"Viper bite" - a bomb to arm American UAVs and support US MP units

A planning high-precision laser-guided bomb called the ViperStrike (ViperStrike) has successfully passed ground tests. The GBU-44 / E air bomb is capable of hitting an airborne and ground object located at a distance of 5 kilometers from the carrier.

"Viper bite" - a bomb to arm American UAVs and support US MP units

Tests lasted two days at the site of the state of New Mexico. The result is a successful defeat of all eight goals that have great speed. The developer is MBDA. Tests of new bombs were carried out from an unmanned and manned carrier. The following ground tests have already been announced - the carrier KC-130J Harvest HAWK, which is in service with the United States Marine Corps, will become the carrier of the Viper's Bite.

Creation and testing are already about ten years. There is confirmed information about the combat use of "Viper Bite" in September 2007, for the destruction of terrorists.

Bomb "ViperStrike" - planning a projectile from the carrier with the choice of a target using GPS and on-board laser head pointing. Recent tests have shown that “GBU-44 / E” is capable of hitting both airborne and ground objects. Use with urban conditions is possible - the bomb has a small damage radius.

Key Features:
- Length - 0.9 meters;
- weight - 19 kilogram;
- plumage like "shuttlecock"
- target speed up to 40 km / h;
- selection of a target at a distance of kilometer 1;
- GPS target selection - up to 5 kilometers;
- probable carriers - UAV MQ-1 / 8, RQ-5, AH-6.

2009 year - GPS guidance system tests completed.
2010 year - 65 aerial bombs were placed in the United States Marine Corps. Media - KS-130J.
The end of 2011 of the year - MBDA acquires Viper Strike from Northrop.
April 2012 of the year - passed tests of high-precision bombs from the aircraft KS-130J.
September 2012 of the year - passed the tests described above in the article.

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  1. +2
    8 September 2012
    With all due respect, how it should hit an air target - a tethered balloon if ...
    1. +2
      8 September 2012
      the same thought arose! Only if you fly over the target and throw it down) But then you can just throw the FAB.

      And in the case, I look more and more, a trend is being seen to create a cheap compact and high-precision weapon for drones.

      Unfortunately, our industry cannot yet boast of small-sized UABs, which is a pity.
    2. 0
      10 September 2012
      Or hang glider ... bully
  2. sdf344esdf
    8 September 2012
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    This site appeared recently - but it has already made a lot of noise, since there is a lot of personal information about each of us, I even found my own nude photos, not to mention even addresses, phone numbers, etc. It's good that the "hide from everyone" button is still working - I advise everyone to do it and quickly
  3. satellite
    8 September 2012
    The first time I see such a configuration of the rear stabilizers ... It looks like a swastika, but the amers are doing well in this business today))
  4. Dryomin
    9 September 2012
    At 40 km / h it can be knocked down with a stone)
    1. Windbreak
      9 September 2012
      this is the speed of the target, not the bomb itself
      1. wax
        10 September 2012
        Good for defeating the rebels in jeeps with machine guns.
  5. 0
    10 September 2012
    Nothing new negative
  6. Darck
    10 September 2012
    Good thing, with good accuracy, which is very important.

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