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Labor protection of female military personnel in Russia

Labor protection of female military personnel in RussiaIn the Russian army in recent years, a sufficiently large number of women have appeared. And if you raise the issue of labor protection, there are some nuances about how to provide the necessary conditions for service for women who are going to go on leave due to pregnancy and childbirth, and how to ensure the return of women in the ward .
Today, many women going on maternity leave require legal advice, because representatives of the command of the military unit often declare that a woman may not even expect to return to her former position. It would seem that all laws are on guard of motherhood and childhood, but there is a terry bureaucracy, which sometimes crosses all borders, and in its interweaving with corruption reaches its apogee.
As one example of how commanders get rid of women soldiers on maternity leave, you can cite the following episode. In one of the military units, the woman who was about to leave maternity leave was told that she could not do this, as the military unit changed its number. The woman was told that she would be happy to be returned to the site according to the law, but the new part number is already de jure a new organization, the posts in which are distributed on new principles. As a result, the woman had to turn to experienced lawyers who helped uncover a grand forgery. In fact, nobody thought about changing any of the numbers in the military unit. They simply provided false documents to the woman, and explained that they had an old sign above the entrance because they did not have time to replace it with a new one.
After that, the military prosecutor's office took over the case, which helped the maternity registrar to return to her previous job, and the proceedings against the commander began. It is obvious that in the old team the serviceman could not work, because the entire military unit was up in arms for her eyes, or even calling her a provocateur directly in the eyes.
However, this case can be considered a precedent that the protection of the right to work should be the paramount rule for every soldier. If everyone used their capabilities to curb the work of fraudulent schemes, corrupt organizations, bureaucratic formulas, then the legal system of the country would go to a completely different level.