Small arms developed after the collapse of the USSR: Serdyukov self-loading pistol with increased power ammunition


SPS - self-loading pistol Serdyukov, "Gyurza", SR-1 "Vector" - all this is about the domestic small arms developed after the collapse of the Soviet Union weapons, produced since 1996. This pistol was developed for special forces units under the R&D program called "Rook". Therefore, this pistol is often called the "Rook". It is designed to use powerful 9x21 mm ammunition. It was originally planned that a cartridge of this caliber would be used not only for the ATP, but also for the submachine gun, which was relied on in the 1990s.

To understand the power of the ammunition when firing a shot from Serdyukov's self-loading pistol, it is worth giving the following example. During the tests, a cartridge of 9x21 mm caliber was able to penetrate two titanium plates 1,4 mm thick and three dozen Kevlar layers from a 50-meter distance. Another example: punching a steel plate with a thickness of about 30 mm from 4 meters.

Self-loading pistols by Peter Serdyukov began to enter service with special forces of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SVR since the beginning of the 2000s. After some time, the designers also created an export version of the SR-1, called "Gyurza". A special cartridge with a bullet was developed for it, capable of piercing a 5-mm steel sheet from a distance of 50 meters.

The Lazarev Tactical channel provides a detailed overview of the options for the self-loading pistol of Peter Serdyukov, as well as comments from the gunsmith who created this small arms:

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    1. +1
      9 August 2021 07: 54
      It was originally planned that a cartridge of this caliber would be used not only for the ATP, but also for the submachine gun, which was relied on in the 1990s.

      So what about Heather? It seems to have been in service with the special forces.
    2. +2
      9 August 2021 09: 39
      Video I liked it, especially the interview (I would like to see it in full) of Peter Ivanovich Serdyukov! good
      It is curious to know more about the sample of the 9mm pistol TsNIITochmash for the "Rook" competition.
      I thank Konstantin Lazarev (in my opinion, he began to approach the disclosure of the topics of his videos more thoughtfully) winked ) and VO Editorial Board for interesting Information! hi
    3. +3
      9 August 2021 20: 42
      Why such an emphasized hatred of the USSR ...? It was created precisely after the accumulation of the USSR ... But the base, developments, technologies of the USSR? Or did a sample from Mars fall suddenly ???? If they knew that the samples would be adopted by the fascists - the Vlasovites, would they really create ????
      1. +1
        10 August 2021 14: 01
        Quote: Alexander P
        hatred of the USSR ...?

        Everyone sees what they want to see, right?
        If anything, then for me this material is like a reminder that "Yesche weapon thought in Russia has not perished ..."
    4. +2
      11 August 2021 03: 57
      What determines the power of a weapon? AMMUNITION. So in order to determine the power of the pistol, we must compare the AMMUNITION. Agree, the bullet can be altered for a different cartridge, naturally increasing or decreasing it proportionally. So let's compare. For comparison, we will not take remakes or any kind of wildcats. And the ammunition existing in MASS production is so
      9x21 Gyurza. Bullet 7.9gr, Energy 601 Joule. NOT BAD.
      357SIG. Bullet 8.1gr, Energy 790 Joules - AFIGET GIVE TWO
      38 SUPER. Bullet 8.04 gr. Energy 740 Joules.

      Thus, the 9x21 gyurza will ALWAYS be inferior in ballistics not only to the rather new (1994) 357 Sig, but also to the very old (1929) 38 super. Without taking into account the fact that the 357 SIG is bottle-shaped, which improves the extraction and the 9x21 Super slightly narrows (also improves the extraction), so it would be trite for Russia to copy the 38 Super and develop a new bullet for it.

      Gyurza can be a GREAT pistol, but because of the ammunition it will lose in power to weapons developed not only for the 357 SIG, but also for the old 38Super.
      Moreover, I am completely unsure that the Gyurza Pistol will be more reliable or more accurate than the good old 1911 in 38 Super.
      1. 0
        11 August 2021 13: 57
        For PP, it is slightly more powerful than 9x19, followed by the serial 9x39. Which closes the niche for submachine gun cartridges.
        1. +2
          11 August 2021 18: 59
          And here are the submachine guns? What are you talking about, comrade? The article was about pistols. I brought you performance characteristics that clearly show that the 9x21 gyurza cartridge is weaker not only the new 357 Sig (I did not even compare it with the 10mm), but also the old 38Super. That is, ANY pistol (note the PISTOL, not the PP), under 9x21 Gyurza will be INITIALLY weaker than a similar pistol under the same 38 Super. Not to mention 357SIG. What have torn galoshes got to do with it? Have you ever heard the expression "cutlets separately, flies separately"? Well, what for to compare PP with Pistols. Obviously, due to the longer barrel, the PPSh will give out more energy than the TT, and the MP5 will give out more energy than the Glock17. What have pistols and machine guns got to do with it?
          As for the 9x39. You won't put it in a gun. But even here the cartridge itself - well, to be honest, it sucks. We open TTX. And compare cartridges
          9x39. Muzzle energy from the barrel 270mm - 960 Joules. Cartridge dimensions - 56mmx9.5mm (approx)
          300 Blackout. 406mm barrel muzzle - 1840 Joules. Cartridge dimensions 57x9.5mm (approx)
          30 carbine (1940). Muzzle energy from the 18 "barrel - 1311 Joules - cartridge dimensions - 43mmx8mm (approximately)

          What do we have in the remainder? And the fact that the 9x39, although it has an excellent BULLET (the design of which can be transferred to another caliber), is several times inferior in ballistics to the 300 Blackout, and is approximately equal in energy and ballistics to the old 30 Carbine cartridge that went into production in 1940.

          We talked about pistols, I showed you that the 9x21 Gyurza cartridge is weaker than its competitors, even the old 38 Super. You, neither to the village nor to the city, decided to compare apples with tomatoes and climbed into the PP, and said that they say for the PP there is 9x39. Well, okay, I compared it with similar cartridges of a similar purpose. So what? 9x39 merges with its competitors in the same way as 9x21. Yes, great bullet design. Fabulous. But the effectiveness of the weapon depends not only on the bullet, but also on the speed with which it flies out of the barrel: the power of the cartridge. I assure you that if you make a bullet of the same design for 30 Carbines, then 30 Carbines will be better - the same power with a smaller size.
          1. 0
            11 August 2021 20: 49
            I propose not to stop there, but to look into the distance. Let's make a pistol for 7,62x54R, or even 12,7x107, that's how powerful pistols turn out. True, it is not entirely clear how to shoot from them, especially from 12,7, but for that they are really powerful. Never shot from "Desert Eagle" under 44 magnum, shoot? I somehow had a chance a couple of times, the sensations are certainly interesting, though then my arm hurt for a week, and in all joints at once, and in the wrist, in the elbow and in the shoulder.
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. 0
                12 August 2021 02: 29
                Well, about the white tracks, you shouldn't attribute to others the vices inherent in you.)))) Well, in general, I wrote that, if you wish, you can make a pistol of just fucking power, but the question is, why the heck is it necessary? By the way, the same Deagle is also in the caliber 357 magnum (the same 9 mm), and shooting from it is also not very comfortable, the recoil is also very sickly. So for a combat pistol, from which it is supposed to conduct a fairly intense fire, at one time they introduced some restrictions on the power of the ammunition. And the states as well. Do you by any chance remember what year Bereta came to replace the AKP45? And apparently this is correct. Personally, I somehow never had a chance to shoot at a person with a pistol (usually I used AKMS for these purposes, sometimes with a PBS), but I think that 9x19 power is quite enough to disable any representative of the Homo sapiens genus. Well, here ours went to great lengths and made 1911x9, whose power is one and a half times higher than that of 19x9. Well, well done, there is something to be proud of. Well, yes, something there pierces better than a cartridge from a PM or Luger. And the stopping effect is also quite at a good level. And at the same time, shooting is quite comfortable for itself and does not dry out the hand. etc. Well, we are modest people here and not particularly spoiled by new achievements in the shooter, as they say, and we are happy about that. Well, you locked yourself in here all like that on hinges and with raspaltsovanie, like such a blator, and you have this barrel, and this one. , and that one is also there. Well, well, we are all sincerely happy for you and just happy that you condescended to the desolate and miserable. In general, with weapons for personal use, everything is very difficult for us, for example, I have nothing at all, not even a shotgun. And the pistol for personal use is a clean criminal offense and a ticket to the zone. So if you want to measure the size of the pussy. , go to another place, where the same cool boys like you gather, who have their trunks for personal use, at least eat their booty. Well, we are even happy with such an achievement of our shooting industry.
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          2. +1
            11 August 2021 22: 20
            In our country, making a pistol with an individual caliber is a luxury ...
            1. -1
              12 August 2021 01: 07
              So make ONE normal caliber for both the PDW and the army pistol. There are Belgians, they have so much oil and other minerals, but they managed to come up with a 5.7x28, and make a pistol and a carbine in it. Moreover, they did not give up NATO 9mm either. And they do not have such resources as in Russia. True, they also do not have such oligarchs, priests, bureaucrats and colonels of the traffic police. Maybe that's why Belgium still makes great weapons. And for Belgium it is CHEAP to have: a) 9x19NATO for pistols and submachine guns. b) 5.7x28 for Pistols and PDW c) 5.56x45 NATO for rifles and light machine guns. d) 7.62x51 for snipers and medium machine guns. e) 12.7 for large caliber. For some reason, tiny Belgium can afford all this, but huge Russia cannot. Maybe you need to ask exactly THIS question?
          3. 0
            18 August 2021 22: 00
            Quote: Baron Pardus
            And the fact that 9x39, although it has an excellent BULLET

            You yourself confuse cutlets and flies good ! What is the purpose of SPX in general? For SILENT fire with a SUBSOUND bullet wink .... (specifically 9x39 is SP 5/6 and PAB9)
            You will shoot your blackout or .30 carbine ... in the neighboring village the glasses will fly out laughing lol
            Quote: Baron Pardus
            38 SUPER. Bullet 8.04 gr. Energy 740 Joules
            this is for P + emnip ... which are almost never produced, so they tear pistols like a hot water bottle. The usual ones had ~ 660J

            Do not forget about the design of the bullet, it penetrates the combination of specific energy per cm2 and the momentum of the bullet. You should have seen that the dowels are punched with D4 with an energy of about 1200J ... the blackout nervously smokes on the sidelines with its 18xxJ and sheds tears
            1. -2
              19 August 2021 04: 00
              I will quote Athos "You are an ignoramus, Sir" So
              a) A lot of pistols are produced and imported in the USA. Many of them say + P Rated. That is, from these pistols you can quite safely shoot cartridges + P and nothing will happen to them. These pistols include not only the UNKILLABLE Rugers, Smith and Wessons, Glocks and the most magnificent Cesettes. These also include Turkish Sarsilmazy and many others. And there are other pistols, the documentation on which says "NOT RATED + P" and openly says that they say DO NOT USE + P in them, and if you do, we are innocent.
              There are, for example, Tanfoglio Vitness pistols. There, on one frame / body (frame) only barrels and bolts (slide) change. Designed for 10mm, so 9mm + P or 38 Super + P is easy to digest. Glock, for example, as well as Smith and Wesson, frame is designed for 40, 45, 357 Sig, only barrels, bolts, and, of course, recoil springs change. But you, of course, do not know nifiga about this.
              By the way, most American policemen carry pistols loaded with + P or even + P + cartridges, with expansive bullets. In order to immediately stop "peaceful protesters" who are looting and robbing everything in their path and representatives of "oppressed national minorities" who, with a population of 14% of the population, give more than 2/3 of murders, robberies and rapes, in the case of chago.

              b) "Sharik, congratulations ...." - Matroskin the cat.
              You don't know a thing about rifles / carbines either. What the hell is "In the neighboring village, windows will fly out"? You didn’t fall from oak to cactus and from cakuts to hedgehog? So, we open the literature and what do we see? and the fact that .30 carbine is a cartridge that fires a rounded (like a pistol) bullet with a caliber of 7.62 and has an energy of 1300 J. What kind of "Windows will fly out"? For comparison, 5.45x39 has about the same energy. Is there a lot of "windows fly out in the neighboring village" from him? I am not asking you to shoot from the M1 carbine, or even to hold it in your hands, I understand that this is not given to you, most likely. But you can read that? And the .30 carabine cartridge, it's not only more powerful than your proverbial 9x39, it's also more compact. Well, the design of the 9mm PISTOL bullet can be safely transferred to the 7.62mm pistol bullet.
              You smartly tell me that they say 9x39 is specifically for subsonic shooting, but 300 Blackout ... And again you are talking nonsense. I understand that 300 blackouts are not available to you, but you can read the literature? 300 Blackout is specially designed for use with silenced weapons while remaining effective at 300m range. The idea of ​​300 blackout is that one rifle can be used both as a regular assault rifle (ballistics is close to 7.62x39) and as a special one, for which there are cartridges with a weighted bullet (190grains, emnip). Which is subsonic. And at the same time it has energy HIGHER than your notorious 9x39, a more flat trajectory (much better ballistic coefficient than not only 9mmx39 but also 7.62x39), with LESS dimensions. At the same time, both standard ammunition and special subsonic ammunition can be used with suppressors.
              Again - you do not know keep silent, or, ask. Do not embarrass yourself. Here, by the way, are the ballistic data on our SUBSONOUS cartridge. civilian version. Some NATO countries have purchased similar ones for their special services
              Unlike your 9x39, our 300 Blackout carbines can be used both as regular and silent carbines by simply changing the cartridge. The usual 300 blackout, due to its good ballistic coefficient at distances over 250m, surpasses 7.62x39 in accuracy and flatness. One weapon for several combat missions. There is no need to change either the barrel or the bolt.
              Moreover, the SHUTTER from 5.56x45 works with 300 blackouts.

              Before arguing or writing something, take the trouble to at least somehow familiarize yourself with the material, so as not to present yourself as a complete layman. I’m not writing about electronic warfare or, there SONARS, because I don’t understand this at all. Here, I gave you information, maybe you will learn something new. Do not mention it

    5. 0
      20 August 2021 19: 45
      Quote: Baron Pardus
      Before arguing or writing something, take the trouble to at least somehow familiarize yourself with the material, so as not to present yourself as a complete layman. I’m not writing about electronic warfare or, there SONARS, because I don’t understand this at all. Here, I gave you information, maybe you will learn something new. Do not mention it


      You know, when they shoot at you, I didn't have time to learn the mate part

      "Sharik, congratulations to you ...." - Matroskin the cat

      But this is already a veiled insult
      - What is the most important thing in a duel?
      - checkmate H "a" st?
      - So that you are not killed!
      you know who.
      1. +1
        26 September 2021 14: 37
        On 9x39 I completely agree with Split. It is designed for silent firing from various "units" with silencers, with subsonic speed and joules have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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