The Ministry of Defense ordered the delivery of a prototype of the "Shturm" robotic complex


The Russian Defense Ministry has ordered a heavy assault robotic complex "Shturm". The contract for the supply of a prototype of the complex was concluded with the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of UVZ). This was reported by the press service of the military department.

The Defense Ministry reportedly signed a government contract for the supply of one Shturm robotic complex. Delivery times, as well as other parameters of the agreement were not disclosed. The contract was signed within the framework of the Army-2021 international forum.

The fact that Uralvagonzavod began assembling the first prototypes of the new Shturm robotic complex became known at the end of May this year.

Today it is known that the complex is being created on a chassis. tank T-72, its main purpose - the identification and suppression of long-term firing points, the destruction of enemy manpower, primarily anti-tank crews, representing a special danger for armored vehicles during combat operations in urban areas.

Initially, it was reported that the complex includes several combat vehicles, which are controlled from a mobile point. The combat vehicles of the complex can be armed with various combat modules, including those with a smooth-bore shortened 125-mm cannon, the length of which does not exceed the dimensions of the vehicle.

Among other weapons - blocks of rocket-propelled flamethrowers "Shmel-M", paired 30-mm automatic cannons, blocks of 220-mm thermobaric NURS TOS "Solntsepek" ie. the vehicles included in the complex will have a variety of weapons.
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    1. +12
      25 August 2021 11: 28
      This is, in my opinion, the correct use of an outdated but still powerful tank!
      1. +1
        25 August 2021 12: 48
        Quote: Vladimir_2U
        This is, in my opinion, the correct use of an outdated but still powerful tank!

        what the doctor ordered is an extremely indispensable thing for network-centric databases
      2. +1
        25 August 2021 12: 58
        Quote: Vladimir_2U
        This is, in my opinion, the correct use of an outdated but still powerful tank!

        Moreover, they are a dime a dozen in storage! Get it, clean it from the nettle, re-equip it and - off you go! Everything is cheaper than new ones to sculpt ... hi
        1. 0
          25 August 2021 17: 58
          Yes, the solution is very good. But here is the cry with what ammunition and at what range a machine with a shortened 125mm cannon will fire. Obviously low ballistic ammunition. Do we have them in this caliber? If only guided missiles in various equipment? Well, this moment is very interesting.
    2. +4
      25 August 2021 11: 31
      Apparently, the exercises took place with the Terminators, if the conclusions resulted in the creation of the Sturm.
      1. +1
        25 August 2021 11: 45
        And how are the Terminators connected with the Assault complex? I may not know something?
        1. 0
          25 August 2021 12: 07
          Directly, except for the base (T-72), nothing.
          There is most likely a set of alleged weapons.
          1. 0
            25 August 2021 13: 42
            And I already began to think that the Terminators began to install a set of remote control equipment what
      2. 0
        25 August 2021 21: 04
        Do you remember how many years the Terminator had no place in battle formations?
    3. 0
      25 August 2021 11: 40
      Yes, and Oboronexport signed contracts for $ 2 billion, maybe Algeria got interested, it has our entire modern armored line, but Sturm is not. So for a positive, in Algeria, within the framework of the games, the "Faithful friend" competition is held. will betray.
    4. -16
      25 August 2021 12: 24
      Nothing good will come of "Sturm"! The time has not come yet! Well, they will develop (if!) ... well, they will release (if!) 4 pieces ... they will spend pennies ... play on tactical exercises and ... shut up! A useful meaning, of course, can be found in these "twists and turns" ... (like with a rooster ...: if I don't catch up, I'll get warm!); that is, it will most likely not be possible to create a fully effective "weapon" for combat, but the developments that have been carried out will serve as the starting point for the next generation of robotic complexes (RTC): the experience gained, the existing experienced engineering and technical team, the engineering and design groundwork, the production of electronics, electrics, focused on the RTK, may be created ... that is, work for the future! It's good when pennies are burning your thighs (!) ... you can also comfortably think about the future! Otherwise ... "the future comes and goes; but you always want to eat!
      1. +7
        25 August 2021 12: 31
        They also talked about Uranus ... and they will slowly clear the fields
        1. -2
          25 August 2021 15: 35
          Quote: Barberry25
          They also talked about Uranus ... and they will slowly clear the fields

          Do you consider mine clearance and combat functions that are going to be assigned to RTK "Shturm" identical? belay
          1. +4
            25 August 2021 16: 01
            I gave an example of technology .. here another thing is important - without doing the direction, you can not get the result .. at one time when they started to engage in air defense systems in the USSR, they were very mediocre, which did not prevent in the end from reaching the highest positions .. so and then, no making prototypes you will not get the result ... as I understand the developments on the Armata made themselves felt, so they are thinking about creating such complexes ... still getting the opportunity to guarantee the rescue of the crew is worth a lot
      2. 0
        26 August 2021 21: 23
        It's good when pennies thighs burn (!)

        Why are you so given these "pennies"? And the complex can still be used in Syria, and not just tested. People must be protected.
        1. 0
          26 August 2021 21: 52
          15 "gifted" "signed" under my comment ... I have to give reasons to everyone? No really ... When the time comes, I will post my copied comment and demand an apology from all the Gavriks ...
    5. 0
      25 August 2021 23: 03
      It is not clear why there is 220mm from the sun. Some kind of stupidity.

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