A compact military weather station was demonstrated at the Army-2021 forum


The Russian state corporation "Rostec" during the forum "Army-2021" demonstrated the compact military weather station SMP-1. Its main feature is the ability to work in any climatic conditions, so it is not afraid of either the Arctic frosts or the heat of the deserts.

This was reported by the press service of the state corporation "Rostec".

The issue of such stations is the concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" (KRET).

This portable device resembles a smartphone in appearance and size. It can be used to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed, wind direction and air humidity. The design of the device includes GLONASS and GPS receivers, which makes it possible to bind measurements to geographic coordinates, and also to use the station as a navigation device.

Since the weather station is capable of operating even in 50-degree frost, it will be indispensable for participants in polar expeditions. This versatile device has a dual purpose; therefore, it can be in demand by both military and civilian specialists.

The device can be used in the Armed Forces to adjust shooting taking into account the wind, as well as the temperature and humidity of the air. This allows you to fire more accurately and efficiently.

In total, KRET presented about 140 positions at the forum. A significant part of them are intended for military and civil aviation.
  • GK "Rostec"
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  1. +1
    25 August 2021 19: 47
    Color screen !! And the monochrome does not seem to put shit. Sawing ?! Better in this size Lidar made + ballistic calculator. The gunner and the control center would receive sensible information.
    1. +2
      25 August 2021 20: 19
      Color screen !!

      If colors are made more massively, it is not a fact that monochrome is cheaper.
      1. -1
        26 August 2021 08: 17
        Well, this will have to increase the battery, the processor is more expensive and in general who is Tech. did you give out the task?
      2. +2
        26 August 2021 08: 37
        This is if you buy these colored ones on Aliexpress ... And if you put an all-weather industrial purpose, which is what you need to do, then the price rises ooooooo much .... PS Now I looked for information on the Internet. So what we have done is written with a touch screen, damn the convenience of working with maps of the area. So it's just that the author of the article did not add that there is also a full-fledged navigator with loading maps. Well, in general, someone does not say something
        1. +1
          26 August 2021 09: 07
          Well then, a stylus in addition, a protective glass, a silicone case, a cord, a Power bank, a 32-inch flash drive ;-)
  2. +2
    25 August 2021 20: 39
    A good thing. Heavy, apparently.

    1. +1
      25 August 2021 22: 41
      It weighs 600 grams.
  3. for
    26 August 2021 09: 10
    Everything is stolen before us!

    - Height
    - Barometric pressure
    - Density height
    - Dew point temperature
    - Heat index
    - Relative humidity
    - Pressure at the level of the weather station (Absolute pressure)
    - Temperature
    - Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychometric)
    - Temperature with wind chill
    - Wind speed

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