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200 Peruvian Military Personnel will study at Russian universities

At the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the President of the Republic of Peru, Ollanta Umala. The heads of the two countries agreed to train 200 Peruvian military personnel in Russian military schools.

“There are interesting areas of possible collaboration - energy, fisheries, military-technical cooperation, education. At our universities, 89 students from Peru are currently studying. Training for more 200 military personnel in universities of the Russian Ministry of Defense is agreed,” Putin said at a meeting with the president Peru.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have such a turnover as we would like, although we have seen growth last year,” Putin said.
The Peruvian president expressed confidence that currently there is an opportunity to bring relations between the two countries to a "new quality level."

In 2011, Russia's trade with Peru almost doubled and exceeded 700 million dollars.

Earlier on the second day of the discussions, participants in the APEC summit Putin met with Hu Jintao. The meeting discussed the partnership in the energy sector. This included a joint venture in Tianjin, where there is a refinery. This is the first joint venture with foreign capital to which Beijing has allowed export deliveries.

Another meeting with the Russian president took place with the Sultan of Brunei. The heads of state also discussed energy. Vladimir Putin noted that there were good prospects for cooperation in other areas. For example, countries are going to actively cooperate in the military-technical sphere.

On Saturday in the morning 5: 00 Moscow time will be a live broadcast of the discussion with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The topic of discussion is “Human resources as a basis for development”. In 10: 00 Moscow time, see the live broadcast of the closing ceremony of the APEC 2012 summit of the year.

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  1. Phlegmatic person
    Phlegmatic person 8 September 2012 12: 18
    Strengthening relations with Latin America is good. Tyk-tyk, gentlemen of Democrats.
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 8 September 2012 12: 25
      Like in the good old Soviet times!
      1. Armata
        Armata 8 September 2012 15: 07
        Quote: tronin.maxim
        Like in the good old Soviet times!
        Another round of the Cold War? I am only for an adequate answer. I support GDP in this.
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 8 September 2012 18: 00
      Quote: Phlegmatic
      Strengthening relations with Latin America is good.

      Not just fortification, we are already selling Brazilian military helicopters! Mi-35. So everything goes according to plan good
  2. Delink
    Delink 8 September 2012 13: 49
    They will come in handy to us sometime. Serve the service.
    1. Septugian
      Septugian 8 September 2012 14: 51
      They will never come in handy! The USSR trained and armed the half of the world, broke up, no one even said thank you, and even left various technologies for themselves! And why do you teach the Peruvians, is everything perfect, the army is perfect, and you don’t need to train people anymore? You have to teach your own! am
      1. Tamerlan225
        Tamerlan225 8 September 2012 16: 06
        Quote: Septugian
        They will never be useful! The USSR trained and armed the half of the world, disintegrated, no one even said thanks

        It is not free. Today we teach them to fight, tomorrow we will build a base with them. Putin knows what to do wink
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 8 September 2012 17: 43
        Quote: Septugian
        They will never come in handy! The USSR trained and armed the half of the world, disintegrated, no one even said thanks

        They will come in handy as they come in handy !!
        Do you really think that those trained at Harvard will defend their interests !!! But our interests in Vietnam are upheld by former students, and not only Vietnam .......... the former USSR taught almost half the world.
        But gratitude is not worth the wait - this is a policy closely related to the economy and here either you are on a horse or ............... you are on a horse!
        1. Pimply
          Pimply 9 September 2012 00: 49
          Now the USA for Vietnam is a much more important partner than the Russian Federation
  3. Tamerlan225
    Tamerlan225 8 September 2012 16: 03
    Come on, it's not free. Today we teach them to fight, and tomorrow we’ll build a base with them wink
  4. taseka
    taseka 8 September 2012 17: 48
    In, in! In our schools, there are already more African Americans than Russians, and here we will dilute the Peruvians !!! Either we earn pennies, or are we the only allies today?
  5. sergo0000
    sergo0000 8 September 2012 17: 58
    Yes, and what the hell
    to teach Peruvians, we have what
    everything, the army is perfect, and
    train people no longer
    you need to?

    Peruvians, Africans, Corsicans, Tabasarans and other peoples should be trained by us if only because the USA or Saudi Arabia or other "lights of democracy" would not be engaged in their training!
    A holy place in the empty information field, quickly filled up with Langley’s installations that are hostile to Russia. And Russia shouldn’t push away even the faintest Bedouin or Papuan if he wants to get our education. The only question is what is the best education in the world (including military special) already harms us ourselves! Namely, its quality!
  6. nekromonger
    nekromonger 8 September 2012 18: 40
    200 people - a drop in the ocean.
  7. almost demobil
    almost demobil 8 September 2012 19: 18
    Well, in general, nothing surprising. Latinos have long been studying at the Novosibirsk Combined Arms Institute.
  8. MI-AS-72
    MI-AS-72 8 September 2012 21: 04
    It’s just interesting what we can teach them, like, with the faculty (thanks to the reforms) we don’t have ice at all. Yes, and with a training base, well, not at all good, I judge in Syzran and Voronezh. Again, the desire to make money quickly, won over common sense about the image of the country?
  9. harrymur
    harrymur 9 September 2012 02: 57
    for the Far East, this is one of the most productive (saturated with seafood) fishing zones in the world, there are only two of them in the world — the shelf of Mauritania and the shelf of Peru, huge reserves of self-replenishing marine biological resources due to their natural location in the zones of ocean currents and a gentle continental shelf, millions tons of high-quality fish, there is still the most expensive coffee and sheepskin coat from llama ((
  10. urich
    urich 9 September 2012 08: 33
    Now a couple of times in the city they will leave for dismissal, run into morons frostbitten, get on the head. Here we will learn about them from the media again. With brains, some who consider themselves intellectuals, have an incomprehensible average, are not friends with us.
    In general, it's great when there is such an exchange. A real chance to make new friends. These two hundred can actually increase the number of people who are supportive (at least) disposed towards Russia by several times. So the money for their training is not the most important factor. In the future, if they are now properly "trained", these people will become conductors of cooperation with our country in their homeland.
  11. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 9 September 2012 08: 56
    That's right, in South America they don’t like Americans, and the enemies of our enemies are our friends