Iran replaces attacked IRGC Red Sea reconnaissance base


Iran has replaced the IRGC Saviz reconnaissance floating base in the Red Sea with a similar vessel. This is reported by the Israeli media with reference to satellite images.

According to the images, Iran is towing a reconnaissance vessel Saviz, which was damaged in an attack in April this year. The vessel is guided by two tugs, on August 5 it was in the Oman region, continuing to move towards the Iranian coast.

The place of "Saviz" was taken by a similar vessel "Bakhshad", which is the floating base of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Thus, according to Israeli intelligence, Iran has replaced the damaged floating reconnaissance base in the Red Sea with an existing one.

In April this year, the Iranian IRGC floating base "Saviz" was damaged in the Red Sea. According to some sources, the ship was hit by a missile strike, and on others - a magnetic mine was triggered. Officially, Tehran did not accuse anyone, but the American media, citing anonymous sources, reported about Israel's involvement in the attack, which allegedly took revenge on Iran for attacks on Israeli ships.

The vessel Saviz, originally built as a dry cargo ship, has been converted into a floating base and has been part of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) naval forces since 2017. According to unofficial information, the vessel is equipped with radio-electronic means for observation and command and control of troops, as well as other equipment. In addition, it is the carrier of floating craft of different classes, including remotely controlled fireboats.

The Saviz is accused of providing aid to the Houthis, and the ship appears frequently off the coast of Yemen.
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    1. +1
      7 August 2021 16: 26
      It seems cheap and cheerful, but ... still not a battle ship, no air defense, no anti-torpedo and mine protection.
      1. +1
        7 August 2021 17: 01
        Quote: Doccor18
        It seems cheap and cheerful, but ... still not a battle ship, no air defense, no anti-torpedo and mine protection.

        ersatz reconnaissance ship
        what air defense?
      2. +4
        7 August 2021 17: 11
        I think that there is anti-torpedo and mine protection there. The dimensions of the vessel allow appropriate modifications - double (triple) bottom and sides. Other structural improvements to ship structures. I think there are MANPADS on board.
    2. +4
      7 August 2021 16: 45
      The railway was not electrified everywhere. I had to change a diesel locomotive to an electric locomotive and vice versa.
      Night. A train stopped at the railway station. The window of one of the compartments opens:
      - Tell me, what is this station?
      - Odessa.
      “Why are we standing so long?”
      - The engine is changing.
      “And what are they changing for?”
      - How on what? Steam engine on a steam locomotive.
      - Well, what are you, then this is not Odessa.
    3. The comment was deleted.
      1. +5
        7 August 2021 17: 53
        Why did you, Baki, Iran and its policy get so hooked? At least the Persians do not fall under the Turks.
      2. +3
        7 August 2021 17: 58
        Gaying is not prohibited in the spiritual circles of Iran, the main thing is not to approach a woman

        Is it in the country where there was a death penalty for him relatively not long ago?
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. +1
            7 August 2021 18: 47
            Quote: Baku 2021
            In their religious madrasahs (educational institutions) one cannot marry until the end of his life, let alone a simple relationship with women).

            I don't know who you are, but you definitely don't understand Islam (Wahhabism is not Islam) and confuse it with Catholic Christianity. In short, a Wahhabite, you burned.
          2. +3
            7 August 2021 18: 48
            From an early age they feel a burden to each other, they become gay.

            I don’t understand, what does this have to do with the discussion of the article about ships, gays?
            Your brothers in "mind and self-awareness"?
            So it burns in a causal place, what do you insert anywhere?
            Are you jealous?
          3. 0
            7 August 2021 21: 01
            Are you against the clergy in Iran? And which ones - Sunni, Shiite, sun worshipers, Christian? Then demolish the temple in Surakhany, suddenly there were also "gays" there.
            Mullahs 99% are representatives of sex minorities.
            Nothing beguiled? Go to the mosque and say it out loud!
            PS. Meikhan, isn't it an Azerbaijani "invention" in folk art?
          4. 0
            7 August 2021 21: 01
            Ethnic Azerbaijani, do you know that Azerbaijanis are Shiites? Those. these are not THEIR religious figures, they are YOUR religious figures. wink
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. -1
              7 August 2021 21: 20
              Quote: KLM77
              Do you know that Azerbaijanis are Shiites?
              Not all, but such statements do not allow themselves. The meaning of this nonsense is only to humiliate Iran and everything connected with it, by ordering mattresses or Ottomans
      3. +3
        7 August 2021 18: 43
        The video was taken from the Wahhabis channel, this can be understood even by the name of the channel and the video. This is an old video and you know perfectly well that this is a montage. Even a child will immediately understand that this patient has put on a beard and a wig. This creature lives abroad and shoots such videos; he is full of this garbage.

        By the way you write, you can easily say that you are also a Wahhabite. Do you think you can create a bad impression of Iran among Russian readers with such comments? If so, then you have a very low opinion of their mental abilities.
    4. +2
      7 August 2021 17: 38
      The place of "Saviz" was taken by a similar vessel "Bakhshad"

      An awl for soap? ...
      1. 0
        7 August 2021 20: 51
        Quote: Mouse
        An awl for soap? ...
        1. 0
          7 August 2021 23: 02
          Quote: Azis
          Quote: Mouse
          An awl for soap? ...

          A holy place should not be empty. hi
    5. +2
      7 August 2021 21: 05
      As they say, for not having stamped paper, we write on ordinary paper. Better such a base than none, especially since, apparently, the Iranians have strengthened these ships quite well, since one of them survived an attack by Israel or some kind of US proxy.
      1. +1
        8 August 2021 06: 52
        Attack? IMHO if it is a PKR missile or a torpedo, then yes. And apparently, a small sabotage was carried out with a loss of progress, we have to go with a tug. Hooliganism not attack laughing
        1. -1
          8 August 2021 08: 40
          It seems to me that a small sabotage against such a large object is not in the style of Israel, they like bigger ones. Well, the professionalism of the US accomplices will not be enough for a small sabotage, all their hope is for the gifts of the Americans, but for such a case they will give something larger than a grenade, I think.
          1. 0
            8 August 2021 08: 42
            If the base simply lost its speed, then most likely someone's attack is generally fiction, just a breakdown ...

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