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75% by the end of the year. New samples for the Airborne Forces


Combat vehicles BMD-4M, transferred to the Airborne Forces in early June. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

As part of the general programs for the re-equipment and modernization of the armed forces, the rearmament of the airborne forces is being carried out. The deliveries of already known samples of different types are being carried out, and the production of new developments is also being prepared. Due to this, in the near future it will be possible to increase the share of modern models and, accordingly, increase the combat effectiveness of the Airborne Forces.

Rearmament indicators

Last year, the military department and the military-industrial complex successfully completed the implementation of the State Arms Program for 2011-20. One of the goals of this program was to increase the share of modern designs weapons and equipment in general-purpose forces up to 70%. Such tasks were successfully solved.

According to the Ministry of Defense, by the end of last year, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the Airborne Forces reached 71%. Thanks to this, the combat capability of the troops has grown and fully meets the current requirements. In addition, high performance has been maintained for the foreseeable future and the foundations have been laid for further upgrades.

Armored vehicles handed over to the Ivanovo paratroopers at the end of July. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Deliveries and re-equipment do not stop. On the eve of the Airborne Forces Day, Krasnaya Zvezda published an interview with the commander of this branch of the armed forces, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov. Among other things, he revealed plans to re-equip the Airborne Forces in the near future.

By the end of this year, the share of modern samples is planned to be increased to 75%. Such an increase in indicators will be provided by the supply of 300 units. automotive, military and special equipment, as well as 12 thousand parachute systems and landing kits. We are talking about a fairly wide range of various products required by the Airborne Forces.

Armored supplies

Based on the results of the current processes of production, supplies and rearmament, the main equipment of the Airborne Forces in the future will be BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles and BTR-MDM armored personnel carriers. A full-scale serial production of such machines has been mastered, and news on the transfer of the next batches to combat units.

K-4386 "Typhoon-VDV" armored car with a cannon-machine-gun combat module. Photo "Remdizel"

In early June, the airborne assault battalion of the Airborne Forces stationed in Stavropol received a battalion set of BMD-4M and BTR-MDM - 31 and 8 units. respectively. At the end of July, a similar battalion set of such equipment was adopted by the Ivanovo Guards Airborne Force. Reportedly, these are already 10 and 11 sets, transferred to combat units of the Airborne Forces during the entire production period. By the end of the year, it is planned to receive two more battalion sets of 39 vehicles each.

BMD-4M and BTR-MDM were put into service in 2016, and at the same time supplies of equipment to the troops began. According to various estimates, to date, at least 360-380 assault vehicles and about 200 armored personnel carriers have been built and transferred to the troops. Deliveries continue, and this year the number of combat equipment will grow by almost 80 units. At the same time, the process of transferring the Airborne Forces to modern BMD-4M and BTR-MDM is far from complete, and the number of such vehicles will continue to grow in the future.

Self-propelled mortar 2S41 based on K-4386. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Measures are also being taken to ensure the training of personnel. So, in the Omsk training center of the Airborne Forces, the simulators of the BMD-4M and BTR-MDM drivers have been mastered. By the end of the year, a complex simulator will be received, allowing the entire crew to train at the same time.

BMD-4M is considered not only as an independent combat vehicle, but also as a basis for equipment for various purposes. Anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems, command-staff vehicles and mobile command posts, etc. are being developed on its chassis. It is planned to gradually master the production of equipment of these models in the foreseeable future.

Newest sample

On August 4, RIA Novosti, citing its sources in the military-industrial complex, reported that the newest armored vehicle K-4386 Typhoon-Airborne Forces was adopted for supplying the Airborne Forces. In addition, the troops received the first batch of such equipment. The second batch is expected next year. The number of the equipment handed over and planned for delivery has not yet been specified.

Typhoon-VDV is a two-axle armored car with a combat module carrying a 30-mm cannon and a 7,62-mm machine gun. On the basis of this platform, new models of equipment for various purposes are being developed. Thus, the Typhoon-Air Defense armored vehicle and the 2S41 Drok self-propelled mortar are being tested. It is obvious that the adoption of the base machine will have a positive effect on the fate of other developments.

SPTP 2S25M "Sprut-SDM1" on testing. Photo by Rosoboronexport

Artillery prospects

Work continues on the deeply modernized 2S25M Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank gun. Currently, this product is undergoing the entire range of necessary tests, and will soon be able to enter service with the Airborne Forces.

At the end of June, the High-Precision Complexes holding announced that the completion of the state ones is planned for the first months of 2022. After that, the enterprises of the holding will prepare serial production and start production of "Sprut-SDM1". The timing of the transfer of serial SPTP to the armed forces has not been named, but it is obvious that the first vehicles will enter the Airborne Forces no later than 2022-23.

Also in the foreseeable future, the start of production of self-propelled guns 2С42 "Lotos" is expected. Such a machine is built on the BMD-4M chassis and is equipped with a 120-mm universal gun. The possibility of parachute landing using existing and future parachute systems is provided.

Airborne means

For this year alone, it is planned to supply 12 thousand different landing equipment, incl. sets for armored vehicles. The production of several types of landing platforms continues. In particular, one of the main samples of this class is the P-7M product with a carrying capacity of 10 tons. Such platforms are intended for dropping combat vehicles, weapons and other cargo from Il-76 aircraft.

Experienced self-propelled gun "Lotus". Photo by Rostec

New platforms and strapdown parachute systems are being developed for loads of various weights. One of such projects provides for the creation of a platform and a parachute system that will allow the landing of equipment weighing up to 18 tons - all existing and future armored vehicles of the Airborne Forces.

The airborne capabilities of the Airborne Forces are directly related to the state and potential of the military transport aviation... With the aim of updating it, the serial production of the Il-76MD-90A aircraft was launched. To date, more than a dozen of these machines have been built, including a prototype and a prototype of the Il-78MD-90A tanker. According to existing plans and agreements, by 2028 the Air Force will receive 27 aircraft.

Today and tomorrow

The modernization of the airborne troops in the form of updating the fleet of equipment and weapons has long been a constant, rhythmic and effective process. Due to a number of new projects in different areas, it was possible to bring the share of modern designs to the required 70%. By the end of this year, additional growth is expected by several percent with a corresponding increase in key indicators.

Within the framework of the new State Program, the production of new equipment and the rearmament of the Airborne Forces will continue. Over time, this will allow to abandon outdated samples and completely switch to modern ones. In addition, it cannot be ruled out that specialized structures and organizations have already begun a preliminary study of promising projects for combat and special vehicles, and thanks to this, in the distant future, BMD-4M and Typhoons will not be left without replacement.

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  2. Alex 1970
    Alex 1970 5 August 2021 07: 15
    "75% by the end of the year. New models for the Airborne Forces ... Last year, the military department and the military-industrial complex successfully completed the implementation of the State Arms Program for 2011-20. One of the goals of this program was to increase the share of modern weapons and equipment in the general-purpose forces to 70%. Such tasks were successfully solved ..."So how much is there in these same%? Can you decide? And then somehow the numbers do not beat each other. But the fact that rearmament is going on, it's great! Yesterday I watched the history of the Airborne Forces on TV, what a colossal path of development the troops went through during this time.
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 5 August 2021 13: 05
      The figure is certainly crafty. This includes everything - new parachute systems and vehicles and much more. Plus, new equipment is considered to be overhauled and modernized. If we take only the aforementioned battalion kits - BMD-4m + BTR-MDM, then they were received by about a third of the battalions of the Airborne Forces. By the beginning of the next, it can reach 40 percent. The same octopuses and lotuses in the parts are not yet available, for example.
      The Airborne Forces are rearming and quite actively - there are no questions here. But the numbers 70 to 75 percent are extremely crafty. request
      1. Alex 1970
        Alex 1970 5 August 2021 14: 51
        So here I am about it ..
  3. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 5 August 2021 07: 21
    Legendary and Invincible deserves to have the best weapons ...
  4. Glory1974
    Glory1974 5 August 2021 12: 54
    Self-propelled mortar 2S41 based on K-4386. Photo of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

    in the caption under the photo it seems to me an inaccuracy. In any case, judging by the caliber of the gun, this is not a mortar, but a 30 mm cannon.
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 5 August 2021 13: 09
      Quote: glory1974
      in the caption under the photo it seems to me an inaccuracy. In any case, judging by the caliber of the gun, this is not a mortar, but a 30 mm cannon.

      you are absolutely right
  5. WapentakeLokki
    WapentakeLokki 5 August 2021 13: 00
    ..Uncle Vasya's troops .. are still in trend ... and are still developing. .and although in its entire history (and this is still the times of the Land of the Soviets) they NEVER have landed MASSIVELY (as the Deutsches did in Crete or the allies in Normandy, for example), but they have always been in all conflicts since 1991 an important factor in deterring especially greyhounds (first on internal theater of operations and then in Syria ..) so that the guys in vests and berets are worthy of the resources invested in them .. as their slogan sounds there. .nobody except us...
    1. Alexfly
      Alexfly 6 August 2021 10: 37
      The Normandy landing operation included the landings of 82 and 101 parachute divisions, a total of 13000 paratroopers armed at the time with modern weapons and explosives.
      The Vyazemsk airborne operation in January 1942 with the landing of 10000 paratroopers, though only with small arms, is quite comparable with it ... which indicates inappropriate preparation for raids. The result is really different, but the communications and rear of the Germans were badly disrupted. And the losses are much higher than those of the Americans, although if the landing had failed, the fate of 82 and 101 would have been even more bitter.
      1. YOUR.
        YOUR. 7 August 2021 18: 38
        It's just that the Vyazemsk operation should not be cited as an example ...
        1. Konnick
          Konnick 7 August 2021 19: 05
          But the Vyazemskaya operation should not be cited as an example.

          And the Norman too. And also a major air force operation in the Arnhem region on the Lower Rhine. The 1st British Airborne Division and the Polish Parachute Brigade were practically destroyed there. It all depends on the weather. Somehow during the exercises they tried to throw out the whole division, I don't remember Pskov or Ivanovskaya, they waited, waited for the weather ... they confined themselves to the regiment.
          1. nobody75
            nobody75 8 August 2021 21: 27
            You mean Operation Marketgarden? Which is taught as an anti-example of "vertical reach"?
            1. Konnick
              Konnick 8 August 2021 21: 51
              You mean Operation Marketgarden? Which is taught as an anti-example of "vertical reach"?

              1. nobody75
                nobody75 8 August 2021 22: 00
                If my memory serves me, the paratroopers in Arnhem ran into a tank division, and the task was to hold the bridges until the arrival of the allied tanks.
                1. Konnick
                  Konnick 8 August 2021 22: 42
                  Their problem was that there was no heavy weaponry. And the Germans simply shot the British with artillery.
                  We got too far. Better a ground raid. And the panzer division would attack them later when they were waiting for their tanks. There Model taught the British a lesson.
        2. Alexfly
          Alexfly 9 August 2021 09: 17
          And what is not worth it, did it take place? I had. The fighters completed their task. By the way, when dropping troops, you also need to supply them and have plans B, C, etc.