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Diesel-electric submarine "Magadan" for the Pacific Fleet completed state tests


Diesel-electric submarine "Magadan", built for the Pacific fleet, has completed state tests. This was reported by the press service of the Admiralty Shipyards.

Admiralty Shipyards have completed state tests of a large diesel-electric submarine of project 636 "Magadan"

- said in a statement.

The submarine entered state tests on August 16, during which time the acceptance team of the Admiralty Shipyards and the submarine's crew carried out the entire complex of state tests. Currently, the submarine has returned to the shipyard for revision and finishing before being transferred to the fleet.

The signing of the acceptance certificate and the transfer of the submarine to the Russian Navy are scheduled until November 10.

The Magadan submarine was laid down on November 1, 2019, on the same day as the fourth submarine of this project, named Ufa. The launch of Ufa will take place, according to the Ministry of Defense, at the end of 2021. At present, a light body is being formed there, pipe and electrical installation works, and an acoustic coating is being installed.

The lead and the first serial submarines for the Pacific Fleet Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Volkhov entered the Navy in 2019 and 2020, respectively.
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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 27 August 2021 18: 32
    The boat is already of an old model, you need something more modern, with VNEU, or, like the Japanese, battery-powered cleanly without diesel engines making noises ...
    1. Jacket in stock
      Jacket in stock 27 August 2021 19: 29
      Quote: Thrifty
      like the Japanese, the battery pack is purely without diesels noisy with might and main ...

      Yes, like the Yaps, they also have boats with diesel engines, only the batteries with a larger capacity, not enough for 2 days, but for a week.
    2. Rubi0
      Rubi0 27 August 2021 19: 39
      Well, they build it for a long time, they built it in 2 years ... Now a new Wishlist - you need it in 2 years and from the outside
    3. Simon
      Simon 27 August 2021 19: 51
      A boat is sailing under water on batteries, and with the help of a diesel-electric installation, only the batteries are being charged on the surface.
    4. kochegar62
      kochegar62 27 August 2021 19: 58
      Today, 18:32 Old, old ... Or maybe on the new Varshavyanka 1.Lithium batteries or 2.Towed nuclear low-noise power module a la Poseidon or
      3. Something else. Who knows. They won't tell us for sure. Once they release it, they see expediency. laughing
    5. Rusnemez
      Rusnemez 27 August 2021 20: 48
      Dear, you are talking about the "old age" of the sample, the filling based on what specific information ??? Apart from guesses, please ...
      1. kochegar62
        kochegar62 27 August 2021 21: 36
        Rusnemez (Schnapsbierfürer)
        Today, 20: 48
        If the question is for me, then "old, old" is not my opinion, but a quote from Dear Thrifty from 18.32. For myself, I said that I know little about the submarine in service with the Russian Navy. I sometimes put pluses. For example, Dear Hrych for the cool comment from 21.04.
    6. hrych
      hrych 27 August 2021 21: 04
      When armed with the Caliber nomenclature, then from a mine-torpedo boat, the boat was turned into a missile carrier. Those. to strike the enemy, she does not need to enter the active zone of the enemy's PLO, moreover, she herself does not need to leave her zone of ASW / PLO. But Varshavyanka itself is steep in anti-submarine defense. He hears far away, but having Caliber missile torpedoes, ala Waterfall, or actually Waterfall itself, without being in the affected area itself, hit the enemy's submarine. Why does she need VNEU, I don’t know. Any VNEU is noisier and leaves more anomalies on the surface. And unlike nuclear submarines, the engine power is not enough to chase ships, but you have to act from an ambush, like the Germans in WWII, or sneak up on a military base, i.e. enter the active zone of the PLO. What is bad in the active zone of the PLO, and this is that the enemy in it can work with sonar in an active mode, he does not need to hide, and if such a boat turns on, it will find itself, and uses only passive sonar (noise direction finding). Whether it is just a diesel engine, even with a VNEU, even a nuclear submarine, an active sonar of an anti-submarine ship, or the same submarine, it does not detect the boat by its noise, but catches its own reflected signal from the hull of the boat and even though it is absolutely silent, it will be detected.
    7. Gunther
      Gunther 27 August 2021 22: 43
      Quote: Thrifty
      ... cleanly without loud noise
      diesels ...

      Lean, diesel generators
      are used only for charging batteries, and for
      underwater and surface movement
      provided by electric motors.
      I do not understand this fuss around VNEU, we have nuclear submarine technologies, everything is new, well forgotten, old.
  2. Stepan S
    Stepan S 27 August 2021 18: 33
    6 new boats are too few for the Pacific Fleet with such a length of the sea area. It is necessary at least in the Vladivostok area and in Kamchatka, six diesel engines each. But there is hope that after the completion of the 636.3 series, boats of other projects will be built.
    1. URAL72
      URAL72 27 August 2021 18: 51
      You answered yourself. Although 2 to 6 are also not enough. Good news. The only question is when will it come to the Pacific Fleet. The first was not sent for a long time.
      1. Stepan S
        Stepan S 27 August 2021 18: 53
        The only question is when will it come to the Pacific Fleet.

        As usual with us, next year, after the parade on the day of the Navy, they may be sent to the navy.
        1. Borik
          Borik 27 August 2021 19: 17
          As usual with us, next year, after the parade on the day of the Navy, they may be sent to the navy.

          Or maybe it will turn out that Ufa will be ready by this time too, and then another pair of submarines will go to the Pacific Fleet.
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 27 August 2021 19: 41
      And for the Black Sea Fleet, 6 more pieces would also go into the topic. I agree that it is better to have 12 units for the Pacific Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet. In the end, it is necessary to protect Vilyuchinsk and Vladik, and into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk through the straits, many who want to go. The bastion must be guarded.
      And the Black Sea Fleet 12 pieces will also come in handy. Then you can keep things 3 on a constant basis in Tartus, and not drive constantly in pairs "like for repairs".
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 27 August 2021 19: 55
        Experts (M. Timoshenko is one of them) say that this series of submarines at the Pacific Fleet will guard the Kuril straits and bases (probably on the islands).
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 27 August 2021 19: 58
          Well, the base on Matua was conceived for a long time just for the deployment of the DEPL. But so far only a survey has been carried out there. The American submarine, which was sunk, was examined again. But the real work on the arrangement of the base has not even begun yet. And before someone can live and be based there, there are still years of work to pass. PM while Vladik and Vilyuchinsk.
          1. newcomer
            newcomer 27 August 2021 20: 00
            This means that they will focus on protecting the straits.
            1. g1v2
              g1v2 27 August 2021 20: 03
              In the Sea of ​​Okhotsk Bastion, where strategists are on duty. Tch the main task of the DEPL is not to let strangers into them. Therefore, first of all, these are, of course, the straits and patrolling of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. When based on Matua, this will be the fastest and most efficient way. But damn, not soon.
              1. newcomer
                newcomer 27 August 2021 20: 05
                Well, nothing that is not soon: "The road will be mastered by the walking one."
        2. Grits
          Grits 28 August 2021 03: 44
          Quote: newbie
          Experts (M. Timoshenko is one of them) say that this series of submarines at the Pacific Fleet will guard the Kuril straits and bases (probably on the islands).

          I am still looking forward to when this one appears on Matua ...
    3. newcomer
      newcomer 27 August 2021 19: 43
      And then it will go to the series "Lada" and "Kalina". And as they promise: "... starting with the sixth serial" Lada "will be equipped with VNEU ... on which three domestic enterprises are working." And so great, because: ".... the noise of submarines of the 636.3 series was brought almost to the level of background values ​​..." Add here the striking power_ an excellent fighter.
      1. alch3mist
        alch3mist 27 August 2021 21: 56
        And then it will go to the series "Lada" and "Kalina".

        An unfortunate combination of names, isn't it? Bad sign.
        1. newcomer
          newcomer 27 August 2021 22: 31
          The main thing is that both generations would go into the series.
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 27 August 2021 19: 08
    It seems like a delay in the inter-fleet passage of Volkhov and Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky. Since August 17, there have been vigorous reports about its imminent start. For example, I calmed down with VNEU, even if it sits underwater at 3 nodes for at least a month, this is not an option. At the Faroese-Icelandic boundary, the speed of underwater currents reaches two knots, or even more. No one says how many submarines with VNEU will pass 20 knots by the supply. I like the option with a larger capacity of batteries. If only they do not explode.
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 27 August 2021 21: 01
    Congratulations, Comrade Lieutenant - you are going to serve on the Magadan. smile
  5. Rusnemez
    Rusnemez 27 August 2021 21: 17
    Well done, keep it up.
    1 Until there is a war, these are relatively simple and cheap submarines.
    2 There is something to support and build up the personnel of the submarine.
    3 boats of this class to this day are Really Dangerous for the enemy and are not a simple target ...

    Especially considering the totality of the capabilities of the Russian Federation at sea ... These are both tracking and reconnaissance systems and strike capabilities ...
    From the land of Water and Air ...
    Let me explain that diesel men walking not very far from the coast are quite dangerous not only with their shock capabilities ... but also simply by reconnaissance with the subsequent transfer of data on the square of the speed and manner of movement of the enemy ...

    Immediately it is stupid to target designation or guidance of the BP to the boat as an orientation, upon reaching, pointing the BP to the target with its own means of detecting and capturing the target.

    In fact, Dieselukha "Varshavyanka" has a wonderful body and, when finished with a file, the filling is dangerous for oh, how to finish someone.
  6. Ulysses
    Ulysses 29 August 2021 17: 26
    The news is definitely positive.
    At the same time, we are waiting for the introduction of new technologies.