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The American channel called "the reality of the US weakness" a national threat


The failure of US intelligence led to improper planning and a hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, which, in turn, led to the fall of the country's government and the rise to power of the Taliban * (the movement is banned in Russia as a terrorist movement). According to the American television channel Fox News, recent events show the US weakness has become a reality.

US President Joe Biden recently argued that the Afghan government will not collapse and will continue to rule the country. In his statements, Biden relied on data from American intelligence, which asserted that the government army, trained by American instructors, was successfully opposing the Taliban.

However, Kabul fell, the President of Afghanistan fled the country, the government army was defeated. All over the world, it is believed that the United States abandoned its allies by fleeing the country. The rhetoric of the White House has also drastically changed, where they claim that nothing terrible has happened. According to Biden, the US could not have done better than it happened.

In fact, no one in the entire US government, and even more so in the White House, could have done anything better than what we did when we left Afghanistan.

- he said in one of his interviews.

However, what is happening in Afghanistan, despite the assertions of the American authorities, showed all the real weakness of the United States, which is a threat to America's national security. Instead of Afghanistan, there could be another country, but that would not correct the existing situation.
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  1. businessv
    businessv 21 August 2021 14: 21
    In fact, no one in the entire US government, and even more so in the White House, could have done anything better than what we did when we left Afghanistan.
    As if the question was "to leave, or to stay?", It was "how to leave, saving face?"
    1. credo
      credo 21 August 2021 16: 04
      In my opinion, from the point of view of the vision of the situation in Afghanistan for the United States, the Yankees, in general, did everything quite competently and prudently, therefore the daily mantras of US opponents around the world about the weakness of the United States have nothing to do with the goals they pursued earlier and are pursuing now , with a future perspective, the United States in Afghanistan.

      I will not be at all surprised if, after the US "withdraws" from Afghanistan, a civil war will already begin there and the Taliban's opponents will be supplied with weapons and everything they need with the help of the US, only through third countries, like the Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Ukraine and Georgia.

      So, as the saying goes, "Don't drink water on your face" and criticism of opposition to Democrats from Republicans, to whom Fock News is similar, will not in any way affect Biden's face or the appearance of Democrats, because all these are internal games of the United States and the opinion of the rest of the world, they deeply do not care.
      1. businessv
        businessv 21 August 2021 23: 46
        Quote: credo
        the daily mantras of US opponents around the world about US weakness have nothing to do with the goals the US pursued earlier and is pursuing now, with a future perspective, in Afghanistan.
        It is interesting not what goals they pursued earlier, but what they achieved before the release! And the point is not in the mantras of opponents of mattresses, but in the fact that having spent more than 1 trillion greens, having lost their soldiers and a lot of equipment, the states in 20 years slowed down Afghan development for 30 years! Well, the future of minke whales in this region is completely in the ass! The mere words of VVP on their intentions to come to an agreement with Uzbeks, Tajiks, or Turkmens on the organization of "observation" bases on their territories, said approximately the following: "why was it necessary to leave Afghanistan, then to keep an eye on him through a hole in the fence ...? "
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 21 August 2021 14: 22
    The United States, and even more so in the White House, could not have done anything better than what we did
    They did a lot and what and where they did! The democrats would be silent too ...
  3. dimy44
    dimy44 21 August 2021 14: 25
    Many are vying with each other to trumpet about the defeat of the states, but was it? Armed, trained and knocked down, wreaking havoc in South Asia. Isn't that what they intended?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 21 August 2021 14: 37
      I agree, but if only they were exported in an exemplary manner. Having launched a conveyor of propaganda with bravura reports of SNN, Fox is like - "America cares about you!"

      Now even the democratic SNN is throwing on Biden, more than on Trump during the Capitol crisis. And the whole world is flying around with shots like this or about Afghans clinging to the chassis. When the plane takes out dogs or Bavarian beer.

      Or a WB soldier. whom the Talibans stop and do not let.

      Huge damage to the image and reputation. No questions about leaving. The only question is how this is done. Generally on improvisation without a plan. It seems that initially they wanted to take out diplomats / contractors with passports in 2 days and wave a pen to everyone. Based on this, the outfit of forces stood out.
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 21 August 2021 14: 44
        Honestly for a child to a soldier, honor and respect. He did it exactly against the order.
    2. shinobi
      shinobi 21 August 2021 16: 13
      As if one simple fact that our liberda and the West do not like to remember: After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan, the pro-Soviet government existed a little longer than the USSR itself. The Taliban seized power faster than even the United States fled. This is the second fact. 1,5 trillion was wasted in vain. , the goal of building a secular state has not been achieved. If this is not a defeat, then I don’t know. What then is defeat?
  4. Normal ok
    Normal ok 21 August 2021 15: 23
    I think that this is not a "failure of intelligence" but a failure of politicians.
    1. Andobor
      Andobor 21 August 2021 15: 30
      Quote: Normal ok
      I think that this is not a "failure of intelligence" but a failure of politicians.

      Politicians dirtied the information field with stupid propaganda, and intelligence took all this for real information, so they shoveled the shit in full, from open sources.
  5. Andobor
    Andobor 21 August 2021 15: 26
    Yes, all America fell, but the same Great Power was.
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 21 August 2021 16: 24
      Without a consolidating external enemy, any empire will be torn apart from within. Do you need examples?
  6. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 21 August 2021 16: 16
    The American channel called "the reality of the US weakness" a national threat

    And the king is naked laughing
  7. shinobi
    shinobi 21 August 2021 16: 21
    Now the real purpose of putting Biden's grandfather at the helm is clear. And it was he who was pushed to the throne. Now the Yankees are scrapping their most failed political projects and the consequences of the closure of these projects will be blamed on sleepy Joe. So it is customary for them, the current administration bears all responsibility. cooked porridge before her. In principle, any other similar one could be in his place.
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 21 August 2021 21: 40
      I completely agree with you. It looks like the "flight" of the Americans was planned or assumed. It pursued three goals: to plug a hole in the budget (who needed it, they had already bought goods), to create a source of headaches for Russia and its allies and China, and, lastly, to prepare the ground for Biden's departure (through impeachment or for health reasons) with the subsequent replacement but absolutely frostbitten "Democrat" Camille.
      1. shinobi
        shinobi 22 August 2021 03: 39
        Well, let's "see" what scenario the Democrats will follow. Impeachment still needs to be pushed through. Haris, yes, probably, most likely, but not necessarily. It's too obvious. They can come up with a string of picks. Again, the Republicans are awake.
  8. gridasov
    gridasov 22 August 2021 23: 10
    All wars have a predictable reason. In other words, no one talks about the true interests of either the Soviet Union or the Americans. Although smart people, I think, are aware of the reasons for such not cheap investments in military operations. Therefore, the consequences will not be long in coming in the near future.