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The Chinese press believes that the US Air Force, during exercises with the F-35, simulated a battle with Chinese J-20 fighters, and not with Russian Su-57


China is responding to the Red Flag military maneuvers that took place in the United States. For the first time during these aviation F-35A fighters of the fifth generation took part in the exercises officially (as part of the active squadron of "aggressors"). These are the first versions of the F-35 to enter service with the US Air Force and are now assigned to a squadron that mimics the actions of enemy aircraft.

"Voennoe Obozreniye" in the news material reported that during the exercises, American pilots from combat formations were trained in the tactics of confronting fifth generation fighters, which played the role of enemy aircraft.

In the Chinese edition of Sina, it is assumed that the US Air Force simulated air combat with PLA Air Force J-20 fighters.
The argument goes like this:

The PLA Air Force J-20 fighter is the second largest fifth-generation fighter to be supplied to the troops. As the number of J-20s in the Chinese Air Force increased, so did the quality of these aircraft. What other threats could the Americans pursue? Alternatively, our J-31. But these fighters have not yet completed all the tests and have not been put into service. Also this could be the Russian Su-57. But its stealth capabilities are not as good as that of the J-20, and it will be massively introduced into the Russian Aerospace Forces only by 2024.

The Chinese author writes that the United States could consider Iranian drummers as an adversary at Red Flag-2021 Drones, but it is unlikely that for this they had to use the functionality of the F-35.

Therefore, it was not an imitation of the J-31 or the Su-57.

Thus, the Chinese author convinces himself that during the training air combat, the US Air Force used the F-35A from the so-called "aggressor" division as an imitation of the Chinese J-20.

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  1. Anarchist
    Anarchist 10 August 2021 14: 30
    He forgot something about the Su-35. Although this aircraft is 4 ++, NI writes about its superiority over the f-22.
    Oh, these fairy tales ... Oh, these storytellers. (WITH)
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 10 August 2021 14: 33
      China reacts to Red Flag military maneuvers

      Does the name of the maneuvers hint at anything? wink
      Red flag, EMNIP, in Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Albania, Vietnam, Turkey and China.
      The first six, as enemies of the States with "invisibility", can be dismissed. laughing
      1. Alexey Sommer
        Alexey Sommer 10 August 2021 14: 37
        Quote: Alex777
        Does the name of the maneuvers hint at anything?

        Of course, the Red Flag is the Chinese flag.
        Who else has such a flag? ..
        Turkey or what?
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 10 August 2021 14: 43
          Suddenly there were a lot of them, with red ... wink
      2. Anarchist
        Anarchist 10 August 2021 14: 37
        The Chinese have a red flag. Taiwan after all?
    2. knn54
      knn54 10 August 2021 14: 50
      Isn't it easier to ask the question to the Americans themselves?
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 10 August 2021 14: 33
    The Chinese press believes that the US Air Force, during exercises with the F-35, simulated a battle with Chinese J-20 fighters, and not with Russian Su-57
    The Chinese believe that they have grown to the Su-57, whatever the child is amused ...
  3. Borisych
    Borisych 10 August 2021 14: 47
    The Chinese speak very fluently about the Chinese. A Chinese glider with Russian motors, it is a strong airplane. We must go to Syria to test it. And about the F-35 it is better to chat with Israeli pilots, they know everything. They are silent for now ...
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 10 August 2021 14: 48
    There is logic.
    The Chinese have 3 or 4 squadrons of J-20 in the ranks. Approximately 50 combat vehicles.
    To meet them suddenly somewhere over Taiwan is very real.
    And the Americans were in advance with the teachings.
  5. Magog_
    Magog_ 10 August 2021 14: 50
    To be honest, I didn’t understand anything ... F-35A is a subsonic apparatus of vertical and shortened VP, in the special super-maneuverability of the BVB, the weapons of the WB and the means of electronic warfare are clearly different in one direction or another, etc. Probably, something can still be imitated in training battles "Red flag" ... Just what? Not to mention tactics, target designation methods, interaction with air defense forces, etc. It would be more understandable if the imitation concerned a specific theater of operations. Let's say, a scenario of a naval battle involving carrier-based aircraft of the parties somewhere far from the coast of China and the United States ...
    1. Alexey Stepanov
      Alexey Stepanov 10 August 2021 15: 16
      F-35A - subsonic apparatus of vertical and shortened VP

      Someone deceived you laughing
    2. mvg
      mvg 10 August 2021 15: 24
      F-35A - subsonic apparatus of vertical and shortened VP

      Yes, you are a walking encyclopedia ... Congratulations to you fellow
      1. Magog_
        Magog_ 10 August 2021 17: 00
        Sorry, that someone was confused by my message. Here's what I mean:
        According to the Australian analytical center Air Power Australia, the F-35 does not meet the requirements for a fifth generation fighter due to its relatively high RCS, the inability to fly at supersonic speed without using afterburner, as well as low maneuverability, thrust-to-weight ratio and survivability.
        In April 2020, Defense News reported that in order to prevent damage to the tail of the F-35 while driving at supersonic speed, instead of a technical solution that requires lengthy development and flight tests, an operational restriction will be introduced.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 10 August 2021 23: 58
          Air Power Australia is a one-man think tank. smile
          About 10 years ago, he stubbornly ran into the F-35. Then it turned out (after the start
          wide operation of the F-35 in a dozen countries)
          that everything that he analyzed is wrong: both about EPR and about maneuverability.
          More of this expert is not heard.
          The stele-coating on the trailing edge of the tail unit is damaged
          (which is close to the nozzle) from overheating during prolonged afterburner.
          This has little effect on the overall EPR.
          But they were instructed: not to do unnecessary afterburners above 1.2 MAX
          on the exercises.
          1. Magog_
            Magog_ 12 August 2021 21: 51
            Such problems are revealed during the LI period, eliminated, and only then the series is "riveted" ... One expert or an entire agency is not so important. Most importantly, there are restrictions on supersonic flights.
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 12 August 2021 22: 03
              At the MiG-25, the cockpit caps melted and the afterburners burned out,
              when they accelerated to maximum speeds.
              And they knew about it very well at LI.
              But they were launched into series because they needed a high-speed interceptor
              strategic bombers.

              Any modern fighter jet has a list of minor (and not so) problems.
              Usually, the manufacturers and the Air Force hide them.
              In the international F-35 program, for the first time in the history of aviation, it was decided to conduct
              full publicity. Publish everything. To avoid accusations from clients:
              "They hid from us!"
              And it works. The buyer is told: "You know EVERYTHING about the shortcomings.
              Check in flight. Do you take it or not? "
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 10 August 2021 14: 55
    The Chinese press believes that the US Air Force, during exercises with the F-35, simulated a battle with Chinese J-20 fighters, and not with Russian Su-57
    ... A nationally oriented press, she is ... like a sandpiper in her swamp!
    However, we must honestly admit that we are very far from the scale of a big neighbor, in the production of all sorts of things, flying, floating and crawling.
    The Yankees, logically, will fear more than less.
    1. volodimer
      volodimer 11 August 2021 07: 06
      With the Chinese, everything is clear, you can't praise yourself ...
      And the Americans understand that they will soon have more than one enemy with 5th generation aircraft. Therefore, the sooner you start preparing for such a confrontation, the better the results will be.
      And at the moment they will still be J-20 or SU-57. So far, this is more likely to work out the principles of counteraction without regard to specific types of aircraft. hi
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 11 August 2021 07: 38
        The Yankees understand, we and many others understand!
        Now let's see what we need to understand?
        The concept of stealth aircraft is much more than just an aircraft! There was still so much planned, tried to develop and ... but with the implementation of projects, plans, everything is very lagging behind, if it will be implemented at all, in the foreseeable future.
        What is the result so far ??? And here opinions are very different ... there have been so many disputes, maybe it will be ...
        For my part, what can I say ... at the moment, in the form of imperfections, this particular aircraft will not bring great advantages.
        1. volodimer
          volodimer 11 August 2021 07: 44
          I agree that the return to production of the F-15 indicates that not everything is going smoothly there.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 11 August 2021 07: 54
            A new concept, a new technique ... this is a swing for future wars of a new type ... but for now they are fighting in such a way that it is better to carry more bombs and better armor, the same F 15 and A 10.
            They wanted to run ahead of the locomotive, but no ... EXPENSIVE, and it may hurt, it will probably be.
  7. Wolf
    Wolf 10 August 2021 16: 14
    The growth rates in China are such that it is NOT REACHABLE FOR NATO, it takes into account the internal reserves of China's growth and development, and it is simply incomprehensible for the United States and its servants and slaves.
    The biggest danger for NATO and the United States is China, and they understand this very well!
    So it is entirely possible that they have worked out the battle with Y20?
    1. Wolf
      Wolf 10 August 2021 16: 23
      HELP RUSSIA in the development of China without price, in the most important directions, pr. space technology or aircraft construction, etc. wink
  8. Baron pardus
    Baron pardus 10 August 2021 19: 42
    I agree with the Chinese comrades. How many Su-57 does Russia have? EMNIP 15. China has a much larger J-20. It makes no sense to fight with Russia, it itself is weakening, thanks to capitalism, oligarchs, and "effective managers", Communist China is getting stronger (which is not surprising for a Communist country). They revised the results of their privatization, about 12 thousand people received life sentences, and China will now become even stronger, but Russia will continue to build "3 temples a day." So for the United States, the Chinese J-20 is a much more urgent threat than the Russian Su-57, which does not even have a modern engine.
    Maybe when the SU-57 receives both a modern engine (and not the old forcedly raped many times) and new electronics, and a new electronic warfare system, then it will be possible to talk about its relevance. But by 2025, the F-35 will also be equipped with something new. So far, this is a prototype. A flying prototype, with an old engine and old electronics, moreover, dubious stealth. The only thing the SU-57 is great about is its aerodynamics and maneuverability. Both the French and the Soviet / Russian specialists are masters of squeezing everything out of the plane with the help of aerodynamic perfection. But as the Falcon Strike exercises showed, where the SU-27 came out against the first model of Grippen, super-maneuverability and two engines do not save you when the enemy's maneuverability is not much worse, but electronics and missiles are better.
    1. Redfox3k
      Redfox3k 11 August 2021 01: 03
      Eka pushed in so pushed in ... and also the Cyrillic letters are bespontovye, the Latin alphabet is still cooler.