In Crimea, marines train to neutralize saboteurs


Military personnel of the Black Sea Marine Corps fleet The Russian Navy is conducting exercises in the Crimea. They involve about a thousand marines and 50 units of military equipment for various purposes.

This is reported by the TV channel "Star", referring to the press service of the Black Sea Fleet

During the maneuvers that take place on the Crimean training grounds, the fighters fire at targets from a rifle weapons, armament of armored vehicles and anti-tank complexes. Driver mechanics train to drive vehicles on the rough terrain of the Crimean peninsula. The gunners detect targets and adjust the fire on them, which is being fired by their comrades.

Also in Crimea, the marines are training to neutralize saboteurs, according to the scenario of the exercises, attacking the convoy of troops. In addition, the military is fighting off raids. aviation conditional adversary.

Servicemen take actions to defend a convoy of equipment from air strikes, neutralize sabotage and reconnaissance groups of a conditional enemy

- reported by the military.

According to the press service of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, the maneuvers were planned in advance and are being carried out according to the approved schedule.

Not long before that, in Ukraine, near the Crimean borders, the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted their exercises, in which, among other things, armored vehicles were involved, including Tanks.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +7
    30 July 2021 14: 04
    Poor boys! Now we have a heat, in the steppe Crimea at forty.;34.587;10&l=temperature-2m In armor, helmets in full uniform .. How can you not remember Suvorov - "Hard in training, easy in battle" Marines are training, and also train "saboteurs!" In this heat, in the field, you drink a bucket of water ...
    1. +4
      30 July 2021 14: 56
      Aviation is actively working for the second day. Yesterday there were flights over Sevastopol both day and night. You can't really see it from the ground, in my opinion the SU-27 and SU-30. Nice ... And it's very nice that the guys are training. They wrote that two regiments of naval aviation in the Crimea arrived for the exercises. Maybe they started flying, or maybe in connection with the training of the Marines. For any warrior - Good luck!
  2. +7
    30 July 2021 14: 10
    Study, study and study again — as the great Lenin bequeathed! wink
    1. +1
      31 July 2021 05: 43
      "Our slogan should be the same - to learn military affairs in a real way, to introduce order on the railways."
      Newspaper "Pravda" dated 9.03.1918/36/XNUMX (PSS, volume # XNUMX).
  3. +2
    30 July 2021 14: 14
    a friend of his son was drafted into the guards assault regiment of the marines for yesterday while he is in the hospital (covid) it seems to be transferred to the Crimea nothing else is known it is unrealistic to get through
  4. +6
    30 July 2021 14: 17
    Neutralization of saboteurs is a necessary thing, and for Crimea it is also urgent and vital. We remember the operation to neutralize the Ukrainian RDG in the north of Crimea, in which an FSB officer was killed.
  5. +1
    30 July 2021 15: 13
    It's a good thing, so that the seamen do not relax the rolls.
  6. +2
    30 July 2021 16: 23
    Just today, I recently observed the board of an Il-76 Rossguard in the Gvardeisky area. It is unclear, maybe they were parachuted, maybe they were transferring the guys.
  7. +1
    30 July 2021 18: 18
    Quote: Stas Sv
    Just today, I recently observed the board of an Il-76 Rossguard in the Gvardeisky area. It is unclear, maybe they were parachuted, maybe they were transferring the guys.

    This is how we ourselves inform the alleged enemy about all the actions of our guys. It is worth filtering information.
  8. +2
    30 July 2021 18: 34
    You can't go anywhere, you don't need enemies with such brothers. And with them, NATO Tobacco will be attached uninvitedly and unexpectedly. You have to be prepared for anything.

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