vain then, my mother remembered the day of liberation her amers also freed her whole life.
  28. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 3 July 2014 02: 56
    I would like to express my fears that these nits - sadists are trailing to this day. They just became even more sophisticated and I suppose they developed a whole world network as in the movie "Brother-2"

    Only here it is appropriate to suggest that Russia won hockey, and the American looks like Eisenhower, which does not agree with the type of sadist.

    But in Victoria there is a kindergarten East Sunshine with black letters, if you think about it, you can read it not very childishly.

    I personally happened to come across people with Goebbels ideas in South Australia, so I am very keen on this topic. I don’t want people to scoff at the blast furnace as it is shown on the manikin in the dock. "Weapon of the Inquisition" on the Discovery Channel.

    Here I can only notice how the presenters pulled the ropes with appetite, which reminded me of our trams when the magna fell off the beam.

    And in Minsk, when I was there in 2009, they just launched an experimental tram for them. queen.
    Is it that sadistic gourmets gave a hint for my cat's brain: Prince Harrin's halloween costume - volkswagen - beatles - cradle of judah?

    I think it’s time to take away all the money from them, so that there is nothing to pay for the victim’s allowance.

    Really Wild West! You need to be with people who can protect themselves.

    Pie S: for the sake of interest, but did Princess Rairara kill the princess Diana, or did they steal it?