The results of the audit in the US Navy: From 2016 to 2018, 41 submarines were never tested for compliance with cybersecurity standards


The US Navy has completed an audit on the compliance of ships and naval networks with cybersecurity standards. Particular attention was paid to the underwater the fleet... As it turns out, the results of these checks for the United States were disappointing. At least, the command gives just such a description of the mentioned audit.

The report says that in a number of cases, cybersecurity audits were not carried out at all or were carried out “on paper”. Thus, it is indicated that on the submarines of the US Pacific Command, the US Navy ignored tenders for due diligence by cybersecurity specialists. As a result, as stated, the communication platforms "could at least be used for other purposes." It is reported about possible leaks of data on submarines, on their "routes" of combat patrols.

From the report:

Between 2016 and 2018, 41 US Navy submarines were never tested for cybersecurity compliance. Two tenders for such a check were generally ignored. However, there was no documented reason why the checks could be postponed.

In the American press, commenting on the situation, they write that they have contacted the persons responsible for the cybersecurity checks in the US Navy. Those pointed to the "lack of staff." This is despite the fact that more than $ 700 billion is spent annually on military needs in the United States ...

The reports say that "they simply turned a blind eye to checks on the cybersecurity of the submarine fleet for about three years." When it became known, they began to look for the perpetrators. Traditionally.

From the auditors' report:

The exclusion of subsea networks and equipment from the verification workload could expose the Department of Defense information network to an unacceptable level of risk.

The auditors called on the US Navy command to "correct mistakes" immediately.
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    1. -1
      13 August 2021 08: 49
      I do not understand, hackers have already climbed into the US submarine fleet? It's okay, let them switch to manual control. Otherwise, they got used to it, I pressed enter and everything works. I must have pressed enter, and one place is immediately covered in soap. good
      1. +2
        13 August 2021 09: 56
        According to the results of the audit, Congress noted the good organization of cyber security ONLY in the Air Force of the Army, the Navy and the ILC recommended "to take an example from them."
        1. 0
          13 August 2021 10: 01
          Well, someone has to be the last, right? A kind of competition for the favor of Congress. Interestingly, on the part of the competitors, what amounts are we talking about?
    2. +2
      13 August 2021 09: 02
      Kaspersky to help them! laughing
      1. +2
        13 August 2021 09: 32
        Our peaceful trawler, accidentally passing in the patrolling area of ​​a US submarine, through an oversight of the radio operator, mistakenly connected via an unpaired Wi-Fi to one of the boats and downloaded what it could without any malicious intent. We are sorry ...
        1. +1
          13 August 2021 10: 13
          I confirm that a 200 kg DC electric motor was used as a file, which was handed over to warehouse 5. After delivery, an American nuclear submarine surfaced. Untranslatable American jargon sounded from the cabin and at the end, why Sanya !!!
        2. +1
          13 August 2021 23: 10
          And Accidentally "Amigo" was installed) Now everything is buggy there wassat
      2. 0
        13 August 2021 12: 03

        Today, 09: 02
        Kaspersky to help them! laughing
        kind, You however! wink
    3. +1
      13 August 2021 09: 04
      Recently, news from the United States is more and more reminiscent of the late Soviet ones.
    4. +2
      13 August 2021 09: 33
      So boats are underwater, what the hell are hackers? wassat lol
      1. +1
        13 August 2021 09: 45
        Quote: Ros 56
        So boats are underwater, what the hell are hackers?

        Well, this is ... fighting dolphins ... new trends in training ... in short, they are hackers, really trainers P. and B.
        1. +1
          13 August 2021 09: 47
          Well, if only P and B, then of course the whole world is shaking. wassat
      2. 0
        13 August 2021 15: 33
        Quote: Ros 56
        So boats are underwater, what the hell are hackers?

        Hackers are just an excuse. PornHub wanted to turn off the sailors. You understand - autonomous ...
        communication platforms "could be used at least for other purposes"
    5. +3
      13 August 2021 10: 04
      So what? Empty news.

      i.e. at 17 they checked, at 19 they checked, and in these 2 years 41 boats out of 70 were not checked ... by hackers.
      Maybe they swam? maybe for conservation? maybe we had a rest in Mayami?

      Let's compare how many of our submarines passed cybersecurity certification during this period?
      is there a list by name ??? ))))
    6. 0
      13 August 2021 11: 45
      communication platforms "could be used at least for other purposes"

      Bitcoins are secretly mined. It is very convenient - a nuclear reactor is nearby, at least fill up the cooling. Lay down on the bottom and calculate your profit!
    7. 0
      13 August 2021 11: 53
      Pragmatism. Why spend money in vain knowing that the probable enemy will not attack 100%. And they have all his money in the banks.

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