"Replenishing the second squadron": Janes on the delivery of a new batch of Su-30SM fighters to Kazakhstan


The Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces (KADF) will receive four Su-30SM multipurpose fighters from Russia by the end of 2022.

Dmitry Shugaev, who is responsible for the military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign partners, informed TASS about this on August 25.

Shugaev noted that at the moment 20 Su-30SM fighters have been delivered to KADF, adding that the last batch of aircraft, which will be transferred next year, is part of the current contract.

Janes believes that these four aircraft will join the second KADF squadron, which will eventually consist of 12 Su-30SMs.

- noted in the western edition.

The government of Kazakhstan first announced its intention to acquire the second squadron of Su-30SM in August 2017 by signing a framework agreement with Russia. However, in the end, an order was placed for only eight units of equipment at the site of the KADEX defense exhibition, held in May 2018.

Shugaev's statement confirms that the remaining four aircraft are intended to complete [the formation] of the second Su-30SM squadron

- explain in Janes, pointing out that 8 Su-30SM of the 2nd squadron are currently in service with the 610th airbase in Karaganda, and the last four aircraft were transferred in November 2020.

In general, Janes believes that Kazakhstan plans to acquire three Su-30SM squadrons with a total of 36 aircraft. Recently, however, there have been no reports of negotiations for the purchase of a third squadron.
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    1. -2
      27 August 2021 00: 03
      Well, well, supply the Kazakhs with equipment and even on credit, probably, and they will have a story to their faces. The beauty…
      1. +6
        27 August 2021 01: 15
        And the Russian language will be banned ...... They adopt the experience of the maydanutyh!
        1. +4
          27 August 2021 06: 46
          Uncle Lee ....And the Russian language will be banned ...... They adopt the experience of the maydanutyh!

          This is not the experience of maydanutyh. This is the development of the Anglo-Saxons - the first step is to prohibit the Russian language to break off relations. We started to implement it in the Baltic states. The second stage is “non-citizens”. And maydonutye went even further, determined who their indigenous nations are. And, of course, they "crossed out" the Russians. This was the purpose of this idiocy. hi
    2. +2
      27 August 2021 01: 33
      Kazakhs, for their Russophobia, need hang gliders instead of the Su-30SM ...
    3. +4
      27 August 2021 05: 33
      Of course, Russia has claims to the overly hyped Kazakh nationalists (to the comments above), but Kazakhstan is a member of the CSTO and military cooperation is inevitable and it is mutually beneficial. Moreover, the planes are purchased by the Kazakh side under a contract and for money.
      1. +2
        27 August 2021 07: 46
        Quote: rotmistr60
        Of course, Russia has claims to over-hyped Kazakh nationalists

        Russia needs to deal with the Turkish emissaries of the "Gray Wolves" In Central Asia, then Russophobia will disappear there too!
      2. 0
        28 August 2021 10: 57
        Quote: rotmistr60
        aircraft are purchased by the Kazakh side under a contract and for money.

        Only, alas, not at the market price ...
        The price, as far as I know, is internal, as for its own army (the ill-fated, useless CSTO is to blame for this)
    4. 0
      28 August 2021 14: 41
      After receiving 4 ordered Su-30SMs, Kazakhstan will not have 24 vehicles, but 27 vehicles, and 3 squadrons will begin rearming with these vehicles. The fact is that Kazakhstan has already received 24 aircraft - Taldy Kurgan airbase - aircraft side numbers 01-12, 14-17, Karaganda - aircraft side numbers 01-04, 19-22. One aircraft crashed in April 2021. So I don’t understand on what basis the information about 24 fighters appeared in the media at the end of 2022.

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