"Arctic" armored personnel carrier presented at the Army-2021 forum


The BTR-3F armored personnel carrier received an arctic version adapted for operations in the Far North. A new modification was presented by the High-Precision Complexes holding within the framework of the Army-2021 international forum. This was reported by the press service of Rostec.

The new version of the armored personnel carrier is designed for use in arctic conditions. BTR-3F retained a high level of security and mobility and is capable of operating at low temperatures down to -50 degrees Celsius. The car received new tracks that reduce ground pressure and a new 450 hp engine. The declared cruising range is 600 km.

The armored personnel carrier is equipped with an insulated body and an independent heating system, which allows it to maintain a positive temperature even when the engine is off. Depending on the configuration, it can carry up to 15 paratroopers.

The armored personnel carrier retained the ability to float, it is also capable of landing from military transport aircraft of the VTA VKS RF and transported on the suspension of Mi-26 helicopters.

A remotely controlled weapon station with a 3 mm machine gun is installed on the "Arctic" BTR-12,7F as a weapon. The module is equipped with an integrated thermal imager and laser rangefinder. There is a possibility of placing an unmanned reconnaissance complex.

As stated in Rostec, specialists from the Special Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (SKBM) and Kurganmashzavod took part in the development of the new armored personnel carrier.
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    1. 0
      24 August 2021 12: 25
      The upper frontal part is very similar to that of the BMP-3.
      1. 0
        24 August 2021 12: 31
        Most likely, the development did not start from scratch.
      2. +7
        24 August 2021 12: 38
        Quote: Vladimir_2U
        The upper frontal part is very similar to that of the BMP-3.

        So it was done on the basis of the BMP-3F.
        In general, the BT-3F is more like its predecessor, the BTR-50.

        1. +7
          24 August 2021 12: 43
          I love the BTR 50, I served an urgent service on this. 81-83.
        2. 0
          24 August 2021 12: 43
          Quote: Alexey RA
          So it was done on the basis of the BMP-3F.
          Obviously, I did not know that on the basis of the BMP-3, the armored personnel carrier was also muddied.

          Quote: Alexey RA
          In general, the BT-3F is more like its predecessor, the BTR-50.
          I also wanted to note! Only the pseudo-exit tunnel was not on the BTR-50.
        3. 0
          24 August 2021 13: 35
          It looks like the old BTR-50 will have better visibility
        4. +1
          24 August 2021 17: 23
          and the BT-3F also has a dump to dig a tank trench - the question is, is it possible to do this in permafrost. for example: the defense of the coastline of Kotelny Island by the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade
          maybe for the Arctic, it is still more expedient to have a heavier armored personnel carrier based on the T-15 tank, but it does not float (?)
          1. +1
            24 August 2021 18: 16
            Frozen soil in winter and the tank does not take with its blade. For loosening the soil, there are special high-explosive trench charges OZ-1.
    2. +2
      24 August 2021 12: 31
      Set off, however, a curved dummy, instead of a machine gun, in a frontal ball mount, does not look presentable.

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