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Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos conducted experiments with Gravitsappoy?

Secrets of the XXI century: Roscosmos conducted experiments with Gravitsappoy?

I want to talk about quite curious experiments, confirming that either the spirit of Trofim Denisovich Lysenko never disappeared, or our top echelon leadership, as it was, remains ambitious troeshnikami.

A funny and witty film “Kin-dza-dza!” Directed by G. N. Danelia is known to almost everyone.Gravitzapais from there, it is best explained by the heroes of the film: “Gravitsappa is that without which the pepelats can only fly like this, and with gravityappa anywhere in the Universe it can fly! in five seconds.


№1 REPORT NTV 02.04.2006 10: NTN correspondent NTV Vladislav Sorokin.

In the Moscow Region Research Institute of Space Systems invented the engine, which can accelerate to infinity.

The report itself can be heard and viewed at the end of the article. Briefly the essence:
In the Moscow region, the Research Institute of Space Systems invented the "gravitsapu" - as they call the engine, which, according to the creators, can accelerate to infinity. For a full test, they want to send him into space. In the Russian Academy of Sciences this invention is not recognized, as well as the theory underlying its creation.

Yuri Danshov, Head of the Department of the Research Institute for Space Systems:

“Note that there are no screws or oars. Let us say that the traction appears due to the work of the device itself ”.
“If this device were in outer space, that is, in a vacuum, in zero gravity, it would accelerate indefinitely. To infinity".
"There are different names, but I call "Gravitas"". / watch the video as №2 /

Oddly enough, Valery Menshikov (director of the Research Institute of Space Systems, retired major general), who himself had previously dealt with space, did not refute the "ideas" of his colleagues, but also strongly supported them.

Official science did not recognize neither the work of the laboratory near Moscow, nor the theory of antigravity of the scientist Shipov connected with it.
BASE: this contradicts the third Newton's law, the law of conservation of momentum (the law of conservation of momentum) and (as a consequence) the Tsiolkovsky formula.
BUT while physicists argue, engineers have no time to pick the formulas - it is necessary to prepare the ships of the new generation without giant fuel tanks.

Let those who know everything not be indignant, but I will still briefly remind you:

(The film at the end of the article explains the popular 3 law of Sir Isaac and the law of conservation of momentum at the end of the article under the number 3)
The principle itself can be considered here:

Jet propulsion. Formula Tsiolkovsky, the validity of the use of multi-stage missiles:

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a patent and I don’t have access to information explaining the basic principles, but it can be assumed that in this rumbling box on a piece of foam (see the film) there is a movement of masses relative to each other, but inside it without visible external movers (a piece of foam does not count). And, about a miracle, it turns, i.e. It moves, however, in the water, in the field of gravity and in the presence of air resistance. Approximately the same as the gravitsappa of one of the magicians in the video at the bottom of the article under the number XXUMX, but of very poor quality.
Yuri Danshov himself says: “Note that there are no screws or oars. Let us say that the traction appears due to the work of the device itself ”.
The laboratory has created six variants of the engine, working without waste mass. At the heart of the very first, created several years ago by the inventor S. Polyakov, is a tube as thick as a thumb, spiraling around a cone. Mercury in a tube is the heaviest liquid. Climbing up the helix and then vertically returning down, mercury chases along a closed contour and creates cravings. The consumption of electricity for the operation of a pump that pumps mercury is substantially less than the energy that an engine receives to move in space.
Yury Danshov: “Imagine a spacecraft with such an engine. Solar batteries will provide it with electricity for many years, so the movement of mercury in a spiral is guaranteed. The engine creates a very small - tens of grams, but it is enough to fly the ship into unknown limits.”
Well, that's right, you can conduct such an experiment: set the rocker on a trolley with wheels, swing it gently along the axis of movement and observe: the trolley moves without a propulsor! Note: I used a fire truck with a ladder, a string and a stone in the demonstration for an eight-year-old son. And op-la! There is a gravitational effect device moving. You can even achieve a targeted (albeit slow and meager distance) movement. Guess why!
All unique engine for the correction of the orbit of earth satellites is ready.
You can also take the path of the Research Institute of Space Systems: a bathroom, water, a piece of foam, a rocker or a stand with a "Newton ball."

AND ALL SUCH IN TEAM Yuri Danshov managed to “loosen” someone.


People say: it turned out not without the help of United Russia and the personal protection of the State Duma speaker and Chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia Boris Gryzlov, who stated that the existence of the RAS Commission for Fighting Pseudoscience is "obscurantism". And not without support without the famous Victor Petrik.

BBC, 2008: Russia launched a perpetual motion satellite. It is remarkable, first of all, because it has an unprecedented engine for orbit correction, which its creators dubbed "perpetual."
This is the first space engine operating not on the reactive principle, but due to the movement inside it of a liquid working fluid along a definite trajectory resembling a tornado. The energy for this will give solar panels.
AiF, October 8 2008:In space without fuel. An eternal engine is injected into orbit.
"Look", 2009: Director and Scientific Director of the Maximov Research Institute for Space Systems, Major General Retired Valery Menshikov on Thursday, “In May 2008, from the Plesek cosmodrome, the Rokot launch vehicle launched the small spacecraft, Yubileiny, into space. On it, and installed "gravitsapa." For one and a half years, new devices and systems were tested. Recently, these experiments have ended, and we were finally able to begin testing our mover. It will last at least 15 years, and the maximum number of inclusions can reach 300 thousand. "
Vremya Publishing House, 2009 An experiment with an engine based on new physical principles for obtaining thrust is being carried out on the operating Yubileiny small spacecraft. Scientists are trying to overcome gravity.

There are characteristics of gravitational:
Traction force - 10-30 gr. with variations in the on-board supply voltage in the 10 ... 13 V range
Weight - 1.7 kg
Dimensions - mm 200х82х120
Power consumption - up to 8 W at voltage 12 V
according to some sources, it looks like this:

Gravicappa, a space propulsion device that is a device for continuous movement without the expenditure of a working medium ... This engine is designed for any spacecraft, especially for nanosatellites.


04.02.2010 "NEWS FM"An interview with a specialist in space stations magazine"News cosmonautics "Igor Lisov .:
“The experiment was conducted on the Yubileiny satellite .... No changes were noted in the orbit parameters of this satellite, for which the Gravitsapy propulsion unit could be responsible. I watched these parameters myself — nothing, no perturbations. Slowly decreasing. same as his launch companions. "
"Vesti FM": That is, no scientific breakthrough in this?
Fox: "So far, at least, nothing is visible."


Costs in principle are not very large, the state has practically not invested in financing (probably therefore Chubais AB and RUSNANO do not appear anywhere else). Someone laughed, someone spoke about the billions spent, someone wrote: "Lysenkoism is in honor again in Russia."

A blessing in disguise. BUT:

Thanks to the events described, the anecdote became popular: “The State Duma in the third reading approved amendments to Newton's laws».

True, after the event in question was the following message:
More recently, a wide resonance has been caused by the message that the government of Belarus is going to use torsion fields to protect its tanks.
And I also remember in Moscow, in the last year of Luzhkov’s rule, they tried to disperse the clouds with the “rays of death” (although budget money was good, good money.
Everything repeats. Soon the thread will announce the development of the Tranklyukator.

And what about them?

Americans also attacked this rake. Let's go back to the remarkable for us day 4 October 1957 of the year.

The USSR, yielding to the USA in economic and technological development, made an unprecedented one - created an artificial celestial body. As a result, even in the pocket dictionaries of the English language of the early sixties, along with tasty vodka and frightening cossack, a progressive, now forgotten sputnik settled. The Americans, according to the former director of the Library of Congress, Daniel Burstin, were convinced that "communism cannot defeat democracy in the field of science and technology, where free competition of ideas promised progress." And here - an ominous shadow of "Integral" hangs over America, a spaceship from Zamyatin's dystopia "We", its ingenious Builder, which in reality was made by Sergei Korolev, who is not named yet, "sharachechny convict".

Pearl Harbor American Science"- Tokyo" Yomiuri "gloated.
"Satellite puts America in the face of a new and terrifying danger of war" - Senator Richard Russell panicked.

To overcome Soviet leadership in space, it was decided to use one remarkable device: "System For Converting Rotary Motion Into Unidirectional Motion", "a system for converting rotational motion into unidirectional".
US Patent 2,886,976 from July 13 1956, Norman L. Dean is an insurance agent from Washington, DC.

Astounding Science Fiction June issue for 1960 was published an article by Norman L. Dean "The Space Drive Problem".
The Americans simply forgot (or did not know) that more than two centuries ago the son of a whore and a sapper, a foundling, a great mechanic, a mathematician and philosopher Jean d'Alembert said:
"The body cannot be set in motion, because there is no reason for it to move more preferably in one direction than the other".
In an unsupported environment, neither Dina’s machine nor the other inercoids can move.

True, then everything came to the senses, and the Free World entrusted the leadership of the space race: to Baron Werner von Braun, a former SS navigator, with experience in the use of slave labor.
Statistics: The largest number of victims of V-2 were prisoners of “katsetniki”, thousands who died in the galleries of the rocket of the underground camp “Dora”, where Werner was one of the leaders.

Some objects of the world "Kin-Dza-Dza!" (Short dictionary):
Pepelats - the interstellar ship used in Tentura.
Chatl - the monetary unit used on the planets Plyuk and Hanud.
KC - The name of ordinary matches, used in the galaxy Kin-Dza-Dza. Along with chatl, perform the role of currency
Kappa - a remote control device for anything.
Luts - fuel for pepelats, made from water.
Luthekolonka - Station where you can buy Luts.
Plyuka - A special metal stick about 5 cm long, to one end of which several small strips of skin are attached. It is used in the game widespread on the planet Plyuk.
Tsak - bell for the nose.
Tsapa (Tsapa) - the part used, in particular, in pepelats.
Ötich - prison, fortress - a fictional correctional institution and type of punishment on Plyuk.

Tranklyukator - type of weaponsused by the inhabitants of the planets Plyuk, Hanud and others in the galaxy Kin-dza-dza.

For your information:
Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (1898-1976) became a national figure in 1948, after a scientific conference, where he gave a fervent speech, calling Mendel's ideas “reactionary and decadent” and including such scientists as the list of enemies of the Soviet people.
Gennadiy Shipov, a graduate of the Physics Department of the Moscow State University, doctor of Physics and Mathematics, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences: "All the mechanics we taught in school, what we deal with on the road, in the elevator, on the sofa, are Newtonov, it is based on straight motion. But another mechanic is possible - Cartesian which assures: the main movement in nature is rotating. "
Shipov's patents for inercoids do not have a Russian residence permit, but a Japanese and a Thai one, the third is considered in the European Union. The most effective experimental apparatus of this type is made in Thailand - a machine no larger than a vacuum cleaner rides without fuel and control. The Thai bank has invested in the development of Cartesian mechanics.

Valery Menshikov: “I also work in an area where nobody knows anything.”

Materials used:

Photos used:
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  1. Wedmak
    Wedmak 11 September 2012 09: 59
    It would be necessary to fill your pepelats. And then there is fuel left in the gravitsap only to the Moon and back, and after all apples on Mars will soon ripen - it is necessary to collect.
  2. 1976AG
    1976AG 11 September 2012 10: 17
    The original way to hide the true purpose of the launch. Did you believe?
  3. postman
    11 September 2012 10: 29
    Quote: 1976AG
    to hide the true purpose of the launch

    What is there to hide then?
    SMALL SPACE DEVICE “ANNIVERSARY” - weight 48kg, open platform, 30w sp, open platform.
    satellite - "student"
    1. 1976AG
      1976AG 11 September 2012 10: 43
      And what should be the minimum weight of the spacecraft to fit something secret there?
      1. postman
        11 September 2012 10: 57
        Well, not 48 kg for sure .....
        If you are not going to launch "secret" microcircuits from super computers into space (and they are there).
        Moreover, not to meet with students, not to have an open competition for the placement of "wonderful" projects.
        1. 1976AG
          1976AG 12 September 2012 13: 57
          Is this the answer “not exactly 48 kg?” How is it - I don’t know how much is needed, but definitely not so much? If you don’t know, don’t say.
  4. IRBIS
    IRBIS 11 September 2012 10: 33
    Our whole life is full of paradoxes. And the most "delusional", according to the pillars of science, ideas sometimes become reality. There are plenty of examples of this. The laws of physics and other exact sciences cease to be a statement in the first instance. There is still so much that humanity has not yet known and there are processes that we simply are not able to understand yet. And the result, even negative, is still the result.
  5. cucun
    cucun 11 September 2012 10: 43
    This Petrik, "academician" fucking, has annoyed everyone already ....
    1. postman
      11 September 2012 11: 00
      Occupation: businessman.
      Chairman of the High Council “United Russia” B.V. Gryzlov proclaims the start of the Pure Water party program, the stated purpose of which is to provide the entire population of Russia with high-quality drinking water. Program cost to finance which was planned from federal budget, once estimated by Gryzlov 15 trillion rubles. The winner of the party contest for the best filter for drinking water is the little-known company Golden Formula Holding LLC, owned by Victor Petrik, who is also the developer of this filter. Petrika company launches retail sale of filters for drinking water called Shoigu with the logo of the party "United Russia".
  6. valokordin
    valokordin 11 September 2012 11: 41
    Well, well, how is it without Chubais and his scientific consultant?
  7. Igarr
    Igarr 11 September 2012 12: 28
    I read it.
    The system will not work.
    Because the inventor did not tell Petrik "KU". And he didn't sit down - two times.
    And that one has red pants.
    Without perspective.
    1. Filin
      Filin 11 September 2012 13: 26
      Kyu I would say ..... but not ku ..))
    2. montemor
      montemor 11 September 2012 16: 09
      ku-portuguese- ... oops so everything is correct
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 11 September 2012 16: 49
        Both are right.
        In the film, remember - "KU - replaces all other words."
        So here - and the end of the speech with respect to those who listened (read).
        And ..op - to the inventor.
  8. rate
    rate 11 September 2012 13: 17
    The author in vain worries the late Lysenko .. When Stalin is officially rehabilitated, then Lysenko will be acquitted. Now this RAS with its false science is still Khrushchev’s. The persecution of Kozyrev, the works of Gurevich ... everything, everyone will remember. In full.
    1. postman
      11 September 2012 13: 43
      Quote: normal
      The author in vain the late Lysenko

      Trofim Lysenko:
      I need only those people who would get what I need.

      We are encouraged to discuss here. We will not discuss with the Morganists (applause), we will continue to expose them as representatives of the harmful and ideologically alien, brought to us from an alien foreign, essentially pseudoscientific direction

      And in the scientific world and not in the scientific world, and the class enemy is always the enemy, whether he is a scientist or not

      Each plant needs a certain amount of heat. If everything is measured in calories, then the problem (feed crops) for winter fields can be solved on a small old piece of paper!

      In France, the Club de l'Horloge liberal conservative organization established the Lysenko Prize (French: Prix Lyssenko). According to the wording of the organizing committee, this kind of anti-award is awarded:
      an author or a person who, through their works or activities, has made an exemplary contribution to misinformation in the field of science or history, using ideological methods and arguments.

    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 11 September 2012 14: 05
      I agree, in vain he is so about Lysenko. Maybe I just did not understand the question? Maybe his stereotypes crushed? He does not need to be rehabilitated - the works and RESULTS of his works speak for themselves. And his opponents did not put forward any evidence of their hysterical cries.
  9. rate
    rate 11 September 2012 14: 12
    «Club de l'Horloge» Probably a good club. You can also Rockefeller or Soros here.
    Stalinist science must be rehabilitated.

    I trust this more than the French and Khrushchevites:
    1. postman
      11 September 2012 20: 48
      Quote: normal
      I trust this more than the French and Khrushchev

      Figs with them from France, leave.
      About fifty publications on Soviet genetics, criticizing Michurin's direction in biology, appeared in the pages of scientific and popular scientific journals Science, Journal of Heredity, Nature, American Naturalist. 1944-1945
      Krementsov N.L. "American aid" in Soviet genetics, 1945-1947

      Should be considered "Khrushchevites"
      300 academicians, doctors, candidates, etc. (from "different sciences", moreover)
      Academician L.D. Landau.
      Academician I.E. There M.
      1955 Khrushchev is "not in power"
      XX Congress of the CPSU 0 only in 1956 (!)
      in 1957 they tried to remove Khrushchev (G. Zhukov saved)
      1. rate
        rate 12 September 2012 03: 24
        Mafia science
        0% BA% D0% B8
        there is a letter from Frost Molotov 1942. Check out where the legs grow. Read carefully. However, you should draw conclusions.
  10. JonnyT
    JonnyT 11 September 2012 14: 16
    If only to steal money, scammers! And although who knows where the truth is, and where is fiction ???? Previously, the Inquisition also burned those who said that the earth was round. And everyone laughed at Einstein like an idiot. Time will judge everything ......
    1. rate
      rate 11 September 2012 14: 23
      On, captain, read
  11. aksakal
    aksakal 11 September 2012 19: 50
    A worthy successor of inventions is Yaroslav Pushkin and his company "Implaz".
    50 limas were given by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. And it began - "But for such missiles, a new engine is needed, based on new physical principles for controlling pulsating, pulsed, detonation energy processes, we are confident in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Such processes are implemented in the design of a pulsating reflex resonator engine on solid fuel (PRRTT)"- and you dig, what kind of miracle it is - in fact it turns out like a jet propulsion without the release of working substance, in other words, despite a lot of critical articles, the Ostapiev Benderov case from science continues to bloom and swell (from easy money).
    "The principle of the engine’s operation is based on the frequent controlled detonation of fuel in a special chamber and on the braking of the gas at the outlet using a special diaphragm, which is formed from the same gas. At the same time, the energy that is sprayed in the nozzle engines, forming a loop behind the rocket, turns into useful energy - the loop at the Pushkin engine does not exceed several centimeters."- WAF, rate! Just super !!!!! Excuse me, but in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in fact, only" managers "work? Is there at least someone with a higher technical education? at stake.
  12. crambol
    crambol 11 September 2012 23: 21
    Gravitsap with rotating eccentrics is as simple as an orange. its principle of operation is based on the difference between the coefficients of friction of rest and movement! Put such a gravitap on a pair of pencils, and it will not go anywhere, it will only jerk within small limits. Tested in his native laboratory about 35 years ago! In engineering directories there are tables of friction coefficients for different materials, but for rest friction it is modestly said that rest friction is MANY times more than sliding friction!
    We all come together to technical universities !!!
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 12 September 2012 08: 29
      Quote: crambol
      Tested in his native laboratory about 35 years ago! In engineering directories there are tables of friction coefficients for different materials, but for rest friction it is modestly said that rest friction is MANY times more than sliding friction!

      - Greetings, Crambol. Well, in the case of a cradle it’s understandable, but what about the swing? Last night, as it got dark (whatever they might see, they may misunderstand how 100 kg of a baby swings enthusiastically on a swing) he went and swung again from scratch, without starting from anything else. Sorry, I farted only from efforts, but I do not think that this was said in the purity of the experiment. It was possible to swing. Just at a buildup - a resonance, you know this technology from childhood. Here's how to explain it? There is already no difference between the friction of motion and the friction of rest.
      Check out Kalashnikov’s movie about Implaz and Y. Pushkin — there’s a similar technology. Microexplosions in the combustion chamber, microexplosion from a special chamber, as if pushing from the rear diaphragm, rests on the reflector, pushing the rocket forward. Clearly, it should not work, but it works in the laboratory. And they obviously select the frequency of microexplosions with the joystick (from the frequency of the screw to the frequency of the fast machine gun), at some point the resonance is caught, the laboratory sample is deflected by force. I would like your opinion.
      1. Justme
        Justme 12 September 2012 09: 26
        .. In the case of a swing - this is called parametric pumping (everything has been broken up here for a long time) ..
      2. postman
        13 September 2012 21: 20
        Quote: aksakal
        Here's how to explain it?

        The pendulum and the displacement of the center of mass relative to the longitudinal plane of symmetry.

      3. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 26 September 2012 09: 36
        Dear AKSAKAL, put the swing on the skating rinks without friction, or rather, exclude interaction with the planet EARTH and ..... WELL, NO FUCK you can't do it! The rest is ALSO !!! RECOMMEND .... I blow: Papelac, learn CONSERVATIVE SYSTEMS, incl. CLOSED, ......... "22222" you !!!
  13. Justme
    Justme 12 September 2012 08: 43
    I trudge.
    How all this is familiar.
    In our province, professor L. Dritov was engaged in fantastic wave technologies. If it were the eccentricity of one m * duck - that would be one - but he was able to break through powerful financing from GAZPROM in the strange 90s. And all the local professors and scientific luminaries were in shock - it turned out that the more quackery and show-offs - the more successful the promotion (at least the financing) ..
  14. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 12 September 2012 15: 13
    course of school physics remembered) especially 3 Newton’s laws)))